August 20-26

Rejoice with me, readers! As of August 19th, Mercury Retrograde in Leo is has concluded. Since July 25th, while Mercury was doing the moonwalk reversal, communication, technology, and travel plans on Earth were probably turned upside down by the zodiac’s premiere mischief maker.

While we’re reviewing the last three and half weeks wondering where we got it right and where we got it wrong, imagine all the retrograde experiences as physical training from the Universe for our flexibility, adaptability, and detachment muscles. No matter how effective our planning, managing, and controlling strategies prove themselves, we should know by now we are not the ones in charge.

And I like to think Mercury Retrogrades reminds us of this power dynamic - albeit sometimes forcefully - as invitations to work with not against the powers of the Universe are are truly in charge.

This is a helpful to our efficiency though a blow to our pride because there already exists cosmic intelligence that knows the perfect ways for all people, places, and situations to become their most self-actualized is waiting for you to collaborate with it. It’s a power not of you but in you. Invite it in to the circumstances that could you use miracles today.

Now that Mercury is direct, it’s right on time for us to maximize the rest of Leo Season’s high glam and romance this summer even during hardworking Virgo Season which begins on August 23rd where the Universe is textured by Virgo’s back to school energy. So let’s lewk good while while we werq! I’m so excited to discuss Virgo with you over the four weeks ahead.

But first! How bout that Pisces Full Moon this weekend?! If you live near the water, I couldn’t recommend a beach weekend under this Neptunian moon more! A deeply emotional, concluding and powerful Full Circle moment will grace the zodiac that began in Feb/March 2018. As always, the solution is in the sign. Whatever occurs for you, there is a Pisces cure! So harness and express as much unconditional love, compassion, and generosity as possible for maximum results.


Creativity block of Summer ‘18 - you are now banished! With Mercury direct, the fires within are burning hot with inspiration, confidence, and momentum just for you Aries. Harness this Mercury direct energy in committed service to your creative, confidence driven efforts and watch the magic happen. Nutrition and personal responsibility on the brain? Virgo Season begins this Thursday and you’re ready to put in the work for health. Whatever preexisting strategies under the wellness arena you have will receive massive momentum by Virgo energy. If there’s something or someone holding you back from reaching your peak performance, the Pisces Full Moon is your annual moon for both requesting and receiving the cosmic closure you need. It could be painful, perhaps heartbreaking but this Moon is here to help you release yourself from all low level experiences and relationships that keep you stuck in fear, limit, and anger. Ask for it’s miracles and so it is.


Grab your plush white hotel towel and pat yourself down. Since you can dry off now, Taurus. After a deep dive in the emotion ocean over the last three and half weeks, Mercury direct will help you feel less triggered and raw from social carelessness. Despite the difficulties and conflicts, I’d give gratitude for the discomfort because it significantly strengthened your empathy skills which will serve you well over the months ahead. Virgo Season’s start on Thursday inspires you to live and love out loud with this newfound emotional iq. Lead with your heart and speak it for safety. This weekend’s Pisces Full Moon promises a beautiful gathering of friends and tribe. Activities and conversations could go deep so facilitate the talks organically, make space for shame, discomfort, and empathy, and hold space for highminded perspectives throughout it all. 


The migraine’s over, Gemini. Finally! Your precise thoughts and words return in divine timing thanks to Mercury direct in Leo. Your brilliance is back and the fog-brain is carefully lifted. This momentum will inspire you to remember that - even if it is a cliche - home is where you heart is. It’s not a place, or even a person, it’s a feeling. Find the feelings of home, Gemini. Since Virgo Season’s dawn this Thursday motivates you to find the people and places that make you feel safe and cherished. You ready to werq? A Pisces Full Moon washes your professional ideas clean and promotes you to best case scenario situations that allow you to serve your gifts and abilities in a career of your dreams. A major milestone is coming. So prepare as best you can for the transition by tying up loose ends and tending to what’s coming to a conclusion.


Call in the bodyguard, Cancer. Now that Mercury is direct in Leo, you’re clearer on the who, what, and where of your best contexts for personal and financial safety. You’re discovering the people, places, and things that keep your beautiful heart secure. The bodyguards. Then you’ll want to talk about it! When chatty Virgo Season begins on Thursday it’ll have your brain on peak performance and your words flowing like honey. This is a transit that inspires you to balance active listening and engaged speaking. You’re much more comfortable in the nonverbal and finding the context clues. Now you’ll want to step out of the nonverbal comfort zone and enter the verbal growth opportunity. A Pisces Full Moon this weekend will help you incorporate the macro, the big picture, and optimism into your communication techniques. Essentially, don’t sweat the small stuff this weekend. Because it’s all small stuff. Enjoy yourself with high minded optimism, innocence, and joy this weekend!


Happy Birthday, Leo! I know, I know Mercury Retrograde surprised you with alternative plans and disruptions throughout your annual celebrations. But I know it also gave you the gift of flexibility and adaptability which is life sustaining for the times in which we live. Now that it’s direct, you’re back in royal dominion. So harness your thoughts and behavior in righteous directions and make up for lost time. Virgo Season commences your month of financial abundance this Thursday. Your financial literacy and wealth are ready for significant lift off! Make your money work for you and not the other way around. Learn the skills, pay the bills for cosmic reward. Lock yourself in this weekend because your most sexual Full Moon takes to the Saturday skies. You’ll be the hottest cat in heat. So choose the lucky one to receive your wild passions this weekend carefully. Intimacy, erotic experiences, and deep physical transformation could be yours. Enjoy!


You can finally open your eyes, Virgo. With your ruling planet Mercury ending its retrograde cycle, the surreal dream state is over! Mercury direct will blend your perception to manage the recently acquired feelings and surrealism with your impenetrable logic and practicality. Just in time for your birthday! Since Virgo Season begins on Thursday at 12:08am EST and so the Universe shines for you behind your beautiful maiden constellation. May all your birthday wishes come true! Are of them lovely, romantic related? The Pisces Full Moon on Saturday is your annual romantic Full Moon so a full circle is arriving in your current experiences with intimate relationships. Single? Ask the Universe to help you release shadows of lovers past to prepare you for new love. Coupled? Request a deepening of meaningful bonds or one that allows for transition if the relationship served its assignment. Wishing you and all people involved love and peace.


“Make it last forever. Friendship never ends!” Mercury Retrograde probably did a lil number. Socially auditing friendships and showing you who can support you platonically and who can’t. Now that it’s direct, focus on those who meet you where you’re at. And give gratitude to the relationships who have served their purpose in your life. In that way, friendship never ends while the learning lives in your heart. Virgo Season’s dawn on Thursday begins your month of self-care, closure, and completion. Ask for it and you’ll receive it where you need it. Make your health and wellness the bottom line unapologetically. Especially this weekend under the Pisces Full Moon which inspires a compassionate, forgiving, and tender personal weekend. You’re receiving unconditional permission to partake in self-care in the mental/physical health front. So do what must be done to refill your cup before you can help fill others.


After a fruitful search for your ambition, you’re ready to work, Scorpio! Mercury Retrograde helped you professionally reassess where your gifts and abilities are best served in spaces that make you feel like you’re contributing meaningful. Now you know, send out the resumes, register for classes if it was a return to school, and connect with your helpful network. You’ll have work on your focused brain but please don’t forget to socialize! Virgo Season begins a month of friendship, laughter, and community. Make sure you balance the professional focus with enjoying yourself as that’s Virgo’s function for you. Especially this weekend under your annual Pisces Full Moon which inspires Scorpio to lay claim to their inherent worthiness, confidence, security, divinity, and radiant light. You will be shining this weekend so let your confidence work it’s magic. Your desirability, charisma, and charm will be off the charts. Enjoy!


You’re already the zodiac’s most expansive thinker so your horoscope is easy - think even bigger, Sagittarius! Mercury Retrograde expanded your preexisting abilities to appreciate the macro vision and set yourself free from the quagmire of the micro. So what’s your big vision? It’ll feel counterproductive but take little steps to the big vision when Virgo Season starts on Thursday and it’ll make it happen in your career, public standing, and disciplined effort. The Universe wants you to rise in a big way, Sag. So show up for the work and make it happen. A focused effort this weekend on emotional intelligence, home, and safety could propel you to the public recognition/career you deserve. Thinking of a move or reconnecting to family? The Pisces Full Moon this weekend will show you what assistance could be found from a sort of homecoming.


The Committee has carefully considered your application and we’re pleased to inform you that Miss Glow The Fuck Up 2018 is you, Capricorn! Mercury Retrograde radically transformed you from the inside out. A metamorphosis like no other. Since you’re new, improved, and ready to rock in the inner world - the outer world has no choice but to show you the eperiencss to match. And you’ll show many that people can and do consciously change! Maybe in an foreign land? Virgo Season’s beginning on Thursday has you jet setting to places and ideas far, far away. This weekend’s Pisces Full Moon will promote you to spiritualize your relationship to verbal communication. If that’s too woo for you, try to incorporate as much compassionate, forgiving, miraculous wording in your weekend socializing. Perhaps even invite cosmic wisdom into your thinking and communication? For your Virgo Season travels - Bon voyage!


Put down the sword and armor, Waterbearer. The Universe is decreeing it’s now time for a peace treaty. Mercury Retrograde in Leo did quite a number on your romantic, intimate relationships over the last three and a half weeks so Mercury direct will support forgiveness and apologies now. When you’re ready of course but try not to indulge resentment. Give one - whether that’s forgiveness or apology - to receive. Because it’ll get really really real when Virgo Season begins on Thursday giving you meaningful experiences with intimacy, sexuality, and authenticity all month long. You like to keep it a bit more calm, cool, and collected. So you’ll need the Pisces Full Moon’s power on Saturday to help you find the convictions and values that’ll allow you to sail through Virgo Season’s experiences with integrity. Ask the Universe to show you what words, beliefs, and philosophies will help you. Then pay attention to what comes up!


The divine physician is happy to tell you that you’re healed, Pisces! Mercury Retrograde in Leo showed you how to improve efforts on mental/physical health, nutrition, and wellness. So hopefully you’re taking the best “medicine”, because the Universe wants you to at your best. Since it’s just in divine timing for your most romantic season! Virgo Season begins on Thursday morning and so the Universe will operationalize itself to give you experiences of deep the love and meaningful partnership your sensitive soul craves. The perfect timing continues this weekend under your annual hallowed Full Moon in Pisces. This weekend promises a powerful context of a cosmic completion and reset where you need it. If romantic love is on your agenda — as it should be! — ask the Universe this weekend how you can become a person who handles it with excellence by removing all the existential things holding you back. So it is!