January 7 - 13

2019 continues to help the zodiac with supportive transits that promote new beginnings. Uranus moved direct in Aries last Sunday giving us the power to change what needs to change and the emotional resilience to make it happen. I’m learning more about “shame resilience” and it’s four steps here just in time for Capricorn Season:

“1) Recognizing and accepting personal vulnerability: All of us are vulnerable to experiences of shame, our shame triggers. When we recognize the emotional and physical signs of shame, we have the chance to understand what’s happening and why, and to seek help.

2) Raising critical awareness regarding social/cultural expectations: Critical awareness surrounding shame is the ability to link how we are personally feeling with society’s sometimes conflicting and shaming expectations of us as individuals.

3) Reaching Out: When we reach out for support, we may receive empathy, which is incompatible with shame and judgment. We recognize that our most isolating experiences are also the most universal.

4) Speaking shame, possessing the language and emotional competence to discuss and deconstruct shame: By learning the language of shame, we learn to draw distinctions between shame, guilt, embarrassment, and humiliation. “

Now on to transits! Love Goddess Venus enters jetsetting Sagittarius on Monday until February 3rd helping us feel more optimistic about romantic relationships of the past, present, and future. It’s a difficult tension of the human experience that where we want to experience the most joy in love we feel the most pain. Venus in Sagittarius will help the zodiac heal by speaking our truths on love to those who need to hear it.

On Sunday, Jupiter in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces which makes the end of the week a highly intuitive, dreamy one. Consider what visions and fantasies come up for you as helpful intelligence from the Universe. The facts, figures, and details could be overlooked in particular situations so double-check, ask questions to yourself and others to avoid miscommunication and soften into the day.  

All systems go, Aries! With both Uranus and Mars now blazing through and direct in your sign, there’s absolutely no stopping you. After a rough end to last year, the Universe is opening itself up to your dreams coming true now. So stay confident, a lil humble, flexible, and focused in the direction of your goals. Venus enters Sagittarius on Monday which begins an exploration into the exotic and intelligent suitors on Monday. So the less your typical “type” these people are, the better. Find chemistry and magic among contrast to you. Wanderlust strikes hard this weekend. Is is time for a winter getaway? The Jupiter square Neptune transit thinks so! Spend time in meaningful contemplation outside of the normal environment.

What does “spirituality” actually mean to you, Taurus? You’re a practical, reliable sign so the woo feels offputting often.Though the Universe wants you to think about your path of the heart. Simply ask the Universe what your path, system, or school of thought is and like magic the answer will be given you. Monday starts an intimacy and passion chapter when Venus enters Sagittarius and helps you find partners that give you the depth you crave. Could it be a friend? Venus in Sagittarius is reminding you that it’s not the dark and sexy type who meets you halfway. But the reliable, friendly one. So why not give them a try?

Since relationships determine the quality of your life, Gemini - you’re a very lucky soul! The quality and experiences of your friendships made your New Year so special. On Monday, when Venus enters Sagittarius the Love Goddess will help you find the romance, too. January’s preparing to give you the experiences with love and partnership your heart deserves. Especially with an opposites-attract style chemistry. Open your heart to a person, idea, or practice who you’ve never considered when it comes to love. Then think about what actually working towards love means to you on Sunday under the Jupiter square Neptune transit. Romance is a skill, after all, Gemini. So let’s get to work!

You ready to skyrocket, Cancer? Your career and professional status is about to be transformed. Whether you want to climb up the ladder or leave entirely to begin a new opportunity, don’t delay - tell the Universe! Then you can do your part to make it happen in the new year. Along the way, you’ll fall in love with health, wellness, and routine on Monday when Venus enters Sagittarius and helps you beautify your relationship to it. While it’s still your most romantic time of year as the Sun tours Capricorn, you’ll be sharing your best self with partners who’ve earned it which can only improve the quality of your relationships. Get ahead on next week’s tasks on Sunday when hyper-efficiency strikes!

The fire’s back in your courageous heart, Leo. You’re feeling confident, expressive, and excited to make your 2019 resolutions come true quickly. With Venus’ help on Monday the Love Goddess joins Sagittarius which will inspire you to show your creative skills, capabilities for joy, and a more tender, vulnerable side. Venus loves to support you so just show the Universe what you got, share the story of your heart, and you won’t regret it. Sunday’s a sexy one under the Jupiter/Neptune square so pursue your desires and curiosities to your lion’s heart’s delight. Have fun you two..or three!

You’re holding the Truth in your hands, Virgo. So, the question now is - what are you going to do with it? It’s asking you to choose different responses to whatever makes you uncomfortable and then you’ll watch your life change in exceptional ways. If you don’t even know where to begin, ask the Universe “I’m willing to see this differently. Please reinterpret my perception to divine order and guide me.” Venus beautifies your home, family, and emotionality sector on Monday when she joins Sagittarius which can’t help but make you show your tenderness. On that note, align with partners on Sunday under the Jupiter/Neptune square who make you feel like you’re right at home.

You’re totally allowed to assert your wishes in relationships, Libra. What we all learn is that you’ll never get what you don’t ask for. So Venus in Sagittarius is lighting up your verbal communication sector helping you vocalize what you need and hear others requests in your favorite perfect balance. Take time learning about Nonviolent Communication or Harville Hendrix’s communication practices if you want some additional help. With the power of the Jupiter/Neptune square this Sunday, schedule a mindfulness and/or self-care moment this to recharge.

Don’t make up stories in your head, Scorpio! Even if they’re juicy, serotonin boosting, and reduce ambiguity about the situation causing you stress. So often we believe our thoughts as true when really they’re just conspiracy. So be a little skeptical and curious about what your mind is telling. Venus boosts your income and confidence on Monday when she lights up the fires of Sagittarius which rules your abundance sector. It’ll help ease financial stress; just remember, your personal security is not circumstance-dependent. On Sunday, make decisions from what you cherish under the Jupiter/Neptune square. If it’s not a full-body “Yes!”, then it’s a bonafide “no”.

It’s never easy, especially for a fun lovin’ centaur - but stay comfortable with being uncomfortable, Sag. The Universe is training you to breathe through the discomfort, risk, and uncertainty. Venus enters your sign on Monday magnetizing amazing opportunities in love and money to you all month long and beyond. You’ll be absolutely irresistible so use this charm, influence, and popularity well. You deserve it! Tend to your home on Sunday under the Neptune/Jupiter square. Make like the rest of the world and watch Marie Kondo’s Netflix series on The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up because A little winter cleaning could help in wonderful ways!

Happy Birthday, Capricorn! You’re on focused mission to answer the internal question, “Where do I belong?”. I’m happy to report to you, the answers are coming soon! When Venus enters Sagittarius on Monday, she’ll help give you the closure or healing you need. Is it time to give forgiveness or offer an apology? A chapter in your love life is coming to a close and one is ready to be written. A little spiritual seeking will go a long way in this effort. Keep asking the God of your understanding for help and it’ll arrive in a song lyric, feeling, a conversation with a friend, etc. On Sunday, if you get the hit to have a tough conversation with someone, do it. Be brave!

Think about thinking differently, Aquarius. And how do you talk about talking? The meta of it all! Your thoughts and communication determine almost everything of meaning in your life so how can you approach both in a way that helps you succeed? Venus blurs the boundaries between love and friendship on Monday when she enters Sagittarius. You’ll want to make your friendships more romantic, and your romances more friendly. When you find the best of both of worlds and transfer them to each other, your relationships reflect such fullness. A friend on Sunday will have the right word or suggestion for you under the Jupiter/Neptune square. Trust their perspective and integrate into your decisions to see their wisdom in effect.

What do you value, Pisces? The Universe is inspiring you to build a strong foundation that’ll help keep you centered born of a careful clarity of values like: integrity, courage, faith, loyalty, discipline, etc.. Venus beautifies your career sector on Monday when she joins Sagittarius which will helping you succeed in wonderful ways this month while you align with the feminine energy at work and magnetize opportunities to your orbit that helps everyone succeed. And you’ll get a strong intuitional hit on Sunday when Jupiter squares Neptune in Pisces. So believe what comes up for you, apply it in your life, and then watch in delight as the Universe makes it happen.