July 29 - August 3

The tail end of Mercury Retrograde is here! 

On Wednesday, Mercury finally moves direct in Cancer and ends its retrograde mania. Remember, there’s a post-retrograde shadow period too so we’re not completely out of the woods yet. You can expect little tremors - but nothing too serve - like after an earthquake until August 15th.  When Mercury moves direct, it’s all about application. We’ll want to apply what we learned while Mercury was retrograde since July 7th to the arenas that call for it. It’s time for the clean-up or clear-up conversations, new project ventures, beginnings, and forward momentum.

That same exact day, a lucky New Moon in Leo is listening to your intentions on creativity, joy, confidence, and happiness. You’ll read in the horoscopes below where this New Moon in Leo aspects your life and you’ll want to review how you contribute worthiness, power, and charisma to it. Where we have this New Moon, we are not easily afforded the right to stay powerless, too fearful, or without shame resilience. We’re called to see ourselves as radiant, limitless, and willing to shine so we can invite others to set themselves free from fear too. 

A steady Virgo Moon all weekend helps us take the small steps towards with our dreams. We’ll want to find the divine in the details, outline a new strategy for Mercury direct’s momentum, and enjoy the simplicity of the summer. 


Holy makeover, Aries! A powerful and confident New Moon in Leo on Wednesday reintroduces yourself to you as your most charismatic, progressive, romantic, and joyful self. Make choices as if failure isn’t an outcome and then take forward movement on it. Mercury moves direct in your Cancer ruled family and home sector smoothing out experiences there. If you need to have a reconciliation conversation with your family of origin or chosen family, now’s the time to do it. Showcase your most tender, vulnerable side to receive the transition magic of Mercury. Take little steps in the direction of your goals with help from the Virgo Moon this weekend and be proactive on managing the week ahead by preparing for it. 


Happy homecoming, Taurus! Wednesday’s New Moon in vulnerable Leo is listening to your intentions on home, family, and safety. Your new apartment and improved family dynamics are coming. So long as you keep your thoughts, strategies, and behavior as high as possible so you can rightfully receive the magic of this manifestation period. That same day, Mercury moves direct in your communication sector helping the words return to you. It’ll clear up any writer’s block or inspiration deprivation, too. Plan an adventurous and happy weekend with the supportive Virgo Moon helping you step out of your comfort zone and into braver, more courageous opportunities. 


Headache, be gone! The royal New Moon in Leo quickly clears up your analytics, listening, and communication habits helping you return to your to most intellectual self. If limitations to any of those three came up recently, tell the New Moon how you intend to clear them up, list the intentions on your intellectual capabilities, and listen carefully to the direction you’re set to receive. Your cheeky quicksilver ruling planet Mercury moves direct that same day adding a double dose of brain boost. Returning the words, thoughts, and the energy you love that keeps you light on your feet. A tender weekend is ahead under the Virgo Moon so try to surround yourself with people and places that feel like home. 


What keeps you safe, Cancer? The New Moon in protective Leo on Wednesday is listening to your intentions on finances, values, and personal security. You’ll want to be very clear and name what you need to feel safe. For added integrity, try to name as many things that aren’t circumstance dependent. Less you give your power away by placing it on the impermanence of life. Mercury moves direct in your sign on Wednesday too releasing you from the brain fog. If you’ve struggled to find the right words, make sense to others, and clear you side of the communication street, this transit will quickly free you from those experiences. Remember to also take responsibility if your interpretations or ambiguity created the confusion that led to the upsets. Plan intellectual and fun activity for this weekend’s curious Virgo Moon energy. 


Happy New Year, Leo! A New Moon in your courageous sign on Wednesday is your annual reset energy. So make sure you push fear aside, rise above comparison and scarcity, and list intentions for your highest and brightest new year. This opportunity only comes once every year so make sure you make it clear, mindful, responsible, brave, and wholehearted. Mercury moves direct in your Cancer ruled spirituality sector inspiring you to take action from your intuition. You’ll feel the emotions very quickly on how things will unfold so you’ll want to trust what you proactively feel. A luxurious weekend is ahead so indulge the senses and enjoy yourself with the Virgo Moon’s blessing. 


It’s closing time, Virgo. Wednesday’s New Moon in healing Leo is listening to your ideas on surrender, closure, and spirituality. You’ll want to carefully highlight whatever you need from a spiritual source to help you release whatever’s holding you back from your highest, brightest, and truest self. This cosmic intelligence system wants to provide you with miracles and blessings to uplift you to divine right order. Mercury moves direct in your friendship sector reconnecting you with friends. If you had petty conflict with them recently, you can use this energy to clear up the past, apologize, listen to forgiveness, etc. This weekend’s moon shines for your sign! Do whatever makes you happy unapologetically. 


You put the commune in community, Libra! A New Moon in social Leo on Wednesday helps you gather with your closest friends and enjoy the energy between you. If you’re feeling like your network could use some changes, this New Moon is listening to your intentions on friendship and community. If you’d like to align with people who share your values more meaningfully and/or friends who are stronger at mutuality, make sure name that. Mercury then moves direct in your career sector helping you understand and contribute your value to the workplace. If you’ve had some trip ups on the job recently, use this direct energy to clear up miscommunication, own your errors, and find the strategies to do better.  A healing weekend is ahead so take it easy on the summer plans and soften in to self-care.


Ready to rise, Scorpio? The New Moon in high-profile Leo on Wednesday raises your career to new heights. You’ll want to be very clear on your work intentions. Whether that means promotion at your current job, your dream hiring, or perhaps even starting your own self-employment venture? Be very brave and free from comparison/scarcity while imagining your dreams coming true. Mercury moves direct in your macro thinking zone helping you find the cure to analysis paralysis. You’ve been a bit heady recently and perhaps immobile for movement because you couldn’t make up your mind. Mercury moves direct in this zone helping take action on your new thoughts. Gather with your friends this weekend for its social energy and the Virgo Moon is sure to give you all a weekend you need. 


Size Queen, thy name is Sagittarius! The powerful New Moon in Leo on Wednesday in Leo is listening to your travel, expansion, optimism, and education intentions. Declare best case scenario dreams without shame, comparison, scarcity and then listen very carefully to the fire sign impulses you’ll receive in the weeks ahead that help you manifest them. Mercury moves direct in your authenticity zone helping you find the Truth in a big way on Wednesday too and soften in to your intimacy desires. Reflect on what you’ve learned regarding the deepest commitments, sexuality, and power in your relationships then make sure you’re applying this wisdom in the weeks ahead. The weekend’s Virgo Moon inspires more efficiency and productivity wherever you need it. 


Another heat wave’s coming, Capricorn! A New Moon in passionate Leo on Wednesday is manifesting your ideas on sexuality, intimacy, and commitment. You’ll want to go deeper for the deepest pleasure you deserve. If you know of any intimacy issues that prevent you from accessing the most sincere relationships, offer them up to the New Moon and list intentions that help you clear them. Like perfectionism, people-pleasing, stonewalling, etc. Mercury moves direct in your romance sector making love feel like less of a battlefield. If you need to apologize or listen to sincere forgiveness, the next few weeks are firmly supportive of romantic reconciliation. Take a little getaway this weekend under the Virgo Moon and explore a new place for even more new realizations. 


It’s your summer of love, Aquarius! A New Moon in romantic Leo this Wednesday is listening to your most fearless intentions on inviting new romance, deepening current intimacy, or transitioning. Either way, you and all people will be gifted by the new chapter. Instead of writing a list of what you want form your current or future partners, try writing a list of all the emotions you’re willing to give to your partners instead. Mercury moves direct in your health sector helping you uplevel your wellness. If you’ve felt called to a particular physical, emotional, or spiritual health regimen, the next few weeks are supportive of making these strategies last. A sexy Virgo Moon of a weekend is ahead so have at it because intimacy, chemistry, and the erotic pull are ahead. 


Self-transformation thy name Pisces! A New Moon in healthy Leo on Wednesday is transformative from your ideas on physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Take inventory of your life over the last five months, find where you need improvement, and then declare the strategies that will help you glow up in those arenas. Mercury moves direct in your confidence, courage, and romantic sector on Wednesday helping you find the power to make your goals come true. If you’ve been a bit too hard on yourself this summer, this direct energy will return you to your essential worthiness and security. This romantic weekend is perfect for a date night if you can plan it! It carries with it an opposites attract style chemistry so be willing to be surprised or courted by someone you never thought possible.