March 11-17

Mercury may be retrograde which often can interrupt plans and strategies, but this week is still ambitious and productive thanks to strict Saturn and tenacious Mars.

The efficiency begins with a steady Taurus Moon helping us focus carefully on the meaning behind what we want to achieve. If we’re grounded in the right values that fuel our highest decisions, it’s an infinite supply of energy and support to help us achieve our goals. Taurus Moons help us find our center; our personal chore amidst the chaos, discomfort, and uncertainty.

It continues on Thursday’s trine when Saturn in Capricorn trines with Mars in Taurus inspires us to be proactive around all our responsibilities. So often we wait till the last minute or an invitation to really step in our adulthood. Let Thursday push you to think less with your inner child and more of your conscious adulthood. So essentially if you’re at choice between delaying or doing - do!

The weekend’s energy is lighter, more dreamy and soulful after Mercury currently retrograde squares Jupiter in Sagittarius. We’ll be thinking with more optimism with a helpful disregard for the details. If we worked hard all weekend, this Mercury/Jupiter transit allows us to play, get creative, say yes to the joy, and enjoy pleasure for pleasure's sake.

You’re grounded, Aries! Just not in the way you think. This week inspires you to center yourself significantly, slow down your speed, and focus on long term goals. The month before the Sun enters Aries motivates you to quell the tendency for ungrounded reactivity and impulse in favor of grounded responses and emotional nonreactivity. Again, this Thursday, your responsibility - not your appetite for reactivity - will prove a major problem solver at work when Saturn/Mars trines. You’ll impress the Universe if you can prove you have have long-term focus where it matters. Then you can get creative this weekend under the emotionally optimistic and abundant Mercury/Jupiter square! You’ll be feeling so inspired to try new, innovative experiences and find soulful healing wherever you need it.

It’s all about you, Taurus! When this week begins, the transiting Moon shines from your beautiful, bountiful constellation. These monthly opportunity periods inspire you to demonstrate your very best qualities like loyalty, follow-through, and sensuality. So showcase those virtues wherever you can for lunar blessings! Thursday’s Saturn/Mars trine will give you an “ah-ha!” moment and open doors for more education where you need it. Trust the realization and make long term plans around it! Then a social weekend is yours under the Mercury/Jupiter square. You’ll want to  reunite with friends from the past, let bygones be bygones, and celebrate the progress you’ve made together.

Self-care, thy name is Gemini! Your week begins with a bit of emotional tenderness. So stay gentle on yourself, non-reactive, avoid taking things personally, and plan healing activities that recharge your energy. Then Thursday could help you think about emotional labor and intimacy differently under the Mars/Saturn trine. You have high standards when it comes to love and connection, but the dynamic wants you to seek imperfect authenticity not unrealistic perfection. After self-care and work on intimacy, you’ll want to work this weekend under the Jupiter/Mercury square. Do you have a career you love? If yes - wonderful! If not, lay claim to the arena you love. Then get a head start on time-management, responsibilities, and personal growth to make a career infused with love happen.

Hey Social Butterfly, Cancer! This week showcases your more extroverted side (of course you have one!) where you’ll plan all the fun activities, lead wonderful conversations, and build the dynamics in friendship more carefully. On Thursday’s Mars/Saturn trine, uplift the week’s theme of connection by blurring the lines even more between romance and friendship. Don’t the best ones start that way? You’ll want to love your friends like they’re romantic partners and approach your romantic partners like they’re friends. That way, you flex both of those social muscles and transfer the best of the dynamics to each other. Weekend getaway time! Thanks to the Mercury/Jupiter square, you’ll want to plan a short visit to some “elsewhere”. Go on a mental or geographic adventure!

Dive, turn, werk Leo! Your worklife is the focus of the week since you’re rightfully the star on the job. With this high morale, make sure you showcase your prodigious confidence, leadership, and emotional intelligence on the job. Just make sure you don’t forget the micro details on Thursday! You’ll want to be urgent and proactive around the little tasks. If left between the choice of doing right away or delaying while waiting for the right invitation - make like Nike and just do it. After working your mane off, the weekend is sultry and intimate making you a cat in heat after the Jupiter/Mercury square. Pursue desire, intimacy, and pleasure for pleasure’s sake with the right partners and you both can - or all, you naughty minx! - enjoy the sexual healing.

Cynicism is irrational, Virgo. Only “tragic optimism” is practical. This week inspires you to live more passionately of a hopeful vision not puny circumstances. It’s practical because beginning with a vision first is the only way things begin to change, right? Thursday furthers this goal under the Saturn/Mars transit when it gives you the right confidence boost to pursue wild dreams. The moment you dare greatly, it’s as if all of nature conspires with you to make your vision a reality. The weekend is a romantic one when Mercury and Jupiter form that sexy square tensions motivating you to connect to partners with an “opposites attract” chemistry. Break old patterns, have new dialogues, say “yes” to the one who you thought “no” of at first.  

Do you want to be accommodating and acclimating, Libra? Or do you want to be authentic? You’ll be called to tell the Truth this week without apology more than striving for perfection or the disease to people-please. Especially with family on Thursday under the Saturns/Mars trine. You have helpful intelligence than can help them. So speak your truth and contribute your perspective with compassion for yourself and all players involved. It’s less about others and more about you on the weekend! Thanks to the Mercury/Jupiter square giving you the right tension and fire under your ass, you’ll want to be very proactive around overdue tasks and catching up on goals. Give yourself the restful night’s sleep that can only come from the knowing that you worked hard to make the following week the best it could be.

Soul growth occurs in the contrast, Scorpio! In matters of the heart, you’re attracted to those who are different from you. The partners who won’t give in to your intimidation, defense mechanisms, or demands. It drives you nuts but you know it’s a good thing! Since Thursday’s Mars/Saturn trine will then help you find words for romantic compromise among the contrast. And turn you all the way on to the more verbal, nerdy types. The weekend returns more helpful joy and confidence under the Mercury/Jupiter square. You’ll want to go out of your way to experience happiness and personal security with others who make you feel good. No more emotional self-indulgence, cynicism, and the devil you know. Run fast towards the direction of bliss!

Focus, Sagittarius! Your big picture thinking needs to be concentrated a bit more on the details. Essentially, make sure you’re not only showing up the figurative party but you’re paying attention to the details of your own life. People know when you’re physically present but “not home”. The Universe supports you inhabiting the present moment fully wherever you are. Then Thursday will help you focus on finances thanks to the Mars/Saturn trine. You’ll want to discipline your spending habits just a bit. So you can splurge more on what you want to at home. Since the weekend’s Mercury/Jupiter square inspires you to uplift your apt, living situation, emotional safety, and family.

Courage, Capricorn! As Brene Brown references, courage’s prefix is “cor” - Latin for heart - so the original definition is to tell the story of your heart. Which is your horoscope this week. It’ll be vulnerable, scary, but you’re brave for doing so. Especially on Thursday when confrontational Mars trines with disciplined Saturn. You may be called to declare a boundary with generous assumptions about the person who’s making you uncomfortable. So express a need that’s being broken and offer a solution to the offending parties to move forward in integrity together. The weekend will help you flex your vocal musculature inspired by the Jupiter/Mercury square. You’ll be the most analytical and articulate you’ve been!

Just stay home, Waterberer. You know you want to anyway! Especially this week. You’re feeling inspired to stay within and tend to your emotional health with helpful self-soothing tools. Thursday could give you a helpful strategy to protect your heart under the Mars/Saturn trine. If a new, hardworking, and responsible impulse or strategy reveals itself to you - trust it then do it. When Jupiter squares with Mercury, you’ll want to prioritize financial health this weekend. Audit your spending and budget with more responsibility. These transits are helping you take care of the foundation you need to make large scale changes in every arena so trust the process and tend to every detail along the way.

Happy Birthday, beautiful Pisces! You’re a wordy one this week around all the solar return celebrations. Remember that your language skills could inspire many people so wrap language around all the thoughts, feelings, and experiences you’re reflecting on to speak to the best of people. Especially your friends on Thursday! Under the Mars/Saturn trine, your communication habits that focus on responsibility, discipline, and integrity could improve your friends’ lives. They’re unpopular topics but they’re necessary for us to actualize in order for us to become the people we’re capable of. When Mercury squares Jupiter on Friday, journal your thoughts and dreams this weekend. You’ll be visited by the divine muses who are giving you brilliant ideas, miracles, and alternative possibilities so remember what you wonder!