July 15-21

The Universe’s Drill Sergeant is here! The final Eclipse in July is the Lunar Eclipse in strict Capricorn and it arrives on Tuesday. It’s an energy that motivates the zodiac to incorporate more hardworking, ambitious, and very responsible energy around implementing the emotional changes we need. 

Lunar Eclipses harken completion and Capricorn initiates a highly disciplined ending. A cold turkey cut-off where we indulge self-destructive habits. A Moonstruck “Snap out of it!” moment where enroll in ultimately meaningless things. If we’re willing to invite this radically responsible energy into our lives, we can set ourselves free from self-destructive habits and inspire others to take their life management more seriously.

On Friday, Mercury retrogrades back into Cancer on Sunday giving the zodiac heart-centered insight to make sense of the Eclipses. Think back to the events between June 4-27 of this year when the messenger planet toured Cancer last. Mercury retrograding here will push us again to further deepen our understanding and experiences of this month into our psyche and language. Mercury in Cancer will also help us step up our emotional intelligence so we can name our pain, find the solution, and work on self-soothing strategies that can help us move from discomfort into peace. 

Your name's in lights, Aries! The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on Tuesday gives you that career boost you’re dreaming of. You’ll want to ram ahead towards the promotion, transition, or brave new step towards the career of your dreams. Capricorn energy likes to reward what is earned. So consider this Lunar Eclipse a career check point, a progress report, and a benchmark around your career. If you’re met with success, it’s the Universe’s way of congratulating you on a job well done. If not, reflect on whether or not you’re where you belong. And how you’ve contributed your work ethic.Sunday’s Mercury move in Cancer recenters your emotions and gives you the clarity you’re been hoping for. It’ll help you express you most tender and emotionally expressive side. Don’t be afraid to lean in to vulnerability! 

Bigger is better, Taurus! Tuesday’s Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is expanding your horizons through a positive opportunity, education, or international adventure. You’re learning a great deal and loving it. If you allow this energy to work it’s magic in your life, you’ll out-of-the-blue opportunities across so many arenas. Your summer is about to get bigger through your willingness to step outside of your comfort zone. It’ll take work and focus, but once you showcase your adaptability and courage, you’ll be so grateful you did. When Mercury renters Cancer on Sunday, you’ll get a boost of mindfulness and communication skills this summer. It’ll help you clear miscommunication errors and inspire you to improve your language and listening practices. Know that you don’t know so make sure you’re asking the right questions for clarity to avoid unvocalized expectations. 

Use your imagination, Gemini. A Lunar Eclipse in your Capricorn ruled intimacy, honesty, transformation, and sexuality sector heats up your summer. It’ll help you feel intimately connected to yourself and want to work hard to understand your partners. The most meaningful sexual experiences have our highest imagination skills often applied to it. So put your most critical thinking skills aside - you read that right - and engage with connection from a place of fantasy, the unknown, mystery, and alternative possibilities. It’s so inspiring to know that the old adage “anything can happen” is actually true. Sunday’s Mercury move into Cancer helps you increase your financial literacy and personal security. Since this is your money arena, be very responsible while Mercury retrorgades here. Avoid impulsive spending! 

What’s your relationship with relationships, Cancer? A Lunar Eclipse in your Capricorn ruled romance sector on Tuesday helps invite a passionate new lover, help you deepen the relationship you’re already in to a place of more meaning and intimacy, or help you lovingly complete it. No matter where you’re currently at and where you want to go, your relationships will be brand new under this Eclipse. Since it’s Capricorn, you’ll want to audit your relationship theories with more responsibility and discipline and open your heart to partners who aren’t afraid to work at it with you. Mercury renters your tender sign on Sunday helping you speak your desires and truths to people who need to hear it. If you’ve been thinking “I should’ve said (this)” or “Why did I say (that”?” Then this retrograde will help you go back to the past a bit and clear up some miscommunication errors where you want to introduce more clarity. 

A Royal Makeover, Leo edition! Tuesday’s ambitious Lunar Eclipse in your Capricorn governed health sector inspires you to show off the rewards of your health, wellness, and improvement strategies. You should be so proud! You’ve been working hard to be your better self and this Eclipse will give you the proof that it’s working. If you want to empower this transformative energy, spend time summer cleaning, decluttering, and organizing your space so your external world reflects the cleanliness of your inner one. On Sunday Mercury renters your Cancer ruled spirituality sector giving your intuition and dreams more power. You’ll want to follow your gut hunches with more trust because Mercury Retrograde here improves your psychic receptivity. Don’t want to be proven right about wrong situations. Trust the intelligent you’re receiving and make your choices from there. 

Speak the story of your whole heart, Virgo! A Lunar eclipse in your Capricorn ruled emotional exposure zone on Tuesday inspires you to heed the call to courage in a big way. Soften in to bravery and vulnerability for a mighty reward. There’s something you need to express, a thought you need to share with a listener who has to hear it. So choose your words carefully but imperfectly and show your beautiful heart! Mercury renters your Cancer ruled friendship zone on Sunday reuniting you with old friends and people from the past. You’ll be rethinking and reevaluating your friendship code of behavior. So make sure you’re willing to look honestly at what your friendships contribute versus what you do, strive for mutuality, and express what you’re hoping for along the way. 

Click your ruby slippers three times, Libra! You’re going “home”. Tuesday’s Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn returns you to the comforts of home, family, and safety. You’ll improve your bonds with your loved ones and/or move to your dream pad. You want to work hard to find, cultivate, and protect the people and places that keep you safe. You’re becoming a leader among your family of origin and/or chosen family so see yourself as the moral authority in many situations. Then Mercury gives you insight into your career sector when it renters Cancer on Sunday. Trust your gut for career success. Since it’s providing you with highly accurate intuitional insight towards the contexts, places, and people that would help benefit your professional purpose. Stay in the space of uncertainty and receptivity without making any binding decisions on your career until the end of the month.

Speak up, Scorpio. A Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn helps you find the right words that can express the power of your emotionality and experiences. The spoken word is not immediately comfort zone but you’ll want speak your intentions and dreams anyway. Like it or not Scorpio, communication and negotiation is at the heart of all of life’s most precious decisions. So you’ll want to elevate the way you think, analyze, and speak around these events so you don’t disengage or self-sabotage in them. Mercury returns to your curious education and wanderlust travel sector when it joins Cancer on Sunday. If you are hit with the urge to explore and learn this summer, do it! You’ll be tasked to return to the planning around going to places and campuses that have pulled at your soul’s coat tails for a while. 

Get that coin, Sagittarius! Tuesday’s Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn attracts the wealth and worth you’ve worked hard to recieve. You’ll want to be responsible and grateful for your hard earned cash. If you’ve been struggling around financial issues, this Eclipse can help you work through your barriers between you and your highest financial freedom. Make sure you’re thoughtful and not impulsive around whatever resources become yours. On Sunday Mercury returns to your Cancer ruled intimacy, sex, and authenticy zone. Regardless of your current relational or sexual experiences, consider the ways your imagination can transform your current dynamics. How do you imagine or think about sex? What are the ways that you can bolster your sexual practices through reimagining more fantasy and excitement?

Happy half-birthday, Capricorn! An emotionally charged Lunar Eclipse in your sign arrives on Tuesday culminating in both a completion of an old chapter in your life story and the joyful beginning of a brand new one. In order for this Eclipse to work though the changes you deserve, you want to take radical responsibility around all the thoughts, emotions, and choices that don’t serve your highest and brightest. Then you’ll want to stay so focused on the willingness to receive direction from the Universe that wants to guide you to the places and people that DO serve your best. The Eclipse of course could be relationally related when Mercury renters your Cancer ruled romance sector helping you smooth out your love life. It could rise partners from the cemetery so if you need to sort out some residual relationship shit from the past, this Retrograde is here to help. 

Release attachment to results, Aquarius. A Lunar Eclipse in your Capricorn ruled closure sector on Tuesday helps you release all low-level circumstances, relationships, and events that hold you back from becoming the best version of yourself. Since this is Capricorn energy, the alchemy is twofold: take responsibility for the part you played in the life malfunction AND then be willing to hear the direction you’re given afterward to clear and uplift the situations to divine correction. Mercury’s move into Cancer on Sunday gives you the strategies that help improve your mental health this summer. It could help you finalize a routine strategy that’s more healthy or help you break free from the consistent activity you accidentally engage with that doesn’t contribute to your best. 

Where do you belong, Pisces? Tuesday’s Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn helps find the friendships, community, and foundation you align the best with. Your connections and affiliations are moving in a different direction now. Since this a Capricorn alchemy we’re working with, first you’ll want to find out where you build defense/armor between you and your most meaningful connections, review your friendships and see which ones contribute to your highest and brightest, then think about how you can step up the ways you show up more powerfully for the people you love. Mercury renters your Cancer ruled courage, creativity, and confidence sector helping you claim more self-love this summer. This Retrograde can help you dismantle the crisis of confidence you sometimes feel and empower you to take more courages and creative steps towards the direction of your dreams fulfilled.