July 22-29

Long live the Queen! Leo Season begins on Monday night giving our summer the joy, drama, and fun we’ve been longing for. There’s about to me fire in the sky for us to burn our confidence, worthiness, and power more more passionately. Which will feel like a welcome reprieve from the saturation of water energy; even though we are holding greater emotional wisdom. 

If you need to express yourself to a partner, Wednesday’s conjunction is the time to make amends, apologize, or forgive. Since it’s a conjunction between Mercury currently retrograde and Venus direct in Cancer. It’s a prime opportunity period for being proactive around receiving closure. Since both Mercury and Venus are in emotionally expressive Cancer, this is an energy that inspires us to share the most vulnerable stories in our hearts to a romantic listener who genuinely needs to hear it. 

Venus enters romantic Leo on Saturday inspiring grandiose displays of affection and open hearts in love. Venus in this courageous sign will motivate us to be very brave when it comes to the pursuit, professing, and practice of love. It’s easy to get tripped up in fear and defense when we’re in the energy of romance and love. Lean on your confidence, charisma, and willingness to stay open-hearted in love this summer to receive the extraordinary gifts of this transit. 

Maintain an open heart, Ram! Leo Season’s start on Monday is motivating you to share your authentic expression and creativity with the world. You’ll want to soften into risk, uncertainty, and emotional exposure with bravery and willingness while the summer heats up. A potentially healing moment with your family of origin or chosen family arrives on Wednesday if you’re willing to show your vulnerable side to them. Maybe you’ll want to name a particular pain you’re feeling or listen to their sensitivities too? Venus enters your Leo ruled joy sector on Saturday giving your summer more flirting, creativity, joy, and fun. You’ll want to reintroduce as much confidence and charisma into your romantic experiences as possible. 

Happy homecoming, Taurus! Monday starts your tender Leo Season which starts your chapter of domestic, family, and emotional concerns. If you’re thinking about moving, redecorating, and/or improving your relationships with family then this is the season to do it. An open-hearted conversation on Wednesday allows you to share or listen to the heart of another. You don’t have to be super reliable and stoic earth sign on Wednesday. You can demonstrate your sensitivities, too! Venus adds to the Leo ruled home chapter on Saturday helping you beautify your inner and outer spaces. It’s also prime time to fall in love with someone who reminds you of home. So align with romantic partners that offer you safety, reliability, and trust. 

Use your words, Gemini! Fiery Leo Season starts with a bang on Monday and it wants you to feel empowered around showcasing your verbal communication skills. The Sun in Leo will provide you with the context of more confidence, courage, and charisma when it comes to the way you show leadership in communication and analytics. A financial blessing arrives on Wednesday if you’re honest around your fears, scarcities, or insecurities on money. Venus beautifies your language when she enters Leo on Saturday helping you say the right thing to make admirers. You’ll be the most romantically drawn to the smartest, highest thinkers in the room. 

What were the wishes you made on your birthday, Cancer? Let’s take action on them! Now that Leo Season’s starting on Monday, you’ll want to take the first steps towards making your dreams come true. Especially when it comes to clarifying the values that inform those wishes and how you approach the financial energy to make it happen. A healing on romance arrives on Wednesday through an emotionally exposed talk. Leave the crab shell at home then and let others experience the depth of your emotional wisdom. Venus enters your Leo ruled financial sector on Saturday giving you belated birthday cash. The Universe is making it rain on your income to receive the energy with a grateful heart. 

Happy Solar Return, Leo! Your birthday month begins on Monday and the Universe shines power, hope, and vision to help you live the life you’re capable of. Demonstrate the best of the qualities that come so naturally to Leo like courage, creativity, worthiness, and charisma and the Universe will validate all the choices you make. Especially if you’re willing to be vulnerable on Wednesday, you can have closure with a lover or issue from the past. Even if you can’t have a face-to-face talk with them, you have it in within your heart. Express a sincere apology, forgiveness, or a bit of both. Venus enters Leo on Saturday making you irresistible for your birthday! You’ll be blessed with the powers of seduction, longing, popularity - and your favorite - glamour throughout your birthday month. 

“No” is a complete sentence, Virgo. If you want to go off the grid and have the joy of missing out starting on Monday when Leo Season begins, do it! It’s your season to relax, recharge, and go wherever you find peace - indoors or outdoors. Except on Wednesday when you’re struck to be more social so gather with old friends, celebrate how far you’ve come, and map out the future together, too. Surround yourself with people who don’t drain you but contribute joy and vitality to your life. Venus enters your Leo ruled spirituality sector on Saturday giving you divine connection if you’re currently single. You’ll meet lovers out of the blue and a fated quality is attached to it. If partnered, Venus in Leo will do it’s work to smooth out past issues and help you love your lovers more fearlessly in the present. 

Overtime’s over, Libra! When Leo Season starts on Monday it gives you back the joy and life balance that you’ve been putting in on the job. You’ve hustled your ass off this summer so now it’s time to clock out and have fun. You’ve earned it! You can smooth out conflict at work on Wednesday by leading with your heart and sensitivities. Since your objectivity is a gift, you’ll be able to emotionally and rationally understand a situation on the job that can find the solution that your coworkers need. Venus enters your Leo governed friend zone on Saturday inspires your romances to feel more friendly and your friendships more romantic. It could take you or another someone out of the friendship zone and into the romantic one too! The best dynamics can blend the best of both, right? Now’s your time to experience it. 

No summer Fridays for you, Scorpio! Get to work! Fiery Leo Season lights up your career sector as it begins on Monday giving you the  changes, progress, and opportunities you’d like on the job. This transit rewards you with outcomes based on the effort you want to put in. A breakthrough moment arrives on Wednesday as you see a situation more optimistically. You don’t always have to assume others are out to harm you or that a situation will unfold into catastrophe. A jolt of proactive optimism is just what you need! Venus joins your work zone helping you beautify and harmonize your relationships there. You could feel some sparks on the job and/or be a pillar of relationship mediation at work. 

Bon voyage, Sag! When Leo Season starts on Monday, you’re off to new intellectual and/or international spaces where you’re set to expand horizons. This is your nature; to be a space of joy, adventure, and intellect. So let it shine all month long! Wednesday’s sex appeal is passionately high so make the most of the night. Especially with partners who already proved their worthiness, trust, reliability, and maturity. Venus enters your Leo ruled travel sector this Saturday giving you a long-distance longing for another or spark some chemistry at educational spaces. You want to romantically align with someone who’s very different from you and with that space of contrast is willing to show you a new Universe you love to explore. 

Let’s keep it 100, Capricorn. Leo Season’s start on Monday helps you understand the truth, sexuality, and intimacy more deeply. You won’t want to indulge authenticy’s biggest enemies like: people pleasing, performance, or perfectionism within yourself or others this month. You’re assigned to be an instrument of radical truth telling and receiving. Talk to a lover around that on Wednesday and showcase your vulnerabilities for positive change. Your willingness to be seen and heard exactly as you are - gifts, flaws, and all - will do wonders for your relationships. Venus enters your Leo rued erogenous zone on Saturday making the summer sizzle. You don’t have time for surface level connections with people who don’t make you entirely happy. You want to the real, wholehearted deal which Venus in Leo is happy to make happen for you. 

It takes two, Aquarius! Your most romantic chapter begins when Leo Season starts on Monday attracting more love and partnership experiences for you. Whether that means calling in a new lover, deepening the partnership you’re in, or helping you lovingly transition out of a relationship with gratitude and closure. You can do some self-work around intimacy issues on Wednesday as you follow your intuition. Venus enters your Leo governed love sector on Saturday beautifying all romantic and sexual relationships for you this summer. You’ll be leaning on harmony, negotiation, and more understanding so the relationships can operate with the most mutuality. 

It’s time to work on yourself, Pisces! Leo Season’s start on Monday inspires more radical responsibility on health, wellness, and a concrete routine to improve your life. You don’t want to let passivity because disengagement. You’re more powerful than you know you so put yourself at cause to experience amazingly positive effects. A confidence boost is yours on Wednesday if you lead with emotional exposure first. Don’t wait to see if it’s completely safe before disclosing your sensitivities. Do it first and you’ll feel so brave and bad ass for having done so. Venus joins the Leo ruled health brigade helping you improve your physical and spiritual selfhood this summer. Think of committing to a reiki, meditation, or another metaphysical practice that helps you swim at full speed.