April 15-21

And then there was Mars and Venus.

On Wednesday, messenger Mercury move into Mars-ruled Aries. With Mercury in Aries until May 6th, this transit will help the zodiac get clear on our desires and dreams. While helping us speak our hearts to people who genuinely need to hear it. If it’s hard to ask for what you want, or assert your preferences in any way, this transit will give you the willpower to make it happen.

On Friday, the second Full Moon in Venus-ruled Libra. We had another Full Moon in relational Libra on March 20th. So since this is a rarely second Full Moon in the same sign, it’ll inspire more compromise and romance in our relationships. I’m sure we could more understanding, curiosity, forgiveness, negotiation, and balance in relationships. Which we’ll have all weekend long.

On Saturday, Taurus Season begins! The second sign, our fixed earth bull brethren will give us a reaching for the earthy stability we need. After Aries Season gave us new passions, Taurus Season will provide the consistency and tenacity to make it happen. And love Goddess Venus enters Aries that same day! So we’ll all begin more passionate, courageous, and direct chapters in our relationships.

Happy Birthday to you Aries! The Universe’s gift to you is brilliant thinking and speaking when Mercury enters Aries on Wednesday. You’ll have the right words at the right time and helpful thinking wherever you need it. So if you think something, say it. Friday’s Full Moon in Libra governs your most romantic zone so this Moon could bring the romance of your dreams. Whether that means inviting, deepening, or transitioning current relationships. Taurus Season begins on Saturday helping you feel grounded in your values, personal security, and money. You’ll make decisions that err on practicality because you’re looking for groundedness. Then Love Goddess Venus enters your sign making you absolutely irresistible, popular, and charming for weeks to come.

Is it getting surreal in here, Taurus? Mercury enters your intuition, fantastic, and dream zone on Wednesday making your intuitions and dreams very accurate. So remember what you wonder! A second Full Moon in Libra on Friday helps you find the right tools for health, responsibility, and wellness. You’ll want to commit to strategies that help you become the very best version of yourself. Then Taurus Season begins on Saturday. All your goals are on the Universe’s agenda while it’s your birthday season and I hope they all come true. Venus enters your Aries ruled closure zone giving you healing, compassion, forgiveness, and apologies from past relationships on Sunday.

Power to the people, Gemini! Mercury enters your Aries ruled activism zone on Wednesday helping you fight for a cause and connect to your most meaningful friendships. You’re a leader among them now so take initiative where appropriate. Friday’s Full Moon in Libra inspires you to tell the story of your heart bravely to someone who genuinely needs to hear it. Show courage and bravery! When Taurus Season starts on Saturday, it’s your social sabbatical. Do you all month long. Take the time to relax and recharge. Venus enters your Aries ruled friendship zone on Sunday blurring the boundaries between love and friends. While Venus is in Aries, you’ll want to make your romances more friendly and your friendships more romantic.

Liftoff begins in 3...2...1, Cancer! Mercury joins your career zone on Wednesday helping you fight for and receive what you deserve on the job. Whether that’s promotion or transition. You’ll be in a different professional situation very soon. So assert what you want to make it happen faster! Friday’s Full Moon in Libra is a deeply sensitive one in your emotionality, home, and family sector. So surround yourself with people and places that keep you safe. Saturday’s start to Taurus Season connects you with the most supportive friendships. You’ll feel encouraged and cherished all month long. Then Venus brings you helpful female career mentors on Sunday while it tours Aries providing you with mentors and beautifying opportunities for your career.

Look on the bright side, Leo! Mercury enters your optimism, education, and international travel zone on Wednesday helping you think more joyfully. If you begin with a hope, dream, and intention, it’s more likely to manifest because your consciousness determines your experience. A Full Moon in Libra on Friday inspires you to negotiate, harmonize, and compromise where you might’ve been rigid. So be open to more curiosity and uncertainty in dialogue this weekend. When Taurus Season starts on Saturday, you’ll be hustling hard for success at work and probably earning it. Think of your professional goals and what strategies you can implement to receive them. Then Venus enters your Aries ruled travel and educational love affair sector. Only the nerdiest, most cultured people will catch your royal eye in this transit.

Intimacy or “into-me-you-see”, Virgo. Cognitive Mercury moves into your Aries ruled inner most world on Wednesday and helps you share the deepest parts of yourself with people who’ve earned the right to hear them. A Full Moon in Libra on Friday in your financial sector gives you more cha-ching, personal security, and groundedness. Fellow earth sign Taurus Season begins on Saturday which will  inspire your travel and education goals. You’ll be experiencing wonderful opportunities to think bigger and expand your cultural horizons all month long. Then Venus’ move into your Aries ruled sexuality zone on Sunday makes the spring super steamy and very intimate.

Nobody puts the “commune” in communication, quite like you Libra! Mercury’s move on Wednesday promotes more understanding, harmony, and negotiation. Especially with people who are very opposite of you. Then Friday’s Full Moon in your sign gives you a second cosmic reset of the year. If you need any kind of newness or completion, it’s yours. Willingly release what blocks you from your best self and invite opportunities to begin again in a better way. Taurus Season’s start on Saturday helps you go much deeper in partnerships. Ground yourself and relationships with shared meaning and values to increase the lifespan. On Sunday, Venus’ move into Aries helps you get even more compromising in them. If single, Venus in Aries will invite more opportunities to love and romance and put an end to your dry spell.

What does it mean to be mindful, Scorpio? Mercury’s switch on Wednesday encourages a more calm, focused, and intellectual perception. While strengthening your ability to pay attention to the small details. A Full Moon in your Libra ruled  closure sector on Friday inspires you to let go of the low-level emotionality of the past. You’ll want to think of ways to increase a spiritual practice in these efforts too. Consider a ritual, meditation ,etc to firmly release the past. Since Saturday’s start to Taurus Season gives you more romance, compromise, and relationship joy all month long. This is your most romantic time of year so rise to the occasion excellently! Venus’ move on Sunday beautifies your health and routine to tip-top shape so you can be the best version of yourself in love.


Courage thy name is Sagittarius! Messenger Mercury enters your Aries ruled candor zone on Wednesday helping you stay courageous, vulnerable, direct, and very honest. Keep doing what you do best and speak your Truth. Full Moon in your Libra ruled friendship sector on Friday inspires a very social and supportive weekend with your closest connections. When Taurus Season starts on Saturday, you’ll be focused on your personal health. From physical, emotional, mental to spiritual, this month provides you with key opportunities to maximize your personal greatness. On Sunday, Venus enters your Aries ruled happiness and creativity spot making you a creative genius. Trust your muses and inspirational direction and contribute your gifts to the world.

Let’s get emotionally intelligent, Capricorn! Mercury enters your Aries ruled emotionality zone on Wednesday helping you identity and speak your sensitivities. Though not your comfort zone, it’s a nonnegotiable skill to have in order to live a meaningful life so this transit is here to help. Then a career change lights up Friday’s skies thanks to the Full Moon in Libra. You’ll manifest a promotion or transition in a big way this weekend! And Taurus Season gives you a boost of confidence and joy from your success this month. You’ll express your most joyful and creative side. Then Venus’ move on Sunday inspires you to align with only tender, sensitive, and safe suitors this spring.

Hey Chatty Kathy, Aquarius! Mercury ignites an energy on Wednesday that promotes you to learn new ideas and improve your verbal/listening skills. You’ll want to take charge in dialogue; from asking the right questions to providing the right anecdotes. Friday’s Full Moon in Libra gives you a wonderful rush of optimism and happiness this weekend so soften in to the joy and adventure. On Saturday when Taurus Season, it’ll make you think about home, emotionality, and family differently. Perhaps a move or healing conversation with family of origin is on the Universe’s itinerary for you this Spring. Venus’ move on Sunday into Aries gravitates you to strong nerdy types who keep you mentally active and peak your interests with strong communication skills. 


What do you cherish, Pisces? Mercury’s move on Monday helps you think of your values and finances more deeply. When you choose two or three values to ground your decisions making, they’ll help you pick the right choices that align with your integrity. A sexy Full Moon in Libra on Friday motivates you to partner up with suitors who care about the same values you do. You’re looking for high-quality connections only so stay open to receiving them! Then Taurus Season’s start on Saturday gets you very chatty! You’ll want to showcase your best verbal skills, a tie listening practices, and just talk it all the way up. That same day, Venus’ move into your Aries ruled sexuality zone on makes this spring unforgettable. Make intimacy and truth telling in partnership your core values.