June 17-24

Speak up, speak now! It’s the official order from Monday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius. As the sign of the Centaur who yields a truth telling bow and arrow, this Full Moon wants us to speak our Truth and get right to arrow’s point while doing so. If there’s an arena in your life that could use disclosure and transparency, let Monday reveal to you that which it is and what you need to say.

Additionally, high-minded Sagittarius energy calls in proactive optimism, generous assumptions, and the hypothesis of kindness. In other words - how can you concentrate your perception to assume innocence, opportunity, and success in places and people? It doesn’t have to be “Go000d VibEz onLyi!!!11” but it does ask us to remember that a cynical confirmation bias isn’t the most effective problem solving strategy. We can’t take bucketload of negative assumptions and conspiracies into situations and wonder why the situation didn’t unfold well. Sagittarius reminds us that it’s our thinking and our state of being that determines who we are, which uplifts what we do, and that’s what pushes us towards a successful in our efforts.

On Friday’s Summer Solstice, Cancer Season begins! May we uplift our relationships to our home, family of origin and chosen family, emotional safety, and belonging. As the only cardinal water sign, Cancer demonstrates ways that we bid for connection based on what we learned from our parents’ relationship. Reflect deeply on how you ask/invite others to increase their emotional closeness to you or push them away because of your vulnerability fears. We’re often raised for relational trust and loyalty or autonomy and individuality from our family. So review what you learned, how it helps or hinders relationship, and let yourself soften into a summer of love.

That same day, Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces for 4 months. We’ll want to make Neptunian energy like intuition, compassion, creativity, and healing more personal when it’s Retrograde. Think of your willingness to listen to your inner intelligence, your capacity to showcase your creative skills, and how you self-sooth with healthy strategies like meditation, movement, journaling, routine, and/or counseling.

  Run, jump, and take a big leap of faith, Ram! The Full Moon in brave Sagittarius on Monday gives you a boot of courage, hope, and confidence to do something risky. Take the trip, self-publish the work, apply to your dream school or career. It’s time to push perfectionism and comparison aside and contribute your gifts and abilities to the Universe in a big way. Cancer Season’s start on Friday inspires you to find the people and places that remind you of home and family. Is it time for a move, redecoration, or reconciliation with family? Possibly! This month helps you find the places and people you belong to. Then Neptune Retrograde in Pisces asks you to maximize your intuitional abilities. When you get a hunch or a feeling, do you ignore or follow it? Do you remember you dreams? Do you monitor the visions that come up in your imagination when you’re talking to someone or doing something and consider the connection to what’s happening? Think on these questions and let the Universe reveal it’s enchanting side to you.

  Intimacy is grown up work! It’s important to remember that the most meaningful relationships are wonderful and hard, Taurus. A Full Moon in your Sagittarius intimacy zone on Monday helps you understand how to manage the light and dark within yourself and your partners. Consider the relationships as a container that inspires profound transformation as they detox character defects and wounds. Relationships have to salute the worst of us so that we can heal ourselves as they’re brought into conscious consideration. Cancer Season’s start on Friday boosts your listening, speaking, and intellectual skills. At your best Taurus your specialist focus makes you a master of what you’re passionate about. At your lowest, you show very little curiosity or willingness to understand another’s point of view as valid. So let this month help you honor what you know and ask the right questions to make people feel like they’re being heard with the same enthusiasm you have while talking. Neptune  Retrograde in Pisces makes your friendships more compassionate and empathetic this summer. Align with soulful, spiritual companions who offer you wisdom and healing.

Love is in the air, Gemini! Monday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius invites a new romance, deepens the current one you have to a more meaningful place, or gently transitions you out of the relationship you’re in if it’s served its rightful purpose. This Full Moon will work it’s romantic magic where you need it. Cancer Season’s start on Friday begins a grounding summer where you center yourself more passionately on values and beliefs that center you. If you’re concerned about financial security - who isn’t?! - this month could provide you with the tools and experiences to earn more income and intelligence on abundance. Try to lay claim to values that aren’t circumstance dependent, have prerequisites, and/or are conditional. You can be safe right now exactly as you are in the circumstances you’re in. Neptune Retrograde in Pisces inspires a more soulful career review on how you can be more of service. You want to heal, contribute, and be useful. Let this Retrograde give you the realizations and spiritual path to make it happen.

Dysfunctional pattern be broken! Monday’s Full Moon helps let go of low level habits and begin healthier practices for your new year, Cancer. It might be anticlimactic and boring but the effects of little steps towards physical, emotional, and mental health like a routine, meditation, time-management prep, etc make such a big impact on the overall tenor of your being and life. So commit to take those small steps towards big changes. Cancer Season begins on Friday! May all your birthday wishes come true. My wish for you is that you feel as loved and supported as you make others feel throughout the year. The zodiac is blessed by your friendship, kindness, love, and loyalty. May you receive this and more not just in your Solar Return but always. Neptune Retrograde in Pisces starting on Friday helps you refine your educational and travel plans. Double check, review, and confirm your plans for expansion through intellectual opportunities and/or international travel. Treat yourself to spiritual and soulful opportunities all summer long!

You better ROAR, Leo! The Full Moon in Sagittarius on Monday wants you to own your power and express your courage in a big way. Something romantic, creative, joyful, and confidence inducing is beginning after this Full Moon so take this energy and put in service to your relationships, dreams, and happiness. Tell the person your feelings, take the first step towards a goal, and tell yourself “I love you!” In the mirror. Cancer Season’s start on Friday is a healthy sabbatical where you can find closure where you initiate it. Since it’s the month before your season, it’s time to take an inventory on what isn’t working in your life. Take proactive and direct steps towards releasing and surrendering all things that foster fear instead of love in your life. Lean on a spiritual practice to help and your mentors for assistance. Neptune Retrograde in Pisces helps you reassess your intimacy and sexual practices. Are they healthy? Do they give you peace? You’ll want to spiritually examine your relation to sexuality, authenticity, and transformation all summer long.

The therapist will see you now, Virgo! Monday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius has you tending to your emotionality, your definitions and practices on home, and family for a more meaningful balance between the personal and professional. If you’ve been sifting through an experience of belief that makes you feel shameful or unworthy, reach out to a loved one you trust and share your story. As Dr. Brene Brown’s research reminds us - shame cannot being spoken. So speak it and watch its chokehold on you release itself. Cancer Season’s start on Friday begins your most social and friendly month. You’ll want to surround yourself with friends up celebrate your success, empathize with you, and contribute a great deal of vitality and love to your life. Take adventures, make dinner plans, and more. Neptune Retrograde in Pisces reviews relationships and attracts spiritual romances to you. If you want closure, an apology, or forgiveness from a past relationship, this Retrograde can return the lover to you for that opportunity. Happy healing!

Productivity is the name of your Spring game, Libra! You’re killing it. Monday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius makes you highly efficient, articulate, communicative, and quick to resolve overdue concerns in your life. You’ll want to strike off each task on that shortening to-do list with a vengeance. As it’ll free the mental debris in your thinking so you can achieve more joy and peace in the present moment. Then Cancer Season’s start on Friday transforms your career. So stay competent and confident accomplishing your dreams all month long! You’ll want to uplift your professional aspirations by showcasing your more tender, emotionally expressive, and compassionate side. You’re a beautiful blend of emotional and rational so give your job the balance of both. Neptune Retrograde in Pisces inspires a helpful spiritual practice for health benefits. Can you pick up meditation, yoga, or another disciplined spiritual path this summer? You should!

Make it rain, Scorpio. You’re desiring a bit more roundedness around the personal and financial so Monday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius is burning up to manifest it. A steady stream of abundance and freedom is on its way to maximize its impact by being grateful now. You’ll also want to take a high-minded path of laying claim to security that isn’t circumstance dependent. See yourself as safe and wholehearted right now exactly as you are even though you’re in the circumstances you’re in. No amount of money, circumstances, or anything thing outside of you can keep you safe unless you determine yourself as secure right now. Cancer Season’s start on Friday is helping you travel and expand. Is it time to explore a new place or enroll in an academic opportunity? Cancer Season will show you all the ways you can cure wanderlust and curiosity. So say yes to adventure! Neptune Retrograde in Pisces helps you find more confidence and creative skills from a spiritual perspective. Meditate on how you can spiritualized your relationship to identity and the gifts and abilities you were born with.

Happy Cosmic Reset Button, Sag! The Full Moon shines from your sign on Monday!  So showcase the best of your optimism, intellect, curiosity, and passion. Full Moons are full circle moments so if you want to close a chapter on a particular story, this Full Moon lets you do it. Decide what it is, ask the Universe to help you gently release it, take responsibility for your role where appropriate, and so it is. Consider it done. Cancer Season’s start on Friday begins a sexy, intimate summer of quality connection. You’re no longer impressed with fun, flirty, connection but you’re looking for the deepest dimensions of relationship with another. Don’t be afraid to ask the most vulnerable questions and listen carefully to the emotional dowry of your partners to understand their techniques in love. Neptune Retrograde in Pisces makes you more tender and emotionally expressive. If you feel something, say something.

Knock it off, Capricorn. Monday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius empowers you to initiate completion from low level circumstances, places, and relationships. You know what you participate in and with whom that has consistently proven dysfunctional so stop pathologizing it and start ending your role in it. PERIODT! Anyhoo - Cancer Season aligns you with new romantic opportunities in your life, deepens the ones you have to more intimate areas, or transitions current ones into a gentle ending. You’ll be much more willing to understand another than seek understanding during this season. So showcase the best of your curiosity, negotiation, and relational skills so you can earn the relationship you’re dreaming of. Neptune Retrograde in Pisces helps your communicate less literally and more soulfully. I understand works spoken, black/white themes, and the literal are so helpful but this Retrograde inspires you to listen and speak with your inner senses. You can do it!

You put the commune in community, Aquarius. Monday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius inspires you to connect to the mission, the people, and places where you matter. You’re looking for the realest, most meaningful connections with people who share your values and interest in making the world a more inclusive place for all. Remember you’re the sign that demonstrates the reality of our shared humanity. So let this Full Moon help you embrace the inextricable connection between all people even the ones we disagree with. Cancer Season’s start on Friday motivates you to organize your life by improving your mental and physical health. You’ll want to take little steps like committing to a routine, meal-prep, automatic bill pay, etc that can make a huge impact on your peace of mind.  Neptune Retrograde in Pisces heals your relationships with your values and financial security. You’ll do an honest review and audit this summer of the principles by which you purport to stand and whether or not your finances reflect what you’re concerned with.

You’re about to be swimming in a whole new ocean, Pisces! The Full Moon in Sagittarius on Monday transforms your career situation if you’re outspoken and optimistic around the context of it. You’ll want to be very confident in how you contribute your gifts and abilities on the job. If you need improvement, take responsibility within you heart, and then get to work. If not, celebrate how far you’ve come and the inevitable accomplishments that are being magnetized to you as we speak. Cancer Season’s start on Friday is a boost of confidence, joy, and creativity for your self-love and care. You’ll be swimming with a bit more swagger and willingness to take risks, be vulnerable, and stay invested in the effort but unattached to the results. Neptune Retrograde in Pisces strengthens your intuition, compassion, and healing skills. You’ll want to showcase the best of your sign like your empathy, artistry, and psychic sensibilities all in service to the betterment of you and the world in which we live.