June 3-9

A Course in Miracles teaches us enlightenment is a journey without distance from the head to the heart. Now no sign has a monopoly on enlightenment but the transits this week occur in signs which govern both the head and the heart.

Up first is Monday’s New Moon in intellectual Gemini helping us practice the best of the “head” where we can engage with more mindfulness, strong communication skills, and active listening. Queer people know words matter. When spoken with aspiration, we can change a heart. When spoken carelessly, we can damage others. I can’t stress how critically important the right cognition is towards living the most meaningful life and the New Moon in Gemini is giving us all the opportunity to think higher, speak more clearly, and listen without the appetite to interrupt and speak.

The very next day, Mercury enters the emotion ocean of Cancer giving the zodiac the language of the heart. We’ll want to use our consciousness to understand the Cancerian ruled topics of belonging, emotional safety, home, and chosen/family of origin. Like it or not, we learn - and sometimes not through the best teachers - the most life-defining experiences at home. From adult attachment which qualifies our relationship health, defense mechanisms, love languages, and more. Mercury in Cancer is the education towards understanding what we learned from our family, how we can strengthen where they got it right, forgive where they got it wrong, and learn the correction so we can be the adults we’re capable of.

The weekend takes a more mischievous turn when Love Goddess Venus enters Gemini which makes the smarter, articulate, and cheeky types the most attractive this month. This is a transit to send cute Gemini texts or even love letters if you feel so inclined. After we hopefully learned about love as practice throughout Venus in Taurus, Venus in Gemini helps us profess our love and inspired our partners to wrap the right language around their love, too.


Don’t suffer from analysis paralysis, Aries! A New Moon in your Gemini governed thinking and speaking sector on Monday inspires you to exercise more intellectual adaptability and detachment from the thoughts that give you stress. The Moon also asks for your honest reflections on your communication skills and how you can improve them - both listening and speaking! - to walk with more integrity. Tuesday’s Mercury move from Gemini to Cancer takes you from the head to heart and helps you share both your observations and emotions beautifully to people who need to hear it. Show your tender, more emotionally exposed side and you’ll begin to understand why vulnerability is the birthplace of all of life’s most meaningful experiences. When Venus moves signs on Saturday from steadfast Taurus to Gemini, your heart races for intelligence. Shakespeare reminds us that romance begins in the mind, right?

What does personal security mean to you, Taurus? Monday’s New Moon in Gemini wants to manifests your most high minded intentions on personal and financial safety. Pro tip - rather than thinking about the circumstances that help you understand personal security, think about the emotions that you’d feel. Like peace, contentment, or gratitude because emotions manifest circumstances more quickly! When Mercury switches signs on Tuesday into Cancer, your thinking and speaking skills are glowing up so long as you’re willing to communicate the feelings in your heart. Then your ruling planet Venus switches from Taurus to Gemini on Saturday magnetizing more abundance, luxury, and beauty to you. This transit lets you indulge, splurge, luxuriate, and treat yourself. So enjoy it!

  Happy Birthday, Gemini! Tell the Universe your birthday wishes on Monday with the New Moon in your sign. You’ll want to push aside scarcity, comparison, fear, and insecurity to declare intentions on your wildest dreams so the Universe can get to manifesting! Is more financial freedom on your quicksilver brain? Mercury’s move into your Cancer governed income sector on Tuesday gives you the inspo to learn how to make it rain and/or develop careful strategies to protect your financial energies. Venus’ move from Taurus into Gemini on Saturday will boost your romances and irresistible factor.. This transit could call in new romantic opportunities, healing from lovers past, and even redo your aesthetic so you can feel more confident while dating.

You have to be the one to initiate the closure you crave, Cancer. Monday’s New Moon in your Gemini completion sector helps you take the first step towards letting go of what’s existential things don’t serve your highest and brightest. Don’t cling to anything that’s still giving you pain and dysfunction. Let it go! Mercury moves in your sign on Tuesday giving you not only the strategies for closure, beginning again, and moving forward but the right words to make it happen to whoever needs to hear it. Venus’ sign switch from Taurus to Gemini on Saturday continues to beautiful your healing and spirituality sector validating decisions on radical self-care. Lean heavily on the practices of compassion, mercy, apology, tenderness, and forgiveness for yourself and all offending parties so you can liberate yourself from blame, resentment, and despair.

 “Make it last forever - friendship never ends”, Leo! A New Moon on Monday helps you take the lead on your Gemini governed arenas like: friendships, connections, and community. You’ll want to lift intentions on friendships and relationships to the highest; even if that means letting go of friendships that have served their purpose in your life so you can make space for the new ones which match your integrity. Mercury’s move from Gemini on Cancer on Tuesday wants you to commit to a healing and/or spiritual practice which will help you initiate closure in areas of your life that need to be wrapped up. Saturday’s Venus switch from Taurus into Gemini will start to blur the lines between romance and friendship. Why not combine the best of both? Make friendships more romantic and romances more friendly.

Liftoff, Virgo! Monday’s New Moon is listening to intentions on your Gemini governed career sector and how you want to express your life purpose. Try to visualize your best case scenarios without perfectionism, control, and certainty and you’ll soar to manifest them quickly. Mercury’s move from Gemini to Cancer on Tuesday balances your recent workhorsing with more socialization and friends this spring. Reconnect with your community and celebrate how far you’ve come together! Then Venus enters your Gemini ruled career sector on Saturday aligning you with feminine mentors, magnetizing opportunities, and charisma on the job. If you’ve been waiting for a raise, promotion, or a successful validation at work, you’ll probably receive it this transit. Also, you’ll be hard to say no to, so you use this popularity, influence, and charm well!

Bon voyage, Libra! A New Moon in your Gemini ruled travel and education zone on Monday is listening to your intentions on life expansion through travel, education, opportunities in publishing, and more. Dream big to live big, baby! Mercury then joins your Cancer governed career zone on Tuesday giving you an energy boost of intelligence and eloquence on the job. You’ll be struck with inspiration, even more efficiency, and communication skills that will sustain your professional success. Follow your hunches! On Saturday, Venus lights up your Gemini ruled expansion zone helping you find the joy and effects in optimism again. You could begin a romance with an international or highly academic suitor who’s life and values promise to expand your life with how different they are from you. The more of a contrast in your dating life this Spring, the better!

Intimacy. Or as Ester Perel writes, “into-me-you-see” Scorpio. Monday’s New Moon in your Gemini governed authenticity, intimacy, and sexuality sector wants you to name your desires and Truth. Declare your most high minded intentions in those arenas and then follow your incredibly accurate intuition for direction from the Universe on how to manifest it. Mercury enters your Cancer ruled optimism sector on Tuesday helping you prioritize education, expansion, joy, and travel. After a deep dive in the shadow the last few weeks, you’re allowed to find more of the light in life. Venust then enters your Gemini ruled sexuality sector on Saturday making the spring sizzle and strengthens your magnetism to suitors who appreciate its power, depth, and transformational capabilities.

Two’s the magic number, Sagittarius! Monday’s New Moon in listening to your intentions on what you want to receive and give in romantic relationships. Whether that’s calling in a new love, deepening the one you have, or transitioning peacefully out of it. Mercury enters your Cancer governed intimacy zone on Tuesday helping you understand relational dynamics more truthfully, powerfully, and with intimacy and commitment as primary values in all connections. You only want to align with partners who can go all the way in conversation and in the bedroom with you because you’re bored by surface level connections. Then Venus lights up your love life on Saturday as it enters Gemini attracting experiences that keep you enchanted all spring. You’ll be surrounded by an opposites attract style chemistry so keep your heart open to suitors who are very different from you.

Prioritize self-management, Cap! A New Moon on Monday is manifesting your intentions on your Gemini governed wellness, organization, and personal growth sector. It reminds you how success is born of proactive choices. How do you plan, time-manage, organize, and set yourself up for success? Mercury enters your Cancer ruled relationship sector on Tuesday improving your negotiation skills in romance and attracting you to the nerdy types. While you align with the smartest partners in the room, put your heads together and try to find the win/win in all matters or it’s a no deal this Spring. Venus’ move into Gemini on Saturday continues to help your personal growth momentum as the Love Goddess beautifies your routine, health, and attention to detail. You’ll feel more joyful as you take your personal administration seriously and you’ll feel the positive effects quickly.

It’s not the critic who counts, Aquarius! It’s the creator. A New Moon on Monday wants you to visualize intentions that help you express your creative passions more fearlessly. Believe in yourself, silence the inner and outer critics, then work hard to manifest it! Mercury moves into your Cancer governed health zone on Tuesday helping you prioritize wellness, health, nutrition, organization, and all the little things that when taken seriously make a seriously big difference. You’ll be amazed! Then Venus improves your confidence on Saturday when it enters your Gemini ruled charisma, creativity, and joy sector and beautifies your relationship to these values. You’ll be stepping into your confidence, power, and creative skills in wonderful ways and showing the zodiac why you’ve been rightfully labeled as the genius!

It’s a wonderful time for a homecoming, Pisces! A New Moon on Monday is listening to your intentions on the Gemini governed home, family, and emotional safety. Visualize best case scenario emotions for quick manifestation. Feel how it would feel first to have that healing talks with the family, redecorate, or move. Then the Universe gets to manifesting! Mercury enters your Cancer ruled confidence sector on Tuesday helping you move more powerfully and directly in the direction of your dreams so long as you continue to believe in your capabilities. Venus’ switch into your Gemini home sector on Saturday makes your homeward journey easy and beautiful. It’ll also put a desire in your heart for partners that not only remind you of home but feel like it too. Isn’t that we’re all looking for in the arms of a lover?