January 21-27

Ready, set, ROAR! The Lunar Eclipse in Leo set Sunday night sky on fire. This Full Moon coronated a two year story on confidence, courage, and creativity which began in February 2017. We’re all a bit closer to understanding our practices with worthiness, resilience, vulnerabilities, and self-esteem. If we use this gifts well, we can find our foundation of feeling “I am enough” which gives you the permission to pursue higher opportunities both personally and relationally.

If we could a bit of divine companionship and amazing grace, Tuesday holds one of the luckiest days of the year. The prolific Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius! This will accelerate your
Manifestation magic on love, finances, and values. May joy and proactive optimism - a theme I will shove down your throat every single Sagittarius transit - your bottom line on Tuesday. Don’t audition, audit, or put any circumstances on trial before you’re all in. Be all in with an open-heart right now. And so the Universe will help you soar to the places where your dreams are given you.

To help make sense of the January eclipses, Leo’s polarity sign Aquarius is here to help. Not only is it Aquarius Season but Mercury will enters the sign of the waterbearer on Thursday. So all weekend long we’ll want to share our personal stories and listen carefully to others to find common tools that will help us all. Since Aquarius is a fixed air sign, try to commit to the universality of principles rather than highly individualized circumstances. Mercury in Aquarius helps us locate the ideals and convictions which we all belong to. Go there in your thinking and language, and you’ll find a treasure of resources.

You’re more than good enough, Ram! The Lunar Eclipse in Leo lights up your confidence and creativity zone and supercharges your new year from feelings of unbridled worthiness, enthusiasm, and courage. It’ll help you see how amazing you already are and will continue to be in the new year. Tuesday’s auspicious Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius helps you win the lottery of travel plans, considering higher-education, and/or finally getting a grip on the power of optimistic thinking. Enjoy the adventures! Your friends -  with the help of Mercury in Aquarius this weekend - will remind you what extraordinary impact you make on their lives to help you continue uplifting high vibes you share their lives and world.

Home, sweet home! The Leo Lunar Eclipse knocked on the front door of experiences related to home, family, and emotionality. Under this moon, you’re longing passionately for the people and places that feel like it. Is it time for a move? Or gratitude for where you’re at now? You’ll know shortly. With the Venus/Jupiter conjunction in happy-go-lucky Sagittarius...you’re going to get lucky on Tuesday. This lottery of a transit electrifies your intimacy and sexuality zone. So pursue your erotic pleasures without apology. You’re ready to WEERK when Mercury enters Aquarius and joins your career sector. This will give you the quick thinking, words, and problem solving to let your career gifts shine. Show us what you’re made of!

You’re the Queen of Communication, Gemini! The Leo Lunar Eclipse showcases your extraordinary gifts at thinking, writing, and speaking. So let this monarch moon empower you to show the world what you got and you’ll receive extraordinary opportunities through your communication skills. Tuesday’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction in romantic Sagittarius helps you lay claim to your best-case scenario for partnership. What’s the ideal version of love for you? Tell the Universe you’re ready to receive, deepen, or transition romantic outcomes and like magic - it’s yours. Abroad perhaps? Get your passport ready. Mercury enters your international and educational sector sending you off to far corners of the academic and global world. Bon voyage!

What keeps your heart safe, Cancer? The Leo Lunar Eclipse helps you find the beliefs and circumstances your tenderness needs to cultivate a greater sense of confidence with income. And all contexts that sustain your personal security. I can’t stress enough how helpful proactive routine can be. So Tuesday’s Jupiter/Venus conjunction in your health, wellness, and organization sector gives you the efficiency to follow through on daily activities which promote your highest well being. You’ll have enough resources to share when Mercury enters your Aquarius. The sexy rebel ruler of intimacy sector on Thursday. Giving you the intimacy, sexy dialogue, and meaningful mental chemistry for the next three weeks!

Rise and roar, Leo! This Lunar Eclipse shines just for you, your majesty. An extremely powerful reset or royal change of heart inspires your courage and confidence to burn brighter than ever. Sit on the throne and show the world what royalty looks like. The Venus/Jupiter conjunctions showcases your courage, creativity, and worthiness. It’ll help you see yourself as “enough” right now exactly as you are are. Which will immediately translate to the perception of your romantic partners. Mercury enters Aquarius - where the Sun currently is! - on Thursday which is your compatibility zone and this mental transit will inspire opposites-attract style chemistry, compromise, and date nights for weeks to come. Ooh-la-la!

Alright, Virgo. It’s time to permanently release unhealthy attachment to outcome. The Leo Eclipse helps you let go of all low-level that hold you back from your highest good. Like releasing the illusion of comfortably control, certainty, and your “perfect” outcomes. Buddha’s primary teaching is suffering stems from attachment. Practice detachment for peace. Tuesday’s Jupiter/Venus conjunction beautifies your emotional safety, stability, and prospects for home. From this foundation, there’s nothing you can’t do. Then your ruling planet Mercury enters your Aquarius governed mental, emotional, and physical health zone on Thursday. This will inspire you to get in tip top shape on all personal-growth fronts.

Nobody puts the commune in community, quite like you Libra! No one facilitates friendship and groups quite like you. So the Lunar Eclipse in Leo is giving you the royal opportunity to grace us all with your social skills, friendship bonding/maintaining, and effective leadership. On the super lucky Venus/Jupiter conjunction in straight-shooting Sagittarius, let straight talk be your path to unfathomable fortune. You can be direct and compassionate. Give yourself the permission to honor the beautiful balance inherent within you. Mercury then inspires a new thinking on confidence, creativity, and open-heartedness when it enters fellow air sign Aquarius. Soften in to all three for magical results this winter.

Rise and shine with the heat of a thousand suns, Scorpio! This Leo Lunar Eclipse supercharges your career zone which will magnetize exceptional professional opportunities and success your way. Your name is in lights in some way. Receive it an open heart because you’ve earned it. So celebrate yourself as it happens and appreciate all wonderful changes coming your way! Tuesday’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction aspects your income zone. Play the lotto? Honestly - you should. You’ll be walking into a favorable financial possibility with the help of these benefits. Then when Mercury enters Aquarius; the loyal ruler of your home and family sector on Thursday you’ll be looking for well earned grounding and rest. Connect with the places and people that feel like home.

Adieu, Centaur! This Leo Lunar Eclipse puts up the wheels on an international airplane and will happily fly you away to far corners of the world and/or educational spaces in the months to come. You’re ready to explore and learn all the new things! Which is essentially your sign’s nature. Do something that helps you understand the power of positive thinking since Tuesday’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction is in your sign. This happens once every 12 years! Fortune favors the brave and the optimistically inclined. Then Mercury joins Aquarius, the innovative ruler of you communication sector on Thursday. The messenger planet will bless you with divine inspiration, eloquence, and sharp thinking throughout the adventure. Enjoy!

Intimacy or “into-me-you-see”, Capricorn. The Leo Lunar Eclipse has you taking off the armor and perfectionism to let you and partners see the most authentic dimensions of you. You’re rumbling with uncomfortable emotions related to shame. Allow the experience to help you recognize your inherent worthiness. Soften in to the experience for helpful support. Your values will guide you under Tuesday’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction. The values which work as medicine to shame are: empathy, courage, authenticity, and integrity. Embody them now; fake it till you make it. Then Mercury then joins your resources zone on Thursday which inspires deep thinking on economic security and values this winter. All this inner work will produce amazing results on the outer dimensions. Keep the faith.

Two is way better than one, Aquarius! The Leo Lunar Eclipse activates your romance sector just in time for your birthday. This is an enormously power lunation which will give you the experiences, relationships, and love you rightfully deserve. Whether that’s inviting, deepening, or transition current romantic contexts. Let it work through you to give you the experiences you crave. When Venus and Jupiter collide in adventure Sagittarius, you’ll align with the friends you want to run wild with. Get the ball rolling on ideas, trips, or opportunities that allow you to experience the best life has to offer with them. Then Mercury enters your sign on Thursday helping you speak on what your desires are so others can rise to the occasion and make it happen for you throughout your birthday season. Make a wish!

Keep up the 2019 resolution momentum, Pisces! The Leo Lunar Eclipse recharges the battery that electrifies your mental, behavioral, and physical health zone which helps you commit to practices that support your greatest good. The bottom line here is, you need to see yourself as worthy and capable of self-improvement. Then do whatever has to be done to be a person who is not defined by their circumstances but the choice of rising to the angels of your better nature while within what gives you pain. The Venus/Jupiter conjunction on Tuesday will help you contribute your gifts meaningfully to your career and/or professional dreams. Stay wildly optimistic and you’ll see the effects of positive thinking. A spiritual practice will help this effort when Mercury lights up your divinity sector on Thursday. Ask for help from the Universe and it’ll be given you all year long!