May 20-27

The start of Gemini Season WOULD have two transits for the price of one this week.

Up first is the start of Gemini Season on Tuesday. After four weeks of having our feet firmly planted on la terra firma, it’s time to take off to the skies. Gemini’s the first air sign in the zodiac and so we’ll all want to revisit our relationship to mindfulness, communication, and curiosity. It’s a sign that likes to go deep while staying light on its feet.

That same day, Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury enters Gemini. Mercury in Gemini gives the zodiac the power and passion to perceive and communicate as intelligently as possible. While it’s true that 93% of communication is nonverbal, now’s the time to work on that 7% where we work hard to say what we mean and mean what we say. Though Gemini doesn’t guarantee certainty, so let curiosity and “I don’t know. I’ll tell you when I get there be your guide.”

A Pisces Moon throughout Memorial Day weekend starts the summer in a soulful style. Pisces Moons are dreamy, contemplative, fantastical, and tender. Let the weekend’s dreams, emotions, and visions guide you to Pisces transcendence.


Variety’s the spice you’re craving this Spring, Ram! Tuesday’s start to Gemini Season starts to shake you out of the rut of consistency and boredom and Mercury adding its magic gives you the adventure, fun, and curiosity you’re hoping for. You’ll want to merge the Sun and Mercury in Gemini by taking short trips, exploring your ideas, getting started on your writing, researching, storytelling, and speaking. Take a trip the museum! Book a little weekend getaway this spring. A dreamy Pisces moon makes you more tender, emotionally expressive, and vulnerable this weekend. Don’t be afraid to express your feels to anyone who genuinely needs to hear it.


Let it raaaaaaain, Taurus! When Gemini Season begins on Tuesday, you’ll want to work on how you’re manifesting the most abundance and financial security. Let this season help you find the contexts you need for security. Think deeper than just financial - though that’s important and it’s happening ! - but what values and contexts for self esteem you need. Do your choices and life reflect that? They better! Change what needs to with Mercury’s help in Gemini and strengthen what’s already working. A social Pisces makes you the bull of the ball this weekend. Reconnect with your friends and make socializing this spring a top priority. You deserve it!


Happy (almost) Birthday! Gemini Season begins on Tuesday ending a month long process of social sabbatical, completion, and surrender. You’re ready to begin again after you’ve found closure in all the places you need it. Gemini Season is sure to reset you! Mercury enters your sign on Tuesday helping renew your passion and power to make your goals manifest around your birthday. Mercury in Gemini inspires to contribute your best skills like your sharp intellect, analytics, mischief, and fun. Show the zodiac what you makes you so very special thing Spring! An ambitious Pisces Moon this weekend inspires you to review your career goals and how you can harness your birthday energy to succeed. Try to spiritualize your relationship to your career by infusing your values with service and compassion.


Let it all go, Cancer. When Gemini Season starts on Tuesday it’ll inspire you to reign in the tides and begin releasing all low-level circumstances that don’t serve your highest and brightest. Whenever you need completion and surrender, apply your best thinking and release to those places to receive it. Mercury joins the mission helping you begin helpful conversations that give you healing, forgiveness, and even two way apologies if you’re not afraid to go all the way there. It usually takes two to make a toxic pattern so you’ll want to think about what role JB the mess, too. It’s not all heavy energy as this weekend’s an adventurous one thanks to the Pisces Moon. Which motivates you to leave the comfort of the crab shell at home and step out of yourself into expansive situations. Say yes to adventure, learning new things, and all the joy!


Work’s over, Leo! Gemini Season’s start on Tuesday helps you finally clock out of overtime after a month of a hard grind. You’ll be reconnecting with friends, your tribe and the deepest sense of community. Celebrate how hard you’ve worked with friends who are strong enough to clap for you! Mercury joining the Gemini flight team will help you even more the work/life balance so you can socialize more with the range of connections across your network this spring. Don’t feel guilty about “not working” because it’s always the relationship quality - not your job! - that determines the life quality. You’ll be a horny cat in heat this weekend under the erotic Pisces Moon and its naturally sexy, steamy energy. Pursue your pleasures for pleasure’s sake with partners who’ve earned the right to be close to you.


You better WERK, Virgo! The start of Gemini Season on Tuesday strengthens your work ethic so you can make the professional progress you’re dreaming of this spring. Remember to think of your career more like a mission. You’ve incarnated in this life contribute something so valuable. Mercury in Gemini will help you elevate your career visions, strategies, and execution. Trust all hunches and intuitional hunches that come up for you! Plan a date night this weekend! The Pisces Moon is a romantic one which puts a powerful opposites attract energy in the air for unlikely suitors who have a lot to offer you. Give a second thought to partners you dismissed and romantically connect to those who are as different from you as possible.


Bon voyage, Libra! Gemini Season’s beginning on Tuesday giving you wanderlust and passion for exploration. After four weeks of deep inner work, battling shame, and other traumas, you could use a vacation. So whenever wherever the mood strikes to begin an adventure, do it. Mercury in Gemini is jet-setting you off to far corners of the international and educational worlds, too. Let optimism, hope, and the knowing of what’s deeply good for you be your compass this season. But not without attending to the details first this weekend thanks to the Pisces Moon helping you focus on organization, health, and wellness. If you’re thinking of a mentor of sorts, stay open to one showing up divinely this weekend, too. So many wise ones wants to help.


My favorite relational theorist Ester Perel reframes intimacy as “into-me-you-see”, Scorpio. Gemini Season’s start on Tuesday wants you to let down the armor and help partners see the deepest dimensions of you; imperfections, vulnerabilities, and dreams. After four weeks of reviewing your relationship with relationship you’re ready for the realest. With the help of Mercury in your Gemini ruled intimacy sector, these transits are helping you experience trustworthy partners this spring and help you dismantle fears and barriers you hold against the most authentic connections you can make. Start this weekend? The tender Pisces Moon inspires you to confidently communicate feelings becausejt to authenticity’s the way in to intimacy.


It takes two, Sagittarius! The most romantic time of your year begins on Tuesday when Gemini Season starts. After four weeks of radical responsibility on all personal fronts, you’re ready to share you best self with partners who are also working hard on themselves. Search for partners with contrast against you. This Spring has opposites attract style chemistry all over it. Mercury helps you harmonize when it enters your Gemini ruled romantic sector. You’ll want to understand “the other” more than being understood by them and work on your best negotiation skills. The Pisces Moon this weekend gives you JOMO (the joy of missing out) as you may want to stay in for some peace and quiet. Or meaningfully connect with the bonds that feel like family.


Hug a tree, Capricorn! Gemini Season’s beginning on Tuesday wants you to connect to more stability, reliability, and practicality. You’re at your happiest when you’re feeling proactively prepared with your duties and responsibilities so go the extra mile this season to make it happen. Especially since you’ve had your fair share of fun over the last four weeks! You’re ready to reenter the routine. Mercury in Gemini beginning on Tuesday are helping you ground yourself in organization, structure, and wellness for your success. A Pisces Moon this weekend makes you curious and articulate in wonderful ways. Striking you with divine inspiration abound. Let the words flow like honey and impress others with your intellect!


Time to leave the nest, Aquarius! Your four weeks of your staycation, redecorating, reuniting with family and taking a social sabbatical are coming to a close. Gemini Season’s start on Tuesday begins your month long joy, confidence, creativity, and pleasure chapter! When Mercury joins the fellow air sign, it’ll get you out of the house and flying quickly into socialization, pleasure, and all the things that give you happiness. Push perfectionism and people pleasing aside this month as you contribute your highest and brightest to the Universe. The. You can tend to self-care this weekend ordered by the Pisces Moon. You’ll want to get ahead on your financial responsibilities, organize your schedule, and be diligently proactive to set yourself up for success in the week ahead.


Click your ruby slippers three times, Pisces! After a month of heavy intellectual exercise, you’re ready for rest. When Gemini Season starts on Tuesday, you’ll get the staycation, recharge, and emotional fulfillment you need by surrounding yourself with all the contexts that keep you safe. Reconnect with family and the symbolism of home while Mercury enters Gemini too; the ruler of your home and family zone make this Spring a tender one.

The Moon transits your sign this weekend helping you express your best qualities of empathy, compassion, and wisdom. If you’re feeling restless from the sensitives of Gemini Season, then pursue your emotional happiness without apology or permission.