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November 22-December 21st
Modality: Mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Pisces + Sagittarius)
Element: Fire (Aries, Leo + Sagittarius)
Planetary Ruler: Jupiter

I dwell in possibility.
— Emily Dickinson (Born December 10th, 1830)

There’s a blanket of joy that takes the world into its arms in the last days of November. Bright lights sparkle from within the winter’s night on all the trees and homes your eyes can take in. Your heartbeat tells you that celebrations are coming and a Sagittarius just walked in the door. Ruled by Zeus, the King of Mount Olympus himself, Sagittarius born souls are immense. The size of their ruling planet Jupiter tells us that whatever they do they do it with enormous proportion. The only thing subtle about their personality structure is the light in their eye. Blessed with a proactive perspective of optimism and a contagiously jovial orientation that overtakes even the most critical of skeptics, Sagittarius vision leaves every room a bit brighter than how they found it.

Born between fall and winter, Sagittarius is mutable fire; a generously available life-force element they hold within their minds in the array of spaces they are called to. “The more, the merrier” is not a mantra to them; it’s their very foundational philosophy. And remember, since their personalities are immense they have room for the extravagance of circumstances, friends, relocation, romantic partners, and careers that come their way. Their highest function is the mutable grace by which Sagittarius shares social power with generously. What’s so awe inspiring about Sagittarius is their optimistic hard-wiring and the inevitable byproduct of their social popularity. Who wouldn’t want to be around people who assume the best out of life, assume the best out of you, and then give you the context to be your best self? All things big remember, Sagittarius sees the biggest picture. Aware of the universality of life and what humanity has in common, Sagittarius born communicate and demonstrate a high minded philosophical approach to community that inspire and uplift.  My first love was a Sagittarius. If it's true that we're supposed to measure the success of relationships in lessons learned not time accumulated, then our love was a triumph. I will always hold a special place in my heart for my opposite sign. 

When left to wander too far, Sagittarius can overlook the small details; finding themselves bound by chains of people-pleasing and unfulfilled in areas like friendships, relationships, work, and even location. They’d be wise to slow down and reign it in frequently to check in with their inner voice that pays attention to the small details and compare it to their their external reality wondering if it matches  with their highest good.

Queer identities is textured powerfully in Sagittarius. From their affinity to activism, truth-telling, and community building, queer Sagittarius is resourceful is expanding conversations on sexuality, gender identity, and relationship theory to more inclusive angles. Their popularity and controversy can ignite and contextualize ideas never considered. And take these conversations in the high-minded direction - the stars - that their arrows, hearts, and eyes are always pointed to. 

Queer Sagittarius + Allies:
Janelle Monae, Nicki Minaj, Margaret Cho, Bette Midler, Lucy Liu, Jonathan Knight, Tyra Banks, Billie Jean King, Robin Roberts, Tammy Lynn Michaels, Matthew Shephard, Gianni Versace, Emily Dickinson, Raven Simone, Sarah Paulson, & Kanako Otsuji