August 12-18

When the Sun, Venus, Moon, and Mars transit align in one week, it’s bound to affect the life-defining axis of me and we. 

On Tuesday, a conjunction between the Sun and Venus in Leo helps the zodiac unpack what it means for them to turn love into a practice. It’s nice when love is professed but when it’s operationalized into behavior and a tangible practice is when its power really takes shape. How do you show up for love and show up for the people you love? Do you give your best to your job but save the left-overs for your relationships? How can you make love your primary value that informs your behavior? Tuesday’s conjunction will show you how to get closer to that alignment. 

Thursday’s Full Moon in communal Aquarius gives us a deeper sense of your friendships, community, and the shared humanity we have beyond the population we incarnated in to. It’ll give us a helpful dose of emotional objectivity by shifting our perceptions towards understanding the inextricable link and connection between all of us. Even the ones we disagree with. What kind of world we invoke if we treated everyone with the golden rule? A peaceful one. What’s stopping us?

Mars entering Virgo on Saturday which gives our ambitions and sexual desires a more service oriented lens. We want to use this intimate transit to see sex beyond just mutual masutrabuton but a place where sexuality is healing. Where we can use our bodies to be of more meaningful connections to others. We’ll also be motivated to find the joy and peace in more organization, cleanliness, and structure in our lives.

“Larger than life is just the right size”, Aries! Tuesday’s Sun/Venus conjunction in Leo boosts your confidence and charisma making you the center of attention. Be willing to stand in your sacred, divine space. Don’t shrink, but don’t puff up either. Your willingness to inhabit the worthiness within you will have a huge impact on your romantic life. A Full Moon in Aquarius on Thursday in your friendship zone is sure to give your connections a moon makeover. If you’ve been hoping to either find or depend your belonging to a community, this Full Moon is here to help. You’re more than comfortable to be the rugged individualist but you’re also looking to find more connection with a mission, cause, or vision that’s greater than you. Mars enters your Virgo ruled wellness sector on Saturday giving you ideas, ambition, and energy for the glow up until October 4. You’ll be motivated and turned on by others who take personal growth seriously. So get to work! 

Happy homecoming, Taurus! A beautiful Venus transit on Tuesday beautifies your relationship with family and your home when it conjunction with the Sun in Leo. You’ll want to - even if, especially your family doesn’t deserve it - extend love to your family of origin. You may even want to beautify your living space to reflect the beauty within. Your career is up for positive and powerful change on Thursday’s Full Moon in Aquarius so name your expectations to people who can help. Aquarius energy rules your midheaven/career sector so the determiner of your success there is the quality of your collaborative and connection skills. Be proactively generous with your resources towards others and you’ll receive their generosity, too. Mars lights up your creativity, charismatic, and confidence zone on Sunday helping you conquer fears when it enters Virgo. You’ll be feeling like you’re on top and better than ever now until the first week of October so showcase your charisma, joy, and artistic skills! 

If your words don’t have love, don’t speak them, Gemini. Your thoughts and words are receiving the beauty of Venus as it conjoins with the Sun in Leo on Tuesday so speak kindly. Use your prodigious language skills towards empowering, celebrating, and affirming the hearts of others. You’re ready for a new adventure under Thursday’s Full Moon in Aquarius as it reveals the right country or campus for you. The next exciting educational or international venture will be revealed to you under this full circle moment. So trust when a new idea or passion comes up in your life experience. Mars enters your Virgo ruled home/family zone on Saturday helping you tend to your emotional foundation. You’ll be motivated and/or triggered by issues concerning home and family so stay emotionally nonreactive unless you need to assert boundaries compassionately until October 4. On the personal level, fight for your own groundedness and comfort within your own skin and at home. 

Make it rain, Cancer! Venus blesses your bank account when she cozies up with the Sun in Leo on Tuesday and it’s sure to magnetize more income, security, and the self-trust in your financial security. Thursday’s Full Moon in Aquarius lights up your sexuality, erotic intelligence, and transformation energy so align with trustworthy partners and have at it. If you’re working through on the level of the personal or someone else’s intimacy issues, this Full Moon is here to help. Identity your resistances and barriers on meaningful commitment, imperfections, and the work required to sustain the closest connections. Mars enters your Virgo ruled communication zone on Saturday helping you find the right words for boundaries, past-upsets, etc. You’ll also be more motivated than ever to understand verbal communication, active-listening, and how you can choose the right words to cultivate curiosity while speaking with others. 

Happy Solar Return, Leo! You’re irresistible on Tuesday when Venus shines behind your constellation to light up your glamour, love experiences, and your romances. You’ll want to use this cosmic power to fall deeper in love with yourself so that you can hear, believe, and understand when partners express their love for you. It allows you to beautify your autonomy, independence, and freedom. The Full Moon on Thursday in your Aquarius ruled romance and relationship sector invites a new partner, deepens the connection you’re currently in, and/or transitions the current relationship you’re in for a new chapter in your love life. Be willing to express your emotional world more vulnerably, confess feelings, apologize, accept forgiveness, etc. This energy is profoundly healing and uplifting for your love life. Mars enters your Virgo ruled income zone on Saturday motivating you towards the behavior that secures financial freedom. 

Surrender means letting go of attachment to results, Virgo. It’s not quitting or giving up. Tuesday inspires you to release control and expectations around relationships when Venus collides with the Sun in Leo. If you’ve been exerting too much energy, not receiving, or holding on to a low-level relationship from the past, this conjunction clears your attachment to romantic results. Thursday’s Full Moon in Aquarius helps you commit to a hardworking self-care strategy so you can be the best you can be. It lights up all your favorite things like organization, routine, structure, and time-management. You know that your life works when you work at making your life work. This Full Moon helps you do just that! Mars enters Virgo for the first time in two years on Saturday inspiring amazing new beginnings, passion, and power for you. This lasts until October 4 so use this momentum to take courageous care of yourself, your dreams, and begin past-due passion projects. Believe in yourself, act like you can’t fail, and run in the direction of your goals. 

The best connections combine the best of romance and friendship, right Libra? Venus inspires you to blur the lines between friend and lover on Tuesday when your ruling planet collides into the fires of the Sun. Either a friend becomes more like a lover and/or you’ll want to extend the best of friendship expectations (like deeper support, mutuality, defenselessness, etc) to your current romances. A Full Moon in communal Aquarius on Thursday helps you share the story of your heart, magnetized romance, and boosts your bravery. You’ll want to run headfirst towards vulnerability, risk, uncertainty, creativity, and joy. Since this Full Moon supports audacious steps towards a life unlike the past. Mars enters your Virgo governed closure sector on Saturday until the first week of October motivating you to wrap up loose ends and find closure. You can initiate for yourself and you can lean heavily on spirituality, metaphysics, and more to provide you with the tools that can help you let go of the past. 

Grand rising, Scorpio! Venus gives you career recognition, accolades, and success on Tuesday when the cozies up with the Sun in Leo. These two planets in Leo which rules your career are sure to extend more power, motivation, and female support to help you rise to your highest career success. Extend your best creative, courageous, and leadership skills on the job to receive the perks of this conjunction. The Full Moon tends to your home, family, and emotional foundation on Thursday when she’s full in Aquarius so honor all feels that come up for you. Think deeply about where you live, if you’re happy there, whether you’d be happier somewhere else and how you’re showing up for your family of origin. Do you give what you’re hoping to receive from the family? Make it mutual or don’t complain. On Saturday Mars enters your Virgo ruled friendship zone helping you find friends who fight for you, too. If petty conflict emerges, stay non-reactive. If you’re boundaries get crossed, tell friends what’s okay and what’s not okay. 

Gallop towards the mystery, Sag! Tuesday gives you a romantic surprise if you’re open to people outside of your comfort zone when the Goddess of Love flirts it up with the Sun in Leo. Be willing to be surprised and know that it’s sexy to not know what’s always right for you. But the Universe knows! And what’s to magnetize it to you. Saturday’s Full Moon in relational Aquarius helps you think, speak, and listen more successfully. If you’ve struggled to get the words right while talking, observing, etc, this moon is here to help you name the words of your extraordinary intelligence. Mars enters your Virgo ruled career sector on Saturday helping you fight for your worth and professional dreams until October. If you’ve been working on the sidelines without the recognition you deserve, this Mars transit will help you assert yourself. It could also inspire you to take radical steps towards self-employment or beginning past-due passion projects that keep you up in the middle of the night. Be brave, Sag! 

Surface level connections won’t cut it, Cap. Venus helps you with your intimacy and honesty efforts in meaningful relationship on Tuesday when the Goddess of Love leans on the Sun in Leo. This powerful conjunction help you clear away lingering fears, barriers, and other intimacy issues that you want to dismantle so you can connect to others more deeply. And it’ll give you a low-tolerance for anyone who isn’t doing that inner work too which makes the relationship feel shallow. A Full Moon in your Aquarius protected income sector on Tuesday helps you on your way to financial success. Try to maintain helpful emotional objective on the state of your financial affairs which could relax you and provide the more receptive energy you need. You’ll also want to clarify the values that help you make the difficult choices. Mars enters your Virgo ruled education zone on Saturday giving you insatiable curiosity and wanderlust until October. Explore new countries and campuses because you’re ready to expand your intellectual and cultural horizons in big ways. 

Romance is coming, Aquarius! Venus invites a new relationship experience on Tuesday whether single or partnered when the Goddess of Love lights up next the ruler of your love life - the Sun in Leo. Your annual Full Moon is on Thursday which resets your ideas, values, and direction when you let go of what doesn’t serve you. Since you’re at your half-birthday mark with this Full Moon, think of all the experiences you’ve accumulated over the last six months, how you want to internalize that into your state of being, and make more integrity driven choices onward. Mars enters your Virgo ruled sexuality zone on Saturday making the rest of the summer and fall sizzle. You’ll be attracted to partners who take their lives seriously and make a serious impact on the world with their responsibility. You’ll also be motivated to explore intimacy, sexuality, and transformation through sexual experiences. Ooh-la-la! Enjoy! 

What does self-love mean to you, Pisces?! Tuesday’s Venus transit inspires you to commit to self-care, health, wellness, and self-love strategies as the Goddess of Love gets a boost from the Sun in Leo. The invitation here is to consider your Leo ruled source of power as how seriously you commitment to organization, time-management, self-trust, and self-love. The more you work on yourself without blame or martyrdom the more your charisma, creativity, and courage shines. A Full Moon in your Aquarius ruled completion, surrender, and spirituality zone on Thursday ends a story that doesn’t serve your highest and brightest. You’ll want to initiate endings where you need it because it’s not circumstance dependent. You can proactively begin your own liberation through taking the first swim away from the things that keep you stuck. Mars enters your Virgo governed romance sector on Saturday motivating you to find connection, harmony, and love. You’ll be attracted to partners who let you be free so stay autonomous and passionate about connection, too.