March 4 - 10

Is the old adage true about “good things” arriving in threes? If so, it’s happening this week! Up first is messenger planet Mercury turning retrograde in Pisces on Tuesday until March 28th. For the next three weeks, we’ll want to do all the verbs with the “re” prefix under consciousness, communication, transportation, and technology. So Mercury (re)trograde in Pisces helps us reunite, review, reassess, reintegrate, return, redo, etc.

I don’t like to catastrophize Mercury Retrograde because it gives us prime opportunities to reflect, slow down, and integrate key learnings over the last few months into our decisions. So try not to enroll in the fear on it around the world wide web.

Innovative Uranus returns to practical Taurus on Wednesday since May 2018. Uranus will now stay in Taurus untilApril 2026 which will shake up our attachment to money and security. I can’t talk about Taurus without its connection to Taurus’ clarification of values. So Uranus in Taurus helps us revolutionize the ways we make life defining decisions born from words like: integrity, courage, creativity, faith, loyalty, discipline, vulnerability, and justice.

The third act is Wednesday’s Pisces New Moon which will give us the cosmic reset we all need. If you’d like to deepen your spiritual practice and/or spiritualize your relationship to self-care, love, money, work, etc - the Pisces New Moon is your moment to do just that. We can spiritualize our relationship to life arenas by proactively wrapping them in compassion, responsibility, forgiveness, and love. Always love. Friendly remember to move the clocks forward on Sunday for DST!

Let’s go to Fantasyland, Aires! Mercury will retrograde in your Pisces ruled psychic and spiritual sector helping you get in touch with the mystical, divine, and fantasy on Tuesday until the end of the month. With Mercury retrograde here, please dismiss nothing as coincidence. It’s the Universe trying to reach you with patterns, feelings, signs, etc. Then Uranus enters your Taurus ruled income zone on Wednesday which will help you strategize new ways of earning and the grounding that helps you make important decisions. Perhaps you’ve thought about whether it’s time to make moves for self-employment? It could be! The New Moon in Pisces asks you to initiate closure proactively where you need it since the Universe is helping you. You may need to offer an apology or hear a proper forgiveness, too. Be compassionate with yourself and others.

Reunion season! Mercury will retrograde on Tuesday in your Pisces ruled friendship zone helping you reconnect with friends from the past. Life experiences happen so quickly and it’s hard to stay in touch at modernity’s frantic pace. So stay understanding with friends and pick up where you left off. Mercury Retrograde could also trip up communication with friends so don’t make assumptions or take anything too personally. Uranus enters Taurus on Wednesday helping you get very comfortable with change. Make: adaptability, flexibility, and surrender to results you favorite three responses to all life has to offer in the years to come. The New Moon in Pisces is listening carefully to your intentions on friendship and activism. Tell the Universe what you’re hoping for when it comes to your social support. Whether that’s more loyal friends or a bit of breathing room. On activism, what’s the cause you could talk about all night? Then take it to the streets and make a difference bull!

Slow down, go fast, Gemini! Mercury will retrograde in your Pisces ruled professional status sector helping you polish off details and complete past due projects on career with rapid inspiration but without impulsivity. So move slowly and deliberately. Then Uranus enters your Taurus governed spirituality zone helping you get in touch with the mystical in new ways. Is it time for a mediation practice? I think so! A quiet mind is a productive one. The New Moon on Wednesday is listening to your Pisces ruled career intentions on how you can be of service at work. Tell the Universe your best case scenario professional outcomes without worrying about “how” it’ll happen. Once you’re clear and fearless, the Universe will take care of the situations for its manifestation if you’re willing to work your ass off to make it happens!

If you want to know where you’re going Cancer, let’s integrate where you’ve been first. Mercury will retrograde in your Pisces ruled bigger picture zone on Tuesday helping you integrate the lessons of this year more deeply so you make wiser decisions. As a cardinal sign, you move first, think later. So let’s have you think deeply first before serious action until Mercury moves direct. Then Uranus enters your Taurus friendship zone on Wednesday helping you connect meaningfully with the friends that inspire growth, not complacency; courage over comfort. The New Moon on Sunday wants your Pisces ruled intentions on travel, wisdom, freedom, and education. So pack the bag even if you didn’t book the ticket. Pick the campus even if you’re not “in” yet.

As famed relational intelligence writer Ester Perel says, “intimacy” is really “into-me-you-see”, Leo. So Mercury will retrograde in your Pisces ruled “into-me-you-see” zone on Tuesday helping you let partners see the realest, imperfect, but beautiful dimensions of you. If you want compassionate acceptance here, just make sure you’re willing to give it too so it’s more mutual and less self-indulgent. Uranus shakes up your Taurus ruled career in wonderful ways on Wednesday inspiring new strategies on how you “show up” to your work. Think of the most innovative ways for your professional success and so it is and will be for you. The New Moon in Pisces is listening carefully to your most honest intentions on sex, relationship commitment, and growth. Go deep, go all the way.

Former flames on fire again, Virgo? Mercury retrogrades in your romance sector on Tuesday, so you’ll have the opportunity to revisit, renew, or release yourself from love. Lovers from the past could return helping you move from “bad” to right timing, friendship, or permanently release from low-level energy patterns. Uranus then moves in to your Taurus ruled education and travels sector on Wednesday inspiring jet setting, optimism, and big thinking for years to come. You’ll no longer see the divine in just the details but the magic in the macro, too. The New Moon in Pisces asks for your intentions on love. While you’re thinking of the kind of qualities you want to attract in a partner - from intelligence, loyalty, humor, and fun - make sure you’re willing to demonstrate the same qualities you what you want to receive in love. It’s a two way street where mutuality reigns supreme!   

Where’s your To-Do List, Libra? You’ll need it all month long while Mercury retrogrades in your Pisces ruled tiny details and health sector on Tuesday inspiring you to prioritize and organize. You’ll want to stay the perfect balance between focused and ready to release attachment to results since Mercury will be testing your resilience and flexibility muscles. Uranus moves in to your Taurus ruled intimacy zone helping you feel some healthy detachment with partners so you’re not easily affected by them. Emotional detachment is a wonderful skill in connection because attachment can become control or demand when we’re not careful. The New Moon wants your Pisces ruled intentions on personal growth, health, and wellness. If you can spiritualize your relationship to personal transformation, you’ll be the best most brand new version of you!  

Since there’s no such thing as a non creative person, let me remind you - you ARE a creative, Scorpio. On Tuesday Mercury retrogrades in your Pisces ruled artistic and confidence zone helping you see yourself as the most talented version of yourself. Let go of limiting beliefs on your potential and fears of criticism. Then Uranus shakes up your Taurus ruled romances! You’ll feel an opposites attract style chemistry if you single and ready to make your romances more friendly if partnered. The best connections combine the best of both friendship and love don’t they? On creativity, the New Moon in Pisces asks for you to release limits to confidence and comparison and make intentions for worthiness and security. There’s no one like you and your Astrology proves it. So show the world what you got!

There’s no place like “home”, Sagittarius! Mercury is back spinning in your Pisces ruled home, family, and emotional safety zone on Tuesday helping you redecorate, refine, and renovate. It’s likely to bring up some past “stuff” that you thought you already emotionally handled. So let whatever emotionality reveal itself to you and ask the pain what it’s trying to teach you all month long. Then Uranus enters your Taurus health zone inspiring more holistic, timeless, and integrative practices for wellness. Consider meditation, acupuncture, reiki, and other metaphysical modalities to help your health. The New Moon wants your intentions on home - whether that staying or going - and family who may need forgiveness.

Speak up, Seagoat! Mercury will retrograde in your Pisces ruled communication sector on Tuesday helping you find the right words when you need them and the strategies to help you avoid making up stories in your head. You’ll want to be a bit urgent when it comes to understanding verbal communication skills and active listening all month long. Uranus enters your Taurus ruled courage and confidence zone helping you showcase your gifts to the world in innovative ways. Perhaps through a self-employed or entrepreneurial adventure? Definitely. The Pisces New Moon is listening to your intentions on communication, mindfulness, and critical awareness so you don’t let anxiety or fear hijack your best thinking. Offer intentions that help your mind operate in peak performance.

How’s your financial health, Aquarius? Mercury will retrograde in your Pisces ruled income zone on Tuesday so you’ll want to be extremely financially responsible and thoughtful for the next month. When choosing a purchase, if it isn’t a necessity - I wouldn’t. This is a time to build your savings and disciplined with money. Uranus shakes up your Taurus home and family sector on Wednesday helping you redecorate, Marie Kondo the space, or make major moves towards find a new place to call home, sweet home. Uranus in Taurus will also help you strengthen family bonds, too. Family is the stomping grounds for forgiveness so if they wronged you, forgive them anyway. The New Moon in Pisces wants your most integrity driven intentions on money. You’ll want to strategize ways to make money work for you and not the other way around.

Happy Birthday, Pisces! To help you on this wonderful swim towards releasing the past, Mercury will retrograde in your sign. For the next three ways, you’ll want to practice inhabiting the present moment with such focus and determination, you’re not bringing in pain, dysfunction, or fear from the past. See you and all others are brand new to receive the gifts of this Mercury retrograde transit. Uranus enters your Taurus ruled communication sector motivating you to strengthen your mindfulness, communication, and critical awareness practices in new ways. The New Moon in Pisces on Wednesday is your new year! It’s your time to tell the Universe your wildest dreams so that the Universe may dream through you. While you remember how loved you are, may all your wishes come true.