May 13-19

Call me a cock-eyed optimist, but if oppositional Venus and Mars are entering new signs on the same day … then I’m inclined to think we’re beginning a harmonious chapter in our relationships? If Mars and Venus can agree to do the same thing on the same day, why can’t we? And a Full Moon on Saturday in the most erotic sign of the zodiac is sure to make this weekend a mystical one.

Up first is Love Goddess Venus moving into secure Taurus on Wednesday. Venus is the ruler of Taurus so when a planet returns to its signsake, the zodiac is blessed by Venusian kindness, luxury. And beauty. Venus in Taurus puts a desire in our heart for partners that reliable, secure, and loyal. Until June 8th, Venus in Taurus enriches connections to the highest quality and we’ll be enchanted by the aesthetic industries and splurging on luxury rightfully.

Then Warrior Mars enters Cancer on Wednesday night. Whereas Venus is happy in Taurus, Mars is a turbulent and a bit reactive in Cancer. Aligned with Venus in Taurus’ longing for relational connections of the highest quality, Mars in Cancer invites the zodiac to assert its emotional security and align with sexual partners who we actually want to cook breakfast for in the morning. Mars in Cancer offers us to blend the waters of emotional and sexual until July.

A Full Moon in Scorpio on May 18th could provide the context for a sexy weekend, the illumination of our unexpressed feelings, and the sharing of what remains unconfessed in our hearts. Think back to November 7th of last year under the New Moon in Scorpio for context clues. Whatever’s emerged in your life since then is reaching a turning point and it’s up to you to use this Scorpionic power of honesty and strength to transform it.

Treat yourself before you wreck yourself, Ram! Love Goddess Venus’ move into your Taurus governed financial sector on Wednesday allows you to splurge on high-quality things and experiences. Venus in Taurus reminds you why it’s important to engage with joy, sensuality, and pleasure so you have the moments that validate why you work so hard. Midweek your ruling planet Mars enters your Cancerian protected home and family sector motivating you to move, redecorate, and/or smooth out family drama until July. Mars in Cancer wants you to assert what contexts keep you safe. A Full Moon on Saturday in your Scorpio held erotic sector makes this weekend an sexy one. You’ll want to allow the Full Moon to remove your barriers against intimacy, meaningful commitment, and wrestling with the Truth.

Happy Birthday, Taurus! Your birthday gift is irresistible magnetism, beauty, and abundance when your ruling planet Venus enters Taurus on Wednesday until June. Venus in Taurus beautifies your relationship connections, income, and invites you to prioritize pleasure. Mars enters your Cancerian governed communication zone that same day and inspires you to be more straightforward about your emotional needs until July. Mars in Cancer motivates you to showcase your vulnerabilities, tenderness, and empathy skills.  A Full Moon in your Scorpionic relationship sector this weekend manifests romantic opportunity to call in new partners, a deepening of preexisting intimacy, or an honest completion/transition. Stay optimistic, curious, flexible, and gentle with all moments to receive the magic of this romantic full moon.

Surrender can be so sweet, Gemini! Venus joins your Taurus ruled completion and healing sector on Wednesday motivating you to release the control of managing romantic results. Venus in Taurus beautifies your romantic completion, healing, and surrender so you can say unattached to pain of the past and optimistic for the present. Mars then enters your Cancerian protected income space that day helping you fight for your worth and financial security. Mars in Cancer motivates you to protect what you cherish and assert what you need to feel safe with others. A Full Moon in your Scorpoinic health and wellness zone gets you in tip-top shape for the summer. Trust the ideas that come up related to your personal management and commit to implementing them.

Friend, lover, or both Cancer? Venus enters your Taurus adored friendship zone on Wednesday blurring the lines between platonic and romantic. Venus in Taurus reminds you that the best connections combine the highest experiences of friendship and romance - so give it a try! Mars enters your sign that day helping you assert yourself, your boundaries, and desires with confidence. Mars in Cancer is a biennial transit that gives you the security and power to manage your life without people-pleasing, perfectionism, or passivity until July. You’re at Cause for Life’s Effect, Cancer! A Full Moon in your Scorpio governed confidence and joy sector this weekend inspires you to share an unspoken story in your heart. Live and love loudly.

Business as usual or beautiful, Leo? Love Goddess Venus enters your Taurus ruled career zone on Wednesday beautifying your professional life with strong relationships, promotions, raises, and more. Venus in Taurus helps you see your relational intelligence as the key component for your career success. Mars enters your Cancer ruled completion sector too so a major beginning is coming so long as you lovingly let go of what this transit it ending until July. Mars in Cancer inspires you to be proactive around closure, apologies, forgiveness, and surrender so you can make space for the new experiences trying to enter. A Full Moon this weekend in your Scorpio held sensitivities arena makes you more vulnerable around experiences related to home, family, and emotional safety. Identify what you need to be happy at home with and with your loved ones so integrity protects you!

Bon Voyage, Virgo! Love Goddess Venus joins your Taurus ruled jetsetting and higher mind sector inspiring you to romance with the international and intelligent. Venus in Taurus invites you to fall in love with contrast, campuses, and countries which expand your capabilities like never before. Then Mars enters your Cancerian governed friendship space that day helping you see yourself as a leader among your friends. Mars is the warrior archetype so if you need to lovingly declare boundaries and express discomfort with friends until July, you can. So long as you avoid petty drama. A Full Moon this weekend in your Scorpio influenced consciousness and communication sector helps you sharpen your listening and speaking skills in wonderful ways. Mediate on methods to improve your mindfulness, active listening, and verbal communication skills, trust whatever direction comes up for you, and then apply it.

Hey Bombshell! Venus enters your Taurus ruled sexuality and authenticity zone on Wednesday helping you express and attract your desires unapologetically, Libra. Venus in Taurus wants you to beautify your relationship to intimacy and release the blocks that hold you back from letting partners see the real you. That day, Mars enters your Cancerian protected career sector inspiring you to grind harder and take charge on the job while pursuing your dreams until July. Mars in Cancer is a biennial transit so if you are hungry for more passion, energy, and confidence to pursue your career dreams - this is one, so use it well! A Full Moon in your Scorpio held income zone this weekend helps you review how you budget, save, and spend responsibly. Meditate on where you place your worth - money, relationships, etc, - and whether or not its safe to be placed there. Trust what direction comes up for you and then follow the direction to acquire the security your worth needs!

Spring fling, Scorpio? Venus enters your Taurus ruled romance sector on Wednesday giving you the wonderful opportunities for love you’re desiring. Let Venus in Taurus invite new partners, deepen the intimacy with the ones you have, or help you transition into completion if necessary. Mars sets fire to your Cancerian ruled optimism zone that day motivating you to keep an open-heart and trust your partners more confidently. Mars in Cancer reminds you that you need a vision of joy, optimism, and happiness first in order to take the action to create those experiences until July. If you need a reset, this weekend’s Full Moon is in your sign so it’s all yours. The Full Moon in Scorpio is your midyear cosmic renewal. So you’ll want to take release all low-level things holding you back from joy, worthiness, courage, and connection with radical responsibility and ask the Universe to help you begin again.

The doctor’s in Sagittarius! Venus enters your Taurus protect health, wellness, and nutrition zone on Wednesday beautifying your relationship to personal development. Venus in Taurus is helping you find joy in the divine details of holistic wellness. Mars sets fire to your Cancer ruled sexuality sector that day inspiring you to connect with partners more deeply. Mars in Cancer gives you greater passion for authenticity, intimacy, and commitment in relationships until July helping you find freedom and stability.  A Full Moon in your Scorpio governed completion sector helps you wrap up loose ends and releases you from irrational fears, shame, and trauma which slow you down from galloping at full speed. Admit which low-level thoughts and emotions you want to take responsibility for, release them, then let the Universe direct you form there.

Pursue your bliss, Capricorn! Venus enters your Taurus ruled confidence sector on Wednesday inspiring you to be less professionally preoccupied and more concerned with your newfound  magnetism, joy, and charisma. Venus in Taurus wants you to see the practicality and worth of joy, romance, and creativity. Without it, you lack the richest meaning that contributes to the quality of your life. Mars then joins your Cancerian protected romantic zone that day motivating you to rise above petty conflict in love and negotiate win/wins for all until July. Mars in Cancer wants you to champion partnership because the rugged individualist is a myth for a reason. You never have to do it alone so let romantic partners help you. A Full Moon in your Scorpio protected friendship sector this weekend is a wonderful time to connect with your closest pals. If you’re feeling like you need a transition in this social network, ask the Universe for its help, listen to its feedback, then follow it.

Happy Homecoming, Aquarius!. Venus enters your Taurus ruled home, emotional safety, and family zone on Wednesday helping you redecorate your living spaces and closest relationships with more loyalty and love. Venus in Taurus wants you to beautify your bonds with family and find comfort with the stability of home. When Mars enters Cancer, it’ll reignite a stronger passion for wellness and health so recommit to your goals on personal excellence until July. Mars in Cancer wants you to fight for your healthiest, most secure, organized, and responsible self so you can be the success you’re born to be. A Full Moon in your Scorpio powered career sector this weekend gives you a completion and beginning where you need it on the job. A Full circle moment in your professional life is here so soften into the transition with security and optimism.

Put it in a love letter, Pisces! Venus enters your Taurus ruled communication zone helping you write, speak, and share your powerful emotions to partners. Venus in Taurus wants you to cherish how beautifully you demonstrate love by backing it up with the right words so partners can hear why you’re doing what you do for them. Mars lights up your Cancer joy and creativity sector that day empowering you with confidence until July. Mars in Cancer wants you to fight for your passions, happiness, and dreams with gumption. A Full Moon in your Scorpio held international and educational area motivates you to travel, learn, and expand your life with wonderful opportunities. Take a bold, daring risk forward in the direction of education and adventure. Bon voyage, merfolk!