April 21st -- May 21st
Modality: Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio + Aquarius)
Element: Earth (Taurus, Virgo + Capricorn)
Ruling Planet:  Venus

If you ever need me, just tell me - and I”ll be there ‘cause I was built for you. Yes, I was built to carry all your feelings.
— Sam Smith (Born May 19th, 1992)

Like their divine mother Venus, the queer Taurus descends onto all spaces from a Botticelli sea shell emanating beauty and love. Grounded, kind, and gracious, the Taurus energy is like the crown jewel every comprehensive group needs. Children of Venus  (the Goddess of love, beauty, romance, and the five senses), Taurus energy expresses itself exceptionally well in many queer dominated spaces like theater, art and design, writing, fashion and music.

As our first earth sign, Taurus energy provides dependability, practicality, wisdom, and intimacy building consistency through the beautiful and the necessary motive of preservation. As the only fixed earth sign, Taurus energy wholeheartedly commits to all their passions relentlessly.  The Taurus’ passion is often attached to both industries of service and to the aesthetics. Few can understand and communicate those mesmerizing worlds like the gifted children of Taurus. My big brother is a Taurus and the way he connects the aesthetic senses - from music, visual arts, to scent, and taste - to create his very own personal Eden is unlike anything I've ever seen before. Everyone is blessed to join him there. 

The unprovoked shadow side of the bull is equally dangerous. When left unchecked, Taurus energy can be overwhelming; they’ll overtalk, overeat, overspend, overdrink, over-(insert verb here). When unredeemed, the Taurus energy does everything in excess. I like the word “blind spot” particularly for the shadow sides of the unredeemed Taurus because they honestly don’t mean any malice, they just don’t know any better. Without question, Taurus energy excels in the beauty, aesthetics, music, culinary, entertainment, art or design industry. With a gifted and precocious understanding of these worlds, they can professionally rise easily and quickly. Taurus Adele only released two albums and she’s acclaimed as one of the greatest living vocalists of our time. Outside of careers in the spotlight, Tauruses take direction and authority well. Just be subtle. And grateful. They work efficiently in one-on-one partnership, large groups, and solo. The Taurus energy at work is slow and steady but extremely efficient. Their efficiency will surely win legions of admirers who acclaim their work. And given their wide network, they will channel the gifts of the Venus homeland and connect people to others who can be of service.

Taurus energy and queer identities are a perfect fit. Free from restricting heteronormative patriarchy, queer Taurus can proudly express the gifts of Venus and the divine feminine. You can easily spot them writing poetry, performing, making others laugh, cooking, singing, dancing, eating, drinking, and being merry. Taurus energy is at its absolute happiest when surrounded by beauty, luxury, and the finest material possessions. Don’t confuse their high brow enthusiasm with superficial materialism - they only live to earn … so they can share. Consider yourself lucky if they share their lives with you.

Queer Taurus + Allies: Donatella Versace, John Waters, Adele, Channing Tatum, David Beckham, Halston, Cher, Barbara Streisand, Keith Harring, Tom of Finland, Howard Ashman, Liberace & Valentino