May 6-12

Stay put, please! On Tuesday, Messenger Mercury enters stabilizing Taurus inspiring the zodiac the practice less reactivity and more down-to-earth stability. Think, behave, and commit slowly until May 21st. Only because Mercury in Taurus wants you to imagine most of your choices as permanent as possible. Since this is a powerfully decisive, convicted, and focused energy, put Mercury in Taurus to practical, more responsible use because we can never have enough of it.  

Tuesday could reveal uncomfortable feelings of isolation, proactive rejection, and fear on relationships so don’t pull it too close to your heart. Venus in Aries will square Saturn retrograde in Capricorn which makes our hearts take things too personally. Honor what comes up for you but don’t cling too tight. Speak any discomfort, hurt, or emotion to people who genuinely need to hear it so that healing can be yours.

On Thursday Venus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn which adds the sexual intensity and passion to our relationships. With current/prospective partners, focus your head and heart to the deepest dimensions of the relationships. No small talk this weekend!

The most harmonious transit of the week arrives on Mother’s Day with a supportive trine between the Sun in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn. Regardless of relationship with Mother figures in our lives, consider what you cherish from matrilineal tradition and ancestors. You’ll want to give gratitude for the womxn who came before you and contemplate how you might continue the work they started in your line.

Let it rain, Ram! Brilliant Mercury’s move on Monday into your Taurus ruled income sector inspires you to think of how to earn, save, and splurge. I know it’s never easy but try not to fret around money but see it as energy that’s trying to help you. It all comes from spirit, Source, the Universe, God, etc. So think about ways to both spiritualize and align with practical understands of financial success. This weekend motivates you to work even harder in relationships after Thursday’s Venus square Pluto. Since Venus is currently in Aries, you’ll want to align with others who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty in showing up for you and making relationships work as passionately as you.

Happiest of Happy Birthdays to you, Taurus! Quicksilver Mercury enters your sign on Monday which helps you think, speak, and listen more intelligently for the next three weeks. As a result, the Universe is gifting you with all the right ideas, words, and conversations for your birthday. Your life changes with ideas and conversations after all. Apply to that adaptability to  romance this weekend because Thursday’s Venus/Pluto square will tempt you to sweat the small stuff. Which only gets you too stuck in the weeds. Remember to rise above and zoom out, Bull! Bigger pictures help the relationship context so you can see the situation more clearly and helpfully for all people involved.

Do you like surrealism, Gemini? Monday’s move for your ruling planet Mercury provides you with greater insight into your Taurus ruled intuition, visions, and prophetic dreams. You don’t have to be a water sign to be psychic! Follow your hunches and trust that it’s the Universe trying to help you its divine intelligence. You may be triggered this weekend by discomfort with intimacy issues or another reckoning with authenticity under the Venus/Pluto square on Thursday. So the medicine is surrounding yourself with supportive friends who can properly empathize. Share your story, so they can remind you that you’re never alone.

Hey Miss Popular, Cancer! Mercury enters your Taurus friendship sector on Monday which makes you less of a homebody and more of the life of the party. You’ll be inundated with invites and other adventures. To make the most of this transit, go out of your way to leave the comfort zone! Work on the weekend? Only when it comes to love thanks to Thursday’s Venus/Pluto square. You’ll want to not only about how your partners work at making “love” a practice but how you also initiate vulnerability and emotional labor. This transit reminds you love is not meant not just to be professed but practiced, too.

Your crown shines so bright, Leo! On Monday, Mercury joins your Taurus governed professional sector where it’ll esteem your career. You’ll be divinely helped to say, think, and present your brilliance on the job in powerful ways. It’s a wonderful time to strategize your best case scenario outcomes for work; whether that’s hiring, promotion, or transition. Stay light on your feet this weekend on matters of romance and love because the Venus/Pluto square could weigh your confidence down if you’re too rigid. The sexiest trait about you is your adaptability so showcase it and let the Universe surprise you!

Visionary is your new middle name Virgo! Mercury joins your wisdom and expansive thinking sector on Monday giving you visits from the divine muses and inspiration everywhere. You may be hit by wanderlust so if you’re hungry for an adventure, start strategizing! This weekend reminds you of the magnetism of confidence under the Venus/Pluto square. I do believe in the power of faking it until you make it. So give that if a try if you’re feeling a crisis of confidence. Especially in relationships. Since the more secure you feel, the sexier you’ll be. And the more authentic your relationships will always be while you’re working on staying as full as possible.

Hey, Sherlock! On Monday Libra, Mercury enters your Taurus ruled truth seeking sector helping you read between the lines and search for honesty in all connections. It’s not just a Truth serum but it’s a sexy transit, too. So listen to the energies, body languages, and cues from others then speak your desires to partners for meaningful erotic experiences. Afterward you’ll search for more emotional safety this weekend after the Venus/Pluto square on Thursday. You’ll want to align with experiences and partners that you can trust without reservation. So the sexual experiences are held with safety and transparency.   

You’ll put the commune in communication, Scorpio. Mercury joins your Taurus ruled negotiation sector on Monday helping you understand the differences of “the other” and find the common ground. Especially in matters of romance. Seek understanding more than being understood. And make it a win/win or no deal, baby! Make sure you focus on the details as ordered by the Venus/Pluto square this weekend around all health, wellness, and communication matters. Your priorities need to be organized around radical self-care.

Spring Cleaning, Sag! On Monday, Mercury joins your Taurus ruled decluttering, de-stressing, organizing, and streamlining sector. So if you get right to work on these matters, you’ll see how little changes make big impacts on the overall health of your day. Once you register the impact, you’ll love the divine in the details. After the Venus/Pluto square, you’ll want to be your most joyful, creative, and confident self this weekend. Take the time to ground yourself on how far you’ve come this year and celebrate your progress with gratitude.

There’s nothing practical about a life with no play, Capricorn! On Monday, Mercury enters your Taurus ruled joy, creativity, and confidence playground which inspires you to work less and enjoy your life more. This is so practical because you’ll avoid the inevitable burnout and resentment of a life that has no balance. Home is where your heart is longing for! You’ll want to align with both experiences and partners who are as cozy and lovely as home this weekend. So they can respect your sensitivities.

You’re an Emotional Einstein, Aquarius! Mercury’s move into Taurus on Monday inspires you to name the feelings in your heart and share its power with the right people. Your empathy and compassion are getting strengthened too. So you’ll demonstrate a higher version of emotional intelligence to all the right people. Try to let go of a conspiracy, story, nightmare you keep telling yourself this weekend under the Venus/Pluto square. It’s so healthy to introduce some skepticism around the thoughts that give you stress. Because not everything you think is accurate. So a little reality checking goes a long way!

We’re hanging on your every word, Pisces. Mercury joins your Taurus ruled communication sector helping you pay attention, think, listen, and speak so beautifully that satin ribbons flow when you speak.  The Venus/Pluto square reminds you that you don’t have to communicate perfectly; but if you feel something, say something! Straight talk to leads to straight emotional understanding. So use your words well! You’ll want to align with friends this weekend who share your deepest values because you want quality not superficial connection.