August 13-19

The Summer ‘18 of “Really, Retrograde?!” continues! Mars has officially enlisted in strict ass Leather Daddy lovin’ Capricorn and it’ll take the zodiac to boot camp on our principles for ambition. 

Mars retrograde in Capricorn inspires us to think critically on our intentions for goals and success. This is not the first time Mars transited Capricorn in 2018 so a bit of review is in order. Think on the themes, occasions, events, etc from March 17 to May 16th. It’s highly likely that if you have unfinished bizz from that time period, you have the opportunity to invite meaningful closure and completion where you need it. Now remember, since this dynamic Mars in strict Capricorn, if you want the gift of closure, you’ll need to be proactive, direct, determinedly tough and take no bullshit. That’s Capricorn. Mars will move direct on August 28th so now’s a time for developing strategy for the completion/transition. Which you can then initiate until September 10th.

A lovely Libra Moon and an aspect to Venus currently in Libra brings the harmony, relationship success, and glamour to our week. And rejoice when Mercury Retrograde ends on Sunday!



Whether you see it or not, you’re still the Champion, Ram! Even if it doesn’t feel that way at work. Or if you’re struggling to find the success you want. Be patient with your progress and know your success inevitable. What Mars Retrograde in Capricorn will inspire is serious data integration around career and professional vision. You “know” a Truth on the career front. Know you must implement it. Date night on Wednesday? Why not! Venus is romanticizing your week thanks to a beautiful Venus/Moon conjunction so be open to possibilities! And the Moon wants to make it a sexy one. Ooh-la-la!

Overwhelmed, Taurus? Mars retrograde can help you get remove yourself from getting stuck in the weeds. You know that you have at least one ambitious goal so Mars Retrograde in Capricorn is asking you to pick one to integrate into your decisions and values. It’s likely one goal’s successful accomplishment could help you achieve the rest. You can sweat the small stuff later. Venus in Libra will gently nudge a tighter health and wellness routine because this weekend has romance and joy planned under the Scorpio Moon. Enjoy!

Have them find you in the middle or walk away, Gemini. Mars is retrograde in Capricorn which will inspire you to get a bit more boundaried about your intimacy and commitment ventures. Your most successful strategy is leaning heavily on integrating that which you’ve learned from your head to your heart. You have a pearl of wisdom that needs to be considered in making the right choice. Trust your intelligence! Venus will inspire you to keep it honest and compassionate on Wednesday thanks to an outspoken but beautiful Venus/Moon conjunction. Then you’ll want to tend to your organization and health efforts this weekend.

I mean, when it comes down to it - is all fair in love and war, Cancer? Soldier Mars currently retrograde in take-no-prisoners Capricorn will show you how it rings in true in your life. Potential conflicts on compromise, negotiation, and fairness are likely come up for you in your love life. Or you’ll be a bit more ambitious about fighting for the love you deserve. Strategy is key here. So reflect deeply on what’s worked for your experience versus what hasn’t. Venus and the Moon are trying to put you in your feels on Weds. Swim a lil there! Since the weekend has you sharing your sensitivities in a joyful way.

Happy Birthday your highness! The Universe and inquiring minds want to know - what’s your royal workout plan? Mars is retrograde in your health, wellness, and physical exercise experiences. Since its Mars Retrograde in Capricorn, this is not a time for gentle indulgence but a strict/committed regiment than helps you transform in the Monarch you’re capable of. Balance the summer fun with some summer workout at the castle for the gifts of this transit. Crushing on the nerd with glasses? Venus is turning you on to the intelligent, articulate ones this weekend. After all, love does begin with the mind. So ask yourself - who’s got the sexiest one?

I’m a big fan of throwing many innovative solutions at problems, Virgo. And the Universe wants you to experiment, sample, and taste-test your problem solving reprotoire. Mars is retrograde in Capricorn which rules your creativity and confidence sector. So I want you to never doubt your ability to solve issues. But avoid committing to one solution. Concerned about financial heath? Ask the Universe how you can be a wiser earner, saver, and spender for divine help this weekend when the ruler of money Venus joins with the ruler of your emotions. Feel good about money and money will feel good about you.

Battle on the home front, Libra?  Mars retrograde in Capricorn is helping you sort out and possible transform family trauma, conflict, and war. The key to success is to stay emotionally disciplined and practical about solving the disputes. Reflect back to March-May and locate the key learning outcomes so you can lean on them to make the most righteous decisions when the time comes. The Moon shines for you in Libra on Wednesday so schedule self-care and joy then luxury and a bit of beautiful indulgence this weekend. Your favorite!

Breathe it out and watch your words, Scorpio! Mars retrograde in Capricorn - ruler of your thought and communication - could fly daggers out of your mouth if you’re not careful. If you feel triggered, stop yourself from flying off the rails, and doing something you’ll regret later. Count to 3. And as always - get curious about your emotions and not confrontational just yet. Fortunately a peacekeeping Venus transit and harmonious Scorpio Moon this weekend will offer you the fun and summer adventure you crave. So if this week got you a little riled up, treat yourself this weekend!

Despite what your appetite tells you, the Universe is telling you loud and clear - you don’t need it, Sagittarius. Mars is retrograde in Capricorn the disciplined ruler of your money and abundance sector. Which is asking you ease up on spending and increase the saving. Not it won’t feel fun immediately. But you’ll thank yourself later when you see your resources build and you can breathe through paying the bills. It’s not all work and no play since you can gather with your friends this weekend! A lively social atmosphere with your friends is yours.

Why do you want what you want, Capricorn? Mars is retrograde in your identity. A transit that’ll inspire an audit of the intentions behind your ambitions. Are they healthy? Are they honesty aligned with your integrity? Or are you out to prove something? You have the most urgent task to sort of your principle values and the reasoning behind your behavior. A reprieve is yours this weekend which wants you to work and socialize. Try to find the right balance for the right reward!

  It’s not always articulated as such, but  surrender is sweet, Aquarius. Trust me. Mars is currently retrograde in Capricorn which governs your relationship to closure, release, and spirituality. This will inspire you to lean on forgiveness and compassion while you let go of all low-level things that hold you back. You may have to work on it particularly hard this weekend while both Venus and the Moon help you push through where you need divine help for cosmic companionship on the other side.

Without a shadow of a doubt, you support the world, Pisces. So the question is who supports you? Mars retrograde in Capricorn is asking you to fight for your expectations of support among friends. You deserve mutual support so express and expect it. The Universe’s focus shifts from friendly to a bit more meaningful when the Venus and Moon conjunction inspires you to think big on things like intimacy and expansion this weekend. Your success strategy is to remain optimistic about sexuality and success.