April 8-14

A Wise Virgo once said, “...it’s always darkest before the dawn”. It’s not going to get too dark this week but the Universe’s light will get a bit dimmer when lucky spiritual planet Jupiter begins its 4 month retrograde in Sagittarius on Wednesday.

Which will Inspire the zodiac to reconnect with their internal spirituality and faith while looking less for dawn in situations, circumstances, and events outside of us. When planets retrograde, I think of it as introspective audit from the Universe’s IRS. So your Jupiter-ruled visions, hopes, and values will be tested. For whether or not they’re giving you inner peace and joy as well as relational intelligence. How will we know if we’re getting audited? Very simply - are you in peace or pain? If your Jupiter ruled visions don’t translate to joy and peace in the outer world, it’s time for a reevaluation throughout the next 4 months.

Saturday’s square between the Sun in me-first Aries and Pluto in but-grow-the-fuck-up- first Capricorn could trigger where we’re too controlling and rigid around out comfort zones. We love to stay cozy and cute in our comfort. But that won’t be supported on Saturday. We’ll be tasked with the opportunity to grow up and not let our immature ego’s reign supreme in our most critical thinking. Release rigidity, a lack of accountability, and control for maximum results. It’s not all tough talk because Sunday’s powerful trine is the dawn! As Sunday holds a trine between the Sun and Jupiter in Sagittarius giving us renewed optimism, confidence, and hope for the weeks ahead.

Happiest birthday to you, Aries! Wednesday’s start to Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius motivates you to think very deeply about the reasoning behind the important decisions you make. Especially when it comes to higher-education and expansion. Long gone are the days where impulsivity and reactivity are your primary problem solvers . So long as you take the time while Jupiter’s retrograde to learn the right lessons, strategies, and education to help you become the most bad ass Ram you can possibly be. You’ll want to stay very flexible on Saturday with yourself and others with the tough square between the Sun in your sign and Pluto in Capricorn. If you something triggering comes up, pause, think deeply, and choose with love. Since  Sunday clears the air of conflict and tension with renewed optimism, happiness, and hope.

Can you handle the big Truth, Taurus? When Jupiter retrogrades in your authentic Sagittarius ruled intimacy zone on Wednesday, you’ll be inspired to 1) wrap your head and heart around the deepest Truths and 2) align with romantic partners who have quality staying power. Along the way, you’ll want to reveal your most tender side to them too so they see the releast dimensions of your personality and know what party they’re signing up for. As for the weekend, don’t get too triggered or sweat the small stuff on Saturday under the Sun square Pluto. Just keep “zooming out” of your perspective to find more flexible perceptions. Since Sunday gives you miraculously divine help out of the blue and if you’re keeping an open, receptive mind, you’ll get it gifted to you very quickly.

You love them or you love them not, Gemini?! Jupiter retrogrades in your Sagittarius ruled romance sector on Wednesday helping you renew romances with lovers from the past or completely move on. Jupiter Retrograde is an opportunity period of tremendous romantic healing if you’re willing to offer apologies where you blew it and forgiveness to others so use it well! You’ll think more mutually about friendships on Saturday under the Sun square Pluto and which friends honor reciprocation. Is it an equal give and take? Are you giving as much you want to receive? Talk about it with yourself and them! Sunday reunites with you the highest quality friends and lovers. Perhaps even the best of both.

Time for a check up, Cancer! Jupiter will retrograde in your Sagittarius governed health and wellness zone on Wednesday. Inspiring you to be very proactive around overdue health, wellness, and even organizational concerns. This Jupiter Retrograde will inspire you to see yourself as the Cause of your own life’s Effect so you can reclaim your power. How’s that work/romance balance? Saturday’s Sun square Pluto inspires you to show up for romance and the joys of life a bit more than work responsibilities. So if it gets a little vulnerable, messy, and risky with partners - that’s a good thing! You can balance emotional exposure in love with a head start on the week ahead with Sunday’s efficiency energy.

Grandeur or Grandiosity, Leo? Jupiter retrogrades in your Sagittarius ruled confidence, creativity, and happiness zone on Wednesday. Helping you remember the exact reasons why you’re worthy of joy, love, and immense success. Jupiter Retrograde will help you lay claim to your spirit-ruled grandeur over ego-hungry grandiosity. Think deeply on the difference between those two Gs, how you make decisions to serve one over the other, and the outcomes. You’ll want to hold space for both the micro details and macro big picture on Saturday as best you can with the Sun square Pluto. Have a plan but roll with the punches, too. Then Sunday gives you a strike of inspiration and intuitional accuracy to make your grandeur dreams come true.

It’s time to go home, Virgo! Jupiter will retrograde in your home, emotional safety, and family sector on Wednesday helping you renew relationships with family and the people and places that feel like home. Jupiter Retrograde will help you honor your heart and choose the safest people, places, and situations that give you inner peace. You’ll want to own your confidence powerfully including your yes and no while you stand in your power on Saturday because the Sun square Pluto could trigger situations where you’ll want to give up your agency. Don’t do it! Sunday’s transits are more healing and compassionate so you can be gentle with yourself and others if emotions were triggered.

It’s not either/or but both/and, Libra! Only you can balance the verbal and nonverbal. Jupiter will retrograde in your communication zone on Wednesday helping your fluency in what’s being spoken and not. So Jupiter Retrograde will help you improve your cognition and communication to brilliant levels which helps you engage with the practice that’s now at the center of all of life’s most meaningful experiences - negotiation. It’s likely you’ll be in your feels on love this Saturday thanks to the Sun square Pluto. So you’ll want to speak your vulnerabilities, expectations, and feelings with partners for authenticity and empathy’s sake.   
Especially on Sunday because your emotional intelligence will be more articulate than ever. If there’s a feeling you need to wrap language around, Sunday’s the moment to do it!

What do you cherish, Scorpio? What matters? Jupiter will retrograde in your Sagittarius ruled income and value sector on Wednesday helping you reconsider financial, material, and personal resources in a big way. Jupiter Retrograde will help you protect your energy and resources as currency while helping you align with others who appreciate it. Listen to your body on Saturday because its accuracy will prove correct under the Sun square Pluto transit. Your body doesn’t lie so trust your physical responses to situations as the gatekeepers of truth they are. Then you’ll want to make a big investment on your personal/physical development on Sunday. Spend time nourishing your soul!

Need a pause, Centaur? This Wednesday you’ll start to have it when Jupiter begins a retrograde in your sign. Jupiter Retrograde will give you the time to relax, integrate, and reflect on how much your life’s changed since last November. You’re allowed to have second thoughts and opportunity periods to pause, reconsider, reevaluate, etc. You’ll want to open up about your story on Saturday with people who’ve earned the right to hear it under the Sun square Pluto. Keep conversations all the way real and be willing to hear receptive feedback from those who have your best interests in heart. Then you’ll feel more confident, joyful on Sunday because of what you let off your shoulders in the honest conversations.

What does “spirituality” mean to you, Capricorn? Jupiter will retrograde in your Sagittarius ruled divinity, completion, and surrender zone on Wednesday helping you get in touch with your more intuitive and soulful side. Jupiter Retrograde will help you find the righteous spiritual practice to help you walk this world with otherworldly support and intelligence. On Saturday, emotions could flare up under the Sun square Pluto so don’t wait for an invitation to speak up and help others know where you’re at proactively. People don’t know what they don’t know after all. So clue them in and invite them in to your emotional nature. On Sunday you’ll feel the positive effects of your vulnerabilities as empathy is given you.

You put the union in reunion, Aquarius! Jupiter will retrograde in your Sagittarius ruled friendship and socialization sector on Wednesday helping you reconnect with friends from the past and celebrate each other’s progress. Jupiter Retrograde will help you find and honor the most meaningful friendships because socialization is your religion. You’ll want to trust your intuition carefully on Saturday because the Sun square Pluto will connect you to the right divine wisdom. If you’re comfortable around it, you could perhaps speak your intuition to someone who may need to hear what you’re feeling. Catch up with more friends on Sunday by calling the ones you miss and making plans to reconnect.

Review time, Pisces! Jupiter will retrograde in your Sagittarius professional sector on Wednesday helping you understand your progress, happiness, and competence level on the job thus far. Jupiter Retrograde will help you understand and find the best case scenario situations where you can contribute your gifts and abilities on the job. You’re so talented, unlimited. Now prove it! On Saturday you’ll be tasked to support a friend who needs your wise counsel under the Sun square Pluto. Keep conversations centered on accountability and responsibility which will transform the situation. This conversation could “read” you too as it gives you a breakthrough related to your job/work come Sunday. Find the connections!