April 1-7

Happy April! Ready to launch? A new month begins and Friday’s New Moon in self-referential Aries helps us lift off into new paradigms. Not without gentle closure where we need it of course! This week’s horoscope wraps up loose ends now that Mercury retrograde is over and begin new projects with the power of Aries transits.

A conjunction between Neptune and Mercury currently in compassionate Pisces on Tuesday gives us the energy for completion where we need it. Since these transits are the nonverbal waters of Pisces, I suspect Tuesday’s move towards completion will be silent, healing, and still extremely powerful. Internal stirrings are where the greatest external changes begin. So you’ll have an “ah-ha!” moment and ride the wave in.

The New Moon in Aries on Friday is most receptive lunation for us to declare our wants, desires, and needs to the Universe. Contemplate meaningfully what you’d like to begin. As I’m sure Mercury Retrograde in Pisces helped you find what needs to end! So the New Moon in Aries is most related to your intentions on identity. Focus on who you want to be while you begin new ideas, adventures, projects, and relationships.  Who would you be if you had your dream career? Who would you be in your ideal relationship? Who would you be if you had daily inner peace? Focus more on the feelings that underpin the experiences you’d like to manifest and the Universe will magnetize them to you quickly in the six months ahead.

Happiest birthday to you, the zodiac’s firstborn Aries! To aid in your annual solar return, your intuition is stronger than ever this week especially on Tuesday under the dreamy Neptune and thoughtful Mercury conjunction in Pisces. So you’ll want to track you dreams, intuitional hunches, and feelings as helpful direction from the Universe to help you become the person you’re capable of. Whether or not you made a wish when you blew the candles out is irrelevant because Friday’s New Moon is listening carefully to your dreams. You’ll want to list your intentions and best case scenarios for your new year. Push fear, worry, insecurity, and scarcity aside and let your most confident visions come forth. Carefully listen to your hunches again in the next six months because the magic of manifestation begins!

Feeling a little lonely? Tuesday’s compassionate conjunction between sensitivity Neptune and intelligent Mercury is here to help, Taurus. This annual transit will divinely reunite you with the friends who know you the most meaningfully and help you feel less alone. Inhabit the space with mutuality and empathy for all to receive the magic of this transit. The New Moon in your Aries ruled sector of closure, spirituality, and healing on Friday inspires release from situations and relationships that keep you stuck. First you’ll want to know that surrender/resignation is not quitting. It’s identifying just releasing attachment to results and  contexts that don’t give you joy so you can gratefully let them go. The month before Taurus Season is a tender one. So have self-compassion and the conviction that when the Taurus transits begin, you’ll be back to your most powerful self.

You’re on fire, Gemini! With Mars in your sign until May 15th, this biennial transit gives you the power to make good on your ambitions and achieve the goals you’ve worked hard for thus far. Especially on Tuesday as it strikes you with divine inspiration on work related choices thanks to the brilliant Neptune conjunction with cognitive Mercury in Pisces. Is it finally time for a promotion? Self-employment? Make those brilliant visions a reality! A New Moon on Friday helps you understand your Aries influences role as friend and how you align with the community you want to serve. You’re more of a leader among your community than you realize. So accept this truth and then take responsibility for developing the potential within your friends. Spend time with them and holding space for their best selves to come through.

You’re stuck in the weeds, Cancer! Fortunately Tuesday frees you from narrow thinking that keeps you stuck in insecurity, comparison, and fear under the soulful Neptune conjunction with intelligent Mercury in Pisces. Let Tuesday help you redirect thinking for the quagmire of meaningless things in favor of a wider vision of optimism and joy.  Is it career related? The New Moon on Friday is listening to your Aries ruled intentions on work. You’ll want to manage feelings of insecurity, fear, comparison and anxiety to outline best case scenario professional outcomes. The Universe wants you to consider it done! Write down your intentions or make a vision board, then listen carefully to your intuition as it’ll guide you to help your career dreams come true in the weeks ahead.

You’re a kitty cat in heat, Leo. Especially on Tuesday because you can feel the sexual tension everywhere. Thanks to the intimate conjunction between soulful Neptune and dreamy Mercury both in Pisces, you’ll  be feeling strong chemistry with a special someone. As well as a passionate pull to understand the truth and life’s deeper questions. Which thankfully aligns with Friday’s New Moon in Aries. Along with remembering the value of authenticity, you’ll want to meditate on Friday’s intentions related to big picture thinking, travel, optimism, and education. What emotions and experiences help you embrace higher wisdom? Align with them and you’ll be the smarter, more cultured version of yourself in no time!

It takes two, Virgo! On Tuesday, you’ll feel romance and love in the air as you invite, deepen, or transition your relationship with romantic relationships. You’ll want to be open to initiating and receiving breakthrough realizations and conversations to that help you in your relational proficiency. Stay generative with the talk and curious to hear more from partners under the sensitive conjunction between Neptune and Mercury in dreamy Pisces. Since meaningful transformation comes after, the New Moon on Friday helps you embrace your Aries ruled intimacy sector. You’ll want to think of your wishes and intentions on sexuality, commitment, and the gifts of two people healing one another through relationship.

You’re not imagining those gains, Libra! You put in the hard work on the physical, emotional, and sexual health front. So thanks to the powerful conjunction between soulful Neptune and cognitive Mercury on Tuesday, it’ll help give you the emotion related to the reward of your hard work on the personal development front. Now that you’ve come so far and at you’re peak self, what’s next? Romance, of course! The New Moon in your Aries governed love and relationship sector on Friday is listening to your intentions on meaningful partnership. You’ll want to outline the qualities you desire to give and receive in partnership so you can attract the best case scenario quickly. Whether that’s inviting, deepening, or transitioning out of relationship, try to focus on the emotions you’ll feel that underpin the experience you desire.

This girl is on fire! Tuesday helps you confidently step into you power Scorpio through one of your favorite things -  truth telling. You’re ready to be brave and share important information with a certain someone under the soulful Neptune conjunction to outspoken Mercury in Pisces. It’ll be a bit vulnerable and perhaps painful to feel so emotionally exposed but I think when astrology determines the occasion that calls for it, we’ll find ourselves taken care of once it’s completed. Which is why you’ll  feel inspired to increase self-care practices this week too. Friday’s New Moon in your Aries ruled sector of personal development will help you manifest your intentions on physical, emotional, mental, and sexual health. Trust your intuition then make it happen!

Hey, Sensitive Saggy! Under the emotionally charged conjunction between compassionate Neptune and Mercury in tender Pisces, you’ll want to wrap language around your feelings. Especially on Tuesday as it will showcase your more tender side and you’d be wise to share it with others. You don’t have to be happy-go-lucky for all people all the time. The energy shifts by the weekend thanks to the New Moon in Aries on Friday. This lunation is listening to your emotions on confidence, joy, and creativity. Outline the positive self-esteem feelings and experiences you want, listen carefully to your intuition during and after, because you’ll manifest them in no time!

Use your words carefully, Capricorn! You’ll feel inspired to speak up compassionately on Tuesday which will helps your actions make more sense under the powerful influence of the sensitive conjunction between Neptune and Mercury in Pisces. You’re more inclined to express yourself behaviorally and think of your words as less important. Though the Universe wants you to make communication and actions as two speakers in integrity’s one stereo system. Then it’s homecoming time! The New Moon on Friday will manifest your Aries ruled intentions on home, family, and emotional safety. If you want to strengthen relationships with family of origin, increase joy in your home, or find a new one - this is the New Moon to feel the emotions attached to the experiences you desire!

Treat yourself Tuesday, Aquarius! The conjunction between creative Neptune and logical Mercury in your Pisces ruled sector of income and indulgence, says you’ve earned a special something for yourself. So treat yourself to a luxurious service or gift that helps you experience more joy in your life. After a gnarly Mercury retrograde, I’m sure you deserve it! The New Moon on Friday will manifest your Aries ruled intentions related to how you verbally communicate and take in the right information. Think of methods to improve your speaking and listening skills then pay attention to the experiences that follow your new vision. With the right cognition and communication on lockdown, you’ll be a triumph!

Speak up, Pisces! Tuesday’s conjunction between chatty Mercury in your sign and sensitive Neptune in Pisces too will ask you to express yourself in a beautiful, compassionate way. It’ll be vulnerable and painful to let others hear the words of your brilliant perception or emotions but you’ll be tasked to do it anyway. Trust me when I say you’ll be rewarded for your bravery! You can think of self-protection this weekend thanks to the Friday’s New Moon in Aries which will manifest your intentions on self-care and money. Remember to outline the emotions of what it’ll feel like to acquire safety on the financial and personal level, then listen to the Universe direction on how to achieve it. Enjoy the manifesting!