September 24-October 1st

Self Love thy name is Monday! Better believe it. A fiery Full Moon in warrior Aries on Monday inspires us to reclaim self-love, self-esteem, and joy.  After all, the prerequisite of dreams fulfilled is the belief that they can be accomplished. The Aries Full Moon is an invitation for each and every one of us to self-identify with our power, recovery, resilience, courage, and strength. Fellow students of A Course in Miracles and I always chuckle over how it writes on the fact that we have arrogance and humility upside down. In other words, it’s arrogant to think you’re weak, flawed, and undeserving. Since the Universe creates nothing but perfection so why are we arrogantly believing the opposite. Therefore, it’s humble to pursue and identity with your highest glory.

Now it’s not entirely a personal energy as the Sun is currently transiting the relational sign of Libra. Since every Full Moon is always in the polar opposite sign of the Sun, the adage here is: you can’t love others without loving yourself. You can’t believe someone saying they want to give you trust, romance, and commitment without registering how they trust, love, and commit to themselves. Though I’d add 24 hours per day is enough to work on both. So this week is about finding the right balance on personal and interpersonal levels of course.

Especially since Venus will Retrograde on October 6th! So work hard to hammer away the relationship task, lessons before the window period closes. Thankfully, one less planet will be in retrograde brigade on Sunday when Pluto in Capricorn finally moves direct. Returning to the zodiac a heightened focus and passion for our goals this week. Since April, Pluto has taught the zodiac important lessons on where we find out internal source of power. The exact reasoning and intentions for our ambitions. Since we’re holding higher wisdom in this topics under Pluto direct, it’s important that we make highly responsible decisions from these learnings that increase our momentum to personal excellence.

The Full Moon shines for you Aries! A powerful reinvention moment is yours on Monday evening. A full circle moment in your sign will radically inspire you to express your Truth, demonstrate self-love, and pursue your bliss. My money is on your romantic relationships. Since Libra Season is all about your love life and the Full Moon gets you ready to relationally connect in beautiful ways. Reflect deeply on whatever holds you back from the love you crave. Is it insecurity, codependence, or false pride? Whatever it is, give it away under the Full Moon. Pluto direct in Capricorn returns your ambition and discipline at work where you’re on fire again.

Surrender can be sweet, Taurus. It’s not a resignation or abandonment when it’s done righteously. So Monday’s Full Moon asks you to release big attachments to small outcomes. You’re a master of focus. So let the Full Moon release all things in your focus that keep your stuck. If you let it, you can let go of all low-level circumstances and relationships that keep you in fear or pain. Especially since Libra Season is your divine permission to protect your health, organization, inner-peace, and wellbeing. Pluto direct in Capricorn carefully returns your focus on the big picture for big solutions.

Don’t listen to the internet, Gemini. You’re a champion for your friends and they know it. The Full Moon in Aries on Monday highlights your loyalty, support, and service to honor friends and social causes. Use this moon magic well by helping others freely and readily. Pluto direct on Sunday helps you redefine the ways in which you intimately connect. You’re ready to work and get your hands dirty with a special someone’s. Additionally, you’re ready and willing to share the deepest parts of you with someone who’s earned it. Just in time for Venus retrograde working its magic for you!

You know how to fight for your career, Cancer. When a moon child knows their worth on the job, it’s a powerful sight to see. Monday’s Full Moon in Aries gives you the additional passion and courage to assert your preferences on the job. Remember, you can’t get what you never ask for. So be brave and direct in your best-case career scenario by asking for exactly what you need because you know your worth! Pluto moving direct in Capricorn on Sunday puts the power back in your romances and partnerships. Pluto direct will provide you with the context ahead to know when mutuality is given and when you’re talking to a one-way lover.

I don’t need to remind you but I love to that being “Larger than life is just the right size”. The Full Moon in Aries on Monday expands your thinking, airline miles, or educational credits. It’ll help you use big awareness to achieve huge success. If you want to be more of a size queen in areas it matters most, Monday’s moon will help you do it. Especially while Libra Season makes you the smoothest talker in the royal castle. You’re becoming both a demonstrative and articulate seeker in ways that will make a quantum difference in the weeks ahead. Pluto moving direct in Capricorn gets you back to your routine and health on Sunday.

Can you handle the big Truth, Virgo? The Full Moon in Aries on Monday gives you a major reality check for success or a redo. It’s both a sexually charged and authentic transit that’ll inspire radical realness. So long as you keep it all the way real and stay receptive, curious, and grateful about the Truth you’re hearing, you’ll provide yourself with the perfect foundation for lift off. Pluto moving direct in Capricorn on Sunday will helps you share the Truth you received in a big way throughout the next few weeks to come. Is it time to travel, return to school, or put your creative work out in to the world? Pluto direct in Capricorn thinks it is!

The happiest of happy birthdays to you Libra! The Universe heard your birthday desire for relationships. So the Full Moon on Monday will work to invite, deepen, or transition romantic relationships. All you need to do is be very direct and compassionate in what you need to be a happy partner. If you get delicately called out for your own racket, give gratitude to the experience, check in with yourself, see how the Truth matches your own, then let the Universe guide you from there. Pluto moving direct on Sunday in Capricorns accelerates a sort of homecoming for you. Plans to move and/or redecorate will pick up again just in time for your birthday.

The Universe ordains it to be so that you deserve success, Scorpio. And so, Monday’s Full Moon in Aries inspires you to carefully set up a success routine to prepare for and maximize the inevitable triumphs that are coming your way. This Moon allows you to commit responsibly to strategies on physical/mental health that accelerates your goals’ completion. Pluto moving direct on Sunday in Capricorns carefully clears the headache and writer’s block for the stronger communication you need to stay in integrity with yourself and others. Speak up proactively and ask the right questions to exercise this technique.

Tell the story of your whole heart, Sagittarius! You’re hardly a shy sign when it comes to speaking the Truth. So let Monday’s Full Moon in Aries put your gift of courage, motivation, and powerful self-esteem on display to inspire other to do the same. It’s an opportune moon to lean in to experiences of joy, vulnerability, and emotional exposure. If you want to say something, say it. If you want to go somewhere or do something, then do it. Period. Pluto moves direct on Sunday in Capricorn giving you momentum for financial and personal security in more responsible ways helping your money work for you and not the other way around.

There’s no place like home, Capricorn. The Full Moon in Aries on Monday inspires you to strive, protect, and align with the people and places that keep your heart safe. That make you feel like home. It’ll be a sensitive day so try to lean in to your vulnerabilities and emotional exposure as best you can. Pluto moving direct on Sunday in Capricorn will quickly return your focus, worth, and momentum for many milestones to come. Reflect deeply on what you’ve learned since last April because if you carefully assimilate your wisdom into your decision making in the next weeks, those decisions will take you straight to inevitable triumphs and mountainpeaks conquered.

Take action, Waterbearer! The Full Moon in Aries inspires you to experience how proactive straight talk leads to straight understanding. You’re a gentle sign who doesn’t always speak up first out of concern for harmony. Try a different approach this week. Don’t wait for permission to enter dialogue since it’s so doubtful someone’s sensitive enough to provide it. Pluto moving direct in Capricorn on Sunday helps you totally let go of all barriers holding you back from joy, motivation, and personal agency. So follow your instincts for joy and success and make sure you’re carefully releasing all the barriers between you and your most loving self.

It’s time to call in the bodyguard, Pisces! Monday’s Full Moon in Aries has you claiming personal security and financial health proactively in order to stay safe. Act on, communicate, and protect what keeps your mind in a peaceful state. This Moon has everything to do with money and values. So if you can safeguard your financial security and the convictions that inform your best decisions, you’ll find yourself divinely protected for weeks to come. Pluto moving direct in Capricorn on Sunday has you strengthening your social skills and cherishing friendships deeply. Talk to your friends about ideas on emotional safety and see if they can support you as deeply as you support them.