February 4 - 10

Happy Lunar New Year! The Year of the Pig which is a year marked by wealth and prosperity is officially on. But not if you were born in the years  of the Pig which are: 1959, 1971, 1983 or 1995. Your Animal return year apparently is an unlucky year. Eek! Not according to Western Astrology seeing as it’s your Jupiter Return year. So Just live your life fully embodied in righteous integrity while larger than life Jupiter tours through Sagittarius.  

February  4th is the New Moon in Aquarius - thus the Lunar New Year! -  so we’ll want to reimagine how we think about all Aquarius ruled topics like how we engage with friendship, what community means to us, and the right ways for our political activism to be best served. Which couldn’t be more timely for the times in which we live.

On Sunday messenger Mercury leaves the airy realms of Aquarius for water dwelling Pisces. This will strengthen our fluency in the nonverbal, the body language cues, and the message swimming in the invisible ethers that’s waiting to be explored. Your creativity will flourish but your cognition/verbal skills will need some maintenance. You’ll want to pay attention to everything that comes up for you in this transit since it’s our next Mercury retrograde. But not until March 5! So don’t say I never gave you nothing and/or an advanced notice to prepare.


The Spice Girls once said, “friendship never ends!” The New Moon in communal Aquarius is inspiring you to think differently on how to deepen or transition the current connections you have. The nature of your friendships can really help determine your highest life quality. So keep your loyal ones close; the ones who cheer for you and are genuinely happy for your success. Then keep the indifferent ones very distanced. Mercury enters your Pisces ruled dream sector on Sunday so trust your intuition and feelings as they’re divine help for you. And if you need closure or completion anywhere, it’s yours should you request it. Happy Healing!

You better WERK Taurus! The Aquarius New Moon is listening carefully to your wildest dreams on career. So declare your highest intentions and be willing to follow divine guidance to make it happen. Whether that’s self-employment, promotion, transiting, or new hiring. Be specific and the Universe will get to manifesting. Your friends will be resourceful in making these dreams happen when Mercury joins your Pisces ruled social sector on Sunday. Tell them your goals on career throughout the next few week and they’ll happily work to make they come true!

Arrivederci, Gemini! The New Moon in Aquarius on Monday wants you to get up and go! Go travel far and wide throughout international arenas and/or academic spaces of interest. So tell the Universe whatever you want to learn, be willing to follow the direction, and explore any other hit that comes up for you with trust and confidence. On Sunday, Messenger Mercury enters your Pisces ruled career sector. You’ll show your brilliance, eloquence, and creativity on the job in wonderful ways. A bit of tenderness, sensitivity, and compassion will get you far with the transit and the muses will visit  with wonderful inspiration.

What does the practice or expression of intimacy mean to you, Cancer? I’ve read it as “into-me-you-see”, Moon child. So Monday’s Aquarius New Moon is helping you feel safe to let someone see into your existential world and hold the realest version of you without armor or crab shell. If you need the magic of positive thinking for this cause - because who doesn’t! It’s tough work - then Mercury joins your Pisces ruled optimism zone on Sunday. This transit will help you find the practical positive effects of optimism and you’ll think more brightly about yourself and the uncertainties of life.

Meghan and Harry who? There’s a new royal couple in town, Leo! The Aquarius New Moon on Monday is listening to your intentions on inviting, deepening, or transitioning romance in powerful ways. You’ll want to keep your thoughts very optimistic on love then listen carefully to the Universe’s nudges for romance while you make it happen. Since Mercury joins your Pisces ruled sexuality and intimacy zone on Sunday so you’ll want to go “there” with a special someone. Whether that’s a series of ace card up conversations or an experience of meaningful sexual healing throughout the next few weeks.

It’s time for a 2019 Resolution check-in! The Aquarius New Moon is asking you to clarify  your intentions on personal growth, organization, nutrition, health, and wellness. After you contemplate it deeply on Monday, then pay attention to the hunches you get because the Universe will give you the right strategies to elevate your personal management practices to divine order. Then Mercury enters your Pisces ruled romantic and relational zone inspiring you to find opposites-attract chemistry with another. Essentially, the farther from your typical “type” the better to let the magic of this transit help you find excitement in the contrast.

What does personal worthiness mean to you, Libra? The Aquarius New Moon on Monday is listening carefully to your intentions on confidence, self-esteem, and worthiness. Tell the Universe you’re willing to see yourself as essentially worthy now. Because when you do, you’ll acquire the necessary prerequisite for a life of wholeheartedness and belonging. Mercury electrifies your Pisces ruled goal-management and organization zone on Sunday. Over the next few weeks, you’ll slash those to-do lists with creativity and compassion.

Happy Homecoming, Scorpio! The Aquarius New Moon on Monday is helping you get closer to the feelings, people, and places that remind you of home, sweet home. Especially on ideas and practices related to emotional safety, security, and family bonding. So make sure you’re very specific in telling the Universe your best case scenario outcomes for Chateau Scorpio and happy manifesting. Mercury then lights up your Pisces ruled confidence sector giving you the mutable momentum to make it all happen with adaptability and finesse.  

It’s time to put the commune in communication, Sagittarius! The Aquarius New Moon helps you interface your communication practices while you listen to people more deeply with the same passion you have for speaking. This puts the commune in communication because it will inspire inspire them to listen to you more carefully and boom! An equal balance of speaking and hearing. Mercury then begins a long swim in your Pisces ruled emotion ocean on Sunday. Which will invites you to strengthen your emotional intelligence, speak your sensitivities, and strategize ways to protect your emotional safety, security, and home.

When we think of security, it often has a circumstance dependent outcome. Like money, the right job, or another variable not entirely in our agency. Not anymore, Capricorn! Monday’s Aquarius New Moon wants you to find emotional security internally right now exactly as you are regardless of the external circumstances that are forever at the effect of the Law of Impermanence. Mercury then enters your Pisces ruled mindfulness/communication zone on Sunday which helps you think more deeply, analyze without certainty but compassion, and then speak your observations articulately. Let it all flow and showcase your intelligence!

Happy Birthday to you and New Year! Monday’s New Moon is your sign so this is your 2019 annual reset. Tell the Universe your birthday wishes without fear, skepticism, or worry. Think of it like best-case scenario or bust! Then listen carefully throughout the next six months for the direction to help make it manifest. On Sunday, Mercury enters your Pisces ruled income sector helping you think about money and security more thoughtfully and compassionately. Perhaps with a healthy detachment? Ask the Universe for the right strategy to make money work for you not the other way around.

Closure is not circumstance dependent. It’s always a gift you can give to yourself, Pisces. You need nothing other than to make the decision to release yourself from low-level emotionality that keeps you stuck in barbed wire. Monday’s Aquarius New Moon is listening to what you want to be released from. Let it all go. Surrender attachment and receive the light in the darkness’ absence. Mercury then enters your sign Pisces on Sunday letting your natural creative and communication abilities shine. This transit will give you right perception and eloquence to communicate your most authentic nature and which helps you and others operate in integrity carefully together.