September 30-October 6

Ready for the depths? Transformative Pluto ends a retrograde that began in Capricorn on April 24th this Wednesday. When Pluto was retrograde, we were asked to go deep within our existential worlds and identity all the ways we‘re unwilling to change because we’re afraid of uncertainty, our own power, joy, etc. With Pluto now direct in Capricorn, the zodiac’s inspired to do the shadow work necessary to transform. 

Just in time for messenger Mercury entering Scorpio on Thursday helping us excavate the unknown, hidden secrets, and the communication/listening of our sexual desires. Perhaps we’ll be willing to share with our Pluto retrograde experiences with those who need to hear it? Also, with Mercury in Scorpio, there’s an emphasis on desire as “owning the wanting” which helps us with the relational verbs: receive, take, share, and refuse. 

That same day, Mars wraps up its tour of Virgo from the middle of August and enters Libra until the end of November helping us balance our needs with others. We’ll be motivated by mutuality, the win/wins, and brokering our needs in equilibrium with others. This Mars transit is a helpful time for us to fight for our lives to be more relational than individual, too. So if you have a pattern of pushing people away from getting too close, this Mars transit will help you set up your life for more closeness.


Ready for a career review, Ram? Pluto moves direct in your Capricorn ruled work zone on Wednesday giving you the focus to look at your work life honestly, consider whether or not you’re doing the meaningful things you’d like to do there, and what’s required of you to let your soul purpose shine. Don’t play it small. Show the world what you’re made of! Mercury enters your Scorpio governed sex and intimacy zone on Thursday which makes you less afraid of imagining and communicating commitment while going deeper with your romantic partners. That same day, Mars lights up your Libra ruled romance and relationship sector. Which continues the relational transits and helps you fight for your worth and needs in relationships. You’ll also want to avoid the petty drama and find the win/win between you and your partners. 


It’s time to zoom all the way out, Taurus! Transformative Pluto turns direct in your Capricorn ruled visionary zone on Wednesday which helps you stop sweating the small stuff and hold a big picture view of the situation(s) that’s causing you stress. Additionally, make sure you apply proactive optimism for serious benefits. Experiment with a hypothesis of inevitable success, generous assumptions, and positive intent. Messenger Mercury enters your Scorpio governed love zone on Thursday with an opposites attract style chemistry just in time for cuffing season. You’ll want to use this transit to help you with your negotiation and compromise skills. Which means balancing the needs of others in harmonious equilibrium with yours or making sure your needs are balanced with your romantic partners. Mars enters your Libra ruled health and wellness sector that same day helping you make choices to become the bell bull you can possibly be for your physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing.


It’s time to stick around long enough to go a bit deeper, Gemini. Pluto turns direct in your Capricorn ruled intimacy and sexuality zone on Wednesday helping you stay and see the most meaningful dimensions of your partners. You’ll want to get your hands dirty exploring your own barriers between yourself and intimacy and all the ways you stop yourself before going much deeper with romantic suitors. Mercury joins your Scorpio governed health zone on Thursday helping your step up your routine and wellness efforts. Think of all the strategies you’ve yet to apply to your health and then apply some of that Scorpio tenacity to get it done. Mars enters your Libra ruled confidence zone that same day motivating you to strut and shine even brighter. You’ll be pushed to showcase a creative work in a meaningful way and take action around dismantling comparison, scarcity, perfectionism, and other crises of confidence that could come up for you. Let Mars in Libra help you choose authenticity, courage, and worthiness instead. 


Over the push and pull, Cancer? Pluto turns direct in your Capricorn ruled romance zone on Wednesday which helps you work for that balance in relationships. You’ll want to work hard to release control, honor your boundaries, and practice trusting others. Capricorn energy loves effort and hard work so make sure you and your romantic partners are both putting in the work. Mercury enters your Scorpio ruled confidence sector on Thursday helping you cutivate a foundation for more self-worth. Mercury in Scorpio helps you find resilience against comparison and perfectionism in favor of authenticity and courage instead. Mars lights up your Libra ruled home zone that same day. So if you’ve been itching to redecorate, move to a new space, and/or nest passionately in your current shell, this is the time to do it. Mars in Libra also helps you smooth out family of origin conflicts so if you’d like to strengthen your bonds there, make sure you’re honoring boundaries, postponing persuasion, and listening to the viewpoints of others with the same passion of wanting to be heard. 


Dysfunction ain’t a cute look on you, Leo! Pluto turns direct in your Capricorn ruled self-development arena on Wednesday so your responsibility, discernment, and impulse control returns. You’ll want to name the choices you make that contribute to to the bullshit in your life and let Pluto in Capricorn help you find the resilience, effort, and mastery to overcome it. Mercury enters your Scorpio ruled home zone on Thursday which improves your emotional intelligence quota and helps you intellectualize/communicate what you need to feel at home. You’ll want to express your vulnerabilities more courageously and work out the bonds between you and family of origin, too. Mars lights up your Libra ruled curiosities space turning you on to the smartest, well spoken partners. You’ll also drip words like honey to admirers so long as you’re showcasing a balance between your charismatic storytelling and sincere desire to listen carefully to the existential words of others. 


Imperfection looks so good on you, Virgo! Pluto turns direct in your Capricorn ruled creativity and confidence arena which helps you choose authenticity, worthiness, and confidence over perfectionism. Let Pluto in Capricorn help you dismantle your fears of rejection/criticism in addition to wherever you armor up with other crisis of confidences like scarcity and comparison. Mercury enters your Scorpionic ruled intellect zone on Thursday inspiring you to speak your feels and facilitate deeper dialogue among your friends. Try to dialogue around words like shame, empathy, worthiness, and resilience and how they express themselves in your life experience. Mars charges through your Libra ruled income zone too helping you protect and advocate for your financial worth. You’ll also want to compare your behavior to what your values are for possible incongruences or integrity. Think of words like authenticity, creativity, and spirituality and whether or/not you behave in a way that shows these are your values. Having a clarification of values informs the most righteous behavior which Mars in Libra will help you express. 


Happy Solar Return, Libra! Pluto turns direct in your Capricorn ruled emotionality zone on Wednesday helping you feel more comfortable with vulnerability. You’ll be reminded that nobody want you to be perfect and avoid messy topics with them. You too can be sensitive, emotionally expressive, and tender with others. Mercury charges your Scorpio ruled cash flow zone on Thursday giving you the birthday coin for the luxury goods you love. This transit will bolster your curiosity in financial literacy, values, and personal security. Does your money go where your values are? How can you protect your security against external distractions? Mars enters Libra that same day giving you a boost of even more motivation, confidence, and energy throughout your birthday. Mars enters Libra once every two years so this is a time sensitive big deal! Think about all the ways you want to exert your freedom (I’m looking at you, Ian - quit that job!), autonomy, worthiness, and deserving dreams throughout this transit and Mars will help you stand on your own and make it all happen. 


Your words are wands, Scorpio! Pluto ups the powerful ante in your Capricorn ruled language zone on Wednesday when it turns direct. So use your words carefully! Make sure you’re practice proactive disclosure when necessary because although you’re fluent in the space between the lines, not everyone else is. So helpful, “Just thought you might like to know, I’m doing (this) because of (that)...” sentence openers will be so helpful here on in. Mercury lights up your sign on Thursday making you analytical, articulate, and so cerebral. Surround yourself with the brightest in the room and work your quicksilver magic with others who mentally inspire you. Mars enters your Libra ruled closure sector that day helping you release what’s no longer serving you. I know it’s difficult for a fixed sign like you to let go of the devil you know, but this Mars in Libra transit wants you to lean on a spiritual practice to help you. If you’ve wanted to study a serious path to help you soften in to the mystic, now’s the time to do it. 


Where’s your worthiness, Sag? Pluto moves direct in your Capricorn ruled worth and values sector helping you understand your power. You’ll be motivated to get very clear on what you deserve and why in addition to auditing your financial energies and whether or not it goes in the direction to your highest and brightest good. Mercury enters Scorpio on Thursday which helps you release what holds you back from your power, joy, passion, and purpose. This transit helps you find apology and forgiveness personally and relationally so you can free yourself from the past in order to make way for what the present and future has to offer you. That same day, Mars enters your Libra ruled friendship zone too helping you lead the pack to more fun, adventure, closeness, and joy. You’ll want to act like a house mother as you plan autumn outings and activities that bridge deeper connections between you and your friends. 


You’re baaaaaack, Capricorn! Pluto moves direct in your sign helping you apply your strength wherever you need it. You’ve been audited by the Universe in an annoying but helpful way since last April. Think deeply about what lessons you’ve internalized and wisdom you’ve gathered. Then you can apply it passionately in the months ahead. Mercury enters your Scorpio ruled friendship sector on Thursday helping you connect with your closest connections while you’re working your Seagoat’s ass off in the peak of this Libra transits. Don’t forget to pull in that life to your work balance so you can remember why you work so hard and the people you love to share your time with. Then Mars lights up your Libra ruled career zone giving you more motivation and leadership on the job. You’ll want to advocate your worth, your value, your purpose, and success to others who are not vocalizing it or distracted. This transit helps you renegotiate whether or not your current job meets your professional dreams and how you’d like to take serious steps towards making your career aspirations come true. 


Surrender is not the same as quitting, Aquarius. Pluto moves direct in your completion zone helping you find power in surrendering attachment to result while staying firmly invested in the effort. You’ll want to release whatever pattern, person, situation, circumstance, etc holds you back with responsibility and forgiveness. These suggestions may come across like quitting but I assure you they’re not. In the space that gets vacated, the divine will enter and magnetize new scenarios that are a more compatible fit to your frequency. Then Mercury enters your Scorpio ruled career zone on Thursday helping you get really real on your current professional landscape. Does it match your passions? Does it uplift your value? Go deep within and then big externally on career matters so you’re holding the highest clarity around work related things. Then Mars enters your Libra ruled travel zone too helping you explore, educate, and find yourself in new places.  If you’ve been called to a new country or campus to expand your thinking, then this transit will give you the gusto to make it happen.


Are you supporting and feeling supported, Pisces? Pluto moves direct in your friendship zone on Wednesday inspiring you to see your friendships with greater honesty. It’s possible that there’s been an imbalance between you and your friends which this transit will ask you to address clearly and responsibly. Be willing to hear your friends’ honest feedback and be wiling to share your own. Mercury then enters your Scorpio ruled travel and education zone helping you search for the country or campus that bolsters your expansive thinking. If you’ve been called to study or travel, this transit pushes you to taking the leap of faith audaciously. That same day Mars lights up your Libra ruled sexuality zone too helping you feel more deserving of pleasure and intimacy. So often you’re the first giver but what about your willingness to recieve? Make sure you’re clear internally first about owning what it is that you want, communicate it others because no one’s a mind reader, and then let Mars in Libra make your cuffing season as sexy as possible.