April 29-May 5th

Less is more! Let’s get all the way back to basics. On Monday, responsible Saturn turns retrograde in strict Capricorn for the next four months. So you’ll want to maximize this retrograde by weeding out what’s unimportant and meaningless in your personal, professional, and even relational circumstances.

You’ll also want to take extreme ownership of your life in as many ways as you can. That’s why Saturn gets such a bad wrap because it’s an energy the only returns reward on those who are extremely responsible about their life-management. What we own - from our thoughts, emotions, and behavior - we then have the capacity to consciously change. If we do it well, Saturn retrograde could legitimize your success in a worldly way so mind your business and do your best.  

If you want to call in new high-quality things then Saturday’s New Moon in Taurus will help you attract what’s down-to-earth in order to help you feel more secure. Think of what you’d like to improve around your financial security, optimized health, clarity of values, and embodiment practices that help you enjoy sensuality more. Remember to see you intentions as already happening in the present moment to accelerate manifestation and stay centered in gratitude for the inevitable receiving of them, too.

You can get away with excess on Sunday even though I started the horoscope with less is more. With Mars in rapid fire Gemini opposing Jupiter in relentlessly optimistic Sagittarius, just put the pedal to the metal and floor it. Be outspoken, be brave, be fearless.

It’s time for a progress report, Ram! Saturn’s retrograde in disciplined Capricorn on Monday motivates you to review your professional life with radical responsibility. If all is well at work, you’ll feel supported by this transit and I’d anticipate success/validation for your hard work. If you’re feeling unfulfilled, get to the root of the cause and show more responsibility around it. Avoid blame and you’ll see positive effects while Saturn gives you structure to succeed. The annual New Moon in Taurus on Saturday is listening to your intentions on security, financial abundance, and sensuality. Get very clear on the exact contexts you’d need to feel personally safe and then enjoy the manifestation process!

Happy Birthday, Taurus! When Saturn turns retrograde in fellow earth sign Capricorn on Monday, you’ll be tasked to showcase your willingness to explore the unknown with optimism and wisdom. Saturn Retrograde wants you to prove to the zodiac that you’re capable of being flexible, curious, and no longer afraid of change. Saturday’s New Moon is in your sign! So be totally fearless while you declare the most positive intentions around every life arena - from personal, relational, professional - and you’ll see the manifestation take shape throughout the next six months. Enjoy!

Time to take off the armor, Gemini! Saturn’s retrograde in your Capricorn ruled intimacy sector on Monday is inspiring you to be seen and heard as imperfectly, vulnerably, and honestly as possible. Saturn Retrograde wants you to connect to others without defense or armor - even if you call it a “sense of humor”! - since this will do wonders for your relationships as your partners see the most authentic version of you. A New Moon in Taurus on Saturday is receptive to your intentions on closure and spirituality. Think about what needs to end in all life arenas and ask for the most supportive spiritual practice to help you. Happy healing!

It takes two, Cancer! Saturn Retrograde in your Capricorn governed romantic sector on Monday has you reviewing you and your partners’ contributions in relationships. Saturn Retrograde is inspiring you to make it a mutual win/win or no deal. If partners aren’t contributing enough, inspire them to step it up. If it’s you - because it takes two for a pattern! - take extreme ownership around your choices and the first steps towards clearing it. Saturday’s New Moon in your Taurus ruled friendship sector calls in more supportive connections in your community, tribe, and network. Remember to think optimistically around a favorable outcome even if you’ve been burned by friends of the past. The more loving ones are on their way to you!

What’s the royal routine, Leo!? Monday’s Saturn retrograde in strict Capricorn helps you finalize your morning ritual and routine to help you burn bright all day. Saturn Retrograde is helping you make a serious commitment to practices in health, exercise, or mediation so that you can perform at full glory throughout the whole day. A New Moon in Taurus on Saturday is having you think differently about your career sector. You’ll want to be as fearless as possible while you declare  the most optimistic intentions on your work goals and dreams for the manifestation magic to begin. Get ready to shine even brighter!

Crisis of confidence, Virgo? Saturn’s retrograde in responsible Capricorn on Monday inspires you to first identity then break down the barriers, stories, and history you places between your current self and the most confident version of yourself. Saturn Retrograde wants you to clear the blocks between you and your maximum possibility with serious discipline. A New Moon in Taurus on Saturday is listening carefully for your intentions on travel and education. Maybe a trip or self-help experience will be the cure for whatever insecurities are weighing you down? Be willing to learn, move, and grow and you’ll find the medicine.

Extreme home makeover, Libra! Though Saturn Retrograde is the inner edition. This transit beginning on Monday helps you renovate your identity free from the dysfunction by family of origin, trauma, etc. Saturn Retrograde wants you to clear ancestral blockages and become a person who breaks the vicious cycles since major psychological breakthroughs are coming which will help you make different choices. A New Moon in Taurus on Sunday in your intimacy zone is listening carefully to your intentions on sexual healing, transformation, and authenticity. Be clear and decisive about what you desire in love and relationships for the manifesting to happen magically.

Speak up, Scorpio! Saturn retrograde in responsible Capricorn helps you find the right language to speak your truth and live more bravely. Saturn Retrograde is helping you use your words in service to merging your behavior with the right language to accomplish more integrity. Sunday’s New Moon in Taurus wants your most fearless and optimistic intentions on love. Reflect on whether you’d like to call in a love that matches your new frequency, deepen the current connection to a more intimate space, or lovingly transition into completion the connection you have. Also consider how you can give as equally as you’d like to recieve. It’s all about the perfect balance, baby!

You’re worth it, Sag! Saturn’s retrograde in Capricorn on Monday will help you find rich stock in your selfhood and worth. Saturn Retrograde is helping your protect your confidence, income, and security passionately by surrounding yourself with those who give as much as you do. A supportive New Moon in your Taurus ruled health sector on Sunday is listening to your intentions on physical and mental improvement. You’ll want to commit to a daily, serious practice that helps  you run wild with all energy. Whether that’s a different nutritional regiment, physical exercise, or even a mindfulness/meditation practice. You’ll be brand new in no time!

Extreme Makeover - Capricorn edition! Saturn’s retrograde in your sign on Monday is helping you change whatever needs improvement through implementing even more responsibility and discipline. From health, work, love, to family connection, Saturn Retrograde will inspire you to be very proactive and concentrated around what needs to be transformed in your life. A New Moon in Taurus on Sunday is receptive to your most optimistic intentions on creativity, confidence, and romance. Imagine best case scenario around all 3 for manifestation! You’ll also want to identify and consciously release the blocks between you and expressing your creativity, grandeur, and romantic skills.  

Release attachment to results, Aquarius! Saturn’s retrograde in Capricorn on Monday will show you how to lovingly let go of the places, people, and situations that served their purpose in your life. Saturn Retrograde wants you to be very proactive around their release so their absence call in higher alternatives that match your frequency. A New Moon in Taurus on Sunday in your home/family sector is listening to your intentions on where you want to live and strengthening family bonds. Whether that’s a move, redecoration, and/or healing family connections - declare your intentions around these arenas fearlessly and enjoy the homecoming.

Who helps the helper, Pisces? Saturn’s retrograde in Capricorn on Monday will help you find the friendships that are willing to help you as much as you help them. You deserve to feel the comfort of reciprocity and trust in all of your most meaningful friendships. So Saturn Retrograde is inspiring you to make space for mutual friendships only while ensuring that you balance the giving and receiving of energy in these connections as well. A New Moon in Taurus on Sunday expands your verbal communication and listening skills. So you can have the most helpful language for tough conversations and express more vulnerability which inspires people to feel closer to you.