January 14-20

When Venus, Mars, and the Full Moon all blaze through fire signs in one week while six other transits tour through stabilizing Capricorn, the zodiac can expect a winter bonfire.

With the last Lunar Eclipse in Leo culminating the end of a two year story (which began in February 2017) beginning on Sunday/Monday, the Universe will put the moon in the first sign of  Aries on Monday. So think of this week as a return to the beginning. Along the way think of the Eclipse experiences you had in February 2017/August 2017, January 2018/July 2018, and now. If you think deeply enough, I’m sure you’ll find a common thread among these months and this weekend is the grand finale of this story.

The weekend starts with a big bang on Friday when Venus in Sagittarius trines Mars in Aries. Venus in Sagittarius likes open hearted, frank dialogue when it comes to desires and expectations on romance/love. Mars in Aries like inspired action. See the connection? How can you - whether single or not - vocalize what you want from the Universe and/or romantic partners, then take inspired action to make it happen? Friday will show you the way.

On Sunday, Aquarius Season begins. Now that we’ve worked our asses off this Capricorn Season, the Sun in Aquarius shines solar fire on the community spaces and friendship we need to tend to. Think of the common values that bond you together and ways in which you can continuously support each other in meaningful ways. We don’t exalt friendship the ways we should. So let Aquarius Season inspire you to live within integrity, compassion, and ethics with your friends and connections.

Then a Lunar Eclipse in Leo will usher in a royal change where we need it most. This is the grand finale of the series of eclipses from the months/years above. Leo rules worthiness, courage, and nobility. Where could you stand to receive more of it? Let the Eclipse will give you the crown jewel in the arenas below.

Let it shine, Aries! The Moon and Mars tour through your sign this week inspiring you to harness even more confidence and power. You’ll be feeling the rush of energy, inspiration, and security. Do something marvelous with it. Especially, since Friday has your heart looking for both excitement and adventure in love. If you need a bit more spontaneity, security, or autonomy - you’re allowed to vocalize it. Your inner circle is about to get a stronger when Aquarius Season begins. This month will ask you to “show up” emotionally and psychologically to the friendships that make your life full. Then the Leo Lunar Eclipse pushes you to surround yourself with those who deserve you. You’ll want to share a big truth in a big way. So let your courage shine!

The Monday blues may hit your hard, Taurus. So if you need more rest, take the time to recharge, and feel your feels. The last month was busy with travel, socialization, and dynamic activity so you’ve earned it. Friday gets you out of the funk under the Venus/Mars trine with helpful ideas on health, goals, and closure. If you feel inspired to make more ethical, responsible, or disciplined decisions - trust it and act on it. Especially since you need to be in tip-top shape for when Aquarius Season begins on Sunday because your professional status is subject to soar. Whether you want a promotion, transition, and begin your self-employment journey, this month will reveal the path and experiences to do just that. The Leo Lunar Eclipse wants you to tend to the emotional foundation of home, family, and sensitivities so you can receive all the success coming your way!

Hey, Gemini Butterfly! You’re flying around town with your favorites this week like the air sign you are. You can tend to your resolutions, er, um - later. Wouldn't you know Friday could inspire you to see a friend in more romantic way? The Venus/Mars trine will help you find more depth in current friendships or relationships. Sparks will fly with someone you might’ve previously dismissed. Allow the transition to unfold. When Aquarius Season starts on Sunday, you want you to find more international adventure and perhaps a higher-education on newfound topics of interest. The Leo Lunar Eclipse will give you the brainpower and language skills to make your travel/education happen. Bon voyage!

The Office superlatives are in and the Most-Valuable-Professional is YOU, Cancer! You’re impressing colleagues with your ethic, responsibilities, and proactive behavior. Now that you got a handle on the tangible, material success, you’ll feel motivated to take on the emotional nurturing you do so well. On Friday you’ll make work feel a bit more like home thanks to the Venus/Mars trine. It’s asking you to boost morale at work with affirmations. Then you can set up the out-of-office email since when Aquarius Season start on Sunday, it’ll have you desiring more intimacy and authenticity in relationships all month long. The Leo Lunar Eclipse will inspire internal security, wealth, consistency, and strength where you need it. Strive to make your inner peace detached from circumstance-dependent. Determine yourself as already peaceful and the Universe will align itself to keep you where you decide you want to be.

Struck by winter wanderlust, Leo? You’re getting the itch to explore far away places and learn more about what’s unknown. Friday’s Venus/Mars trine will clue you to which glamorous country or prestigious campus you need to visit. This is a moment to really tend to the personal needs you’re feeling because when Aquarius Season begins on Sunday, your most romantic chapter starts to write itself. And you’ll want to give your best self in this love story, won't you? Fortunately, Sunday’s Lunar Eclipse is in Leo will give you closure from ex-partners or current unhealthy patterns so you can open your heart more fully to the lovers in the present. You’re being tasked to let it all go and fall in love again like it’s your first time.

If it’s not “real”, you don’t want it, Virgo. These transits are pushing you to strive for the highest expression of personal and professional authenticity. If you commit to unlearning wordly thinking on perfectionism, control, and scarcity, then Friday will reveal which areas are the most genuine. From that foundation, you can build the authentic life you’re dreaming of. When Aquarius Season begins on Sunday, you’ll focus on this year’s resolutions with your brilliance and willingness to get the work done. To aid these efforts, the Leo Lunar Eclipse wants you to release something - an outdated belief, circumstance, or relationship - first so you can begin again and walk towards the future with nothing broken from the past. If it’s not creating joy, surrender it in gratitude and peace. Then walk on with the faith that you will be rewarded.

You don’t need the reminder that two is better than one, Libra. Your Venus ruled relational skills are legendary to us all. That being said Friday is is inspiring you to tell the Truth to a partner who needs to hear it. It could be an uncomfortable sharing so your relational side will feel nervous but remember - you can still be delicate and honest. You can say no to someone’s bullshit and still salute the love within their soul. Both are true. If anyone can strike the balance, it’s you. When Aquarius Season begins on Sunday, your creativity, joy, and confidence will soar. This energy is about recognizing your individual nobility within a larger collective. So show the world and your closest friendships what you’re made of under the Leo Lunar Eclipse and let your spirit soar.

Pay attention, Scorpio! Your magnetic focus of course can handle the invisible world with perfect vision but the physical one needs your perception now. Find and commit to practical strategies that improve your health, wellness, and personal growth. That way, you’ll blend the best of both physical and metaphysical worlds. When Aquarius Season starts on Sunday, you’ll begin a passionate search for the places and people that make you feel right at home. If you need to move, redecorate, or tend to ancestral/family work - this is the month to do it. The Leo Lunar Eclipse lights up your career sector on Sunday so as long as you see yourself worthy of a big professional success, it’ll come your way. An early congratulations to you!

Courage, dear Sagittarius! This week is giving you the platform to tell the story of your heart bravely and beautifully. It’ll feel uncomfortable but know that the world is completely in awe and in love with your candor and vulnerability. Is it time to to tell a someone how you feel? Do it on Friday as the Venus/Mars trine pushes you to soften into emotional exposure.Say what you need to say with compassion. Then when Aquarius Season begins on Sunday, it’s less about the heart and more about the head. Your curiosity, intellect, and language skills are on the Universe’s grand stage. The Leo Lunar Eclipse will show you the campus or international adventure waiting with open arms for you. So gallop right towards the direction of your dreams!

Happy Birthday to you, Capricorn! Allow yourself to swim in the emotion ocean since you’re in your feels this week. If it’s shame, it hates to be spoken. So wrap language around it and make sure you share your heart’s story with close confidants. It’ll allow birthday magic to uplift you from darkness to candlelight. Friday’s Venus/Mars trine helps you find the the right philosophies and action that improve your emotional health. If someone “out of the blue” (because it’s never really random, is it?) recommends a particular suggestion, take it as gospel truth. When Aquarius Season starts on Sunday, it’ll give you the financial stability you crave and the Leo Lunar Eclipse activates your passion for more intimacy and the exploration of your sexual desires. So just go “there” unapologetically with the right person.

You’re almost out of the woods, Waterbearer! So stay strong, resilient, and focus. Since on Friday the Venus/Mars trine reunites you with the right friends to get you out of your emotional funk. With just the needed gesture, laugh, or activity - you’ll be back to your old self surrounded by the people you love. Which is truly the perfect transition for when Aquarius Season begins on Sunday! Then you’re finally out of the woods and may all your birthday wishes come true in the weeks ahead. If its romantic love you’re looking for, the Leo Lunar Eclipse on Sunday/Monday will deepen, transition, or invite romance in to your life that matches more authentically to your heart’s desires.

Slow and steady, Pisces! You want to move with deliberate mindfulness this week to discover the clues the Universe is trying to reveal to you. Pay close attention to patterns, words spoken, and the divine in the details. A career breakthrough will arrive on Friday under the Venus/Mars trine which will help you see what your value is at work and find the right place to put it. In order for this energy to maximize itself, you’ll need to be very direct with expectations both personally and professionally. Are you avoiding yourself on the job? Are you direct with hiring managers with what you need to feel valued? Face the music and you’ll love the song. When Aquarius Season starts on Sunday, it begins your social sabbatical. So you can go off the grid for weeks. The Leo Lunar Eclipse is encouraging more self-care, organization, and healthier decisions to help you be your best self.