September 2-8

Mercury’s the star of this week’s show! Not just because four planets are currently in Virgo but because Mercury will aspect the Sun and Neptune this week providing the zodiac with one of my favorite personal growth conversations - the reality checking of the thoughts that give us concern. 

Up first, Tuesday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction in Virgo helps us further align our thoughts, speech, and action into more concise integrity. It’ll help our thinking and speaking tell the same story - which is exceedingly rare in case you need a reminder! - and for anyone in the writing, communication, or media professions, you’ll get a huge boost in efficiency. To add extra urgency for this transit, you’ll want to to think about thinking more critically. How do you examine you trail of thinking? How do you introduce skepticism to the thoughts that give you stress/anxiety? Do you believe everything you think? Do you connect dots that don’t have a right to be? How do you accidentally self-deceive? Meditate on the answers to the questions to make the most of a Sun/Mercury conjunction. 

To further support these efforts, Mercury forms another strong aspect but this time it’s an opposition to Neptune in Pisces. Saturday helps us see both Neptune’s possibility/perspective juxtaposed with Mercury’s reality/data. Every aspect - including the tense opposition - asks us for integration. So make sure you integrate the best of what’s of this world but what’s not of it, too. Stay centered and grounded with the reality of the situation while trying to invoke the possibility of what could transform it. Both are true and both can be done! 

Sunday helps us stabilize our energy into responsible action when the Moon in Capricorn trines Mars in Virgo. After a week of restructuring the way we approach thinking and language, Sunday pushes us to inform our behavior from this new integration. In other words, if you need alone time - make sure you say and do it. If you need to reconnect with your friends, act on that. If you need to have an important conversation, make the time and clear the air, etc. 

You’re squeaky clean, Ram! Tuesday’s Sun/Mercury conjunction in Virgo helps you work hard at aligning your thoughts, language, and behavior towards your health and highest wellness. If you’ve been thinking about a particular self-improvement strategy, take steps towards it on Tuesday. You’ll be stronger, more resilient, and you’ll trust yourself more deeply, too. Your dreams and hunches on Saturday have accurate clues for your success under the Mercury-Neptune opposition so pay attention to your instincts. Balance your passion for external stimulation and excitement with how protective you are of your inner peace. You may need time alone in quiet contemplation. Sunday stabilizes your routine with more preparation and thanks to the Mars/Moon trine so you can continue slaying at work. 

Whatever you do, don’t buy into the belief that vulnerability is a weakness, Taurus. You’ll want to soften into a comfortable feeling around risk, emotional exposure, and uncertainty on Tuesday’s Sun/Mercury conjunction in Virgo. You’ll be tasked to make choices and take action around the feelings you’re being spiritually obligated to share. There’s a message, a story, and/or a creative skill you need to contribute. Gather with friends who appreciate your tenderness and sensitivities on Saturday under the Mercury-Neptune opposition. You may even have a vulnerability hangover from Tuesday so share your feelings with friends who’ve demonstrated empathy and can honor the weight of your story. A eureka moment arrives on Sunday helping you be proud of your courage and creativity and then you’ll want to make behavior choices that further the momentum. 

Happy homecoming, Gemini! On Tuesday it’s time to think about “home”. So under the Sun-Mercury conjunction, try to identify and name your contexts for safety and family. Because as Virgo Season continues to unfold before you, you’ll need to make more integrity driven decisions from this place of new understanding. If you need to move, increase your emotional intelligence, or harmonize your relationship with family of origin, this is the time to do it. Confusing thoughts about your career path could could arrive on Saturday so be skeptical under the Mercury-Neptune opposition. Think critically about your progress, what you’re contributing, whether or/not it lines up with your values, etc. If you’re happy with yourself thus far and your life experiences proves it, keep up the good work. If not, ask the Universe to show you how you can improve your professional experiences. It’s not all work and no play though because Sunday’s Moon/Mars trine helps you align with sexual partners you trust for a transformative, intimate, and highly erotic weekend. 

Speak up, Cancer! You’ll want to be as upfront and specific about what your thinking and feeling under Tuesday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction in Virgo. You’re highly fluent in the nonverbal, emotional undercurrents of the world which the Universe bows in gratitude to you for. So now you’ll need to wrap your best language around the feelings to help others understand you. The most wholehearted life has a balanced passion for the spoken and nonverbal language. Tension between the future and present arrives on Saturday’s opposition between Mercury-Neptune so stay nonreactive, curious, and mindful. Don’t make any assumptions. Try your best to ask questions that lead to specific answers. Then you’ll want to disclose your expectations to current or future romantic partners on Sunday. Back to the theme of straight talk leading to straight understanding. Since it’ll be hard for your partners to give you what you don’t ask for. 

Get the coin, Leo! A very powerful Sun/Mercury conjunction in Virgo on Tuesday gives you a breakthrough around your financial security. Whether that means a new shift in your financial circumstances for the better or the way you think about money. So stay mindful, responsible, and avoid impulse spending in favor for saving. I think love and money have a way about bringing an equally strong amount of fear and excitement simultaneously. So talk your financial concerns through with another person who inspires you on financial matters on Saturday’s Mercury-Neptune opposition. Since you deserve to feel safe and receptive around the energy of money! You’ll also want to highlight your values and what you cherish. Does your money go in that direction? If not, you have some work to do! You’ll be much calmer around Sunday’s Moon/Mars trine and you’ll have game plan to continue making bank.

Happy Solar Return, Virgo! The Universe is gifting you with self-transformation on Tuesday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction in your sign wherever you apply the willingness to do it differently. As a highly self-aware and transformational energy, you’re not shy around your opportunities for personal growth. If you commit to a new plan on Tuesday towards the healing and improving, the Universe will rise to meet your efforts and make them inevitably successful. Romantic differences could make you nervous on Saturday under the Mercury-Neptune conjunction so sit with discomfort and unknown. You’re much happier making things happen, asking the right questions, etc. But I think this transit wants you to read between the lines a bit more and flex your vocabulary skills in the nonverbal, emotional realms. You can do it! Sunday inspires you to some Moon/Mars action around a creative, confidence building idea. 

Whatever you’re holding on too tightly too, you’ll have to let it go Libra. A highly significant release is yours on Tuesday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction in Virgo from anything holding you back from becoming your highest, brightest self. So often we think closure or completion is circumstance dependent but it isn’t. It’s a gift we can give to ourselves if we proactively initiate spiritual surrender, release, forgiveness, apology, etc. Saturday gives you an idea that’s both spiritual and physical thanks to Mercury-Neptune option to improve your quality of life. Is it time for a mediation, mindfulness practice? A deeper study into spiritual source material? You want something divine with gravitas so let Saturday’s transit reveal it to you. Sunday motivates you towards finding the people and places that feel like home under the Moon-Mars trine. You could also be triggered by a family member so - as always! - stay nonreactive, curious, and firm. 

A little September soirée, Scorpio? Tuesday of all days has a social, joyful energy under the Sun-Mercury conjunction in Virgo that inspires you to connect to your ride-or-dies. You’ll want to have a wild night of adventure and laughter even if there’s school or work in the morning. Virgo Season is all about you connecting with friends. There’s a time and a place to be highly responsible but now’s not it. So enjoy yourself with the relationships that determine the quality of your life. Saturday continues the good vibes, especially if you attend something artistic with divine support from the Mercury-Neptune opposition. Schedule a museum visit, a movie viewing, etc with your pals. You’ll be more conversational on Sunday with help from the Moon/Mars trine so if it’s time to catch up with an old friend, give ‘em a call. 

Career changes are coming, Sag! Your work life is about to undergo massive renovations on Tuesday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction in Virgo while you keep it 100% on your dreams and make choices around that honesty. So if you need to improve your work ethic, step it up. If you want a promotion and feel you’ve earned it, name it. If you want to imagine how to turn your passion project into a profit, make choices that push you closer to that. You may have to clear up some fears around chasing these dreams on Saturday thanks to the Mercury-Neptune opposition. It could come up as imposter syndrome, scarcity, comparison, etc. If you’re hijacked, ask the Universe for help to reinterpret your thinking so you can stand in your sacred power. Then you’ll have the confidence on Sunday to invest in yourself bravely with a plan with support from the Moon/Mars trine. An early congratulations on all the success coming your way to you! 

Feeling claustrophobic, Capricorn? You’re eager to get out of the comfort zone, explore far away places, and educate yourself with new places and opportunities which Tuesday’s Sun/Mercury conjunction in Virgo helps you do. If you need to just buy the plane ticket, do it. If you add your name to a college or university’s mailing list, do that, too. It’s time for you to take baby steps towards the country or campus that’s waiting for you to visit! Just don’t forget the small stuff under the Mercury-Neptune opposition on Saturday as some of the details need your attention, too. You’ll want to hold the big and small pictures in harmony next to each other so you can see a situation as clearly as possible. More brilliant strategies for wanderlust and academics arrive on Sunday under the Moon in your sign as it trines to Mars. It’s the transit that personifies the quote, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.” Do it! 

There’s no drop in temperature where you’re at, Aquarius. The sexual chemistry will arrive like a heat wave when Tuesday’s Sun/Mercury conjunction lights up your intimacy and sexuality sector. So you’ll want to pursue pleasure for pleasure’s sake and enjoy it passionately. It continues on Saturday thanks to the Mercury-Neptune opposition into the realm of sensuality and down and dirty play. You’ll want to remember that the erotic, the intimate, and sexual spaces demand imaginative participation. So play with fantasy, the unreal, the unknown, and have fun with your partners. Then the weekend takes a more sober turn as Sunday inspires you to continue clearing up intimacy issues and commitment fears. You’ll want to have an honest conversation with yourself around the beliefs and choices that act like a wall between you and the love you deserve. Given your relational intelligence, you could even have a best friend help you facilitate that talk. 

You’re the only sign that has a romantic attachment to cuffing season, Pisces. A very powerful alignment in your relationship sector under Tuesday’s Sun/Mercury conjunction in the Virgo ruled relational section of your chart helps you think, speak, and pursue love in a more clear, linear direction. You’ll need to have straight talk with yourself - do you want a relationship, do you act that way? - and/or with the people you’d like to create a relational experiences with. It’s time for you to align your thinking, speech, and behavior towards the outcome of your desires. Anything less than that is out of integrity. Saturday continues to changes the way you think about romantic relationships, especially by having your heart leap at someone’s intelligence, so be open to a surprise under the Mercury-Neptune opposition. Sunday makes you look at a friend more like they’re a lover and they say the best relationships combine the best of both so why not try both?