January 28 - February 3

The week begins with a sexy Scorpio Moon which may distract us from anything other than our pleasure. So throw caution to the wind, keep it real, and give it a go with anyone who gets you hot and bothered.

On Thursday, a match between Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces gives us much needed sextile energy to step up our spiritual practice. Saturn is teaching us to think beyond just manifestation of personal dreams to heights of spiritual discipline and structure. Can structure set your free? What is freedom? Inner peace. Do you need structure to get there? Absolutely. Thursday will give you a hit of inspiration to embrace Saturn structure with the knowing that inner peace is on the other side.

The Super Bowl’s spirit of competition (ew I’m too gay for this reference but I had to!) may come early on Friday’s Mars/Pluto square in hotheaded Aries and controlling Capricorn. Tempers could flair so proceed with discernment, hold strong to emotional impulse control, and honor your boundaries through articulating them. Maintain generous assumptions while saying what is/is not appropriate around you to avoid any accidental third degree burns.

Venus switches signs on Sunday when it leaves adventure-seeking Sagittarius and enters the sensual, labor-loving domain of Capricorn until March 1st. Venus wants us to align with more ambitious souls. Those who aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty while they work at making their life work and connections with you. Self-indulgent and pseudo-profound sloppy sons of bitches need to not be in your orbit until March 1st. People on their A-Game only! That means you, too.

You’re a passionate Ram in heat on Monday under the tantric Scorpio Moon. So you’ll be wanting to swing from the chandeliers. If I were you, I’d follow your pleasurable instincts for the right occasions. If you can, try to keep a low-profile at work on Friday because you may find yourself in a conflict accidentally while Mars is touring your sign which makes you a bit reactive and Pluto doing it’s powerful alchemy in your professional sector. So keep your temper, ego, and reactivity classy and cute. On Sunday, Venus leaves Sagittarius and beautifies to beautify your career when she joins in Capricorn. The Divine Feminine comes to your support you beautifully and you’re feeling cherished on the job in wonderful ways. You could also fall for more ambitious personalities and inspire current partners to step it up and work harder for you!

Date night on Monday? Why not? After all, relationships determine life-quality so have at it. Swipe right, make eye contact for five flirty seconds, connect - you deserve it! On Friday’s Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn, you’ll be struck hard by not only wanderlust but the inspiration to do “it” differently. Reflect deeply on your life and identify what needs change because you’ll be struck with inspiration to help on Friday. To complement these efforts, Venus entering taskmaster Capricorn on Sunday will help you find the right strategies until March. You’ll want to get your hands dirty and commit to high-minded, optimistic practices that support your best life and capacity to wrestle risk, uncertainty, and emotional exposure.

You’re KILLING that to-do list, Gemini! Crossing off those tasks one by one with a naughty smile and light in your eye. Keep up the good work! Friday’s Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn could reveal an uncomfortable truth related to your friendships. Are you contributing to the relationship less than your expectations to receive? Are they? Meditate on mutuality and consider: empathy, boundary, or curiosity as your three solutions. Venus helps things get a bit dark and sexier on Sunday when she lights up your intimacy and sexuality zone as the Love Goddess tours in Capricorn. You’ll be craving high-quality connections that can handle depth and the highest of authenticity. Ooh-la-la!

I see that pep in your step, girl! You’re strutting Moon child and you deserve to work the runway of life. Stand under your luminary and let it shine! Friday’s square between Mars in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn will help you think about partnerships and connection on the job/at work in a different way. Are you feeling supported and valued? If not, ask yourself - am I supporting others? You can’t request what you’re not willing to give. So make it happen. Venus then enters Capricorn on Sunday and ruler of your most romantic sector. This will help you invite, deepen, or transition the love you crave until early March. It’ll have an opposites-attract style chemistry to it so be open to attract different types and incorporate Capricorn’s willingness to work in connection.


A few nights in wouldn’t hurt, Leo. Spend the majority of the week alone in your own royal company. Give yourself some much needed recharging activities and healing self-care ritual/practices. Friday will have you get out of your own way under the Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn transit. Like a lightning bolt from the sky, the square will strike and shake up the stories in your head with critical awareness and other methods to help you break out of your rut. Snap out of it! Venus enters Capricorn and then beautifies your health, organization, and wellness sector on Sunday. This transit will help you follow your heart for the right resources that give you inner peace proactively. Essentially, how hard are you willing to work to make your life work? No excuses, blame, or judgement. Radical responsibility, reclaim your power - or bust!

Hey, Chatty Kathy! Let your eloquence impress others under the transiting Scorpio Moon then make sure you’re actively listening to others’ perspectives because there’s wisdom in their sharings too. Protect what’s yours to know on Friday under the Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn transit. Friendly reminder, you don’t have to share or reveal everything to just anyone. Disclosure is earned so you can say “I’m not totally comfortable sharing that information with you right now because it’s not my story to tell and not yours to hear.” or something of the sort. Then Venus lights up your joy and romance sector when she enters Capricorn on Sunday which will renewing you with more optimism and uplifted confidence in the weeks ahead.

Reign it in Libra. The transiting Scorpio Moon wants you to approach social experiences with a slow, steady, cumulative style. Read the room first, know your audience, then reveal. On Friday, the Mars square Pluto transit in Aries and Capricorn respectively will help you ask for your desires in relationships. I’ll say it several times: you’re allowed to own them and ask for what you want without apology. As a highly relational sign, you can feel shame when you assert your individual needs but you’re given permission this week so practice it. Sunday has you making like a fellow Libra Marie Kondo and tidying up your living space. You know what the internet’s saying, If it doesn’t spark joy, give it gratitude and release it. This Venus transit lasts till March so beautify your emotional home and work on the bonds of family too.


No Monday blues for you sweet Scorpio! The Moon shines behind your constellation and lights up your joy this week. Let yourself soften in to happiness, creativity, and even emotional sharings with people/experiences who’ve earned it. Friday’s Mars/Pluto square will help you think of how a little more routine and consistent mindfulness makes you the best version of yourself. Little things go long distances. Like a match to a bonfire. Then Venus lights up your communication sector on Sunday when she enters Capricorn until March. This transit will helping you wrap the right language around your feelings so others know where you’re at with them and they can operate in integrity with you.

Work after a bomb ass weekend really sucks, Sagittarius. So you’re feeling a bit sensitive this week. As always, be gentle with yourself and stay compassionate to others along the way. Friday’s Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn could inspire a bit of fear related to your financial status so be discerning, disciplined, and researched on your spending habits. Especially since Venus enters Capricorn on Sunday - the Seagoat ruler of your income sector - until March. This abundant time will work as hard as Capricorn can to bless you with even more wealth and opportunities for inner peace because you feel financially stable. Magnetize the right experiences with gratitude to make the most of this transit.  

Clock out early, will ya? You’ve earned it, Capricorn! The transiting Scorpio Moon wants you to socialize a bit more so you can have the experiences that remind you why you work so hard. Because you love your people and you want to experience more joy. Friday could flare up sensitivities under the Mars in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn square. So you’ll want to process them with acceptance not shame. To help, try to speak your feelings to the right people who you trust. Don’t keep your discomfort in silence or judgement. You deserve empathy. Since Venus enters Capricorn on Sunday and begins to magnetize romance, harmony, and love to your heart for the next month! So since you have so much to look forward to, process the past carefully and keep your heart open optimistically for what’s to come.

Happy Birthday, Waterbearer! Without question, you’re the most magnificent one on the job this week. Impressing colleagues, hiring managers, and the Universe with your passion and performance. Friday’s square between Mars in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn inspires you to approach language more nonverbally. I know this sounds like a headache for your air sign soul! But you’ll want to pay attention to the energies of body-language, cues, and subtext for the right messages. On Sunday a healing Venus transit gives you closure, forgiveness, or apologies where you need it as it tours through Capricorn with romantic partners from the past. If you need to have an overdue conversation, admit where you got it wrong, or what behavior upset you, this transit is the key time to do it. Give yourself healing for your birthday. You deserve it!

Okay size Queen. Think big, Pisces! This is not the week to get caught in the weeds. You’ll want to make sure your thoughts are high and can embrace big-picture visions not just narrow circumstances. Friday’s square between Mars in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn will help you connect to friends who share complementary values to you. You’ll know which ones are a match by introducing topics in conversations that are textured with meaning and depth. You may even fall for one? Venus enters Capricorn on Saturday the governor of your friendship sector. So this Venus transit will harmonize or romance current friendships to more lovely and chemistry filled connection. They say the best relationships start out as friendships so consider which dynamics have that foundation and romance them a bit more.