February 25 - March 3

So are you ready to make it happen?! Since Mercury will retrograde next week on March 5th, there’s no time like the present to complete, then move as forward as you can go, so you can ultimately surrender when Mercury retrogrades. This week has two transits that give us the energy shots we need to makes our dreams come true in dynamic ways.

Up first is Wednesday’s transit which is creative and stabilizing sextile between the Sun in Pisces and Mars in Taurus. Blending the oceans of Pisces and the terra firma of Taurus, this Sun/Mars sexstle will gives us the Solar inspiration and Martian commitment to make it - whatever it is, an idea, conversation, projection, or vision - happen.

The second transit occurs on Friday when the Love Goddess Venus leaves the Mountains of Capricorn for the skies of Aquarius until March 26th. Venus in Aquarius will help us disrupt the routine and status quo of current connection. It’s a wonderful time to implement just a healthy existential buffer between you and partners - which helps desire thrive! - since Venus in Aquarius is rightfully detached. Venus in Aquarius also makes friendships more romantic and romances more friendly. The best connections are both. So meditate on ways to approach lovers like friends and friends like lovers all month long.

Clear your social calendar during the weekday, Aries. You deserve a little social sabbatical for energetic recharge during Pisces Season. Since this is the month before Aries Season, it’s your appropriate time to prioritize rest, self-care, and necessary solitude above all else. On Friday, Venus enters the Aquarius ruled sign of your friendships and community. So you’ll be back as the life of the party on the weekend should the inspiration strike. You may even see a friend more romantically? Why not?! They say the best ones usually start out this way. If you’re currently partnered, use Venus in Aquarius to help you wrap friendship around the passion of love.

Hey Social Butterfly! This week you’ll have a blast if you put yourself outside of your comfort zone. You can fly all over town, laugh with  friends, and cherish the bonds you’ve made together. Relational intelligence will help your work life too when Venus enters the Aquarius ruled career sector and beautifies your bonds there starting on Friday. You’ll want to harmonize and strengthen the relationships you’ve made there. Particularly with any feminine identified person. Venus in Aquarius reminds you that your emotional intelligence with others will manifest career success where you need it quickly.

Recess is over, Gemini. Get to work! Your creativity and efficiency fly off the charts this week so you’re staying late and contributing your best ideas and skills on the job. Wednesday's transit remind you to never forget what a creative problem solver you are. If you think of an innovative solution, apply it quickly. After working both of your twin’s asses off, wanderlust strikes on Friday!  When Venus enters the Aquarius ruled international and educational sector. So it’s time to take off to the country that’s been calling your curiosities or campus you’ve been dreaming about. This transit promotes expansion, optimism, and contributing your intelligence in wonderful ways.

No time for the crab shell, Cancer. You’re crawling right out of your protective defenses and out of your comfort zones this week. Well done! You’re showing the world your creativity, passions, joys, and bravery when the moment calls for it. If it’s scary and painful, that actually means you’re doing a good job so keep up the good work! The weekend gets sexy when Venus enters your Aquarian ruled erotic space inspiring and authentic sector on Friday and all month long. You’ll want to make the most of this transit by leaning in to intimate connections that have depth, transformation potential, and staying power.

Fix your crown, Leo! This week showcases your leadership and moral authority while you’re sitting on the throne at work. Speak your truth directly and compassionately when the occasion comes on Wednesday. You’ll inspire others to live and work with more impeccability. It’s not all work this week because Venus enters your most romantic sector on Friday. Venus in Aquarius gives you the opportunity to invite, deepen, or transition current loves to the places you dream of. It’s an opposites attract style chemistry so open your heart to those who you’ve never considered before. The more different they are from you, the better.

Relational intelligence is a technique, Virgo. This week you’ll be inspired to learn what it takes to showcase the best skills for love. On Wednesday, make sure you browse the TedTalks, let the Universe take control of the mouse and clicking, and you’ll be face to face with instruction on partnerships. Take notes! On Friday, Venus enters your Aquarius ruled health and organization sector inspiring you to step it up where you’re already outstanding. So you get to do your favorite things like: tidy up, meal-prep, and organize that agenda for the gift of inner joy all month long.

Concentrate, Libra! This metal week inspires you to think less about which two things you need to balance and more about one to really focus with mastery on. You’ll want to follow your heart on Wednesday for the right area of personal growth that needs your focus. Remember to stick with one task, idea, day at at time. On Friday, Venus enters your Aquarius ruled creativity, joy, and confidence boudoir. All month long, Venus will give you more magnetism, popularity, and a beautiful capability to showcase your artistic flair. Show them what it means to be a daughter of Venus!

Ace card up, Scorpio! I’ll be frank, this week shows you it’s time to share your feelings with someone. Wednesday motivates you to soften in to the emotional exposure, risk, and uncertainty to gain the reward of your bravery. You’re not a sign who particularly enjoys the sting of vulnerability but I promise you’ll see a shift in your experience when you open your heart and find safety in your defenselessness. On Friday, Venus beautifies your Aquarius governed home sector so you’ll want to binge watch Marie Kondo if you haven’t already done so, tidy up, call Mom and the family, and harmonize your exterior living space so it reflects and matches the beauty of your interior living space.

Happy Homecoming, Sagittarius! You’re not your typical restless self this week. Instead you’re more excited to stay at home and have JOMO (joy of missing out). You’ll opt in for the people and places that keep you safe on Wednesday without apologies or explanation. Then Venus enters your Aquarius ruled intelligence and communication sector on Friday inspiring you to wrap your love language around ... love. If you’re currently partnered, you’ll want to flex your negotiation skills and verbal communication. If you’re single, Venus in Aquarius makes the cute nerdy intelligent types completely irresistible.

Use your words, Seagoat! This week motivates you to match your consistently impeccable behavior skills with the right verbal expressions. Since Wednesday teaches you that sometimes actions don’t always speak louder than words and clear communication is kind. Ask yourself where you’re acting out of alignment with what you’re saying. And you can lovingly check people who are doing the same. Your financial security gets an energy boost on Friday when Venus begins to beautify your Aquarius ruled income sector. After working your butt off, Venus in Aquarius tells you its time to indulge a little..

Call in the bodyguard, Aquarius! This week helps you find the right context on safety; from the people, places, and situations that keep you happy and safe. You’re feeling more invested in sticking around yo place and people long enough to understand loyalty, commitment, and accountability. Venus enters your sign on Friday which makes you irresistible as a belated birthday gift. Whatever pleasurable or romantic outcomes you’re looking for, keep your thoughts optimistic because Venus will make it happen for you all month long. From inviting, deepening, or lovingly transitioning love. It’s yours for the taking!

Happy Solar Return, Pisces! You’re trying hard to sharpen your communication skills. Wednesday helps you see the proof that your efforts are paying off in a big way. Keep up the wonderful wordy work to operationalize integrity in your birth month. Then Venus enters your Aquarius ruled completion sector on Friday. This is a very healing transit because it could give you an overdue release from lovers passed so you can love more fully to lovers now. Think on how to practice the two fold approach of atonement and forgiveness. Remember, closure is always a gift you can give to yourself. So let Venus in Aquarius help you soften in to it!