June 24-30

As is perfect for the first full week of Cancer Season, this week helps us understand our relational, intellectual, and emotional natures. Up first is Monday’s challenging square between Venus in Gemini and Neptune currently retrograde in Pisces. Through a healthy bit of discomfort and even confusion, this Venus/Neptune sauce will help you understand what you’re worth in love, whether or not you’re receiving it, and how you’re willing to give it.

On Wednesday, hyperactive Mercury leaves Cancer and enters passionate Leo. We’re currently in the Mercury retrograde shadow period because Mercury will retrograde in Leo on July 7th. So if you’ve felt like miscommunication, assumptions, and glitches are abound - you’re totally right. Pay attention to what specific life areas you’re seeing this Mercury shadow energy as when it retrogrades formally, you’ll see the effects of this transit.

A lively and intelligent Gemini Moon this weekend gives our social skills a boost! Gather round with your closest, communicative pals especially on NYC Pride Sunday as the energy is perfect for a parade. It’s especially optimistic, joyful, and it just the right amount of mischief to make it an unforgettable time wherever you and whoever you’re with.

You’re definitely the Camp Captain of “Actions speak louder than words’, Ram. Though Monday’s Venus in Gemini square to Neptune in Pisces reminds you how the healing power of words can help you share your feelings and get closer. You don’t want to underestimate your ability to make a positive difference in your and your romantic partner’s lives by speaking affirmative, loving, words. Mercury enters your Leo ruled confidence zone on Wednesday giving you more passion and self-esteem while testing your limits/barriers to healthy passion and confidence while it turns retrograde. What are your walls to your creative efforts and your highest self-esteem? Enjoy yourself this weekend under its social energy thanks to the Gemini Moon. Surround yourself with the most intelligent, articulate, adventurous, and fun activities .

Have you tried a little tenderness, Taurus? The Venus in Gemini square to Neptune in Pisces on Monday helps you support your friends with your high-quality compassion, empathy, and support. You’re feeling stronger than ever so you’ll want to use your generosity in service to those who could use a bit of a boot. Then Mercury enters your Leo governed, home, family, and emotionality sector on Wednesday helping you find people and places that feel like home and family. Now Mercury will retrograde in this arena so you’ll want to pay attention to what comes up for you around emotionality, home, and family this week so you can anticipate the transformation coming your way. Give yourself your favorites like pleasure, sensuality, and luxury this weekend as the Gemini Moon tours through your self-care sector. So treat yourself!

How’s that delicate balance between work and life treating you Gemini? Monday’s square between Venus in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces helps you reprioritize more career efforts or romantic experiences. It could be asking you to  strive towards the tender spot between both. If anyone can do two things at once, it’s the sign of the twins. Mercury enters your Leo influenced communication sector on Wednesday helping you feel empowered to tell your truths. Since Leo rules this area of your chart, you want to imagine yourself as the sovereign of the spoken word. So if you’re demonstrating the best of your communication skills, keep it up - as Mercury will retrograde in this area next week. If you could use some improvement, allow this Retrograde to help. How’s your analysis, listening, and articulation skills? Then the Moon shines for you this weekend as it tours through Gemini so do whatever makes you happy!

Happy Solar Return, sweet Cancer! Monday’s square between Venus in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces could give you the ah-ha moment on romance you’re looking for. Especially on all matters related to past upsets and heartbreak you’d like some healing from. This transit wants you to give yourself the gift of closure you may need in order for this month to begin the best new year you’ve had. Mercury enters your Leo governed income sector on Wednesday letting the abundance flow your birthday. It’ll be a material boost with a tiny catch. Since Mercury will retrograde in this area next week. So you’ll want to strengthen your financial literacy and be as responsible you can with your new abundance. Under the Gemini Moon this weekend, gather with your closest connections and celebrate your life meaningfully with the people you love.

Who’s got your back, Leo? Monday’s Venus in Gemini square to Neptune in Pisces helps you find the difference between the friends that are down for you and fairweather friends. You’re a down ass kitty cat so you only want to have friends who are willing to show up and love you. Just make sure you’re giving what you’re hoping to receive from others. Mercury then enters Leo on Wednesday! When Mercury enters your sign, you’re invited to be the most articulate, thoughtful, and intelligent you’ve ever been. So you’ll want to keep your thoughts and words as “high” in wisdom as possible. Now the caveat here is Mercury will Retrograde in Leo so you’ll be walking through this transit with the knowing that you can finish it as the most high-minded version of yourself. Be willing to be surprised, not know everything, and receptive to the Universe exercising your adaptability, curiosity, and detachment muscles.  A friendly weekend is ahead under the Gemini Moon so say yes to socializing, reconnecting, and joy.

Love is a technique, Virgo! Monday’s square between Venus in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces helps you improve your romantic skills and align with partners who want to work at it, too. Your penchant for labor, efficiency, and hard-work makes you such a viable candidate for love. So make sure you’re partnering and negotiating with others who hold the orientation of a skill-based romance too. Mercury enters your Leo ruled surreal, psychic zone on Wednesday helping your intuition and gut hunches. I’ve seen in my own life that the Virgos in it are some of the most metaphysically gifted. So use this transit to help you empower yourself on all things related to psychic gifts, abilities, and other forms of esoteric wisdom. Especially since Mercury will retrograde in this arena next week. Use the weekend’s Gemini Moon and the efficiency that comes with it to get caught up on past-due tasks. You can scratch off every item on that to-do list with gusto.

Do you need to zoom in or zoom out, Libra? The Venus in Gemini square to Neptune in Pisces on Monday inspire you to manage the big and small pictures so you the whole picture on love. Boom! Honor the details and the vision. Pay attention to words and behavior. Then Mercury enters your Leo ruled friendship zone on Wednesday making the summer soirées start quickly. You’ll be showcasing your best relational skills among friends for the time being. Since Mercury will retrograde in this social zone so it’s possible that a bit of conflict among friends is likely. If it’s time to air out some tough talks and have conversations around expectations and more then use this Retrograde to your advantage. Weekend getaway? You’ll be called to go on a fun exploration or adventure while the Moon is in Gemini. You’ll also be exceptionally curious so let the wanderlust and questions guide you.

Your self-love is determined by how others love you, Scorpio. Monday’s square between Venus in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces reminds you that self-love cannot exist without the context of interpersonal love. Find the sweet spot between how you passionately you can love yourself with how passionately you show up to love others. They’re the same muscle, technique, skill, etc. Mercury enters your Leo ruled career sector on Wednesday giving your professional dreams a big boost. Since it goes Retrograde in this area next week, use this direct energy to reflect on career past, present, and how you’d like to move forward in the future. You’ll be tested to stay as adaptable, flexible, and resilient as possible as I suspect the universe will throw your career some curve balls. The weekend is a sexy one under the Gemini’s Moon so make this summer sizzling. Remember that the erotic is an intellectual so don’t forget the power of the word and mind in the bedroom.

Commitment-phobe be gone, Sagittarius! You’re ready to work for a serious romantic connection with another. Monday’s square between Venus in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces helps you practice more vulnerability and negotiation skills to make it happen. You’re as sensitive and communicative as any other. So if you showcase your heart and mind muscles, the love you dream of can be yours.Mercury joins your Leo ruled education and travel sector on Wednesday so is it time to explore or educate yourself? Yes! But slowly. Since Mercury will retrograde in this arena, so if you’re jetsetting or learning - double, triple check on all the details. Move slowly and with a ton of preparation! The weekend is especially lovely so plan a date night. Do something intellectual and adventurous if you can. If single, do it yourself and take yourself on a date that satiates your curiosities.

You’re on it, Cap! Monday’s square between Venus in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces boosts your physical and mental wellness practices to wonderful heights. If you’re unsure of the effects of your pre-existing efforts, trust that what began will take shape into something successful into your state of being. Mercury enters your Leo ruled intimacy zone helping you get really real and sexy with partners. You’ll want to name what you desire, ask about your partners’ erotic maps, and negotiate accordingly. Mercury will retrograde in this sector of your chart next week too so it could get a bit bumpy. Practice your mercy, tenderness, and shame resilience muscles while you sort through your shadow and your partners’. The weekend is a very productive one thanks to the Gemini Moon so you use that helpful energy and elbow grease wherever you need it.

Reliability doesn’t have to be a tall order! The square on Monday between Venus in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces remind you that available partners isn’t a hug ask so ask for it. Be sure to invite partners to show their most consistent, steady affection towards you and be willing to provide it as well so they know they’re safe to do so. Mercury enters your Leo ruled romantic negotiation sector continuing this theme so continue compromising and remember to seek understanding more than being understood. Mercury will retrograde in this sector so you’ll be hearing from lovers past and probably be given an opportunity for tremendous healing. The weekend is happy and confident one under the Gemini Moon so so where your heart and mind takes you! And speak your truth confidently along the way.

Home is where the heart is, Pisces! A square between Venus in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces on Monday want you to align with partners who make you feel safe and remind you of home. Choosing who we spend our time with and why is one of the most important practices an integrity driven person can make. This square invites you to choose those who give you safety, reliability, trust, and affection.
Mercury joins your Leo ruled health sector on Wednesday helping you improve your wellness habits. Reflect on your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. What higher choices can you make for higher health results in these arenas? When Mercury retrogrades next week in your wellness zone, you’ll be tasked with applying your most responsible ideas towards personal growth. The weekend is a tender one thanks to the Gemini Moon so if you need time alone, take it. Spend time with family or people who feel like it so you can keep your safety in tact.