September 9-15

As above, so below! Tuesday’s opposition between the Sun in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces could dissolve the veil between the metaphysical to the physical, the otherworldly with the worldly. As seekers, we have usually have two feet on solid ground but we’re often looking up and reaching for that’s what beyond. Whatever lies within reach within the beyond is about to be closer on Tuesday. Let the God of your understanding, the divine into your heart a bit more on Tuesday. Since we’ll all be able to manage the best of Virgo’s reason/logic with Pisces transcendence/divinity. 

A Full Moon in Pisces on Friday begins the weekend with even more compassion, emotion, and fantasy. Reflect back on what started to grow in your life on March 8th of this year and you’ll notice it reach a powerful culmination under its corresponding Full Moon. Of course we can apply the values of the sign within the transit for helpful, healing alchemy. So consciously meditate on what Pisces expressions like forgiveness, mercy, tenderness, and grace mean to you. Hold that power within your mind and heart then offer it to any dark fear based situations that could use more divine light.

The weekend has a two for the price the one sale on Saturday when both Venus and Mercury join romantic Libra invoking the romantic autumn energy a little early. When the planets of Love and Communication join in Libra, I think the entire zodiac will reframe the way we relate to relationships. I would like to see more of a passion for generous giving more than an appetite to receive. Now if you’re a reader who struggles with codependence and over giving, this is a transit to draw the line in sand and stand firm on boundaries. If not then make the Libra and give, then give some more. 

Since Venus is favored in Libra, this transit will beautify and harmonize our romances and connection with harmony. Mercury in Libra allows us to search for the win/win among diametrically opposed conversations, too. Cultivate more mindful curiosity in your relational conversations and allow the Libra mirror to reflect the person you see in the words you choose. 


You’re going to destroy that “To Do” list, Aries! You might be tired, but urgent tasks need to be done on Tuesday under the Sun-Neptune opposition. Especially if it has to do with the choices and behavior that support your health, wellness, organization, and emotional resilience. A sensitive Full Moon in Pisces on Saturday helps you release what’s no longer serving your highest and brightest self. Since this Full Moon is in your completion sector, it’s an annual opportunity to remember that closure is a gift you can give to yourself. Where you proactively initiate release from fear by sending the text, beginning the conversation, or apologizing for where you’re fumbled, this Full Moon can work its healing wonders. Mercury and Venus enter your Libra ruled relationship sector on Saturday beginning one of the most romantic times of year for you. You can begin to invite new opposites attract chemistry, deepen the current dynamics you’re in, or lovingly transition them.  


A leader is someone who holds space for the brilliance of others, Taurus. You’ll be that prolific leader among a group of friends under the Sun-Neptune opposition on Tuesday. Name the potential you see within them and try to excavate it within interactions so your friends have a template to follow from what you showed is possible. A social, joyful weekend is yours under the Full Moon in Pisces on Saturday. This annual moon helps you reframe the way you relate to friends. If you’re looking for deeper connections, tell the Universe. Or connect with the ride or dies and celebrate how far you’ve come together.  On Saturday, both Mercury and your ruling planet Venus enter your Libra governed wellness sector inspiring you to be the best Bull you can be. You’ll want to give serious focus and commitment to all the ways the little things like health, organization, and routine can add up to make a big difference. 


How’s your work - life balance, Gemini? Whichever of the two needs more attention will make itself known under the Sun-Neptune on Tuesday and you’ll want to tend to it. If you’ve been goofing off, get to work! If you’ve been a workaholic, clock out. A Full Moon in your Pisces career sector on Saturday applies a full circle moment to your career and brings you closer towards your highest professional contributions especially if you’re incorporating Pisces values in it.  Both Venus and your ruling planet Mercury enter your Libra confidence sector on Saturday, too. With the Planet of Love and Communication in your creativity, self-esteem, worthiness, and blossoming romance sector, you’ll be able to see just how joyful, unpredictable, and lovely life can be. These transits want you to lead with your heart more and your head less. So turn off the analysis and remember to let the joy in. 


Use your words, Cancer! An opportunity for straight talk on Tuesday arrives under the Sun-Neptune opposition so make sure you use your words very deliberately. It’ll probably be in the interpersonal arena so name what you’re observing on the level of behavior along with the vision of possibility you’d like to introduce to the dynamic for crystal clear understanding. A Full Moon in your Pisces ruled travel and education zone on Saturday inspires you to explore a new region or educational opportunity for soul-growth and expansion. Maintain audacity, optimism, and confidence while you pursue whatever adventure is keeping you up at night. That same day, on Saturday, Venus and Mercury enter Libra and begin beautifying your relationship to emotionality, family, and home. You’ll be given prime opportunity periods to redecorate, move, or make a choice related to residence in a meaningful way. On the relational fronts, you’ll be inspired to smooth out dynamics with family of origin and align with partners who make you feel right at home. 


It doesn’t matter if they can or can’t handle the Truth, Leo. You’ll need to cut through the superficial, avoidant nonsense on Tuesday with the healing energy of the Sun-Neptune opposition and keep it absolutely one hundred. All that matters is you speak your truth without contempt or attack but with accuracy and compassion for this opposition to work its magic. A Full Moon in your Pisces ruled intimacy, sexuality and erotic sector on Friday makes you a cat in late summer heat this weekend and yearn to discover a deeper truth. You’ll continue the urge for longing for most meaningful and want sexy connections of depth all weekend long. Venus and Mercury enter your Libra ruled communication zone on Saturday helping you speak your emotions more carefully, actively listen with more mutuality, and cultivate a sense of curiosity and wonder in your romantic partners. 


Happy Solar Return, Virgo! You’ll have to balance the “me” and “we” parts of your life on Tuesday’s Sun-Neptune opposition very carefully. If you’ve struggled to receive from your partners, cease giving. And ask for what you need. If you can’t remember the last time you gave something away to suitors, give and give some more. Your annual Full Moon in the Pisces governed romance sector on Saturday invites a new opposites-attract style chemistry with a sweet dreamer, deepens the connection you’re currently in to a more meaningful place, or transitions your current partnerships if you’d like to gently complete it. Wherever you need a bit of change in romance, this Full Moon offers it to you! Venus and Mercury then enter your Libra ruled income sector on Saturday making the birthday cash flow just in time for you to treat yourself. You deserve it! 


Good morning, Libra! You’ll be tasked with committing to a responsible morning routine on Tuesday under the Sun-Neptune opposition that sets you up for success. Since this is both Virgo and Pisces energy, your routine would benefit from practical and spiritual action plans. Like meditation, a vitamin supplement, etc. It needs to blend the best of both spiritual and physical. Saturday’s Full Moon in your Pisces ruled wellness sector continues to improve your health efforts and organization all weekend long. Make proactive choices that strengthen that new routine of yours and prep your days, weeks, and months ahead for success. You’ll be downloading very helpful insight on how the micro makes big improves on the macro! Then Venus and Mercury join in Libra on Saturday shifting the recently slow energy to more joy, romance, and creative problem solving. You’ll be so articulate and absolutely irresistible. 


Don’t become a monster to defeat one, Scorpio! You could be triggered on Tuesday’s Sun-Neptune opposition by careless remarks. If it cuts deeper than something petty, you’re well within your power to declare a boundary so long as you make it clean and clear. Otherwise, just maintain your emotional impulse control and let it go. Your confidence and happiness is about to get a big boost thanks to Saturday’s Full Moon in Pisces. You’ll have a much higher tolerance level for vulnerability, risk, joy, and emotional exposure. So if you need to soften into sharing feelings, contributing something creativity and risk, etc - this weekend’s moon is your moment to do it. Venus and Mercury enter your Libra ruled dreams and closure sector inspiring you to begin wrapping up loose ends in your life. If it’s time to release a relationship that’s no longer serving your highest and brightest for you or the partner(s), let this transit help. It’s also time to put down limiting self-beliefs that tarnish your self-worth and self-esteem. 


Ready to rise, Sag? You’re about showcase your genius on the job this Tuesday under the Sun-Neptune opposition if you remember the current details and the future vision. Higher ups, coworkers, and clients love that you’re able to see things as they are right now with detailed specificity while holding space for dreaming up their potential, too. A Full Moon in your Pisces ruled home and family sector on Friday may make you feel more emotionally exposed and tender than what you’re comfortable with. I always like to remind my Centaurs that they too can be sensitive and express their feelings without apology, negotiation, or permission. So do it this weekend! Mercury and Venus enter your Libra ruled community zone on Saturday helping you reconnect to new/past friends, lovers, or both. You’ll reimagine the way you think and act on connections in a very powerful way throughout the weeks ahead. So be willing to drop down old habits to learn the new ones that strengthen your social health. 


Hidden underneath uncertainty is your power, Cap! You’ll be reminded on Tuesday’s Sun-Neptune opposition that more opportunities for personal, professional  success are always on their way to you. You’re such a strategic mind that can often anticipate the outcome with rapid fire speed but you also want to make space for uncertainty, faith, awe, and mystery. Speak and listen very intentionally on Saturday under the Full Moon in Pisces which wants you to use your words and thinking in service towards healing, compassion, forgiveness, mercy, and tenderness. Gross, I know, but your communication inspires people deeply so why not use it towards energies of altruism? Both Venus and Mercury enter your Libra ruled career sector where they’ll beautify and mentally uplift current situations to divine right order. These transits make you charismatic and articulate in all professional situations so use it wisely! 


Keep it 100, Aquarius! Tuesday’s Sun-Neptune opposition motivates you to dig deeper to understand the most intimate and real dimensions of a situation. You’ll be tasked with both asking uncomfortable questions and checking in with your intuition to see whether or not your answers resonate as true or not. A Full Moon in Pisces on Saturday in your income sector could powerfully transform your relationship with security and finances. You’re usually too progressive to care deeply about income but you’ll want to see if your money goes in the direction of what you value. Then ask yourself if you make choices from a clarity of values that determine your integrity and life quality. Venus and Mercury join your Libra ruled expansion sector inspiring you to travel and/or consider higher education for success. You’ll be drawn to the new county or campus that could expand your thinking, communication and spiritual beliefs. 


Please don’t abandon yourself, Pisces. You’ll have to find the delicate balance between your identity and the way you show up for relationships on Tuesday’s Sun-Neptune opposition. If you’ve made a habit of giving without receiving, admit that you’re drawing a line in the sand. If you haven’t engaged generously, now’s the time do it. Your annual Full Moon in Pisces on Saturday helps you share your heart in a big, brave way. The weekend shines for you and all the gifts you’re born prodigiously with so share your divine understanding, creativity, wisdom, and compassion. Venus and Mercury enter your Libra ruled sexuality zone on Saturday which helps you intimately connect with partners you feel trustworthy and safe with above all. You want to find the original defition of Eros in the erotic which is the life force generated among sexual partners when they use the sexual space as a temple for healing.