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October 23rd - November 21st
Modality: Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio + Aquarius)
Element: Water (Cancer, Scorpio + Pisces)
Planetary Ruler: Pluto

We’re born naked and the rest is drag.
— RuPaul (Born November 17th 1960)

Wouldn’t we all love to lock ourselves into the dungeons of the zodiac’s most sexual sign? But don’t sell Scorpios short now. There are more critical layers to the eighth sign of the zodiac than their notorious sexual stamina and intensity. Scorpio is irrefutably one of the most misunderstood and maligned signs in the zodiac. Everything their energy lay claims to is what dominant social conditioning seeks to subvert: unabashed authenticity, esoteric wisdom, sex positivity, brave confrontation, and even the idea of death. The Universe in its perfect architecture made Scorpio the children of Mars - the God of War - so they could be blessed with the warrior spirit necessary to destroy the illusions unfairly pushed against them. As the only fixed water sign in our zodiac, they harness the water element of emotional strength and intuition and focus its blessings or wrath where their mind’s eye deems necessary. When the most high-minded, Scorpio energy has a true grip on the pulse of Truth. They decisively know immediately whether or someone is living with integrity or even how a situation will unfold.

Scorpios are likened to “The Final Word”. The Universe’s gatekeepers extending permission to those lucky souls who can move forward. Allowing incredible transformation and self-actualization to those walking through the gate. If you moved past their gaze unharmed, consider Scorpio one of your most formidable allies. They will fight to the death for you. This gift they give is the gift Scorpio gives to themselves. Scorpio energy is contextualized as the Phoenix; regularly rising from the ashes of self-destruction and beginning again. If you were met with thumbs down, don’t take it personally. Just go home and do the work. Begin to understand what they stand for: self-transformation, shame, vulnerability, courage, and occult knowledge.

When Scorpio energy is left unconsciously considered, Mars’ gifts become dangerous weapons. Their focused consciousness can actively seek evidence of guilt and betrayal. They’ll wield swords of manipulation and unchecked emotional violence. Look at their title animal’s defense mechanisms for context. When we think of a Scorpion, we know they inflict serious damage. So could wounded Scorpios.  

Scorpio magic can conjure in queer identities so powerfully because they are prolific Truth tellers. Most of the shame that keeps queer people living in dishonesty is wondering “But what will people think?” That’s not Scorpio’s modus operandi. They are bound to tell the Truth; whether you like it or not. Look at Scorpio House Mother, RuPaul. Not only does Ru regularly self-transform, her platform inspires audiences, aesthetics, and mainstream conversation to change radically because she tells her truth. And that's what Scorpios to radically alchemize the world. The Universe is grateful for their power and so am I. 

Famous Queer Scorpios + Allies include:  Megan Mullally, Brene Brown, Kathy Griffin, Jodi Foster, Tilda Swinton, Chloe Savigneu, Robert Mapplethorpe, Rock Hudson, k.d. Lang, Caitlyn Jenner, Roland Barthes, Christian Siriano, Heather MAtarazzo, Bill Gates, Tum Cook, & RuPaul