September 23-30

It’s the final week of September but two new beginnings this week help us focus on what’s commencing over what’s concluding. 

Happy Libra Season! Monday is first day of one of the biggest turning points in Astrology. It’s literally a turning point as the seventh house (which rules Libra content!) is where the right hand side of the chart turns from self-exploration to interpersonal practices. It’s where we expand our thinking from me to we, from autonomy to closeness. It’s where we speak the language of love fluently and work hard on translating the six relational verbs (to ask, receive, give, take, refuse, and share) into practice. 

On Thursday, a secret revealing square between Mercury in diplomatic Libra and Pluto in Capricorn helps us get closer to the deeper Truth. Surrender attachment to the specific result of truth telling and truth receiving but be invested in the effort. If you feel moved to get something off your chest or ask a tough question - then do it. If you’re still collecting clues, that’s fine too. Just let the Truth be recognized. 

Sunday’s New Moon in Libra helps us reminagine our relationship with relationships. As I’ve written earlier on Libra transits, try to put more of this sacred balance into your life while reviewing whether or not you need more autonomous freedom or relational engagement to balance what you’re already practicing extensively.  If you’re single and you’d like partnership, tell the Universe the list of qualities you want to give to your next relationships. If partnered, have a state of the union where you and your partners review the emotional, sexual, and cultural aspects of the relationship. Review each other’s progress and imagine new strategies for progress. 

Love’s in the air, Ram! The Sun enters Libra on Monday and it’s the beginning of your flirty, fun, and romantic chapter. You’ll be encouraged to be more relational rather than individual and exercise your best compromise, mediation, and negotiation skills between yourself and partners. If you’re single and looking for love, Saturday’s New Moon is yours. But first, Thursday’s square between Mercury in your romantic Libra and Pluto in Capricorn will enlighten you to the work that you and your partner(s) have to do in order to keep the relationship thriving. And if single, you’ll be enlightened to the barriers you’ve built between yourself and love’s coming. Saturday’s New Moon in Libra is looking to invite a new relationship, a deepening of the current dynamic, or a conscious completion of the one you’re already in. New Moons listen to the intentions you’d like to give so imagine what emotions and/or circumstances you’d have to give in order to receive the outcome you crave. 

It’s time for the glow up, Taurus! Libra Season’s beginning on Monday helps you cut bad habits and commit to healthier, more organized, and responsible habits. Whatever just came to mind is probably where you should begin. Under Thursday’s square between Mercury in Libra and Pluto in Scorpio, you could be confronted with the coming attractions of a long term pattern you need to break. Think about what your closest connections, friends, lovers, family, professionals have told you that you need to improve on over the last six months. You could finally begin releasing yourself from these habits on Thursday through your thoughts and Plutonian transformation. Apply that tenacity of yours to interrupting the tail chasing with new and improved behavior. Saturday’s New Moon in Libra will be listening carefully to the intentions on your health, wellness, nutrition, and organization. Tell the Universe your plans for personal growth, be willing to tune in with your inner senses, and you’ll be guided to the right relationships, places, and strategies to make it happen. 

You’ve got charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent, Gemini. The start to Libra Season’s beginning this Monday inspires you to honor your confidence and and express yourself directly. If there’s a dream you’ve been trying to pursue but the fear of failure and perfectionism was holding you back, this month is your time to stand on your most deserving, confident, and worthy beliefs. Your emotional exposure could help you transform a complex situation on Thursday when Mercury in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. I can’t believe I’m writing this  but don’t lean too heavily on your intellect. Since it’s a moment to help you showcase your sensitivities, desires, and authenticity instead. A New Moon in your Libra ruled confidence, joy, courage, and creativity sector on Saturday is listening to your intentions on this project or blossoming relationship that needs you most confident self. Push comparison, scarcity, and fear aside and ask the Universe to remind you of your essential gifts and abilities so you can get a head’s start on contributing them. 

Time to go home, Cancer! Libra Season’s start on Monday wraps up a hyperactive month and increases the gravitational pull you feel towards safety, rest, care, and the people/places that feel like home. Your favorite! You’ll have JOMO (the joy of missing out) and want to stay in and/or play with your ride or dies only. If you feel something, say something on Thursday. Because a tense square between Mercury in Libra and Pluto in Scorpio may need a boundary and/or apology expressed to romantic partners otherwise it’s a resentment waiting to happen. You can refuse to participate, ask for something instead, or experiment with any of the relational verbs explored in the overview above so you can find the win/win or no deal. A New Moon in your Libra held domestic sector on Saturday wants you clear intentions on what your heart desires for home, family, and emotional safety. If you need a move, want to improve your family relationships, or soften into emotional exposure more powerfully, tell the New Moon exactly what you’re hoping for. 

Speak up, Leo! The start of the Libra Season fanfare on Monday helps you name your feels specifically, express your wants clearly, and listen carefully to the preferences of others. You’ll want to remember that the theme of Libra is balance so make sure you’re listening with as much gusto as talking. A helpful square between Mercury in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn on Thursday provides a breakthrough on ways you can improve your focus and mental health. If an idea or strategy makes your heart leap, do it! You’ll see results in six to eight weeks. A New Moon in your Libra ruled communication sector on Saturday asks you to harmonize, beautify, and mutualize your speaking and listening skills. So often we have parallel monologues with another; you talk, I talk, you talk, I talk - but the sacred “we” does not talk. Tell the Universe that you’d like in integrate more willingness for curiosity of the existential arenas of another so you can elevate from those parallel monologues to structured dialogue. That way, you’re seen, heard, and understood. While you extend that same gift to others. 

Call the financial planner, Virgo! The start of Libra Season on Monday boosts your values and financial literacy so that you’re prepared to save, spend, or another way to maximize that birthday money you’re sitting on. You’ll also want to remember that it’s your clarification of values that help you find ultimate safety not money. Think of words like: reliability, service, intellect, compassion, and empathy. Do you make choices from this words every day? That’s the ultimate security and safety. A paradox of a square between Mercury in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn on Thursday helps you manage the balance of responsibility and pleasure. Pay a bill, put some cash in your savings account, AND treat yourself. A New Moon in your Libra ruled income, security, and values sector on Saturday is asking for your intentions after a careful meditation of this week’s learning. Tell the Universe what you’d like to protect, cherish, earn, and develop around your personal and financial freedoms. Then listen carefully in the weeks ahead as it reveals to you the direction you need to make the intentions manifest. 

Happy Solar Return Libra! The Sun shines behind your constellation on Monday and so the Universe wants to manifest your birthday dreams. Demonstrate the best of your sign for speedy manifestation like your eye for beauty, harmony, and relational skills. You’re a master of so many social and artistic skills. So the Universe what you got! New chateaux on the brain? A square between Mercury in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn on Thursday could redirect you to new “home” and even strengthen the quality of your family relationships. Then it’s your annual New Moon on Saturday. Spend a meaningful amount of time reviewing the state of your world. What would you like call in? Let go? Maintain? The New Moon in Libra is your chance to tell the Universe a mix list of what you’re hoping to give and receive. What would you like to give away to your loved ones? What would you like to hold in your hands? Name your best case scenario dreams and the Universe will guide in the weeks ahead to make it happen. 

You need a staycation, Scorpio! Monday’s start to Libra Season is your month of detox, release, and healthy solitude. This is your moment to review what you need closure, completion on, and some spiritual support to make it happen. If you’d like to up your spiritual practice, this is the month to do it. From mediation, studying, a spiritual physical exercise routine. This is your time for maximum healing. A strong square between Mercury in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn on Thursday helps you identify the scary stories you tell yourself in your head that may not be accurate. Introduce skepticism to those stories because their often not based in anything meaningful but total conspiracy. A New Moon on Saturday in your Libra ruled grand finale sector of the chart is receptive to your intentions on what you’d like to be released from. Remember, the best practice for this completion is a combination of reconciliation for part you played to make it happen and forgiveness towards others for their loveless behavior. Listen then on as the Universe will direct you to the ideas, conversations, and choices that help you move on. 

Clock outl, Sag! After working your horse’s ass off, the start to Libra Season on Monday means it’s time to wrap it up and reconnect with what gives you joy. Surround yourself with your friends, adventures, passion, happiness, and enjoy yourselves together because you’ll be the belle of the balls. Your typical penchant for truth telling could be uncomfortable but necessary on Thursday under the Mercury in Libra square to Pluto in Capricorn. You can understand a friend’s point of view without agreeing with it. So be compassionate, clear, honest, and understanding. If anyone can be that multidimensional; its you as an animal that brilliantly human and understanding of our animalistic natures. Review the status of your friendships because the New Moon in Libra is listening to your intentions on your community, connections, and how you all hold space for each other. Do they show up for you as passionately as you show up for them? Do you show up for them as quickly as they knock on your door? Tell the Universe what you’d like to manifest throughout these relationships so you can earn even more virtuality and fullness from them. 

Get ready for overtime, Cap! Libra Season’s start on Monday reinvigorates your motivation, competence, and visionary thinking on the job. After a few weeks of exploration, education, travel, and expansive opportunities, you’re leaning on a wellspring of inspiration that you can apply to your professional competence and performance. An energetic square on Thursday between Mercury in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn inspires you to release a crisis of confidence. Don’t fester in comparison, perfectionism, or scarcity. Choose authenticity, worthiness, and creativity instead. A New Moon in your Libra ruled career sector on Saturday is listening carefully to the intention you’d like to manifest on the job. Try to infuse your intentions with the ways that you can be of deep, meaningful Libra service it others and name what that looks like professionally so the Universe can work its magic on manifestation more quickly. Listen carefully to the inspiration, intuition, and feelings you receive afterwards as they’re clues towards making your dreams a reality. 

Bon voyage, Waterbearer! The start of Libra Season starts on Monday reinvigorates the passion for wanderlust, jetsetting, exploration, and all the ways you can educate yourself on visionary thinking. Remember, the world changes when people live out of possibility and vision over cynicism and circumstances. Your travel, curiosities, and educational experience will give you the imaginative thinking to make these world changes your humanitarian heart is concerned with. Thursday’s square between Mercury in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, it helps bring new eyes to a familiar situation. With this sudden perception, you can release the past gently and feel lighter as you travel off into the sunset. A New Moon in Libra on Saturday is listening to your intentions on publishing a big message, exploring a new country, earning a higher degree, and all other ways to achieve your wisdom. Consider how you can apply the most proactively optimistic ideas towards these manifestation goals and let the Universe direct you over the new weeks to the country or campus that will unlock the door to your highest self yet. 

Let’s go deeper before we go bigger, Pisces. Libra Season’s start on Monday helps you connect more intimately, truthfully, and meaningfully to yourself and partners. You’ll be connected to sex, sexuality, and the mystical erotic more than the utility, function, and performance based aspects of sex. You’ll be drawn to the deeper life source that allows you to have self-exploration while inside another. A friendship and/or lover experience improves your quality of connection on Thursday under the square of Mercury in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. You don’t have to separate or categorize. You can blend the best of both! A New Moon in this intimate Libra sector on Saturday is listening carefully to how you desire, own your sexual longings, and connect them meaningfully to the partners you’re with. If you’d like to go deeper than surface level connection, this New Moon says, “Go first!” Initiate a deeper mode of thinking, which inspries a bigger transformation in your sexual experiences.