August 6-12

Imagine the grand finale as a beginning. This week holds the final Eclipse of 2018. On Saturday August 11th, a Solar Eclipse in Leo reigns at dawn. Solar Eclipses are New Moons and thus a new chapter concludes this year’s eclipse series. I love the subversion of it all. Before we explore this Saturday’s Eclipse, let’s mingle with the Goddess of Love first.

Venus (planetary ruler of romance, connection, finances, and values) enters Libra on August 6th until September 9th. Later in the autumn Venus will retrograde and aspect this Libra position. So pay attention to the themes of the next three and a half weeks for they'll return. Theoretically, Venus in Libra will beautify and harmonize our love stories. Since Venus naturally rules Libra - who teaches the gifts of charm, style, compromise, and romance to the zodiac - this is a Venus transit which inspires an emphasis on more relational than individual understanding.

The other Venus ruled sign Taurus is a heavy-hitter of the week. When Uranus retrogrades in Taurus on Tuesday.  Since May 15th, Uranus in Taurus has demonstrated to the zodiac where it needs to flex its adaptability muscles on uncertainty. So Uranus retrograde in Taurus promotes radical restructuring in our convictions and beliefs. Reflect on the lessons in your life on those areas and commit to their integration so you can make wiser decisions in the months ahead.

A Solar Eclipse in Leo on Saturday August 11th helps us receive the royal confidence to inhabit our most worthy Selves. As I’ve mentioned and posted in all my Mercury Retrograde (still) in Leo work, the only prerequisite to acquire lives of love and belonging is the belief that one is already worthy of love and belonging. The identification with our wounds, issues, and complexities as a cultural reflex and popularity symbol is counterproductive for the spiritual seeker. And a Solar Eclipse in Leo helps you find the glory, Truth, resilience, and power within. A Natal Mercury in Leo, I’ll leave you with Marianne Williamson’s seminal quote:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine...It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

You are enough, right now. Exactly as you are. So go act like it!

It’s time for summer lovin’, Ram. Venus in Libra is beautifying your romances, negotiation skills, and relationships. This is easily among the most chemistry packed, affection, and tender transits of the year. Single? Venus can and will happily end that status if you keep your heart open and stay optimistic about future prospects. Coupled? A deepening of intimacy is highly available based on your efforts to understand your partners. Tuesday’s Uranus retrograde in Taurus motivates a higher sense of financial review and security. Is your money working for you or are you working for your money? This weekend’s Solar Eclipse in Leo peaking on Saturday has your confidence and charisma in peak Leo sunlight. So enjoy the spotlight!

How’re your summer goals, mighty Minotaur? On Monday, your preexisting efforts on improving  health, exercise, and routine will receiving Venus’ beautiful support. Try to soften indulgence and decadence with moderation and responsibility for the gifts of this Venus in Libra transit. Tuesday’s Uranus retrograde in Taurus will provide the context to imagine new ways of identity, personal growth, and the resilience you need to change what’s holding you back. Looking for a homecoming? The Solar Eclipse in Leo on Saturday pushes you in the righteous direction of a move, redecoration, or a feeling that you makes feel right at home. It’s a sensitive weekend so if you’re feeling inspired, share the stories in your heart so people can provide the empathy you need. 

Live and love out loud, Gemini! You’re much more comfortable when you’re playing the calm, detached demeanor in typical air sign style. Yet Venus in Libra wants you to lead and speak with your heart. Take off the straightjacket of cool. It won't serve you now. Show up unarmored and be all in. If you want someone or something, say it. If a low-level situation laced with fear is holding you back from this invitation of courage, offer it up during the Uranus retrograde in Taurus while it electrifies your sector of closure and healing. A Solar Eclipse in Leo on Saturday lights up your passions for the communication arts like reading, listening, speaking, and writing. So grab the pen and paper and get to it!

Home sweet Home, Cancer! After a high octane birth month, you’re ready to nest again with cozy, relaxing, and recharging self-care. So Venus in Libra will work its wonders while it redecorates your inner and outer home with beauty, charm, and luxury. Imagine this transit as the magic that can beautify your emotionality, sensitivities, and empathy skills. Your heart-centered intelligence is a gift to us all. A hometown romance could blossom, too. Uranus turning retrograde in Taurus on Tuesday will help you consider aligning loyally with a community and friends. You're happier in small groups but this transit is helping your comfort level with wider, expansive, and larger belonging. This weekend’s Solar Eclipse in Leo puts more precious pearls in your bank account. Get ready to receive the Royal abundance coming your way, Moonchild.

Happy Birthday, your highness! On Monday, the Universe is gifting you this birthday with the beautiful gift of gab while Venus tours through charming Libra. The words will flow like purple satin ribbons and your speech will drip with sweet honey. Venus ensures your verbal influence will maintain magnetism and strength so use it well! Where are your capabilities best served? The commencement to Uranus retrograde on Tuesday will inspire a royal review on the exact context of your professional aspirations. This is a moment to stay very receptive to where the Universe is directing you to. Regardless of birth date, declare your wishes this Saturday during the Solar Eclipse in Leo. Tell the Universe your wildest dreams because it's listening to Leo's first and foremost. Happy manifesting!

Abundance is not just your divine birthright but it’s specifically in your horoscope, Virgo! As the planet of love, money, and values, Venus in Libra is glowing up your financial health. Let it rain supreme, bitch! It’s both a time for rewarding yourself and increasing financial literacy. Let balance between spending and saving be your modus operandi. Stuck in the weeds? Uranus retrograde in Taurus on Tuesday will inspire you to expand your perception to see and cherish the big picture throughout the rest of the year. Your brilliance is served on the micro but this retrograde tests your ability to respect the macro. Looking for healing and closure? The Solar Eclipse in Leo on Saturday provides reception for cosmic completion that’ll prepare you for the best of new beginnings.

Hey, Belle of the Ball! Your beautiful ruling planet Venus is now in your sign. Where this lovely homecoming will bestow you with your ruling Goddess’ glamour, charm, abundance, and popularity for the next 3 weeks. You’ll have a special touch with both money and romantic suitors. Uranus turning retrograde on Tuesday will help you dig deeper on issues like sexual healing, intimacy, transformation, and how you handle “Death” even. A Solar Eclipse in Leo on Saturday inspires you to change your #NoNewFriends policy. Allow social connections who are on your evolving level to be magnetized to your orbit and lovingly release friendships that have served their purpose in your life.

Your intellect will want to fight me on this but hear me out, Scorpio. Surrender is not quitting. Surrender is successful. Venus entering Libra will help you lovingly let go of the people, places, beliefs, and “things” that prevent you from accessing your bliss. If an existential thing has served its purpose, let Venus help you give it gratitude and release. Therein lies your surrendering success. When Uranus retrogrades in Taurus on Tuesday, all signs could point to limiting ideas on relationships and romance that temporarily hold you back from acquiring the romances you deserve. A Solar Eclipse in Leo makes you want to declare your best case scenario this weekend for professional pursuits! Uplift your career aspirations to the highest and then dive, turn, werk!

Riddle me this, Sagittarius. Is the special someone: friend, lover, or both? Venus in Libra is pushing you in the beautiful direction of both. Metaphysically, the best romances feel friendly and the best friendship can feel romantic. Venus in Libra is inspiring you to intentionally blur the boundaries and watch the magic happen among friends, lovers, and the special people who occupy both. When Uranus retrograde in Taurus on Tuesday, it’ll audit your health and wellness pursuits. Try to maintain a consistent regimen/routine that promotes you operating on peak performance. Bon voyage! A Solar Eclipse in Leo this weekend takes you to your happiest place - far corners of the world and higher education. Stay optimistic about your exploration and expect the unexpected!

Don’t let the generally grumpy delivery fool you on the message’s credibility, Capricorn. It’s true what they say - relationships are a full time job. It’s a good thing your Saturn ruled work ethic is legendary so you can graciously handle it. Venus in Libra is inspiring you to put the elbow grease in your relationships and work hard to sustain them. It could also indicate a beneficial turn of events in professional pursuits while female mentors point the way to your highest career success. Uranus retrograde in Taurus on Tuesday will have your reevaluate your beliefs on risk, emotional exposure, confidence, and divinity. A Solar Eclipse in Leo this weekend brings the sex appeal, intimacy, and honesty to your life. Handle the Truth, dark, and light with an open heart and open mind for maximum success.

Grab your passport and pack your bags, Aquarius. Your passionate heart belongs to the exotic now. Venus in Libra is matchmaking you with international, cultural, and contrasting romances that inspire philosophical expansion. An optimistic perspective will help your happiness in these experiences. Uranus turning retrograde in Taurus on Tuesday will have you reevaluate your beliefs on emotional safety, family and home. Do your ideas protect success here or do they hold you/others back with guilt and blame? Choose wisely. The Solar Eclipse in Leo on Saturday asks - are you on the same page? Whatever your romantic intentions are, keep them as high as possible since this in the most powerfully receptive day to declare dreams on love and romance.

Can you handle the Truth, Pisces? Venus in Libra can certainly help your experiences with radical truth telling, receiving, and intimacy. The Goddess of Love is carefully aligning experiences of honesty, and transformation to your romances. It won’t be all crystals and rainbows. But the Venus work is worth it so get your hands dirty. Uranus turning retrograde in Taurus will help your verbal communication efforts. Ask people you trust - and those who demonstrate righteous communication, too - how you can improve your language and listening skills for the best feedback. This weekend’s Solar Eclipse in Leo inspires passionate commitment to a routine, schedule, or plan that helps you walk into the realness of this Venus in Libra transit with strength, elegance, resilience, and wisdom.