August 27 - September 3rd

Happy Virgo Season! August 23rd commenced one of my favorite times of the year: back-to-school! Regardless of academic enrollment, we’re all enrolled in soulwork. And I think Virgo Season inspires the zodiac to think more deeply, learn lessons rigorously, express productivity, and kick-ass in our curriculums. If we carefully harness the mighty power of the Sun transiting Virgo until September 21st, our consciousness, routine, health, and wellness could receive the unlimited power of the brightest star in our solar system.

If it’s not all bright and sunny, remember if you’re facing a problem while the Sun transits Virgo - the solution is in Virgo. Indigenous American tradition posits that the antidote is always nearby the poison. So it is with the Virgo’s solution. Which asks us to dose an antidote of rational, considered, and astute thinking to the poisonous problems that could come up. There’s a time and place for emotional processing and sensitive reactions. Not this month. Virgo Season asks us to practice our critical thought and attention to practical service on the personal and relational. Make friends with problem-solving strategies involving superior intellect, verbal communication, and micro focus to detail to aid the success of your goals.

Mars finally moving direct oughta help! On Monday, Mars ends a retrograde that began on June 26th in radically queer Aquarius then backspun into leather lovin’ Capricorn. Mars retrograde probably made your summer both passive-aggressive and boring between the sheets. Thank Gawd it happens only once every two years! Since we can finally fuck and fight like the best of them. As this Monday the Universe returns our drive, confidence, and erotic desires as Mars moves direct in Capricorn. Mars in Capricorn will energetically carry you quickly to this weekend to the sensual and mental under the Taurus and Gemini Moons. 


Ambition, thy name is Aries! After feeling unsure and maybe even a little uncharacteristically insecure about your professional ventures, Mars direct in Capricorn will push you to fight for what you want professionally. If what once made you happy and purposeful no longer does, give gratitude for the former work experience and strategize your exit/transition. You’ll be moving fast in the direction of your dreams and you’ll want to take advantage of it! An early congratulations is in order for your inevitable success. After you work your Ram’s tail off - indulge in the finer and smarter things in life this weekend while the Moon lights up your desire for high-quality, luxury, and verbal curiosity. Call in the friends and suitors who know how to feed you heart, mind, and soul this weekend.


Whatever you do, Taurus, don’t get caught playing in the weeds. There’s a time and a place for focusing your legendary attention to micro-detail but not now. Mars moving direct in your size-queen XXXL big boy sector is inspiring an expanded view of as many different things as you can handle. Free yourself from the small stuff. Let the big picture set you free. You’ll likely m be feeling both wanderlust and insatiable curiosity for new ideas and places as Mars moving direct in your sector of international exploration will want you looking for a getaway. The Moon shines for you beautifully behind the Taurus constellation on Friday/Saturday. So do whatever makes your heart sing. You’ll be living and loving loudly which is always a sight to see! And inspiring others to be brave and visible too.


Intimacy or as Esther Perel writes, “Into-Me-You-See”. If anyone got the shitty end of the sexy stick this summer, it was you Gemini. Mars retrograde did a god damn number on your relationship with sexuality, healthy desire, the erotic, and intimacy. Probably reared some conflict, loneliness, and sexual needs not being met or given? It was a bonerkill. Try to conclude the summer with appreciation for your new intimacy awareness and a strong commitment to integrate what you learned into your decision making. Since the “into-me-you-see” is from you to you. You know you ever better now. Make practical self-care a problem solver this weekend. Give yourself some much needed rest and alone time while the Moon in Taurus promotes a social sabbatical until the Moon enters Gemini and you’re back!


Call in the peace treatise, Cancer! And dull the sharp crab claws. Mars turned retrograde in your romance and partnership sector making you a bit more emotionally reactive, defensive, and downright combative than usual throughout the summer. It was like boundaries bootcamp and you got to release anger and/or resentment. As it comes to a close on Monday, apologies and forgiveness given and received could prove miraculous for your romantic relationships in the weeks ahead when you’re ready. Gather with your closest friends for one last summer soiree this weekend since the Moon magic connects you to a more loving, appreciative support system. Ask them for ways to help transition romantic conflicts or fear to outcomes of harmony and love.


Kitty cat creature of habit, Leo? It’s amazing how the micro affects your macro. Mars retrograde took you out of your consistency, routine, and schedule for a bit of uncertainty, spontaneity, and emancipation. If your workouts, diet, and organization went up in flames, consider your summer a success! Because it taught you the gifts inherent in adaptability, flexibility, and the elegance of being light on your feet. Now that Mars is direct, implement that which you learned into your day-to-day so you can manage your life with a balance of organization and room for the unknown. Just in time for when inspiration and ambition strike you this weekend. I’d trust your gut hunches and act thoughtfully on inspiration for achieving your ambitious goals.


Happy happy Birthday, Virgo! May all your wishes, desires, and intentions come true. The Universe sings a sweeter song for the contributions you make to us all. We thank you for your commitment to personal responsibility and service. So have fun, do you, and let others show up for you. Especially now that Mars is direct in your sector of creativity, courage, romance, and worthiness. You’re feeling happy to ask for what you want, pursue your bliss, and grateful to receive it. After a summer of examining your heart’s desire, you know what the context is to make your heart sing so you’re aligning your life to make it happen. The weekend offers an inspiring, optimistic, and productive energy for you. Enjoy your annual new year in whatever manner you love!


Extreme Home Makeover, Libra edition! Mars has been up down and all around in your home space of emotional safety, family, and mother figures. It’s likely the inner and exterior definition of “home” looks radically different for you since Spring. Since Mars is direct, you’ll be asked to make more righteous decisions about what is and is not permissible with your heart and home. Remember that boundaries aren’t a popularity or people pleasing contest so say what you need to say. Make compassionate truth telling your bottom line. This weekend takes a turn for the erotic since you’re not looking for a cheap and fun night. But the real deal! Make socializing and talks deep to harness the moon magic.


At the precious heart of every single relationship you care deeply about is communication, Scorpio. Mars Retrograde workshopped the hell out of your verbal communication and listening skills so you can inhabit your relationships fully, compassionately, and honestly. You’re a sign who has a value presentiment for authentic behavior and now you value communication. It’s not cheap! Mars direct will allow you to apply your new smooth talk to the right relationships. Especially this weekend while the romantic moon lights up your love and relationship sector. Plan a date night, say yes to the suitor, and soften in to love!


You’re always free to explore the horizons before you, Sagittarius. Though you need to be on la terra firma or “firm ground” first. Mars ended its retrograde throughout your sector of values, security, and finances. Essentially the ground beneath the horse hooves. You’re realizing the gifts of a tenacity and determination so you can explore the unknown in front of you. As a mutable sign, you have to be both focused and flexible. Now that you have your convictions of lockdown, are you relaxing you have of catching up to do? Don’t stress as the weekend is both available for efficient productivity and lovely little romance. Cross off the to do list and make time for love!


Reinvention! Thy name is Capricorn. Mars has moved direct, retrograde, and now direct again in your sign. A radical, extreme personal makeover was given you since the Spring. Now that Mars is direct in Capricorn, you’ll be called to apply the new beliefs and experiences quickly while releasing outdated theories that restrict you. Run fast and forward towards the direction of your highest excellence. I’ll give you an early congratulations on your inevitable triumphs. Given the profound metamorphosis of the last few months, are you feeling inspired to share your new wisdom? The weekend’s moon has you sharing your emotionality, sensitives, and courage in a big way. Be brave!


Cease and desist, Waterbearer. Mars Retrograde challenges your flexibility and comfort with the unknown. It inspired you to think about surrender, changing your mind, and doing it differently. Continue ceasing and desisting while Mars turns direct. Your focused, firm convictions can be a a powerful grounding agent but now is the time for you to open yourself up to alternative possibilities. To say comfortably, “I don’t know. I’m sorry. I changed my mind.” Trust me when I say, it’s not as damaging or dangerous as you think. The Universe wants to set you free from limited beliefs so you have to release, cease, and desist. People will respect not suspect your progress.This weekend’s moon could put you in the feels. So maximize it processing the summer’s emotionality and preparing for new beginnings.


In every Pisces archetype is the guppy and the shark. Mars Retrograde turned you into the great white shark for good reason. You needed to fight and chomp your way through unbalanced relationships from friends, sexual partners, to lovers and everything in between. Mars Direct is giving you the parameters of social equality, reciprocity, and respect. Along the way, really try to remember the generous assumption that people are doing the best they can, do no harm with your boundary declaring, but take no shit from others. If you need help sorting through the spring and summer, this weekend’s moon strengthens your mental power significantly. So use your words very thoughtfully, discern carefully, and share your observations with confidantes.