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August 23rd - September 22nd
Modality: Mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius + Pisces)
Element: Earth (Taurus, Virgo + Capricorn)
Planetary Ruler: Mercury

And the heart is hard to translate. It has a language of it its own...but with all my education, I can’t seem to command it. I would give all this and heaven, too.
— Florence Welch, (Born August 28 1986)

Did you wake up #flawless, Virgo? Just like this? Don’t take our word for it. Just look at the legion of impeccable Virgos - Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Mother Teresa, etc. We’re not biased; just stating the facts. Our mutable earth sign, Virgo born between Summer + Fall, has within them a beautiful balance of flexibility and structure. Their orientation is both high-minded organization and liberated spontaneity. Intuitively, Virgo knows when to put their project manager hat on and when to surrender to life’s surprises. The second planet ruled by Messenger Mercury, the Virgo heart leaps at: attention to detail, literature, communication, and the written arts. Some of the most beautiful Virgo expressions are the intersection between communication and the body. Whoever was the first to say, “Listen to your body” was probably a Virgo because when they're elevated, they make incredible health, wellness, nutrition and physical fitness instructors because they can download the messages of the body beautifully.

The Virgo mythology is deeper than the zodiac’s virgin seeing as the story is connected to the season of which they are born. The Virgo mythological archetype is contextualized as the Goddess of the Harvest, the Great Earth Mother ... the caretaker of mankind through her fertility. The Great Earth Mother expresses herself in the children of Virgo undeniably through their service oriented love-language. I almost spit out my coffee when I noticed a Virgo friend of mine reading a book called How Can I Help?. Textbook! Their unique gifts shine the brightest when they’re applying Mercury’s intelligence to problem solve. If you’re lucky to have Virgo allies in your life, cherish their impeccability. When they say they’re going to be show up for you - they mean it. Which is why I've noticed many queer Virgos in activism, social justice, and community organizing. Hello, Marsha P. Johnson! Their minds can focus on where the imbalance is and they have no issues fighting for equality.  If it weren't for my Virgo Grandma, I'd probably be dead in a ditch somewhere. I hold her expression of love in the highest because my Matriarch would part the seas to rescue her loved ones. And she set an example of not only how a family feels but what a family does to demonstrate love.

Latin for “Virgo” doesn’t strictly mean “Virgin” or sexually untouched. It could be argued it meant “self-contained” therefore free from external influence. They're not easily influenced or emotionally triggered because of their intelligent self-containment. But if you want to see them smile, all you need to do to is show up for them. Say what you mean. Mean what you say. And express meaningful gratitude when they come to your rescue. It will send their heart a flutter. As with all of us, gifts can be double-edged. Virgo influenced must be careful not to overindulge others, put the needs of everyone before their own, people-please, and reflexively run into clean-up mode. Sometimes all a friend needs is their listening ear not an immediate strategy to solve problems. With their lightning fire mind, they'd be wise get a grip on the tendency of inflicting emotional self-mutilation on your confidence. Virgo - you are too good, too kind, and too compassionate to be so cruel to yourself. The world needs your brilliance and competence at full attention. I am so thankful for their service and the Universe bows at their altar. 

Queer Virgos + Allies: Marsha P. Johnson, Tariji P Henson, Stephen Fry, Leonard Bernstein, Mesehell Ndegeocello, Jeffrey Buttle, Leslie Feinburg, Freddie Mercury, Jane Addams, Amy Winehouse, Evan Rachel Wood, Karl Lagerfeld, Greta Garbo, Nate Berkus, Michael Jackson & Beyonce


Forever in honor to one of the greatest loves of my life, Tansy Lea Stowell (9.21.88).