March 18-24

Happy Spring Equinox! Wednesday is the star of the show this week with a double header between the start of Aries Season and the Full Supermoon in Libra. Let the delicate balance nightfall and sunlight and me and we commence! Which of the two needs more tending to?

Two is Libra’s favorite number and the lucky number of this Full Moon because we have two Full Moons in Libra this month which begin and end Aries Season. I love the symbolism of these transits because it give us more time with this perennial work since I’d argue Aries ruled “me” in balance with Libra ruled “we” is the life’s work.

Now I don’t want to lose my Aries ruled friends so let’s discuss the first sign in the zodiac before they assassinate me. At 2:58pm on Wednesday March 20th - which is International Astrology Day! - the Sun leaves the last sign of Pisces and begins its conflagration in Aries.

So since it’s the Astrological New Year on the first day of Aries Season, contemplate and actualize all the ways you would like to be brand new. With Mercury still retrograde in Pisces, the Universe is showing you where you still have some crossed wires and racket. With the fires of Aries burning bright, now we move past just identifying our problems but applying solutions to them. That’s the beauty of Aries. They hardly linger in dysfunction, bullshit, insecurity, or fear. They Ram ahead and become braver versions of themselves by passionately letting go of the past.

This weekend will help you find the Aries/Libra sweetspot by motivating you to focus on whether you need individual or relational healing. Especially on Friday when the Sun conjuncts wounded healer Chiron. If a speedy recovery is your heart’s desire, it’ll be an answered prayer. On Sunday, Mercury will conjunct Neptune in Pisces which could help you withdraw your investment from the minutia and embrace the vulnerabilities of not only compassion and forgiveness but the  mystical unknown.


Happy (almost) Aries Season! The Sun will finally shine from your constellation on Wednesday wrapping up a month of heaviness to begin your brand new year. Reflect deeply on what the last four weeks instructed you on; from psychological wounds, blind spots, and/or opportunities for closure, forgiveness, and surrender. When the Sun enters Aries, you’ll want to then identity with the solutions to those issues. Since this is your Solar Return and the greatest birthday gift you can give yourself is a life unlike the past. Is love in your stars? The Full Moon in Libra is happy to invite, deepen, or complete a romantic chapter on Wednesday. Tell the Universe what you’d desire to not only receive but give to the love of your dreams. The weekend could have you taking one last dip in the emotion ocean so if tenderness comes up then surround yourself with loving friends and joy.


Surrender and release is not the same thing as resignation or quiting, Taurus. Wednesday begins your month of releasing attachment to results and helpful healing when the Sun enters Aries. As the most tenacious sign in the zodiac, it can be hard to know when to let go. This month will help you find what needs release. Perhaps on the physical and mental front? The Full Moon in Libra will supercharge your commitment to nutrition, responsibility, and wellness. With this foundation, you’ll be given the right framework to wrap up all the loose ends that need you attention. It’ll also remind you that your life works when your work at your life! It’s as simple and complicated as that. Reunite with friends you miss this weekend and socialize with those who fill your cup.


It’s almost time to clock out Gemini! When Aries Season begins on Wednesday it activates your friendship, community, and socialization zone which helps you come up for air after working your ass off last month. The Full Moon in fellow air sign Libra has you sharing a courageous Truth in a big way on Wednesday. I firmly believe if you feel called to speak your feelings, it’s because there’s someone who genuinely needs to hear it. Yes it’ll be vulnerable and scary but not scarier than the “what-ifs?” that could plague you if you don’t speak up. It you’re enjoying the productivity, you can finalize last minute work details this weekend which helps you make the most of this joyful month ahead of you.


Hey, Superstar! When Aries Season begins on Wednesday it commences your work month as you showcase your most valuable professional gifts and abilities to hiring managers and others who can uplift your career dreams to manifestation. Wednesday’s Full Moon in Libra reminds you that it’ll be difficult to manage your inner peace well without holding on to the work/life balance. Consider which needs more time and attention. Then tend to your emotional safety, family, and home with as much passion as work when your ruling Moon shines from this tender sector. Trust what your intuition reveals to you and make decisions around this intelligence. This weekend is a happy-go-lucky one! You’ll want to say yes to adventure, surprise, and without reservation.


Bonjour, Leo! When Aries Season begins to burn on Wednesday it sparks your wanderlust month. So if you’re itching to get a passport stamped, just book the ticket. If you’re thinking of going back to school, do visit the campus. Aries Season is here to expand your international and educational horizons to magnificent places. A Full Moon in Libra on Wednesday helps you find the right words where you need it. You know by know that verbal communication is at the heart of all of life’s most meaningful experiences and those skill aren’t in the air. They have to be understood, learned, then applied. So let the Libra Full Moon help you wrap language around sensitive areas. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just honest. The weekend’s an intimate one. Indulge in sexual pleasure and healing!


Grab the Do Not Disturb sign and get to it, Virgo! This Wednesday starts your most sexual, intimate, and authentic month of the year when the Sun enters Aries and sets fire to your erotic intelligence. You’re ready to bond deeply with another this Spring. Before you get attached - and there’s nothing wrong with that! - just ask yourself, does this partner(s) have complementary values? The Full Moon in Libra asks you to align with only those who share the same principles you do. Otherwise, intimacy can’t emerge without shared understanding, complementary visions, and honesty on expectations. A healing conversation on a past conflict is your this weekend. You’ll want to lean into forgiveness, apologies, and be vulnerable for healing.


The Universe loves to love you, Libra! When the Sun enters Aries on Wednesday it begins your most romantic and partnership oriented month. Consider if you’d like to invite, deepen, or lovingly transition out of the current relationship energy you’re in and let Aries Season do the rest. Contemplate if someone or something holds you back from loving more fearlessly, then offer it to your annual Full Moon on Wednesday. Remember, you have to let go of the past and what keeps you stuck to fall in love in the present. Lucky for you, you’ll have one more Full Moon in Libra but make the best of both. Also, don’t sweat the small stuff this weekend! Just stay adaptable, light on your feet, and curious.


The doctor will see now, Scorpio! Wednesday’s start to Aries Season is your annual check up on physical, mental, and emotional health all month long. You’ll want to focus your efforts on all radical responsibility and proactive measures to be your sexiest, healthiest self. The Full Moon in Libra that same day inspires closure, forgiveness, and healing where you need it. You’ll want to kick out the devil you know to find the joy in the uncertain in favor for the present moment. You deserve happiness because of who you fundamentally are; imperfections and all. The weekend provides the invitation to showcase your creative skills. Lean on your innovation to problem solve!


Live and love out loud, Sagittarius! On Wednesday you have your fire back when the Sun enters Aries and the wind beneath your centar hooves returns. You’ll feel confident, creative, and happy all month long so pursue your joys and connections with your famous optimism and you’ll be amazed by how quickly the Universe uplifts your efforts to manifestations. Celebrate with your friends under the Full Moon in Libra on Wednesday. Those relationships determine the quality of your life so cherish them deeply and vocalize support to each other so you remember you’re not alone. On the other side of the social continuum, a little tenderness with family and/or attention to home this weekend will go a long way.


Home, sweet home, Cap! This Wednesday when the Sun enters Aries begins the month where you search and embrace the people, places, and situations that keep your heart safe. You too are tender, sensitive, and deserving of safety and compassion. So Aries Season will work hard to provide you with the context to make it happen. A Full Moon in your Libra ruled career sector on the same day could transition you to professional spaces you deserve. Whether that’s inviting, promoting, or transitioning out of the current professional situations you’re in. Just make sure you avoid miscommunication this weekend by not making assumptions and asking open-ended questions proactively before you trip on snafus.


Look who’s talking, Waterbearer! As soon as the Sun enters Aries on Wednesday, it begins your curiosity, analytical, and communication focused month. This season helps you strengthen your verbal prowess so long as you proactively show initiative in the arenas you need help in. From learning about meditation or negotiation skills, your efforts will produce wonderful results. A Full Moon in Libra on Wednesday could send you on a jetsetting adventure or provide a big “ah-ha!” moment where you need it. You’ll want to soften in to the changes, flexibility, and detachment required for the realization to help you evolve carefully. Audit your budget and spending carefully weekend so you know where your money’s going.


Make a wish, Pisces! Wednesday concludes your season when the Sun enters Aries and motivates you to focus on making those candlelit wishes come true. You have all the right visions in your mind’s eye, now take inspired action where you feel called. Perhaps in a romantic commitment? A Full Moon in Libra on Wednesday helps you find not just intimacy, and deep erotic passion, but the highest truth in relationships so you can partner up with the best. You’ll want to have an ace-card up conversation and make sure your values, expectations, and hopes are reviewed before agreeing. Then double check your assumptions this weekend. Don’t believe everything you think!