August 19-25

An earthquake is coming! Although the Sun still tours Leo until Friday, Venus enters the mutable earth-sign Virgo on Wednesday and then it aligns into a powerful conjunction in Virgo this the weekend after Virgo Season begins on August 23. 

With Mars already in Virgo as of last Sunday, the Goddess of Love is next. Mars and Venus in Virgo helps us behave and value in ways that demonstrate a commitment to higher thinking, not emotional self-indulgence, interpersonal service and not expecting our partners to serve our needs as we define them in romantic relationships. It’s when we begin to expand our thinking beyond just all-about-me to all-about-we. It’s when we give what we want to receive first. Or when we instruct partners that unless they mutually start showing up the generosity party, you won’t budge. 

If single, you’ll be attracted to the intellectual types more than ever. We all know the moody, and sometimes dark, complex characters can get our erotic charges high. Venus and Mars in Virgo wants none of that. Hold a space within your heart and behavior that cherishes potential/current partners who are working at making their lives work through highly intellectual strategies. Why would we think it’s attractive when someone can’t manage their own life and worse what makes us think that they can give us responsibility, follow-through, and service when they’re incapable of providing that for themselves? 

This weekend is another Sun/Venus conjunction and with it in Virgo, it pushes us to really integrate the idea of romantic responsibility. How do we imagine and show up for service, compassion, help, and the more mundane activities of love? We’ll also want to show the Universe that we have willingness to understand the relational energies more by demonstrating curiosity into relational intelligence, relational curiosities, and more. 

Grow where you’re firmly planted, Ram. After a wild Leo Season, you want more groundedness and Venus’ move into sensual Virgo on Wednesday helps you feel more secure and stable in relationships. You’ll be turned on by your partner’s curiosity and intelligence. Venus also wants you to showcase your smarts, too! Virgo Seasons start on Friday inspires you to up your health and wellness ante for the next four weeks. If you’ve been feeling stressed, anxious, and unsure, Virgo Season reminds you to find the peace of the divine in the details. Experiment with a routine, a mediation practice, or other small steps that make a big difference on your overall peace of mind. The weekend wants you to look at the fine print of what a romantic situation is both showing and telling you. Pay attention to both yours and their words and how you all act with integrity on the words that are being said. 

Done with staying home and too much sensitivities, Taurus? You’re ready for more joy, romance, and glamour. Venus’ move on Wednesday into Virgo attracts less emotionally charged situations and promotes more beauty, adventure, and romance in your life. Wine and dine, calzone and bone - do whatever feels right for you and the pleasure you’re craving. When Virgo Season starts on Friday, it allows you to express your creativity as well as you recieve it. If you’ve been looking to contribute your dream or passion project in a meaningful way, Virgo Season has a back-to-arts-school vibe to it and you’ll want to showcase the artist sensibilities of being born to Venus! A romantic weekend is ahead so plan something beautiful and joyful with a special someone. 

Happy Homecoming, Gemini. When Venus enters your Virgo ruled home, family, and feels sector on Wednesday, you’ll be inclined to search for the people and places that feel like home and express your emotionality more. You don’t have to the intellectual, rational one the entire time. You too are allowed to be sensitive and emotionally engaged. Friday begins Virgo Season and motivates you to reimagine home and family. Is it time to reconnect, reunite, and understand how to practice more meaningful bonds with them? I think so! If you also are looking to move, redecorate, or do any forward movement with your apartment or home, this is the transit to do it. A sensitive, yet romantic weekend is ahead if you connect with lovers who cherish your heart. 

It’s time for some straight talk, Cancer. Venus will enter your Virgo governed communication sector giving you the right skills to say what you mean in romantic relationships. Often you’re more comfortable and walking your talk but not talking your walk. Explain the intention, reason, and emotion that informs your behavior to romantic partners that need to hear it and you’ll be on more solid ground. Virgo Season begins on Friday making you more curious and communicative than ever. Many of us assume that strong verbal communication skills are just our birthright gifts but they’re not. They’re not even in the air! So use Virgo Season to self-educate yourself on how you can be the clearest, most direct communicator you’ve ever been. As well as improving your active listening skills so you can be both an orator and compassion listener. You’ll be totally turned on by intelligence this weekend. 

Happy Solar Return, Leo! Venus enters your Virgo ruled income sector giving you some belated birthday cash and opportunities that move you closer to financial freedom on Wednesday. You’ll want to be especially discerning with this influx of income as you sort out your psychological attachment or resistance to money. Then when Virgo Season starts on Friday, it’s time to take action on those birthday wishes. What values and belief system inspire you to desire the outcomes you dream of? Go deep in your contemplation for a higher sense of purpose that informs your choices. Then run towards your dreams. This weekend is a luxurious and indulgent one so plan a treat yourself or glamorous self-care moment. Lord knows you’ve earned it! 

It’s always darkest before the dawn, Virgo. The sunlight rises again on Wednesday when the Goddess of Love enters your sign. Venus in Virgo gives you irresistibility in romance, charisma, and a beautiful makeover wherever you need it. Then Virgo Season begins on Friday! Which aligns all the power of the Universe to make sure your birthday wishes come true. With the Sun in Virgo for the next four weeks, be audacious, optimistic, imperfect, and resilient towards the outcome of your goals. All of nature will rise to support this endeavor! A romantic one perhaps? This weekend boosts your love life in a major way. Whether you’d like to call in a new love, deepen the understanding of the relationship you’re currently in, or gently transition the dynamic, this Sun/Venus conjunction in your sign shines for your heart’s desires.

It’s almost time for a much needed staycation, Libra. Venus enters your spiritual completion sector on Wednesday wrapping up a low-level romantic situation and transitioning you to a better one. You’ll be especially tender throughout the next four weeks so I recommend you stay off the social grid for a bit and only connect with friends who uplift you. When Virgo Season begins on Friday, it’s your moment to take time for relaxation and contemplation. If you’ve wanted to uplevel your spiritual commitment or spiritual practice, Virgo Season is here to materialize it for you. You can survive and thrive this month with divine help and this month wants to help you acquire that resource. This weekend helps you heal from something romantic in the past. If it’s time to let it all go, offer an apology, or accept forgiveness, you can make moves in that direction. 

Summer’s not over yet, Scorpio! Venus enters your Virgo friendship zone on Wednesday reuniting you with your hunties to enjoy the season. It could also blur the lines between friend and lover. So if you want to experiment with the idea of romanticizing a friend, give it a try. You’ll also want to make your current romances more friendly with ease of conversation and low expectations/control. After you’ve worked your stinger off, Virgo Season begins on Friday which lets you leave work early and have life balance. So you can enjoy the rest of this summer. You deserve it! Make sure you go out of your way to connect to the people you adore. Since this weekend’s Venus/Sun conjunction reunites you with friends from the past so you can celebrate each other’s successes together. 

You gotta get to work in the morning, Sag! Venus enters your Virgo ruled career sector sector on Wednesday helping your social skills on the job earn you success. You’ll want to demonstrate your relational intelligence and ambition in perfect mutable tandem at work to acquire the progress this transit affords you. When Virgo Season begins on Friday, your work will be uplifted while you maintain focus on details and communication. Though not your comfort zone, you’ll want to keep your eyes and the work of colleagues on the impeccable path. Showcase your organizational, dutiful, laser focus skills and your career will be positively transformed. If you’re ready for a promotion, new hire, or the announcement of your passion project - it’s finally time. If you need to work over the weekend, do it. You’ll be so productive! 

Bon voyage, Capricorn! Love Goddess Venus flies into your international departures gate on Wednesday inspiring you to explore and expand your horizons in amazing ways. If you’ve been struck with wanderlust and an itch to get out of your familiarities, let this transit help you follow your heart to those adventures. Especially after Virgo Season starts on Friday helping you finalize the country or campus you’d like to visit. Take optimistic steps towards higher-education, travel, and/or publishing your story in a big way. Regardless of form, the content is similar - you have a passion to explore and tell a new life story. So be brave and do it! An adventurous weekend awaits so long as you deliberately step out of your comfort zone and into the wild unknown. Enjoy the trip! 

The summer temperature is not going down any time soon, Aquarius. Venus enters your Virgo ruled sexuality and intimacy zone on Wednesday giving you passionate and scorching connections of erotic longing, seduction, and compatibiltiy. You’ll get bonus points from the Universe if you see your sexual experiences as place of service. How you can all use intimacy to help and uplift one another as opposed to mutual masutrabtion.  Virgo Season’s start on Friday helps you experience these relationships without intimacy issues from the past. Try to understand - but not coddle pain and trauma from the past - and align passionately with a resilience based solution so you can be totally engaged with the relationship. You have a sexy, transformative, and honest weekend ahead. 

Ready for love, Pisces? Venus enters your Virgo ruled romantic sector and uplifts your romantic beliefs, values, and practices this Wednesday and inspires an opposites-attract style chemistry that’ll drive you wild. The farther potential suitors are from your “type” the better. If you’re a current relational dynamic, try to make the familiarities unfamiliar again. Go on a trip, a new restaurant, or ask each other questions that you never even thought of so you can cultivate curiosity and continue to understand one another. Virgo Season helps you beautify your relationships with relationships. Don’t lean on resentment,  fear - only love! A romantic weekend is ahead if you can apply that opposites-attract, intellectual method to the connection. If you want different romantic results, do it differently first, Pisces.