February 18-24

Changing of the Solar Guards! On Monday, Pisces Season begins in the afternoon which shines sunlight on intuition, emotionality, and creativity all month long. As the last solar season in the zodiac, the idea of Pisces is the highest experience of universal spiritual themes - love, given and received. Love without needs being met. Love without condition. In the end - ruled by Pisces - all that will matter in our lives is the love in our heart.

If it sounds mystical, it’s because it is. If you need a little help, the Sun in Pisces is also a powerful time to deepen your spiritual path. To passionately invest yourself in a mystical, spiritual training to help you understand the meaning of love.

Pisces’ opposite sign Virgo is Tuesday’s star under the Super Full Moon in Virgo. It’s a Super Full Moon because it’s a Solar/Lunar opposition at zero degrees. From the zero to the full moon, two symbols this week remind us that there are areas in our lives that need to be completed. Where do you need a Full Circle moment? It’s yours if you’re willing to do the work. So often we think completion/closure is circumstance dependent but it’s a choice. So if you need to set yourself free from a low-level habit pattern or existential drama, let the Virgo Full Moon show you what practical steps you need to take to make it happen.

On Friday, a current romance gets deep and transformative under the Venus Pluto conjunction in mighty Capricorn. Like it or not, there’s a bit of heavy work that needs to be done in our relationships this weekend. So let’s get our hands dirty because Capricorn energy loves to reward us with the gifts earned by hard earned labor.

LET - IT - GO - Aries! Pisces Season beginning on Monday is giving you your annual month of healing, detox, and completion where you need it. Your emotional energy is likely to be a bit low so if you need a social sabbatical, take it. This is your month of release and spiritual inquiry. Don’t forget wellness! Tuesday’s Full Moon in the Virgo ruler of your personal responsibility sector inspires a huge shift/completion in emotional, physical, and mental health. Trust what comes up you then commit to a strategy on making it happen. Get a head start on work this weekend under the Venus/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. Reach out to the feminine energy in the workplace and tend to the bonds there. Think deeply on what you want to be valued and what you want to give to to your professional arenas.

Friendship never has to end, Taurus! When Pisces Season begins on Monday, you’ll want to socialize, connect, and enjoy your friends. After a hardworking Aquarius Season, you’ve earned it. So your horoscope is: have fun with your loved ones all month long! Tuesday’s Full Moon inspires more of your Virgo ruled security, creativity, courage, and emotional sharing. Is it time for a confession? Totally. If there’s something you need to say, there’s genuinely someone who needs to hear it. So if don’t sidestep speaking your Truth. This weekend brings a powerful “getaway” under the Venus/Pluto conjunction in your Capricorn ruled adventure sector. Leave your comfort zone, predictability, and routine for rewards.

You better WERK, Gemini! When Pisces Season starts on Monday, it’s only intention is to put your name in professional lights. All month long, you’re ready to climb up, transition, or master a professional craft in a big way. The Full Moon in Virgo wants you to get your emotional foundation ready so you can prepare for the professional changes coming your way. Please don’t run from your feels, sensitivities, or vulnerabilities! Especially this weekend because it’s a sexy, intimate one under the Venus/Pluto conjunction. Go “there” in seduction and sexual pleasure with a partner who’s earned it. Enjoy yourselves!

Ciao Cancer! Pisces Season’s start on Monday sends flying to new countries or learning at campuses. If you’re feeling wanderlust of curiosity for higher education, pursue both with bravery and preparation. The Universe is looking to expand your intellectual horizons in wonderful ways. Let Tuesday’s Full Moon in Virgo remove limiting beliefs on your intellect and communication skills for these endeavors. Offer up shame triggers on your intelligence and willingness to run towards adventure this Tuesday to let the Full Circle moment work its magic. This weekend is a powerfully romantic one under the Venus/Pluto conjunction in the Capricorn ruled sector of your relationship zone. Is it time for “the talk” or emotional connection? Totally. Be brave, vulnerable, and do it!

You’re a cat in heat, Leo. When Pisces Season starts on Monday, you want the real deal on sexual connections all month long. Trust your heart’s intuition, pursue pleasure, and merge with people who offer your the possibility of radical self transformation. Tuesday’s Full Moon in Virgo wants you to claim financial security by removing barriers to your royal wealth. Identify the personal and existential blockages between you and your financial freedom. Offer them up to the Universe and then let your intuition tell you what to do in their absence. For peace of mind, meal prep, clean, and organize this weekend under the Venus/Pluto conjunction in taskmaster Capricorn. Cross off the tasks on the to-do lists and get proactive for inner bliss.

2 is way better than 1! Pisces Season’s start on Monday begins your most romantic chapter all month long. If you want to experience the magic of this romance, you’ll want to drop the defenses/or neediness, and bid for connections with others from a space of more vulnerability or responsibility. No more birds with the broken wing. You need an equal match. Tuesday’s Full Moon is in your sign. So surrender all things that stop you from loving yourself and others fearlessly. From shadows of lovers past, to irrational fears/insecurities, the Virgo Full Moon wants it all. The weekend inspires you to share feelings under the Venus/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn so there’s your first practice!

Kondo effect in 3-2-1! Pisces Season helps you make like Marie so you can tidy up, organize, and simplify your life so you can be your best self surrounded by aesthetic simplicity and cleanliness. If there’s something you need closure on, Tuesday’s Full Moon in Virgo is looking to heal you from all pain of the past. Surrounded by a cleanly exterior, let’s make your interior just as clean. So surrender all existential things that keep you in fear in a helpful ritual or empathy with a close friend on Tuesday. Under the Venus/Pluto conjunction this weekend, it will help you connect more deeply to your relationship to home, sensitivities, and family.

Hey Queen, Scorpio! Pisces Season on Monday brings out your inner royal and wants you to put the crown on all month long. So let values like confidence, creativity, and joy shine from your heart so you can see yourself as worthy of love, belonging, and divine success right now exactly as you are. You’ll be inspired to connect with fellow royalty on Tuesday’s Full Moon in Virgo and socialize with your closest, confident, and powerful friends. You need to be surrounded by those who won’t be shaken by your power. This weekend could inspire a tough talk under the Venus/Pluto conjunction Capricorn. If the time calls for it, make sure you’re honest, compassionate, specific, and brave.

Happy homecoming, Sagittarius! Pisces Season on Monday helps you find the context, feeling, places, and people that remind you of home. All month long it’s a tender season so soften in to your sensitivities and share them with people who’ve earned the right to hear them, too. Tuesday’s Full Moon in Virgo lights up your career! It’s a powerful transition portal where you need it on the job. Whether that’s promotion, current mastery, or transitioning in good form. Be specific to the Universe and identity what you need to feel like you’re contributing in powerful ways. On the weekend, you’ll want to be financially responsible under the Venus/Pluto conjunction in strict Capricorn all weekend long. Take the more disciplined and economic responsible path.

Speak up, Capricorn. Use your words! Pisces Season helps you take that brilliant mind of yours and wrap language around the emotions you need to speak on the most. Full disclosure, it’ll be imperfect, vulnerable, and scary but you can - and have to - do it anyway. Tuesday’s Full Moon in Virgo sends you off and flying to new countries or schools. You’re feeling wanderlust and curiosity. So follow your instincts on what countries or “campuses” you need to visit. Enjoy the adventure! The weekend has you getting really, disastrously real with yourself on romance under the Venus/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. If you need to share what you’re feeling with someone, do it. Major romance changes could be yours if you’re willing to be emotionally exposed.

Make it rain, Aquarius! Pisces Season’s start on Monday has your finances flowing all month long. If I were you, I’d center yourself in gratitude and responsibility for more abundance wherever you need it. It’ll help you identity the blockages you have between you and financial freedom while tending to the strengths you have which help you earn. The Full Moon in Virgo is powerfully intimate so pursue your sexual desires and enjoy the pleasure. Align with those who offer you the possibility of radical self-transformation through meaningful connection. Take it deep. If you need healing on romance, this weekend is the time to do it thanks to the Venus/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. Think deeply about forgiveness and accountability given and received. Then follow your heart for the right places and people to do it with.

Happy Birthday, Pisces! Your Solar Return begins on Monday and your best skills are shining above from the Universe and below on your life experiences all month long. Rise to the occasion and shine. Show the zodiac your best. Tuesday’s Full Moon helps you invite, deepen, or transition the Virgo ruled love you deserve. It’s a Full Circle moment so you’ll want to think about what needs to be lovingly let go so the romance you crave can be yours now. Tend to forgiveness, apologies, accountability. And release. This weekend you’ll be surrounded by your most authentic friendships and birthday parties thanks to the Venus/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. May all your wishes comes true!