September 10-16

Begin Again. After this week’s 9-9 New Moon in Virgo, the end of Mercury Retrograde shadow period when it entered Virgo, Saturn moving direct last Thursday, and Venus now in Scorpio - we’re moving forward towards the Truth. We’re approaching the structures in our lives with the question, “How’s this working out for me so far? Is this belief/strategy giving me the outcome I’m working for?” If you need to retry and wondering if the Universe dishes out do-overs, it does. And they’re happening this week.

As I’m sure you know, the red planet of conflict and sexuality burned in Aquarius since May 2018. Mars turned retrograde on June 28th, had to backspin into Capricorn, until it moved direct late August. So this whole summer has felt like “Hurry up! And wait.” We accessed much learning throughout the summer as Mars set fire to the Waterbearer ruled themes in our lives. Now we get to begin again, wiser, more competent again with this intelligence because Mars returned to Aquarius on September 10th where it’ll burn bright until November 15th.

Sweet relief! After last week’s cosmic transitions, this one is calmer, supportive, and optimistic. So know the Universe is receptive to your ideas on personal-growth, love, and forgiveness. You can do it! The good news continues until the weekend under the quarter moon in Sagittarius. So act on the creative, visionary ideas for the moon magic’s reward!


You’re the cosmic champion, Ram! The Universe blessed you with the ability to to lead so powerfully. Mars now in Aquarius is giving you the vision, strategy, and comrades for your inevitable mission accomplished. The right friendships will align carefully to help you collaborate so you can achieve meaningfully together. Your leadership style assumed the best of people without auditoning them first. In other words, proactively belief people are here to help and doing the best they can. Voila! So it is. If you need an optimism boost for these efforts - since it’s not easy, I know - this weekend will show you the excellence in people around you. Take moments to stay present, give gratitude for people’s excellence, and enjoy yourself!

Dive, turn, Werk, Taurus! Mars is now in Aquarius the chart ruler of your career sector so your work ethic is off the charts. A divine return after a summer of professional uncertainty and perhaps a few dozen crisis of confidence related to your purpose and career. You know better, so now you can do better. Mars will give you ambition, direct movement, and supportive helps from male colleagues. This weekend is less work on the streets and more play between the sheets. An intimate, authentic  moon in Sagittarius inspires you to sexually, meaningfully connect with intimate partners. On a platonic level, it’ll encourage you to take the lead on dialogue and socializations to deep places.

Bon voyage, B*tch! You’re off and running, Gemini. Mars back in Aquaris sending you to far corners of the world on an international flight and/or intellect. Carefully expanding your vision in beautiful ways to consider alternative possibilities. If you’re thinking of jetsetting and/or returning to school, run with it. Approach all ideas from now until November with optimism and the conviction that you can absolutely do Can you plan a date night this weekend? A romantic, opposites-attract moon in Sagittarius puts love in the ethers just for you and a special someone. It’s a wonderful weekend to remind yourself of the values you hold dear on love and commitment; like a partner’s intelligence, verbal communication skills, and curiosities.

Did you handle the Truth, Cancer? Think deeply on whether or not you were emotionally trigger happy and reactive or emotionally responsible and mature with the big Truth. Mars moving direct in Aquarius is your medicine. You’re holding the most authentic, transformative realization in your thinking so now you’re being pushed to act with this Mars momentum on it. Let proactive sharing and boundaries be your lifelines until November. Check in with yourself this weekend under a Sagittarius moon that promotes self-care, organization, responsibility, and nutrition. A little attention to the micro could give macro level peace of mind.

Although we love Pat Benatar, Love shouldn’t be a battlefield, Leo. This summer’s Mars retrograde produced more conflict in romances and friendships than usual. Relationship researchers agree, conflict is a wish in disguise. Mars moving direct will take you out of the warzone of summer past and into peace treaty territory this autumn. The blood could boil a few times from now until then, so stay more curious and less confrontational. Especially this weekend while the Sagittarius moon lights up your courage, compassion and connection sector. You have a story you need to share or a description that needs to be spoken. So be brave and share your truth without apology.

Happy Birthday, Virgo! May all your wishes come true, may your friends love and adore you, and may your parties be exactly what you desire. Of course, you wouldn’t feel happiest unless you were feeling, behaving, and doing your absolute best. Mars moving direct in Aquarius will accelerate personal growth efforts on nutrition and health just in time for your new year. So when you tend to the responsibilities, you can tend to the pleasures too! This weekend shows your more tender side while the Moon tours through Sagittarius. The passionate ruler of your home, family, and sensitivity sector. Let others see vulnerabilities as your strength which can ground your new year beautifully.

First name Worthy, Last name Libra. Mars moving into Aquarius is giving you the martian momentum to realize how worthy and capable you are of love, success, and joy. Lay claim to this conviction firmly until November. Continuously own how deserving you are to receive what the Universe wants to gift you. Own your desires first and then speak on them without apology. You’re divinely allowed to speak up and outline what you’re wanting. An intelligent moon in Sagittarius this weekend skyrockets your curiosities, active listening, and communications. Own your nerdy side at a bookstore or museum with a romantic partner or friend and blab the night away.

Although your tough Scorpionic shell and stinger may disagree, trust me when I say - your emotional exposure is your gift, Scorpio. After a raw and sensitive summer (my condolences, truly) Mars moving direct in your heart-centered intelligence is giving you the courage to make wiser decisions aligned with your emotional security. Since this summer might’ve done a number showing you who, what, and where you aren’t safe. You know better and thus you do better. Powerful being is preceded by powerful understanding. So own your understanding and I’ll cheer you on to the finish line of powerful being. Indulge in the luxury and finer things in life this weekend under the glamorous Sagittarius moon. Pamper yourself with the magic form the five senses because you’ve earned it.

Look who’s talking, Centaur! Your curiosities, intelligence, and verbal communication are back to operating at peak performance. After a summer of headaches, foot in mouth, and other blunders, Mars returning Aquarius is here to help/ Thoughts flow easily, words fall out of your mouth like satin ribbons while Mars tours through your consciousness sector until November. So harmonize your powerful capacity for speaking with thoughtful listening because you’re a teacher and counselor to many. This weekend shines for you! The transiting Moon in Sagittarius shines behind the centaur for your heart’s desires to make manifest. Soften in to joy and experience your happiness wholeheartedly.

Ring, ring! Call in the Saturn bodyguard, Capricorn. Mars moving direct in Aquarius has you surrounded by not only righteous values but powerful financial understanding that’ll keep you safe. Think of your values as your security squad. So often we make blunders because we didn’t think deeply about the philosophies that inform our best decisions. If we rely on them, they keep us safe. Meditate on words like: courage, compassion, connection, integrity, discipline, and loyalty. How do they point in you the right direction? Remember to make future decisions from this foundation for success. Make self-care and alone time your weekend itinerary by surrounding yourself with safety and healing under the healing Sagittarius moon.

Green, light - GO! You’re finally off to the races, Waterbearer. Mars is direct in Aquarius until the middle of November. This powerful momentum will give you the assertion, direction, and agency to assert yourself and desires. If you’ve thought about launching a project, vision, professional transition, or speaking the story in you’re heart - the Universe firmly supports any and all of these endeavors all autumn long. Remember - you’re allowed to ask for what you want so long as you work your ass off to make it happen. Collaborate with friends this weekend under the Sagittarius moon to workshop ways for your success to happen quickly. Their wisdom will help point you the way to the location of your highest outcomes.

Surrender is sweet, Pisces. Quitting isn’t resignation. Releasing attachment to outcome make your powerful. Counterintuitive to popular thinking of the world but I’m an Astrologer so I have to introduce you to otherworldly principles that place you in power here. Mars moving direct is helping you proactively invite completion, closure, and surrender into your life. Endings are not circumstance dependent. They’re entirely on your choice. Where you want it, it’s yours. Give yourself the gift of a life unlike the past by not bringing the past in to the present. Work on the weekend? The transiting moon in Sagittarius provides you with higher ambition and efficiency to make your career dreams happen.