September 3-9

It seems quicksilver Mercury ruled Virgo Season wouldn’t continue any other way but with one major transit after the other. The common theme among all four events this week is - let’s get to work and let’s get real. Monday and Tuesday hold an agile and adaptable thinking Gemini Moon. Where we can learn how to embrace the mutable Virgo and Gemini energies in an effort to contextualize how we embrace transition, surrender the old, and invoke the new.

The brainiac transits continue while Mercury enters Virgo on Tuesday until September 21st. Mercury - ruler of consciousness, communication, and technology - has a homecoming parade in Virgo with back-to-school support on campus and/or at the work place. Since Mercury is the planetary ruler of Virgo, I think the entire zodiac will be struck by lightning bolts of inspiration, eloquence, critical thought, and practical inspirations to problem solve on the micro for macro reward.

Up next, our most responsible, disciplined planet Saturn ends a retrograde in Capricorn on Thursday that began last April 17th. So our highest levels of ambition and responsible focus return to the zodiac’s perception. Whenever a planet transitions from retrograde to direct, it’s critically important to integrate, integrate, integrate. Reflect on the key learnings between April 17th until now on the Saturn in Capricorn ruled topics like ambition, responsibility, and discipline so we can integrate them carefully in the weeks ahead. Since Saturn strikes down quickly or rewards our efforts abundantly.

This Sunday has a double feature. First is Love Goddess Venus entering the sexy depths of Scorpio. Since August 6th, Venus in Libra has helped us approach romance with an ethereal, lovely, and lighthearted appeal. Approaching blossoming connections and money with charm, optimism, and glamour. When Venus enters Scorpio this Sunday, we’ll hold Libra’s light alongside Scorpio’s nightfall. If we want the real deal in romance, Venus in Scorpio will give us the technique for our personal and relational ability in hold space for light and shadow. Managing both - because we're all flawed and doing the best we can - is the dance of intimacy. Venus in Scorpio helps us work on our choreography for the erotic, personal transformation, and desire.

That same day a New Moon in practical Virgo at 2:01pm EST helps the zodiac reset and declare our intentions for health, wellness, and our consistent efforts to manage our lives responsibly. I’d argue a New Moon in Virgo is also a perfect time to ask the Universe to reveal your “source material”. In other words, the template, training, or educational system that provides you with daily wisdom from a spiritual source - that’s in you but not of you - which will guide you to your maximum opportunities throughout the year.

And the award for Miss Glow Up 2018 is given to you Aries! Ruled by Warrior Mar - finally direct! - you’re no stranger to fighting hard in efforts to become the best version of your kick-ass self. When Mercury enters Virgo on Tuesday and the New Moon in Virgo takes to the skies on Sunday, let both transits inspire you to imagine even higher strategies for your development on the health and wellness front. I know attention to little details and micro tasks are annoying but proper focus there this week could make a huge impact in your romantic life in the Libra transits ahead. Speaking of, Love Goddess Venus joins your most intimate sign Scorpio this Sunday for sexual healing, owning your desire, and getting really real over the next three weeks. So hang up the Do Not Disturb Sign and enjoy yourself!

Your opposite sign Scorpio Dr. Brene Brown believes there’s no such thing as a noncreative person. Everyone’s an artist. It’s just some were given access to harness it and others weren’t. In case nobody told you - you’re a creative, Taurus. No matter the career, you can express your Venus ruled creativity in beautiful ways if you’re willing to show the Universe what you can do. Don't let fears of vulnerability and risk stop you from letting you sing the song given only to you.  Mercury entering Virgo on Tuesday and the New Moon this Sunday will inspire you to rethink your artistic and creative styles in powerful ways. Maybe you can start by writing a love letter? Since Venus enters Scorpio your most romantic sector this Sunday. This transit will inspiring matchmaking, emotional expression, romantic dates, and opposites-attract style chemistry in the weeks ahead.

It’s Homecoming, Gemini! You can take off the winged sandals. Since you’re taking a vacation from the free-spirited nomad Twin to embrace the sensitive, family driven, homebody Twin. You’ll be looking for the people and places that make you feel right at home when Mercury enters Virgo this Tuesday. And once you gather with the people who are chosen family, then think about where you want to gather together. Since if you’ve been thinking on moving, redecorating, etc then declare real-estate intentions this Sunday for the New Moon in Virgo. That same day, commit to also making your wellness, health, and organization a priority when Venus joins Scorpio on Sunday and beautifies your health sector blessing you with the context for recovery and personal growth.

Please, please, please - use your words, Cancer! The Universe blessed you with a gorgeous fluency in emotionality so now the Universe wants you to speak on it to provide others with the vocabulary of their feelings. Mercury entering Virgo on Tuesday has you elevating your verbal communication and listening skills in engaged, thoughtful, and intelligent ways. And Sunday’s New Moon asks for your intentions on both thinking and speaking. Ask to receive both compassionate and loving practices to stylize the way you speak and listen. Especially since Venus entering Scorpio this Sunday invites romance, joy, and creativity into your life in magnetic forms so you’ll want to be able to show up to the party mentally and speak on things with time-sensitivity. 

Call in the Royal Financial Advisor, Leo! You’re thinking carefully about your income and values. So Mercury entering Virgo on Tuesday gives you the passion and curiosity to learn more about abundance and personal security. Declare highminded intentions on money and your belief system this Sunday under the New Moon in Virgo and then let it rain over the next six months. Stay open to witnessing and practicing non traditional strategies on financial wealth and convictions. Venus entering Scorpio on Sunday will inspire a love for home and/or a hometown lover. This transit helps you follow the urge to redecorate and align romantically with partners who keep you adored and cherished.

Happy, happy Birthday, Virgo! The current transits are wasting no time - just how you like it! - making your highest wishes come true quickly throughout your birthday season. Mercury joining Virgo this Tuesday inspires you to get a message out and/or in. With your ruling planet in your sign, don’t stop yourself from speaking your desires to people who can help and voila - it will manifest! Tell the Universe your intentions this Sunday under your annual New Moon in Virgo. Be absolutely fearless in naming your heart’s wishes and so it is yours over the six months. Venus entering Scorpio on Sunday puts Cupid’s hearts in your eyes for the well read, well spoken, and nerdy type. Proving love really does begin with mind and not the eyes!

Program the “Out Of Office” email since you’ve earned the relaxation, Libra. The 3 Virgo transits this week open up a social sabbatical of sorts for you to practice recharging and resetting self-care. A little alone time goes a long way when Mercury enters Virgo this Tuesday. Especially since your intuition and dreams will help you find answers for the success coming your way during the Libra transits. If you want to deepen your heart-centered spirituality, try telling the Universe under Sunday’s New Moon. If you think you need closure, completion, and release from low-level circumstances the New Moon is offering it to you too. That same day, Venus joins Scorpio where the Love Goddess beautifies your bank account with wealth. Approach your abundance with service and generosity to maximize the earning!

Everyone and their Mother knows - you’re a friend of quality and not quantity, Scorpio. Which I appreciate! So when Mercury joins Virgo on Tuesday you’ll think about the quality of friendship given and received in elevated, thoughtful ways. Energy goes where consciousness is given. So ask yourself, what consciousness are you giving friendship? What consciousness are your friendships giving you? Especially under this Sunday’s New Moon in Virgo which is listening to your intentions on community, social support, and activism. Then Venus enters Scorpio on Sunday and you’ll be absolutely irresistible with magnetism, popularity, wealth, and influence over the weeks ahead. Ooh-la-la!

Standing by on your rise Sagittarius in 3...2...1! Mercury joins Virgo on Tuesday where the smartest planet with the most critically thinking sign join together to uplift your professional status to maximum heights. Whether that means you leave the current workplace while you still have good form and can quickly enter another. Or you receive a promotion! No matter what, you’re rising. An early congratulations is in order! Work with the Virgo energy of focus, intellect, and attention to detail to invoke success. On Sunday’s New Moon, remind the Universe of your professional goals for quick manifestation. Venus joining Scorpio on Sunday will help you become more tenderhearted, sensitive, and empathetic throughout a swim in the emotion ocean. If you think closure, forgiveness will serve your current relationship or help you prepare for the next one, this transit is perfect to help you clear shadows of the past for the dawn of the present.

Bon voyage, Capricorn! Virgo Season has you flying to far corners of the international and intellectual worlds. Especially when Mercury enters Virgo on Tuesday which gives you even more ambition to learn, explore, and experience the exciting unknown. If you want to level up in school, fly abroad, and/or even publish your work - then tell the Universe on Sunday’s New Moon. Then you can tend to the manifestation period of six months carefully. Venus joining Scorpio on Sunday has you reconsidering whether they’re friend, lover, or maybe even both. Often the Universe values when we break the boundaries and work to find the sweet spot between both friend and lover. Now’s the time to try, Capricorn. Approach your friendships more romantically and your romances more friendly this fall for immense growth.

Whoever said anything about Aquarius being “detached” We don’t know her. All these Virgo energy has Aquarius deeply attached to social connection of all kinds which is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Mercury touring Virgo on Tuesday inspires you to think and feel deeply on ideas exploring relationships, sexuality, and intimacy in powerfully helpful ways. Offer your intentions for this and the outcomes you desire on Sunday’s New Moon to manifest the higher experiences of social attachment come what may. Sunday’s Venus joining in Scorpio aligns you with romance and deeply meaningful support at the workplace of all spaces. Along the way, female mentors, girlfriends, and anyone expressing the divine feminine will help you access your soul purpose where you need instruction most.

You’re holding the pen to author your next love story, Pisces. So what do you want to write? Mercury enters Virgo on Tuesday which is your romantic sector so you’ll continue to flex your compromise, communication, and understanding muscles for partnership. Virgo transits are not times for the merpeople to request the feeling of being understood. But rather, it’s a challenge for Pisces to seek understanding of “the other”. In other words - it’s not about you. It’s about the opposite. Sunday’s New Moon in Virgo listening to your intentions on love! It’s your annual reset button in relationship with relationships. So “write” or meditate on not only who you’d like to join heart to heart with but who you’re willing to be in romance and what you’re hoping to give. Venus joining Scorpio on the same day could send you abroad to find romantic chemistry among exploring the contrast.