August 26-September 1st

Who doesn’t want both feet on the ground now? After a summer of eclipses, retrogrades, and more, this week continues to help us grow some roots in the ground.

Up first is Monday’s Venus in Virgo trine to Uranus in Taurus which opens up our minds on romance. So many of our relational outcomes are accidentally determined by the ideas, values, and stories we tell ourself on love. Monday’s trine can help us clear, edit, and review the stories to make sure they’re more accommodating for love. 

Then on Wednesday, Mars - which is currently in Virgo - will trine to Uranus in Taurus too which shakes up our views on intimacy and conflict transformation. Could we use more clearing and edit there? Absolutely! Mars in Virgo is looking to clean up and heal our practices on sex and Uranus in Taurus will give us the newfound values that inform the choices we make to do it. 

Mercury enters intelligent Virgo on Thursday helping us internalize our newfound realizations from last summer within our entire personalities and lives. Since Mercury rules Virgo, this is a wonderful transit for all of us in the Mercurial worlds - writers, strategists, storytellers, teachers, etc - to find the right words, ideas, and theories. For the rest of us, we’ll be more articulate, analytical, and reasonable than ever. A supportive New Moon in Virgo on Friday is listening to our intentions on mental health, routine, and wellness. We’ll want to have radically real conversations with ourselves about where we need improvement. Since this New Moon is the most receptive to those arenas and what we’re willing to do in order to make those improvements within our lives. 

Late-summer cleaning, Aries? The Venus and Mars transits on Monday and Wednesday will inspire you to simplify and clean up your health and financial arenas. Pay close attention to the places where you may be self-sabotaging because you’re moving too fast and/or impulsively. Slow, clean, and steady wins the race this week. Mercury enters your Virgo ruled wellness sector motivating you to research, collaborate, and speak with others more about self-improvement. Surround yourself with friends who are also interested in personal growth as much as you’re becoming. So you can continue to encourage each other. A New Moon in Virgo on Friday wants to manifest your responsible intentions on mental and physical health along with all other arenas of personal transformation. 

Lean into vulnerability, Taurus! You’ll be called to express yourself on emotional matters more on Monday and Wednesdays Venus/Mars transit. if you feel something, you need to say something. Especially when it comes to relational ideas. Have talks about what you all are hoping for, cherishing, striving, etc. Mercury begins to light up your creativity sector on Thursday when it enters Virgo. If you’ve been thinking about contributing your passion project, assert your artistic and design skills more clearly, or remind yourself that you too are a creative, then this Mercury transit is for you. Along those lines, A New Moon in Virgo on Friday wants you to claim more confidence, romance, and creativity in your life. You’re more comfortable in risk averse situations but this New Moon wants you to lean into risk, emotional exposure, and uncertainty with passion not fear. 

Happy Homecoming, Gemini! You’ll be feeling more tender and reaching for family and safety this Monday and Wednesday when Mars and Venus in your Virgo ruled home sector trine with Uranus. Your relationship with family and home is undergoing massive transformation so let your adaptable energy facilitate the changes. Your ruling planet Mercury enters your Virgo ruled home turf on Thursday which improves your emotional intelligence. You’ll be tasked with speaking and naming the specific emotions you’re feeling so people know that you’re not just extremely intelligent but empathic as well. A New Moon in Virgo on Friday wants you to imagine the places and people that feel like home so you can come closer to attracting it. Be fearless, clear, and specific about what you need to feel safe within the location and the people you love. 

Tend to your friends, Cancer! Two talkative and emotionally invested transits this on Monday and Wednesday inspire you to be proactive around reconnecting with friends. Thankfully your cardinal sign energy knows exactly how to check in and initiate new paradigms within connections. Mercury enters your Virgo ruled communication zone on Thursday making your words flow, patterns emerge, and brilliance step forth. Now that everyone knows how emotionally empathic and tender you are, this Mercury transit will show your intelligence and analytical skills to the people who need to hear it. A New Moon in quicksilver Virgo on Friday helps you listen, think, and speak even more intelligently. Strategize ways for you to listen as much as you speak, think with more critical awareness, and speak with articulation. 

You deserve job security, Leo! You’ll be thinking about strategies and conversations to earn more stability, safety, and value on the job this Monday and Wednesday. Whatever comes up for you related to work issues, consider them instructive messages from the Universe. Follow your hunches too this week around career ideas and dreams. Mercury enters your Virgo ruled income sector on Thursday helping your financial literacy. You’ll be deep diving into ways to protect, maximize, and strengthen your income. A New Moon in Virgo on Friday wants your intentions on money, safety, and luxury. It’s a New Moon that’s most receptive towards you believing in your worthiness. Remember - regardless if it’s proven externally or not - your birthright is love, belonging, and financial freedom. Mediate on what that feels like this weekend and you’ll take the first steps towards manifesting it. 

Happy Solar Return, Virgo! Feeling the urge to explore? Two travel transits and passion hits this Monday and Wednesday. So if it’s time to fly, bon voyage! In addition to wanderlust, you could be inspired to educate yourself through a traditional or non traditional program, too. It’s all about your horizons expanding! Mercury supports this cause inspiring you to learn more and explore when your ruling planet enters your sign on Thursday. You’ll be more thoughtful, observant, and articulate than ever. The right words will come to your mouth and pen so if you are looking to express your communication prowess, this is the transit to do it. Your annual New Moon is on Friday do declare the highest, most positive intentions and then get to manifesting. Be as fearless, specific, and worthy as possible as you claim all that your heart deserves.

Speak up, speak now, Libra! You’ll have to clear the air on Monday and Wednesday with an honest conversation that’ll ultimately help you and whoever is listening to it. You love to keep the peace and try to stay as diplomatic as possible. But this week wants you to upset the status quo with radical truth telling so be very courageous while you express your Truth. Mercury enters your Virgo ruled spirituality and closure sector so trust your instincts and step up your spiritual practice. Whether that means finally finding one or committing more deeply to the one you already have. A New Moon in Virgo on Friday is listening to your intentions on surrendering attachment to results, completion, and how a spiritual path can help you maintain adaptability and grace. 

You know the adage, Scorpio. The one that insists the best relationships combine the best of romance and friendship. You’ll figure out whether that’s true or not this week. As both friendly and romantic transits strike this Monday and Wednesday inspiring you to explore new, combined ways of relating. Treat your friends with the adoration of romance and your romances with the expectations of friendship. Mercury enters your Virgo ruled social sphere making you the belle of the ball this late summer, early fall. Reconnect with friends, plan group outings, and take the lead on socialization. A New Moon in Virgo on Friday wants your intentions on how to support and feel more supported by friends. Make sure you’re hoping to receive as much as you’re willing to give to make this moon as mutual as it can be. 

Big or little picture, Sag? A perfect balance between zooming out and zooming in on the details helps your work life this week on Monday and Wednesday. Fortunately, since these transits are Virgo heavy, the big picture can be the primary factor but you’ll want to keep that vision within the container of the small picture, too. It’s all about the balance! Mercury enters your Virgo ruled visionary thinking sector on career giving you so many bright ideas. Be fearless and courageous as you contribute progressive, innovative ideas on the job and elsewhere. A New Moon in Virgo on Friday wants your best case scenario intentions for your career. This is your moment to be very specific and worthy around claiming what you’d like to manifest professionally. Focus on your wildest dreams and then let’s make it happen! 

You can enter the familiar with new eyes, Capricorn. On Monday and Wednesday, you’ll want to reimagine how you look at romance and joy preferably from a place of the zen-mind, beginner's mind. Usually when it comes to a crisis of the erotic or relationship, it’s a crisis of imagination. So let your imagination transform your experiences with new vision. Mercury then enters your Virgo ruled travel and academics zone on Thursday giving you expansion, education, and wanderlust. You’ll also want to consider the ways that proactive optimism, visionary thinking, and the willingness to take risks will serve your highest and brightest good. A New Moon in Virgo on Friday wants to send you to the country or campus of your dreams. So if you want to educate yourself in a traditional or non traditional arena or find the new wisdom from traveling elsewhere, this New Moon will give you the magic and momentum to make it happen. 

“Insensitive” Aquarius? Not this week! You’ll be showing others your emotionally invested sides on Monday and Wednesday. It might be out of your comfort zone but be willing to show the world that you’re not just a brainy intellectual but also an emotionally intelligent one who combines the best of the head and heart. Mercury enters your Virgo ruled sexuality zone on Thursday making the summertime still sizzle. Play with communication, curiosity, and the wild imagination to make the intimacy reach scorching levels. This is a mentally sexy transit first which allows the physical pleasures to unfold beautifully. A New Moon in Virgo on Friday in your intimacy and authenticity sector makes you long for the most radically real connections. If you need to clear away any intimacy issues, you can attempt to do so this weekend. Write down what you’d like to be released from, and the New Moon will take care of the rest. 

Put it in writing, Pisces! You’ll love and want to put your feelings into words this week especially on Monday and Wednesday. You’re usually more comfortable in demonstrating not communicating what you’re feeling but this week wants you to name your emotions to avoid confusion to the person you’re trying to bid connection from. Mercury enters your Virgo ruled romance sector making the most intellectual your most compatible. You’ll be attracted to the Mercury ruled writers, thinkers, and speakers who enchant you with the magic of their words. And you’ll want to follow their lead and speak your emotions to them. A New Moon in Virgo is listening to your intentions on love! So write down what you’re hoping to receive from a partner with just as much gusto as you write what you’re willing to give too. Whether that means invite,