February 11 - 17

Naturally both Mars and Venus are the stars of this Valentine’s Day week! Up first is Mars in Aries colliding with Uranus in their final, twenty-ninth degree. So when the planet of surprise and innovation goes to war with the Warrior Planet in the sign of the Soldier, it’ll inspire Wednesday’s temperature to be a bit more hot blooded than usual. In all matters of relationships from the platonic to the familial, sexual, romantic and every dimension in between - I invite you to stay completely receptive to the “unknown” and all its changes and detours. Stay vigilantly adaptable, quick to say you’re uncomfortable with the right boundaries, and equally fast to release attachment to results.

On Valentine’s Day Mars enters a Venus ruled sign in Taurus which is clearly no coincidence. If you’re thinking of your ambitions or connection qualifiers, you’ll want to connect only to those whose consistency, trust, and affection make us feel safe until the end of March. Taurus energy - God love ‘em for this, for real - only want to connect to situations where there’s a return on investment. So this is a time for us to learn what informs this value return. We’ll also learn more on consistency, reliability, and following through on our word. Since Mars in Aries gave us the spark of innovation and we might’ve made grandiose declarations. So let’s cash those checks while Mars in Taurus and firmly invest in situations and opportunities where we get a return on what we give.

One last hurrah? This Wednesday, your ruling planet Mars - which is currently touring through your sign! - collides with an innovative but disruptive Uranian energy which is also currently your sign! So if you need one last emancipation proclamation and/or liberation - take it on Wednesday.This Mars/Uranus conjunction could inspire you to speak your truth a bit more bravely. So let’s be clear - it'll be messy and vulnerable for sure. But the Universe firmly supports your authenticity so make sure you share it with us because freedom is on the other side. Then on Valentine’s Day, you’ll want a bit more luxury, sensual indulgence, and dependability on your side. So align personally or romantically with it for the magic!

Girl, let it GO. This Wednesday a powerful moment of closure among the Mars/Uranus conjunction in the ruler of your completion, surrender, spirituality, and release sector will inspire you to identify the internal and/or relationship bullshit. It could be through conflict though I suspect it’ll help you release people or circumstances that keep you stuck like a bull with a bone. Change is scary, but it’s completely necessary for a meaningful life. So soften in to flexibility and adaptability with integrity and elegance. Since on Valentine’s Day, Mars enters your Venus ruled sign and thus your natural abilities for harmony, support, and loyalty will receive so much support from the Universe until March 31st.

Power to the people?! Take it to the streets! Mars activates your passion for activism, community organizing, and social justice sector on Wednesday when it collides with the Uranian ruler of activism which will inspire you to advocate for those who cannot do so for themselves. It could also bring about uncomfortable conversations with friends if you’re feeling like the connection’s becoming stale, one-way, unfulfilling, etc. Within every conflict is a thinly disguised wish so approach tough talks knowing at the bottom is a bid for closeness. Then on Valentine’s Day, you’ll be struck by the impulse to look carefully for completion where you need it. Whether that’s a conversation on closure, transition, or forgiveness soften, in to the holiday gently and with compassion and until March 31st. Wrap up loose ends, identify where you got it wrong, how you want to get it right, then get to work on the closure!

Is it time for a professional review? On Wednesday, when Mars collides with Uranus both in the Aries ruled sector of career, it’ll electrify your innovation and disruption zone at work.  So you’ll want to initiate change, progress, or a conversation on the job that helps you really understand what your value is. You’ll want to advocate for your worthiness and hear what you’re contributing from the right supervisors. Then on Valentine’s Day, you want your romance to feel friendlier. When Mars enters Taurus on this romantic day, you’ll be searching for the best of connections that combine the passion for light hearted conversations, joy, support, intellectual stimulation, and ease. Try to make your romances more friendly and your friendships more romantic throughout this transit to strengthen your relationship competency.

This just in to the royal castle - pessimism is lazy, Leo! What a memorandum. But it’s true! If you struggle to clear your perception with more optimism, this Wednesday is here to help.  When Mars collides with Uranus in the Aries ruled section of your chart that helps you expand your vision to live from vision over circumstance. From here, you’ll want to consider the work and positive effects on proactive optimism. Your visionary ideas will begin wonderful adventures with you if you don’t indulge cynicism and blame. Date night on Valentine’s Day? Not really. You’d rather work when Mars enters your Taurus ruled career sector which the Universe supports. So get to work on your passion project then you can schedule date night later after the crowds die down.

Can they handle the Truth, Virgo? Not your problem. Not your monkeys. Not your circus. On Wednesday, Mars is going to push you to keep it really radically real as it collided with your Aries ruled authenticity zone. All you’re responsible for is making sure you are clear and have the words right as you say them. How others interpret your honesty, how the listener handles the Truth you speak is none of your business! Consider this an evergreen horoscope. It’ll get more time sensitive on Valentine’s Day because when Mars enters Taurus, you’re looking for an international, academic lover. Think of dates, experiences, partners that fulfill your wanderlust, educational interests, and romance.

Love is a battlefield! On Wednesday Mars lights up some Pat Benatar textured conflict in your romantic relationship when it collides with rule breaking Uranus in Aries too in your partnership sector. So if you need to declare a boundary, own up to your mess, and/or identify a need that’s not being met, you’re well within your right to do so under this conjunction. It’ll give you and your partners freedom where you need it so long as you’re not afraid of conflict. On Valentine’s Day, you’re feeling extremely sensual, seductive, and more magnetic than usual. While Mars in Taurus, you’re given the permission to indulge your pleasures and erotic sensibilities for not only magic of the Valentine’s Day night but for weeks to come.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, Scorpio! And guess what? It’s all small stuff. Wednesday’s Mars transit will help you expand your vision a bit when it collides with Uranus and with the explosion of Aries fire, it’ll burn away the weeds you can get caught in. When you’re too focus on the circumstances instead of thinking of a new vision, it keep yous emotionally imprisoned. Lean on optimism and finding the big picture story that’s available instead. Then on Valentine’s Day, you’re looking for a challenge in your beloveds, lovers, or partners. So align with a partner who’s differences, contrast, and strength put you in your place in a sexy way. For the next few weeks, you’ll want to be firmly motivated to practice stronger negotiation skills, compromise, and understanding.

Just speak the truth, Sag! Nobody does it as well as you. This Wednesday’s Mars transit is putting the megaphone on your candor when it collides in the candor of Aries. Since honesty remains your consistent value, you’ll want to speak the truth. Even and/or especially if it makes people uncomfortable. Truth hurts, so tell ‘em to just deal with it. On Valentine’s Day, motivating Mars enters your wellness and inner-peace zone until the end of March. So you’ll not only want to consider and align with what “healthy” romances means to you for this holiday but you’ll want to go out of your way to make your life work with proactive efforts that secure your peace of mind.

Feel like you’re in an emotional civil war? On Wednesday, when warrior Mars currently transiting in Aries crashes into Uranus in Aries too, you’ll be a bit more reactive and confrontational related to matters of the home, family, and heart. If you need to declare a boundary or upset, it’s your moment to do so. Keep yourself emotionally regulated so what you say doesn’t erupt from tantrum just honesty. Then Mars enters your Taurus ruled joy sector on Valentine’s Day which will help you to connect with romantic partners that bring you a higher capacity for happiness, pleasure, and confidence - or bust!

Words are windows or walls to the soul, Aquarius. Wednesday’s Mars collision with Uranus both in confrontational Aries will have you reaching for to build the wall but let’s have you think about the window instead. Let others in to see your emotional nature from a transparent, distanced window. You can wrap language around your emotional nature so they know how to treat you well and specifically. Then on Valentine’s Day when Mars enters Taurus you want a night that feels like the magic of home. Since emotional safety, protection, and empathy will become your priority now and for the next few weeks. If you’re thinking of a move, redecorating, etc - now’s the time to do it!

Self-care isn’t selfish, Pisces! Wednesday has you choosing yourself first when Mars in Aries collides with Uranus in the same sign as the ruler of your completion, surrender, release, and self-care sector. Perhaps you’ll want to schedule a ritual, activity, or ceremony that gives you joy without apology. Consider it pleasure for pleasure’s sake. I’m sure if you’re like all the Pisces I know, you deserve it! On Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to remember that everything in relationship is a negotiation when Mars enters Taurus until the end of March. Negotiation requires effective verbal communication. So spend time practicing your best speaking and listening practices with the litany of resources that help you find the right words, for the right expectations, and negotiations. Clear communication is kind; unclear is cruel. Keep it kind and clear!