September 17-23

Is it all fair in war and love? Are their ethics involved for battles and bonding? How do we engage in thoughtful connection and conflict with virtue? Or is all fair?

This week’s horoscope offers experiences with conflict transformation and a quick resolution thunder Tuesday’s skies. A difficult square between Mars in concentrated Aquarius with Uranus in tenacious Taurus confronts us with where we don’t budge. Because we’d prefer to be right rather than happy. Which isn’t something to be proud of, by the way. Tuesday’s square could also provide the knowing that your grounded convictions will set you free from conflict’s collateral damage. You’ll know if you need adaptability or your convictions more. If you find yourself in battle, think of all the fights as a “thinly disguised wish” to get to the conflict’s root. We don’t fight because we want separation. We square up because we’re bidding for connection.

The energy lightens up significantly when Mercury enters Libra on Friday - which is interesting seeing as it’s the International Day of Peace - so our thoughts, analytical skills, and communications will search for harmonization, understanding, balance, and peace. So often we want to be understood but do also spend time trying to understand others? Mercury in Libra will push us to find interpersonal over individual awareness over the next three weeks.

And ever so fittingly, Libra Season begins on Saturday. The cardinal-air signs initiates romance, compromise, and love the first month of fall. Archetypally, I appreciate how Virgo Season represents reaching our personal peak free from external influences so we’re as authentically “pure” as possible to our identities. Enter Libra Season where we’re asked to share our full, best self with romantic partners. They key to unlocking Libra Season’s magic is to find those who - within reason - are as full as you, too. It reminds us that the first stages of love like early childhood development are imperative. Since the first chapter in love stories allows us to carefully build containers of trust, consistency, and security from the beginning to protect the power of love as long as the dynamic can hold it.

Your independence is a gift from the Universe to you Ram. So your self-motivating energy is the key to your success as you champion your way to making dreams coming true. This week you’ll be tasked with giving it away. Help others see themselves as the warrior you see in your reflection. Listening to Aries affirmation is alchemy when people are having a crisis of confidence. You’ll be called to give it away readily on Tuesday. Don’t worry about whether or not you’ll receive what you generously give away. Since Friday begins the most romantic month of the year! Up first is Mercury entering Libra lighting up your relationship and/or partnership sector inspiring opposites-attract style chemistry. The Sun joins Mercury in Libra on Saturday which will offers you chemistry, date nights, pleasure, and love all month long.

You don’t want to just mundanely work on autopilot, Taurus. You want to contribute your life purpose in a powerful, meaningful way that makes every cell in your body come alive. Tuesday’s skies will give you keen insight on how you can live this dream career and still take care of the practical requirements. Ask yourself what you can spend all night talking about for clues. This weekend, a health and wellness kick strikes when Mercury enters Libra on Friday. So you’ll want to follow your gut to accomplish personal growth goals on responsibility, health, wellness, and organization. When the Sun enters Libra, the vast majority of your focus will try to locate self-responsibility too. It may feel boring and a bit mundane, but if you can pay attention to the micro the macro rewards will be great. Let “Virtue is its own reward” be your guide, bull!

Ruled by intelligent Mercury you love a good ah-ha moment, Gemini! A powerful realization on Tuesday during the Mars/Uranus square could help you let go or receive the closure you need to embrace the present and future. The Universe is happy to give you the shifts in perception and realizations you need to heal you. Because once you carefully let go, you can begin with joy. Since this weekend’s start to Libra Season inspires you to present your work, creativity, joy, and pleasure in a big way throughout the next four weeks. Starting on Friday when Mercury joins Libra and the Sun shortly after on Saturday. Lead with your heart and pursue your bliss for big reward!

A Course in Miracles says, “...the seeker is generous out of self-interest” because spiritually speaking we can only keep what we give away. Give away your ideas on Tuesday under the Mars/Uranus square because you’ll get to keep them while you share the vision with others who want to collaborate and make it happen. The right people will be pulled in to your orbit and a resonance of possibility, opportunity, and momentum will be given you. This weekend begins  a sort of homecoming as you search or nest in the people and places that feel like home when Mercury joins Libra. The ruler of your relationship to inner home, sensitivity, and emotional safety. When Libra Season begins on Saturday, you’ll be inspired to go off the grid, relax, and recharge over the next four weeks.

Sometimes the powers of Love say no, Leo. Tuesday’s skies and the Mars/Uranus square have you reigning it in and declaring a boundary in the name of love. Make sure you approach “No” as a complete sentence. You don’t owe anyone an explanation of why you’re not accepting or acquiescing. Strike the right balance between compassion and honesty. Libra Season kicks off your intellectual and communication glow-up this weekend on Friday when Mercury joins the sign of the scales and the Sun on Saturday. You’ll show every room that you’re not just charismatic and funny, but you’re brilliant too. Lead with your curiosities, intellect, and active-listening skills for the social rewards of this transit.

Happy Birthday, Virgo! I hope all your wishes are coming true. Will the divine in the details or the big picture set you free on the final days of Virgo Season? Tuesday’s Mars/Uranus square will show you how to carefully find the right balance between micro and macro to find your bliss. Ask your inner guidance, “Does this require my flexibility or conviction as a solution?” Then see how you feel when you imagine one or the other. Whichever gives you peace is your answer. Your abundance tour starts on Friday when the Universe boosts your financial prowess upon Mercury entering Libra first then the Sun on Saturday. Your money will work for you and not the other way around this fall.

Is it all about me or is it all about we, Libra? Tuesday’s Mars/Uranus square will have you feeling inspired to both speak up and listen carefully. If anyone can strike the right balance between leading conversation to fight for yourself and paying attention the preservation of relationship, it’s you. Of course, follow your heart for the right direction on whether it’s about you or we. Your words return more powerfully on Friday when Mercury joins Libra and on Saturday Libra Season begins at 9:54pm EST. The Universe shines for your and your maximum bliss all month long. It’ll sing a sweeter song and work overtime to make all your wishes come true. An early happy birthday to you!

Like it or not, your emotionality is your responsibility to tend to, Scorpio. Tuesday could strike a temptation to offload your pain, numb, blame, or deny. Rise above that racket as best you can! And try to share your sensitivities to a listener without accusation. If you’re feeling hijacked, get curious about what’s going on rather than leaping to confrontation. This weekend begins your month of self-care when Mercury and the Sun join together in Libra so a little social sabbatical could go a long way. This month is pushing you in the direction of promoting healing and closure where you need it most so you can be brand new when Scorpio Season begins.

You can put the commune in communication, Sagittarius. Tuesday’s Mars/Uranus square inspires your best mediation ability in helping people to connect across contrast for greater understanding. Help others find a common-point-interest to remind them they have more in common they think. Thus the commune in communication, Centaur. Your most social time of year begins on Friday when Libra Season heralds friendship, joy, and support for nights on the town. After working your ass off throughout the last month, tending to responsibilities, discipline, and labor - you’re ready to paint the town red with your closest friends and the Universe ordains it to be so. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy yourself all month long!

Is joy your value, Capricorn? It seriously oughta be. Tuesday’s Mars/Uranus square reminds you that happiness must be a decision you make in order to receive the reward of your labor. Make joy a value so you can actively decide on situations, circumstances, and events the sustain your happiness. Which inspires a harder work ethic because you know what and who you’re working so hard for. Especially since the weekend begins your most ambitious professional month. When Mercury joins Libra and Libra Season begins on Saturday, these transit will promote, advance, and help you receive the recognition you deserve.

Is time for a change of heart, Waterbearer? Tuesday’s skies and the Mars/Uranus square helps you realize how to decide to feel differently first to engage with your life differently. Your experiences are always a projection of the inner temple. So you’re allowed to change your mind or feelings to receive different results. So give yourself the gift of a life unlike the past. Bon voyage! When Mercury enters Libra on Friday and Saturday’s start to Libra Season will send you off to far corners of the world and/or higher education to expand your thinking.

Use your words, Pisces. Tuesday’s Mars/Uranus square helps you focus on saying the right thing at the right time. You’re gifted in the nonverbal communication but the assignment here is on strengthening your word choice on Tuesday. It could be a little messy - like dirty water from a faucet that’s been turned on after weeks - but  the important thing is you exercise the muscle of vulnerable verbal communication. Friday’s Mercury in Libra transit could help you find the right language to communicate your deepest Truths throughout the next three weeks. On Saturday, Libra Season begins the sexiest, most transformative time of year. Lean in to the sexual healing and the dirty work of personal transformation.