October 8-13

With the zodiac formally in a relational Libra stellium, I was asked when I’d be able to write more on self-love. Which is a totally viable point. “Beware the naked man offering you a shirt” is another way of saying self-love qualifies connection. Or as a problematic fav Rupaul asks “How are you going to love someone if you can’t love yourself?” 

The Full Moon in Aries this weekend will help us understand the foundation of worth and deserving values when we say, “I will, I want, I love,” It’s the “I” that declares the verb. More on that below.

Since relationship dynamics are about to get much, much deeper when Venus enters Scorpio on Tuesday where intimacy, loyalty, and meaningful sexual experiences rise to the top of the Universe’s itinerary. Apparently, Venus isn’t happy in Scorpio but I don’t love the whole “exalted, fall, dignified, glorified,” whatever-the-fuck way we minimize the value of each zodiac sign. Venus in Scorpio could theoretically allow the zodiac to understand the deeper dimensions of the existential world so that when we get intimate, we reframe “intimacy” into what Esther Perel says “into-me-you-see.” How do you let someone see your innermost dreams, vulnerabilities, anxieties, pleasures, and joys? I think Venus in Scorpio will show you how.

While Venus in Scorpio searches for Truth, sometimes the Truth is: we know we don’t know. So be prepared for for a romantic surprise on Saturday when Venus in Scorpio opposes unpredictable Uranus in Taurus.  Uncertainty, breaking routine, mystery, and anticipation are all part of the erotic and romantic spaces. They’re uncomfortable but necessary to grapple with in order to engage with these experiences beautifully. 

Sunday’s Full Moon in dynamic and powerful Aries allows us to own our wanting, own our worth, and claim our deserving entitlement for the things we love. Aries energy helps us burn away our fears, comparison stories, scarcity ideas, and insecurities into the Mars fire. If you let this Full Moon burn away what prevents you from showing up in the world with more grandeur, passion, and enthusiasm, you’ll be standing on your self-love so securely. You’ll be half a step ahead towards materializing your dreams and strengthening your romantic relationships. Let go of stories that stop you from falling in love again like it’s the first time. 

Let’s take a deeper dive, shall Aries? Venus supercharges your sexuality and intimacy practices this Tuesday when she enters Scorpio until November 1. Venus in Scorpio helps you take your relationships to a more meaningful, authentic, and transformative places while you get real about your passions, intimacy desires, and willingness to accept your partners’ imperfections as well as your own. You’ll want to switch up your sexual practices on Saturday to breathe new life in the bedroom by breaking routine and initiating a new style for sex. Your annual Full Moon is on Sunday which allows you to showcase the best of Aries; your bravery, passion, power, confidence, and leadership. If you want to surrender anything low-level for divine correction, identify where you need closure, take responsibility for the part you played in it, and the Universe will happily take it off your back. You’ll be brand new and better than ever! 

Cuffing season has officially commenced, Taurus! Venus begins a romantic, relational season for you when she enters your opposites attract sector in Scorpio until November 1st. This Venus transit reminds you of the power of differentiation, contrast, and the willingness to do it differently with people who are different than you for peak romantic results. You love your comfort but romantic familiarity breeds boredom and death to the chemistry! So release control and certainty on Saturday to be surprised When Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus. A Full Moon in your Aries ruled closure zone on Sunday allows you to release all low level things that prevent you from being your highest and brightest. You’ll want to name the part you play of course that prevents you from becoming the bull you’re capable of. While leaning on a helpful spiritual practice to give you the guidance you need that helps you release al those low-level things like mediation, contemplation, prayer (?) and/or other spiritual resources that are here to help you. 

I’mma need you to get your together, Gemini! Venus enters your health, responsibility, and wellness sector ruled by Scorpio on Tuesday until November 1st so you can glow the fuck up. You’re smart enough to know what you need to do to be your healthiest, most organized, radically responsible self. Venus in Scorpio will beautify and harmonize this efforts for you so it feels a whole lot less boring and whole lot more incentivized. On that note, be proactive, decisive and cut a bad habit permanently on Saturday under the Uranus in Taurus opposition to Venus in Scorpio. A highly social, jovial, and Full Moon on Sunday inspires you to reunite with your ride or dies, empower one another, and celebrate how far you’ve come together. If you’ve been feeling like your friendships could use a boost, this Full Moon helps you review your expectations of friendships, your record with showing up or not to make sure you’re not hoping to receive what you’ve been unwilling to give, and comparing other friends’ performances for the most accurate perception. 

Keep the crab shell at home, Cancer! Venus enters your Scorpio ruled confidence and charisma zone on Tuesday until November 1st. This is the time for you to engage with a fun amount of risk, creativity, the necessity for play and joy, while boosting all creative projects that require a significant amount of confidence. Make sure you go out with your friends on Saturday since those relationships will build you up under the Uranus in Taurus opposition to Venus in Scorpio. Perhaps a friend may even become a lover? Combine the best of both. Treat your friendships more romantically and your romance more friendly. A Full Moon in your Aries governed career sector on Sunday inspires you to own your power, step into your leadership, and inspire others on the job. You’ll want to check in with your progress over the last six months and see what you can do to improve the quality of your performance there. Now since this an Aries transit, what’s required of you to see yourself as the leader, powerhouse, and initiator at work you are and own your power so that others can match and meet you there for maximum success. 

Repeat after me - what makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful Leo! Venus enters your Scorpio protected and governed emotional exposure zone so you’ll be inspired to share your feels until November 1st. You’ll want to beautify your relationship to emotional intelligence, family of origin, and the environment you call home. Turns out, autumn is a tender time for you that ask the monarch to go within from time to time, clean up the heart space, and tend to your needs. Try to balance work/life as best you can under the Uranus in Taurus opposition to Venus in Scorpio on Saturday under the by tending to what’s been ignored over the last few weeks. Pull in “the other” to find the right balance. A Full Moon in your Aries ruled travel sector on Sunday wants you to follow where your wanderlust wants to take you whether that means a country, campus, or somewhere else. All that matters is that you heed the call to adventure - even in the midst of the homebody energy - for however amount of time you think is right for you. 

Can you handle the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, Virgo? Venus enters your Scorpio protected communication sector inspiring you to listen more carefully for accuracy and speak more honestly. You’ll be both inspired and attract to the most straightforward and intellectual types who don’t beat around the bush but know that straight talk leads to straight understanding. Use your thoughts, analysis, and words only in service to the Truth until November 1st. You’ll want to follow your mental curiosities on Saturday for a surprise when Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus. Stay optimistic even if you’re uncomfortable in the in-between, uncertain, and mysterious dimensions of romance. Don’t rush that! A Full Moon in your Aries ruled intimacy zone on Sunday is sure to make the weekend passionate, powerful, healing, and sexy. You’ll want own your desires without any people-pleasing, perfectionism, or fear of looking too much or not enough. This Aries energy asks you to stand on a foundation of fullness, worthiness, power, and deserving for the most meaningful sexual experiences. 

Happy Solar Return, Libra! Venus is giving you a ton of birthday coin when it enters your Scorpio ruled income zone on Tuesday until November 1st. You’ll want to harmonize, beautify, and uplift your values, security, and financial freedom. Venus is helping you feel more secure here and the way to increase security is to lay claim to what you value that isn’t situational but internal. Think of words like: connection, mutuality, respect, dignity, beauty, and love. How do you make choices from these values and how do these choices then make you feel safe because who you are who you claim to be because your behavior proves it? Try to be spontaneous and responsible with your money on Saturday under the Venus in Scorpio opposition toU Uranus in Taurus. A Full Moon in your Aries protected love and romance sector on Sunday invites a beautiful new relationship, deepens the one you’re currently in to a beautiful quality, or helps you complete it more carefully. Now since this an Aries Full Moon you’ll want to try to regain any lost autonomy, freedom, power, or individuality.

You’re irresistible, Scorpio! Venus enters your sign for the first time since it went retrograde last November(no thank you!) and makes you radiant, seductive, and brimming with confidence. Treat yourself to the joys, pleasures, and beautiful experiences of life that fill you up with wonder and enchantment. Go out of your way for fulfilling romantic and relational experiences, too, since Venus in Scorpio is sure to help you until November 1st. Try to connect differently with romantic suitors on Saturday for better results while Uranus in Taurus opposites Venus in Scorpio. Know that you don’t know and therein lies your power. A Full Moon in your Aries ruled health and wellness sector on Sunday wants you to end a pattern and begin a new strategy that improves your life quality. You’re honest with yourself to know the ways you self-sabotage, block joy, prevent your power from expressing itself, etc. Let this Full Moon burn away all the barriers you’ve placed between yourself and who you know you’re born to be. 

My Sagittarius QueerCosmos partner told me, “Closure is a gift you give to yourself.” So let me tell you the same thing, Centaur. Venus enters your Scorpio ruled completion sector on Tuesday setting you free from the stories and people from the past until November 1st. Initiatie the phone call, offer the apology, burn your ex’s things, and/or be radically willing to let go of shadow figures from the past so you can fall in love again like its the first time. A breakthrough moment on Saturday helps the effort under Venus in Scorpio’s opposition to Uranus in Taurus. What kind of non traditional ways can you inhabit the present moment more fully? It’s likely that a confidante will have the answers so listen to someone who you trust. A Full Moon in your Aries ruled confidence, creativity, and joy zone on Sunday helps you ride off into the sunset passionately towards a happier life. This your lunation to own all the messy and beautiful things that make you so worthy of love and belonging. 

Apparently the best connection combine the best of friendship and romance, Capricorn. Venus enters your platonic connection zone on Tuesday blurring the lines between romance and friendship until November 1st. Try your best to apply the ethics of friendship to romance and romantic affection to your friendships to depend the bonds across the dynamics and flex your relational muscles as passionately as possible. You’ll want to uplift your friends on Saturday to feel better about your own self under the Uranus in Taurus opposition to Venus in Scorpio. See yourself as the helpful problem solver and loyal confidant to those who lean on you for wisdom. A Full Moon in your Aries ruled home and emotion zone on Sunday is sure to make you tender so don’t be afraid to express it. If you’ve been thinking about moving, redecorating, and/or reestablishing a healthy relationships it family of origin then this Full Moon will help you do that. Remember to own your power, your leadership, and vision while pioneering the family to new places with your skills. 

You’re the MVP Aquarius! Venus enters your Scorpio ruled work zone on Tuesday helping your social relationships there. You’ll want to flex your relational skills and intelligence until November 1st because Venus is harmonizing, beautifying, and uplifting the way coworkers see you. And although it’s annoying, likable people tend to receive promotions, recognition, and more given their influence on the social morale. An “ah-ha!” Moment around work comes on Saturday and it helps emotionally since it’s a Venus in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus transit. You’re much more effected by work life than you lead on so this transit will help you express your emotional side at work which could lead to more growth there because work sees the quality of your engagement in it. A Full Moon in your Aries ruled communication and negotiation sector on Sunday helps you analyze accurately, speak more specifically, and listen carefully. You’ll want to speak up if you feel passionately about a particular thing and be open to the feedback of others around your active listening skills. Spend the day getting curious about language and the way you can improve the quality of your speaking. 

If you want to deepen your love, you’ll have to step outside of your comfort zone, Pisces. Venus enters your Scorpio ruled education and travel sector on Tuesday inspiring you to connect to suitors who are extremely intellectually, culturally, and ideologically different to you until November 1st. You’ll want to switch up your communication style on Saturday under the Venus in Scorpio opposition to Uranus in Taurus so you can move a connection forward. Try your bend to be grounded, clear, and secure with your relational partners while leaving just enough space for mystery, and the unknown. A Full Moon in your Aries income zone on Sunday attracts more financial security and literacy. Review where your money goes and how your money reflects what you value. Does it uplift your life? Does it inhabit your freedom because it’s not reflecting responsibility? You’ll also want to get clear on your values. Think of 2-3 values like compassion, intelligence, loyalty, spirituality, etc and cross reference your choices/behavior to your values. Do they line up? Is so, amazing work - keep it up. If not, let the Full Moon release you from any barriers you have between yourself and your highest integrity.