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July 23rd-August 22nd
Modality: Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio + Aquarius)
Element: Fire (Aries, Leo + Sagittarius)
Ruling Luminary: The Sun

Larger than life is just the right size.
— To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar.

I’d bet a million dollars and a half that the first ever Miss Fire Island winner was probably a Leo. These Kings and Queens can’t help but live their glamorous lives like royalty; they beam with charisma and an irrefutable sense of ease, entitlement, and leadership. Ruled by the Sun, the brightest and most-centered point in our galaxy, the Leo lives life like our galaxy's ruling star: absolutely larger than life and constantly in the center of our attention whether they like it or not. Often approached with a kind of timid, shy schoolgirl wonder, the bright Leo Energy is felt initially intimidating but worth a close look. Just don’t stare too directly. 

Like the Moon has sole ownership of Cancer, the Sun has sole jurisdiction over Leo. Just as the Sun is a fixed force of fire,  Leo is the zodiac’s premier fixed fire sign. So the queer Leo can focus their eternal flame of life giving force, magnetism, and enthusiasm into whatever project or person they have their powerful heart set on. It’s an incredible cosmic gift. In astrological conversation, Leo is most frequently expressed through their divine association with celebrity and royalty. Understandably so. But what often gets overlooked is this sign’s tremendous capability for love and meaningful connection.

No matter how hard they try to deny it, though they often won't - the Leo is the zodiac’s hopeless romantic. Longing for a love story, they unconsciously surrender to their heart’s every will. The brightest star in the Leo’s constellation is the Lion’s heart - named Regulus - and a Leo’s heart is the star that divinely guides them to magical experiences of romance. My Father is a Leo and I am so thankful for the way his heart protects and supports my Mother's. I know a Leo who (the day after we met and kissed on the same day under August rain) showed up in my driveway, held out a cupcake with a lit candle, and started singing happy birthday to me. He was three months late and I met him the day before. The Leo said, “I’m sorry I missed your birthday.” with a dashing smile. It was, hands down, one of the most romantic things anyone has ever done for me. And he's forever textured the way I look at the zodiac's Kings + Queens. 

Even royalty has their blind spots. For the queer Leo energy, I think it would be best to pay attention to their opposite sign Aquarius for ways to incorporate comprehensive balance to their personality. The Leo inevitably focus on the self because they’ve been allowed to their whole life. How can this benefit me? How can this person help me? What do I gain? Whereas the Aquarius focuses on group betterment instead of singular gains. Leos have no issue talking, seizing and behaving first without a thorough analysis of how the consequences could affect others. The most redeemed Leo energy shares their cosmic spotlight. Remember, flame doesn’t lose its value when it is shared. Like Marianne Williamson said, “...as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” Self-love improves us all and brave and wild Leo energy can ignite the flame of self love in many people … but only if they step off the throne, empower others, and invite someone else the red velvet hot seat.

Queer Leo Energy is life force in spaces. So many queer icons are these high-powered, high-energy, strong, charismatic characters. That's all Leo. There's a definite mutual influence between their resonance and queer culutre. And the queer Leo lives a life of such tremendous romance and glamour, you can't help but understand around them that being larger than life is truly the right size. 

Queer Leos + Allies: Barbara Gittings, Nikki Sinclair, Debra Messing, Yves Saint Lauren, James Baldwin, Andy Warhol, Madonna, Barack Obama, Michael Kors, Cara Delevigne, Herb Ritts, Sam Champion, Jill Benet, Patrick Swayze & Wesley Snipes