May 27-June 2nd

Dream on! This week’s horoscope - despite the quicksilver mutability of Gemini Season ! - allows the zodiac contemplate more powerfully on the present moment otherwise know as the “be here now” principle in order to be more hopeful for what’s next in our lives.

Tuesday’s start to a confident Aries Moon helps inhabit the a more powerful personhood so that we might take bold steps towards the direction of our goals, dreams, and vision. As I understand it, the highest Aries energy takes the zodiac out of hopelessness, disengagement, blame, anger. So that it might deliver us to bravery, inspiration, and power.

If you open your eyes this weekend I’m sure you’ll find a larger than life party somewhere thanks to social Mercury in Gemini opposing happy go lucky Jupiter. If you’re ready for an adventure and an unforgettable time somewhere, it awaits you so long as you say say “Yes!” to life and show up.


Pull your passionate heart even closer to your sleeve this week, Aries! The Aries Moon on Tuesday inspires you to speak your heart and share whatever is on your mind. You could get borderline reactive and impulsive so just count to 3 before saying anything from a place of anger. The weekend’s Mercury/Jupiter opposition peaks your curiosity and wanderlust. If you feel called to get away, do it. You won’t regret time, energy, and money spent on exploration and fun.


Self-care’s the name of your game, Taurus! A sensitive Aries Moon on Tuesday could make you both more tender and tired than usual. So be gentle on yourself, do what you need to do to stay emotionally regulated, and catch up on your rest. Especially since you’ll need it for this week’s tantric energy as the Mercury/Jupiter opposition inspires not just passionate sex, but radical truth telling and transformative intimacy. You’ll want to think, feel, say, and go deeper with partners for the alchemy of this transit.


Happiest of happy birthdays to you, Gemini! Try to align with the horoscope of the week by celebrating your new year with your favorite friends as the transiting Aries Moon pulls in your closest connections. They want to show up for you and remind you how much you mean to them so let them! The weekend’s less platonic and a lot more romantic under the Mercury/Jupiter opposition in our relationship sector. If opposites attract chemistry appears at your birthday party, the ball’s in your court. Take the lead and speak your desires for magical results!


It’s not your season yet but it’s all about you, Cancer! The Aries Moon midweek makes you hustle harder for your professional goals. You’ll want to stop and ask yourself whether or not you’re climbing the right career mountain. Once you know, get to it! This weekend’s Mercury/Jupiter opposition inspires you to take radical care of your health, wellness, and spiritual practice so that you can be the very best Moonchild you can possible be. So you see! From work to health, do you unapologetically this week.


Optimism looks so good on you, Leo! An Aries Moon on Tuesday not only helps you see the world with rose-colored lenses but it quickly gives you the results to prove its efficiency. So you’ll seeing the glass half full again and again. The high vibes carry into the weekend ushered in by a Mercury/Jupiter opposition which helps you feel confident and connected while you socialize with your tribe. Make sure you’re working hard to give the good feelings you want to receive from your friends to maximize the power of this opposition!


Can you handle the Truth, Virgo? An authentic Aries Moon transit this week inspires your best honesty practices and conversations especially in uncomfortable situations. While that caliber of honesty may be unpopular to the less genuine folk, it could help them long term if you’re invested in the effort of telling the truth but not attached to the results. This weekend you’ll want to try to manage that delicate balance between the professional and emotional tasks under the Mercury/Jupiter opposition. First think which of the two between your personhood or professional life needs more of your cognition, then get to it!


Midweek date night, Libra? Why not! A lovely Aries Moon midweek puts romance on the itinerary especially with an opposites attract partner or themed date. This lunation wants you to do something different with a partner’s who’s completely unlike you or make the familiar unfamiliar again with your beloved for magical results. Weekend getaway? Yes! The Mercury/Jupiter opposition sends you off on a literal or mental adventure wherever you feel called to go. You’ll want to explore new places with people you adore and prioritize enjoying yourself.


Tunnel vision much, Scorpio? A focused Aries Moon midweek helps you concentrate on the details of your passions, goals, and visions. You’ll want to maximize this focus by applying your intelligence to whatever life arena - health, finances, or relationships - needs it. Then watch it transform! An intimate weekend is likely to be yours thanks to the Mercury/Jupiter opposition which helps you go to meaningful, sexy, and pleasurable places with partners you trust. Let honesty and intimacy help you and the ones you’re sexually connecting with be a place where you’re transformed together.


Go for a joy ride, Sagittarius! An Aries Moon midweek gives you all the license to have fun, play, and express your desires in powerful ways. It’s also prime energy to work on a creative project so utilize this energy towards joy and creative expression. A Mercury/Jupiter opposition this weekend helps you speak your truth in relational, partnership, and romantic situations. You’ll want to speak your mind with the same passion as you’re willing to listen to what your partners crave too. Major breakthroughs and negotiations are likely for you and your beloveds so long as you’re willing to be as honest possible!


You’re allowed to be a creature of comfort too, Capricorn. A tender Aries Moon midweek inspires you to strive for more security, comfort, and deeper bonds with family. You’ll be tasked with showing that half fish side to you by expressing your vulnerability powers. This weekend’s Mercury/Jupiter opposition puts you back to work on the health, wellness, routine and organization front. You’ll want to maximize the powers of productivity (even if it’s a weekend!) and annihilate that to-do list which gives you peace of mind like no other.


Speak your heart, Aquarius! The transiting Aries Moon midweek wraps the right language around emotions and you’ll want to express yourself where you feel inspired. Don’t buy into the emotionally detached mythology of your sign! You too are allowed to express sensitivities and emotions to people you trust. Your comfort with courage continues this weekend under the Mercury/Jupiter opposition which places you in joyful situations, conversations, and experiences with friends. Tell each other how much you appreciate one another to maximize the high vibes!


A little luxury can’t hurt, right Pisces? The Aries Moon midweek has one order - treat yourself! If it feels good, then do it, buy it, go there. You’ve earned it and life is meant to be enjoyed too even if joy is a terrifying emotion. After your hedonism, you’ll work hard this weekend to perfect the balance of inner and outer success under the Mercury/Jupiter opposition. Is it your your powerful heart or life purpose that needs more tending to? Do both? Ask the Universe, be willing to hear the answer, and then follow the divine direction you’ll receive.