August 5-11

Overview: Isn’t it wonderful to know that we don’t know? In a culture that thrives on making the uncertain certain, spiritual seekers know that from a place of no expectation or managing outcome, the Universe can let wonder, opportunities, and miracles emerge beautifully. 

Wednesday’s trine between the Sun in Leo and Jupiter in Sagittarius gives the zodiac an out of the blue opportunity. If we blend the best of Leo worthiness and Sagittarius optimism, we can find ourselves not only in right place, right time moments but with the right preparation to succeed in whatever the Universe surprises us with. If you’re met with making a choice between risk averse and audacity, choose audacity.

The next day, Venus blazing through Leo trines Jupiter in Sagittarius on Thursday lifting our romantic beliefs and practices to the highest. Like Wednesday’s trine, the outcome of this transit between the two planetary benefics depends on how we can allow our courage and confidence to determine our choices. So often we let insecurity and comparison take the wheel. We think they protect us from failure and embarrassment but do they really? Lean on your worthiness and visionary thinking while imagining and acting on love. 

If you want to lay low on Sunday, choose a different Sunday. Jupiter moves direct in Sagittarius since April 10th when it first spun retrograde. With Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius, the zodiac was tasked to internalize what we learned from November 2018-April 2019 especially as it pertains to our beliefs on freedom, travel, and spiritual wisdom. It asked us to let our new ideas live within our bones. As the saying goes, “knowledge is a rumor until it lives in the body.” Hopefully the knowledge know lives in the body. 

Mercury renters Leo since June 27th where it then retrograded on July 7. Think back to the shadow period which started on June 20th and connect these experiences to your self-esteem, courage, willingness to experience joy, and power. It’s likely we all have work to do and progress to make there. Mercury returning to Leo lets us apply what we learned during the Retrograde and step into greater versions of ourselves. 

The last of the Sunday transit is Uranus turning retrograde in Taurus. Uranus rules the surprise, disruption, and transformation energies in our lives. With it retrogade until next January in Taurus, we want to do what we’re asked to do during all retros: internalize our ideas on change. If we look around our own lives and the national arenas too, it’s so clear that we need to be instruments of change but how? Uranus in Taurus asks us to deeply internalize our ideas on change internally so that we can commit to transformation externally next year. 

Pack your bags, Aries! You’re flying off to a new idea, international locale, or educational opportunity after Wednesday’s trine. You’re eager to have a new adventure and if you take brave steps towards the direction of this curiosity, you’ll be met with help, blessings, and forward momentum along the way. Your confidence will uplift your romantic relationships on Thursday so don’t take anything too personally. Stay secure, open-hearted, and direct in naming your desire. This Sunday, Mercury helps you stay confidence when it re-enters Leo and helps you inhabit the present moment with more gratitude. Jupiter works its magic when it moves direct in Sagittarius and manifests exciting energy on your travel and academic adventures. Uranus then turns retrograde in Taurus and helps you clear away limiting, inaccurate beliefs as they pertain to your finances and personal security. 

Go further, Taurus. Wednesday inspires direct, truth-telling especially if it’s overdue and uncomfortable. You have to travel farther than your comfort zone in order to have this message be heard correctly by the listener. You’ll want to wrap language around your vulnerabilities and emotional nature especially in romance this Thursday. It’ll be scary, totally, but you’ll feel braver for having done so. Mercury helps this tenderness mission on Sunday when it renters Leo.Your comfort level with emotional communication and emotional intelligence is about to skyrocket. Jupiter joins the party when it turns direct inside your Sagittarius ruled intimacy and honesty sector. Which tasks you with keep it radically real and sexually charged this summer and beyond. Uranus turns retrograde in your sign helping you manage the stings of uncertainty and risk with focus and resilience. 

Say what you mean, Gemini! You’ll want to practice straight talk with a romantic partner on Wednesday because your candor and specificity will help your relationships. Venus helps you on Thursday to show your charismatic side to lovers too. It’ll help you showcase your irresistibility and magnetism with current/potential partners. On Sunday Jupiter moves direct in your romance sector making you lucky in love again and optimistic about future relationship connections working differently and more favorably than the past ones. Mercury helps you speak your expectations, boundaries, and desires in relationships when your ruling planet returns to Leo on Sunday. If you’re willing to let go of old pattens on Sunday, Uranus retrograde will clear away the racket from the past while you lean on a spiritual school of thought that helps you soften into compassion, apology, and forgiveness. 

Radical reliability, Cancer. Your commitment to self-sufficiency and independence will be rewarded on Wednesday. The moment believe a circumstance takes you out of your peace, you’ve lost independence. The goal is to stay completely centered internally regardless of what’s happening externally. A financial boost arrives on Thursday after you’ve contributed so much work so receive it gratefully. Mercury helps your income sector thrive on Sunday when it renters Leo. Mediate on what you value and how your allow your money to go in that direction. Jupiter moves direct in your Sagittarius ruled wellness projects area helping you become the strongest version of yourself. You’ll be invigorated by your routine, schedule, and other practical organizational strategies that give you peace of mind. Uranus turns retrograde that same day in Taurus and it’ll reunite you with friends from the past so you can celebrate your progress together. 

Happy Solar Return, Leo! You’ll want to show the world what comes oh so naturally to you - your confidence and leadership on Wednesday. When you set yourself free from fear, your presence liberates other people to do the same. Venus makes you even more irresistible on Thursday particularly to intellectual and contrasting partners to you so make sure you name your desires to make them happen. Mercury re-enters Leo on Sunday clearing you from the headaches and helping you have the right analytical powers, words, and listening skills. Having the right mindset and speech helps you show up to the glory of your own life with even more impeccability. Jupiter moves direct in your Sagittarius ruled creativity zone making you a confident and creative problem solver. If you’re hit with wanderlust or more curiosity than usual, follow where it takes you. When Uranus turns retrograde in your Taurus career sector, it’ll helps you get caught up on overdue work tasks and reevaluate your professional goals. 

Put up the out-of-office email, Virgo. You need some alone time from work and other distractions especially on Wednesday for some emotional processing. It’s likely that something you thought you were totally healed from will come back to remind you there’s some work that needs to be done. Venus heals you from a past relationship on Thursday by helping you reinterpret it more compassionately and with a willingness to apologize or offer forgiveness to a partner. Mercury moves into your Leo ruled psychic zone on Sunday making your intuition spot on. Trust what hunches, feelings, and dreams tell you. Jupiter moves direct in your Sagittarius ruled home/family zone smoothing out experiences there. Tend to family relationships with more of an open-heart and make sure your home is reflective of your inner state.  Uranus retrograde in Taurus Sunday helps you see the practical value of optimism as you apply it. 

Use your words, Libra! Wednesday is not the time to avoid confrontation or people-please so speak your truth compassionately. You’re allowed to name what you’re uncomfortable with provided you supply a solution to it. Venus then helps you connect to your friends more deeply on Thursday and perhaps even make a friend more romantic? The best connections combine the energies of friendship and romance anyway so give it a go! Mercury uplifts your social support on Sunday when it enters Leo. You’ll be the cruise director of your friend circle socializing and planning summer soirées with them. Jupiter moves direct in your Sagittarius straight talk sector on Saturday giving you the bravery to continue the week’s idea of straight talk for straight understanding. Try to see the value of clear communication so others know where you stand with them and why. Uranus begins to clears up residual intimacy issues same day when it turns retrograde in Taurus. 

What do you value, Scorpio? You’ll know soon enough when Wednesday surprises you with opportunities for more income which inspires you to stay optimistic and reflected deeply on what you value so you can put your money there. Venus uplifts your connections at work on Thursday increasing the chance of career success based on how well you relationally connect to them. Mercury joins this space on Sunday helping you showcase your intelligence, confidence, and leadership skills on the job. You’ll rally others behind an uplifting mission. Jupiter moves direct in your Sagittarius protected income zone helping you feel secure and hopeful about financial freedom. It’s corny by now but the key for this Jupiter transit is leaning on radical optimism because the Universe always self-correcting and self-organizing to help you stay financially successful. Uranus turns retrograde in your Taurus ruled romance sector that same day helping you revisit relationships from the past for healing and second chances where appropriate. 

This week’s stars shine for you, Sagittarius! Wednesday gives you permission to be your boldest, most hopeful self. Lead with the skills that come naturally to you like radical honesty, optimism, and courage. Venus takes you on a trip or an exciting mental adventure on Thursday so say yes to adventure as it comes your way. Mercury helps your passion for wanderlust and academics on Sunday when the quicksilver planet enters Leo and wants to send you on a trip and/or to a new educational opportunity. Jupiter moves direct in Sagittarius helping you get lucky in all the ways again. Jupiter in Sagittarius lasts until this December so make this most of this opportunity by being audacious, hopeful, and daring in all that excites you. Uranus shakes up your routine and wellness when it turns retrograde the same day in Taurus providing you with a deeper commitment to the “small stuff” like time management, organization, and more so you can see the big impact those small details make. 

Surrender, Capricorn. Jupiter inspires you to initiate closure on Wednesday on anything that blocks you from joy. Whether that means putting down the limiting beliefs you tell yourself in your own head or leaving dysfunctional patterns to others with grace. You need to initiate a departure from what keeps you in fear, comparison, shame, and scarcity. Venus makes Wednesday sexy and intimate so align with the most trustworthy and meaningful partners. When you connect deeply to others who aren’t afraid of depth, radical transformation emerges. Mercury enters your Leo  intimacy sector on Sunday giving you the communication practices to engage with sexuality and honesty this summer. Jupiter then moves direct in your Sagittarius spirituality zone helping you boost your mindfulness and/or spiritual practice which empowers you in the world context. Uranus retrograde in Taurus and shakes up your confidence and creativity beliefs. You too can be worthy, artistically inclined, and the star of the show! 

Take it to the streets, Aquarius! Wednesday inspires you to protest, get more involved with activist efforts, and/or connect deeply with your friends. When you rally behind a cause, you inspire so many people to contribute their time and efforts. Know you’re a leader in this way and take the steps to collaborate with others so your cause manifests! Thursday is a powerfully romantic day so plan a date night with your partners or stay hopeful about love if you’re feeling the urge to merge. Since Mercury enters your Leo ruled love zone helping you speak your desires to potential partners and take forward movement on romantic efforts. Jupiter moves direct in your Sagittarius ruled friendships pushing you forward towards community, belonging, activism, and involvement. When Uranus turns retrograde in Taurus that same day it helps you see home and family differently. Be willing to say “I’m sorry” or hear it from others in the family if they express it. 

Ready to rise, Pisces?! Wednesday’s supportive energy gives you a powerful career boost. So you’ll want to stay hopeful, optimistic, and willing to take risks in your professional life as the Universe supports your audacity. Venus helps you stay healthier on Thursday while it directs your focus to paying attention to how little steps like a routine, mediation, contemplation, and other micro choices make a big impact on the macro. Mercury joins this project and improves your wellness efforts on Sunday as it enters Leo. You’ll want to apply your highest intelligence on health, wellness, and mental peace. It’s not enough to just find the problem but we must actively seek the solution, too, Jupiter moves direct in your Sagittarius ruled career sector helping you feel inspired and motivated again in your professional life. That same day, Uranus turns retrograde in your Taurus governed communication zone helping you improve your speaking and listening skills.