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The Grand Finale
February 19th- March 20th
Modality: Mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius + Pisces)
Element: Water (Cancer, Scorpio + Pisces)
Planetary Ruler: Neptune

Self-definition has been a responsibility I’ve wholeheartedly taken on as mine. It’s okay if your personal definition is in a constant state of flux as you navigate the world.
— Janet Mock (Born March 10th, 1983)

Our life began in a bang. It began in a big fire in the Universe. In our end, all that ever was will return to the sea. Where we will find Pisces waiting for us on the ocean floor calling us back home. I wrote those words thinking of a Pisces I've loved while the raindrops fell on my windowsill. Nature is a poet. Children of Neptune, Guardian of the Sea, the gentle Pisces heart beats for creativity, fantasy, emotional intelligence, spiritual wisdom, and compassion. With a look in their eyes that whisper they’ve been here many times before, Pisces energy is here to raise vibrations with the highest quality of compassion. Do not confuse their soft look with timidness. Pisces can be sharks too and they’ll rip you to shreds if necessary.

Our last sign in the zodiac is the mutable water, Pisces. Born between sharply contrasting seasons, Winter and Spring, the Pisces soul holds two opposing fish swimming ferociously in opposite directions. But within that tension rests their gift of holding all experiences of the eleven signs before. With great power comes great responsibility. Their attunement to humanity, to the healing arts, empathy, creative expression and compassion present Pisces with extraordinary opportunities. High-minded Pisces energy stands for the alternative. Given their remarkably strong connection to the divine, their consciousness can download higher thoughts and if they are brave enough to speak them, Pisces energy creates alternative paradigms of being free from fear. With this prolific sense of feeling, Pisces energy will need to recede from the earth shores and go within. If they don’t take the time to understand the alignment, the dash between the two fish - mythologically understood as the chord connecting lovers - then their consciousness will fall victim to martyrdom. Without a sense of integrity driven personal growth, their resilience is low, their words sloppy, and their coping mechanisms dependent on self-annihilation.  

Since Pisces is the only mutable water sign, it holds a gorgeous expression within queer voices. In the sense that there’s no linear toxic attachment to prescribed rules of heteronormativity and gender. Pisces is the culmination of all identities so their highest actualization is the very demonstration of how fluid identity, sexual orientation, and gender actually is. For many reason, the aesthetic and theater industries have provided sanctuary for queer identities and Neptune, the father of Pisces, is the divine father of those spaces. Pisces gifts shine in music, literature, design, and visual culture. The world is a kinder, more gentler peace in their honor and my heart sings a sweeter song in their presence. The world and I are grateful. 

Queer Pisces + Allies - Ellen Page, Perry Ellis, Chaz Bono, Wanda Sykes, Alexander McQueen, Janet Mock &  Hubert Givenchy,