March 25-31

It’s triple threat time! Thanks to Venus, Mercury, and Mars, this week’s horoscope is one to remember. Now that the Sun is in individualist Aries which gives us the solar power to reimagine our identities, this week’s triple transits will help us relate differently with Venus’ influence, think/speak thanks to Mercury moving direct, and assert/sexualize with Mars more intellectually in the weeks ahead.

Up first is the Love Goddess Venus entering Pisces on Tuesday until April 20th. More traditional schools of astrological thought consider Venus dignified in Pisces meaning Venus’ gifts of relationship, harmony, values, love, and compassion are amplified while it transits in the Pisces’ oceans. I can see why. What I appreciate most about Ester Perel’s work into relationships is how she locates the fall of theology and religion in Western culture as the incubator for the unhealthy consumption of romantic love. In other words, we look to our partners for divine transcendence; to be our God. This sets us up for failure because others are just as imperfect, flawed, traumatized, and heartbroken as so can they ever be the divine for us? Not in my book.
With Pisces being the sign most attributed to high-minded spirituality, consider how you uplevel your spiritual practice on the personal level so you can experience your relationships as spiritual experiences. Rather than leaning on the ego’s adrenaline and appetite to receive.

 Mercury retrograde in Pisces finally ends on Thursday! Be mindful of the post retrograde tremors or the shadow period until April 15. Though rest assured, the worst is behind you! So long as you maintain a deep reflection on the ideas and experiences you’ve integrated and assimilated into your thinking since Mercury turned retrograde on March 6. Now that Mercury’s let us digest past ideas, we can begin to experience new ones in the weeks ahead.

On Sunday, Mars enters the most communicative sign Gemini until May 15th which will help us reframe our verbal skills and Mars in Gemini will inspire us to explore, discover, learn, and flex our adaptability muscles in wonderful ways. If you’re trying to uplevel your communication skills, this Mars transit could motivate you to wrap the right words around the experiences, feelings, and thoughts you have. It could also help us declare and maintain boundaries in the most righteous ways.

Aries: Happy Birthday to you Aries! Love Goddess Venus enters your healing and closure sector on Tuesday. So if you’re thinking about ways to empower your new year though forgiveness, compassion, and release from a past or current lover, this transit will offer you that gently. Whoever just came to your mind while reading this, that’s the person. Let Venus in Pisces help you lovingly let go of all relationship assignments that served their purpose. Mercury retrograde ends in this same spiritual sector finally ending the headaches, word vomit, and hypersensitivity that’s emerged in your personality rather uncharastically. Mercury direct could also continue the theme of offering an apology or forgiveness in relationships where you need it. Then Mars enters your Gemini ruled communication zone on Sunday helping you find the right words for conflict, boundaries, and negotiation. Be careful not to react too impulsively and say something you may not mean. Speak slowly, passionately, and carefully.

 Taurus: Don’t the best romantic relationships begin as a friendships, Taurus? Romantic Venus beautifies your friendship zone on Tuesday blurring the lines between friend and romance. Whether or not the relationship began platonically, it’s true that the best dynamics bridge the best of romance and friendship. Mercury retrograde ends in this Pisces ruled space too on Thursday helping you clear the air on conflict with friends and find the common ground between you. When conflicts emerge in friendship think of them as thinly disguised wishes for closeness. The bottom line is friends want to be closer to each other they just don’t often know how so they react to emotional conflict. But the foundation is still closeness. Then Mars enters your Gemini income sector helping you fight for your worth and security on the job. If your work history confirms that you deserve the pay raise, promotion, and/or higher rate then make sure you fight for it!

Gemini: Hey, Networker! Venus begins a beautifying tour of your Pisces ruled career sector on Tuesday helping you become more of beautiful authority figure, connect more deeply with the female identified at work, and connect others who need to be. Thankfully, Mercury clears it’s crossed wires in this same career sector on Thursday which will help you integrate what you’ve learned on work into your decision making. You’re finishing this retrograde with new awareness and lessons learned so be sure to make decisions born from them and clear the air at work if miscommunication created unnecessary conflict. Mars then enters Gemini on Sunday for the first time since Spring 2017 helping you advocate for yourself, your independence, and freedom wherever you need it most. You’ll want to flex those boundary muscles and keep it all the way real with anyone who crosses them.

 Cancer: Arrivederci, Cancer! When Venus enters Pisces on Tuesday and turns on the airport runway lights for your international and educational zone, it’ll help your heart beat fast for the exotic and the intellectual. You’ll be inspired to explore, travel, and learn more soulful ideas that contribute to you becoming the person you’re capable of. Thankfully, Mercury ends its retrograde in the same space on Thursday. Which will inspire you to see what brilliance and wisdom you too can contribute in international and education areas that are hungry for it. Warrior Mars enters your Gemini ruled completion, healing, and surrender sector on Sunday helping you lean on a spiritual practice to lovingly let go of fear and worry. This transit occurs every two years so if you’re looking for closure, now is the time to take direct action in order to achieve it.

 Leo: Is it just you or is it getting hot in hur, Leo. Venus enters Pisces on Tuesday and begins to electrify your intimacy, erotic, and transformative zone. You’re not imagining what the sexual tension you’re feeling because Venus in Pisces want to bond deeply, most intimately with another. The Universe clearly supports this sexy time because Mercury ends its retrograde in this sector on Thursday helping you feel more adaptable and comfortable in intimacy for the weeks ahead. Look and align with partners who have a soulful approach to sex for the most of this transit. Mars enters your Gemini ruled friendship space on Sunday which places you in leadership positions among your friends which could bring forth a bit of conflict and/or sexual tension, too. Manage the passion for leadership and tension with both compromise and curiosity about the energy in the room.

Virgo: It takes two - or more!-  Virgo. Venus enters your Pisces ruled love and partnership boudoir on Tuesday helping you invite, deepen, or transits the love you crave. Venus in Pisces has an opposites attract style chemistry because Pisces is your opposite sign. So the farther away your suitors or experiences are from the norm, the more romantic effects could be yours. On Thursday, Mercury retrograde ends in this Pisces ruled romantic ocean so your optimism and efforts towards love return swiftly. If you’ve been feeling a little hopeless about love working out to your liking, Mercury direct will help you return to proactive optimism. Mars then enters your Gemini career sector on Sunday helping you assert yourself, independence, and worthiness at work. Make sure you see it within yourself first then others will have no choice but to mirror it back to you. Mars in Gemini is a communicative wordsmith so showcase the best of your cognition and communication skills on the job!

Libra: Does it spark joy, Libra? Venus enters Pisces - the Marie Kondo zone on Tuesday! - helping you beautify your routine, health, and wellness especially at home. Try to emotionally approach your routine, health, and wellness from a space where it does spark joy to reach your maximum potential. No more emotional self- indulgence! Thankfully, Mercury ends its retrograde in that spark joy zone on Thursday helping you get excited again about the details that make big life changes. Trust the ideas and hunches that come up for you then take bonafide action around them. On Sunday, Mars enters your Gemini ruled international and educational world helping you travel on a jet plane and learn more than you ever thought possible in the weeks ahead. This is prime time to step out of your comfort zones and zip code to explore and educate yourself on all the curiosities that keep you up at night.

 Scorpio: It’s time for your courage, Scorpio! Venus enters your Pisces ruled emotionally outspoken, heart spilling, and confidence zone on Tuesday helping you share the story of your heart. Which is the original Latin definition of courage. If there’s something you need to share within your heart, there’s someone who genuinely needs to hear it Yes it’ll be vulnerable and scary but no less than wondering how your life could’ve been different if you just were brave and spoke up. Mercury ends its retrograde in your confidence and courage sector on Thursday helping you apply new lessons to these efforts. Perhaps in intimacy and commitment? It’s likely because Mars enters your Gemini ruled sexuality zone on Sunday helping you advocate for your erotic needs and desires while compromising - since within the Gemini are two, remember! - with others to ensure win/win or no deals all spring long.

 Sag: Happy Homecoming, Sagittarius! When Venus enters Pisces on Tuesday, it begins a home is where the heart is transit in your tender space of family, mother figures, and emotional safety. With the Love Goddess cozying up at home, you could find love at home or inspire your lovers to feel more like it. You’re looking for comfort, security, safety, and reliability in love now. Just like what home provides for you! Then Mercury ends its retrograde there helping you see family and home differently. Is it time to clear the air? Have a reconciliation conversation with mother figures and family now that Mercury is direct to smooth over past conflicts. Then Mars sets fire to your Gemini governed romance sector on Sunday which helps you negotiate with your lover or find lovers who are bit more assertive instead of passive. You’ve always loved the challenge anyway! If conflict emerges, remember to think of conflict as a wish for closeness not separation.

 Capricorn: Put your love in writing, Capricorn! Venus enters your Pisces ruled communication zone on Tuesday helping you speak or communicate your romantic truths to people who genuinely need to hear it. It could be one of the most vulnerable decisions you’ll ever make but you’re brave enough to handle it! Especially since Mercury ends its retrograde in that sector on Thursday which clears your writer’s block, verbal fumbles, and cognition headache. Now you have the right words put them to good use in relationships, please! You’ll be in tip top shape when Mars ignites your Gemini protected wellness, routine, and health sector on Sunday helping you get your passion back for personal excellence in all fronts. From emotional, mental, physical arenas you’re ready to put in the work to be the best you can be.

Aquarius: We’re living in a material world and you’re a material girl, Aquarius! Venus enters Pisces on Tuesday the soulful ruler of your financial and worth sector giving you the coin and abundance you need. If you’re ready to indulge a bit more, tend to your material needs and pleasures without apology, Venus in Pisces is the prime opportunity period to do it. Which arrives in perfect timing because Mercury ends its retrograde in the same material zone on Thursday helping you feel more secure around money. You’ve learned a great deal about your worth and value so now that Mercury is direct, it’s time to make righteous decisions around it. Mars enters your Gemini ruled outspoken, courageous, and confidence arena on Sunday helping you advocate for your authenticity and dreams. Show the Universe your creative skills and the worthiness that beams from your heart for miraculous personal and professional outcomes.

 Pisces: Hey, Neckbreaker! You’re turning all the heads, Pisces. Venus enters your sign on Tuesday making your efforts in beauty, sensuality, connection, and romance inevitably triumphant. You’re irresistible everywhere! Just in time too because Mercury ends its retrograde in your sign on Thursday helping you find the right thoughts, words, and ideas again particularly in relationships. This retrograde helped you integrate new lessons and experiences into your thinking so now that Mercury is direct, make decisions born from this new wisdom. Mars sets fire to your Gemini ruled emotional tenderness on Sunday helping you reach for situations, places, and partners that keep you safe and feel like home. Gemini is a language expert so make sure you’re wrapping the right words on emotional safety, family, and home to maximize this Martian transit.