July 1-7

Happy Eclipse Season! A week with one of the most powerful events in Astrology is enough to garner attention but Mars, Venus, and Mercury are participating too!

On Monday, Mars - the ruler of our autonomy, ambitions, conflict-management and sexuality - leaves Cancer and enters Leo until August 18th. Mars in Leo is a transit that empowers us to align with our passion and power instead of our madness and defects. First you’ll want to think back to July/August 2017 which was the last time Mars was in Leo. Then you’ll want to connect the themes to what you’d like to empower yourself on in the weeks ahead. Mars in Leo throughout the summer couldn't be a better transit. It gives us the momentum to show up to our lives with worthiness, confidence, courage, and romance.

Tuesday is a Solar Eclipse in Cancer on Tuesday which will give us a fresh start on our emotional intelligence. Remember Solar Eclipses are New Moons which are receptive to our intentions. So you’ll want to infuse this powerful eclipse energy with your most high-minded ideas on emotional safety, belonging, home, chosen family or family of origin. At the bottom line, righteous reflections on how you’re trying to live with more vulnerability and emotional exposure is a wise idea.

The next day, Venus enters Cancer on Wednesday inspiring us love the lover who gives safety. I love how Venus will follow the transit of the Solar Eclipse because this energy will beautify and harmonize whatever possible discomfort the Eclipse reveals. On the same theme, we’ll want to relationally connect with partners who we have an emotional investment in and proactively review the contexts for safety, negotiation, and trust between you. So you’ll work with the right intelligence that carries you through in the relationship and while Venus is in Cancer.

Mercury will retrograde in Leo on Sunday giving us some summer drama, mischief, and fun. Remember to stay as adaptable, flexible, and curious as possible. Mercury Retrograde helps us know we don’t know and therein lies our power. Since this is a Leo ruled transit, we’ll probably be confronted where our self-preoccupation and grandiosity impedes our ability to become the people we’re capable of. So no matter the difficult or inconvenient experience, stay receptive, humble, and willing to take radical responsibility so you can move forward.


Click your ruby red slippers three times, Aries! You’re finally going “home”. The Solar Eclipse in Cancer on Tuesday is listening to your intentions on home, family, and what you need for emotional safety. If you want to move, have a reconciliation with your family, and/or strengthen your emotional fluency skills, this Solar Eclipse is for you! With Mars in Leo, you’ll also have greater confidence, courage, and creativity skills this summer to invest in those emotional efforts or whatever personal projects you’d like to contribute to the world. Venus joins the fun on Wednesday beautifying and supporting your efforts when she swims with Cancer. Mercury will retrograde in your confidence and creativity sector on Sunday even while Mars is burning up there. Stay humble, brave, and resilient!

Let’s put the commune in communication, Taurus. The Solar Eclipse in Cancer on Tuesday wants your most high-minded intentions on your speaking and listening skills. Like it or not, negotiation and language skills are at the heart of life’s most meaningful experiences. So reflect honestly on how your listening and speaking skills could be elevated so that you’re prepared for those most meaningful choices. Then your ruling planet Venus enters this Cancer ruled zone on Wednesday helping your words flow and make you crush on the intelligent ones. Put it in a love letter! And inspire your lovers to do the same. Mercury will retrograde in your Leo ruled sensitivities sector so be upfront about vulnerabilities, sensitivities, and boundaries to avoid the tripwires of the transit. Since Mars is in Leo as well, you’ll want to be very careful around being too reactive, triggered, or confrontational around family and home situations.

You’re grounded, Gemini! Not really. Tuesday’s Solar Eclipse in Cancer will manifest more income and other contexts for your own safety and groundedness. Declare the intentions on what you need for financial security and the values that help you make the right choices. Think of words like integrity, courage, and spirituality. Do you make decisions based on these values? Venus then enters the equation on Wednesday when she joins Cancer. Helping your cash flow and inspire more luxurious self-care. Be both responsible and treat yourself where you feel completely moved to. Mercury will retrograde in your thinking and speaking zone so reality check your assumptions! You could find yourself in hot water if you believe everything you think is true and then speak on it. Mars will be touring through this Leo ruled zone so you’re more than allowed to declare a boundary but do so without tantrum or appetite.

Happy Solar Return, Cancer! The Solar Eclipse in your sign on Tuesday and it promises brand new beginnings in any arena you need it in. You’ll want to keep your intentions optimistic and as high-minded as possible. Consider ways you can let go of anxiety, insecurity, scarcity, and comparison to develop resilience and wholeheartedness instead. May all your birthday wishes come true! Venus then enters your sign on Wednesday making your birthday beautiful, abundant, and romantic. You’ll be absolutely irresistible to suitors. Use this magnetism, popularity, and charm well! On Sunday, Mercury will retrograde in your income sector so try to save your birthday money if you can? You’ll be audited by the Universe on your spending and saving habits. With Mars in your Leo ruled financial sector too, it’s likely that you can spend first and regret it later. So have healthy impulse control around money.

Surrender isn’t quitting, Leo! A Solar Eclipse in Cancer on Tuesday inspires your to release attachment to result , initiate completion, and receive closure where you need it. You’ll want to lean heavily on your spiritual practices and metaphysical styles to help. Since the divine is helping you wrap up unfinished business to make space for the new opportunities that are coming your way when the transits enter Leo. Venus joins the support group when she enters Cancer and helps you let go of lovers passed so you can love more bravely in the present. Use this transit to express forgiveness, apologies, and closure where appropriate. Mercury will retrograde in your sign on Sunday so keep your words and assumptions clear! Reality check yourself and choose your words very carefully so you don’t burn castle moats in a tantrum. With Mars in Leo you’ll feel a both/and energy of power and regret. Since the Universe will show you where you missed the mark, but Mars is working to give you the confidence that clears it so you can try again.

Hey Miss Popular, Virgo! A Solar Eclipse in Cancer on Tuesday is listening to your intentions on friendship, community, and support that will make it happen. You’re wanting to work less and play with friends more. Think about how you give and receive in your friendships, too. We’re always striving for the magic of mutuality! Venus joins the Cancer party which could blur the lines between lover and friend. You’ll be romantically drawn to people who feel friendly. Which is a wonderful thing if you transfer the best of romantic relationships to your friendship and the best of friendships to your romantic relationships. Mercury will retrograde in your spirituality sector making your intuitional accuracy on point. I think Virgos make absolutely sensational psychics and metaphysicians and so does the Universe apparently! Now that Mars is in Leo, you’ll use your psychic gifts to release, surrender, and complete whatever low-level things hold you back from your highest and brightest.

Ready to rise, Libra! A Solar Eclipse in your Cancer ruled career sector on Tuesday wants to give you the promotion, new job, or any other professionally related ream. Since this is a Cancer infused eclipse, you’ll want to get more in touch with your emotional intelligence. And all the way it guides to you to make the wisest career decisions. Think with your heart, not your head, on this. Venus will help when she enters this Cancer ruled arena on Wednesday, too. Which will attract female mentors and friends who want to support you in your career endeavors. Additionally, it could make sparks fly on the job. Are you crushing on a coworker? Or a person who works very hard which inspires you? Mercury will retrograde in your friendship sector on Sunday so avoid try to avoid pettiness, bickering. Since Mercury RX doesn’t let us work with the whole story. Mars will be in Leo too helping you assert your needs/wishes in these friendship spaces with confidence, security, and courage. You’ll be seen as a leader among your friends, too.

Arriverderci, Scorpio! A Solar Eclipse in Cancer on Tuesday wants to jetset you to a country or campus that expands your horizons. Is it time to go back to school or travel more frequently so you can see the world through a different lens? The Solar Eclipse thinks so! Venus enters this Cancer ruled zone on Wednesday giving your psychology a bit more optimism on love and romance. You’ll feel more confident, courageous, and even hopeful about your relationships. Whether that means inviting a new partner, deepening the one you’re in, or lovingly transitioning you out of it. You’ll have the grace and vision to do it beautifully. Mercury will retrograde in your Leo career sector on Sunday so stay in your integrity on the job. You’ll be inclined to make assumptions so reality check yourself and your words. Mars touring through Leo will give you the right amount of security to own your power. Don’t shrink, don’t puff off, own your sacred ground.

Intimacy or “into-me-you-see”, Sagittarius. The Solar Eclipse in Cancer renews your sexual practices, intimacy, and relational commitment behaviors. You’re ready to go all the way when it comes to relationships by doing the work and aligning with another who’s not afraid to get their hands dirty. Venus enters the fun and beautifies your sex life when she enters Cancer on Wednesday by attracting your best emotional matches as a foundation for your intimacy practices. You have to let yourself be seen and see others hearts in order for the relationship to go as deep as it go. Venus will help you take of your armor and emotionally connect with others who can see vulnerability as a superpower. Mercury will retrograde in your travel sector so double check flight itineraries. Your optimism could take a tiny hit too. So let this transit help you see the case of “tragic optimism” where you see the grave reality of how things are but you’re not afraid to hold on to hope. Mars in Leo will help you travel and educate yourself on the things you’re curious about.

Hey Power Couple, Cap! A Solar Eclipse in your Cancer ruled romance sector on Tuesday helps your relational and romantic dreams come true. If you’re looking to invite a new lover, deepen the intimacy you already have, or gently complete a relationship, this eclipse is here to help. Make sure you’re maximizing mutuality. In other words, is your passion to receive as willing as your ability to give? Review your actions and see how far you’ve demonstrated engagement, curiously, and generosity. Venus is enlisted too! She joins your Cancer ruled romantic sector on Wednesday and continues to harmonize, beautify, and support your relationships. Let this transit uplift your relationship with relationships by pushing you to showcase your own romantic, tender, and thoughtful tendencies. They’re there! Mercury will retrograde in your intimacy zone so be clear about your expectations to avoid upset. You can use this transit to shift through your intimacy issues and fears, too. Mars in Leo will empower you to do the work around deconstructing your defense mechanisms, disengagement, and other defects you - but we all have! - against the most meaningful relationships.

Time for a Summer makeover, Waterbearer? The Solar Eclipse in Cancer  on Tuesday is giving your your physical, emotional, and mental health habits a big boost. So whoever you’d like to improve on the personal, this Eclipse will give you the strategies, passion, and energy to do it. You’ll be brand new in no time! Venus will continue to harmonize your efforts there too when she enters your Cancer ruled wellness zone on Wednesday. It’s like a cosmic energy boost of confidence, security, and passion around your personal life. Mercury will retrograde in your Leo ruled romance sector on Sunday bringing lovers back from the dead. Use this time travel or horror movie - whichever metaphor you like! - to allow for reconciliation, apology, forgiveness, or a do over. Since Mars will be blazing through Leo which inspires you to assert your autonomy in relationships, passion for romance too, and willingness to negotiate. You’re no longer comfortable with performing the loner identity or the rugged individualist myth. You want connection and this Mars transit can empower you to receive it.


You’re worthy of love and belonging, Pisces! The Solar Eclipse in Cancer wants you to claim your confidence, happiness, and joy right now exactly as you are no exceptions. Your worthiness is not circumstance dependent and the Solar Eclipse is trying to help you see yourself as fundamentally deserving of a life abundance with joy, success, love, and peace. Venus enters this effort when she enters Cancer on Wednesday helping you see the value you contribute to romantic relationships. You’ll get a boost of confidence and be attract to others who are very secure within themselves too. You shouldn’t have to rescue anyone, Pisces. Venus in Cancer reminds you that relationships need to be two emotionally full people joining together not two emotionally incomplete ones. Mercury will retrograde in your Leo ruled wellness zone so make wise choices on your emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, and psychological health. With Mars touring through here, you’ll be empowered and inspired more than ever to be the very best version of yourself all summer long.